The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, September 12, 1902, Image 1

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¿.i- ~ . i . ;x>‘V rv: - • - • • * JT : v ■■ • . •* * v ~ '-■/ '•' 1 r 1 „^ ' vU-*^y¿v,%*, ''X :* J -.**\'y _■ .s'- - ^ p > j :/ i y- , . î * y c - - j . * • .- - . * ' * ^ ^ ^ \ \ r y ;>-;*«• / v , , ( i.jiîf l|íiHii’íiiiiiií «i* s , 'J W C + ' V T + * * ( * * J r^ . 1 -* l * * ¿ '+ * \ s ^ j : & - ,f , „- VV' j ~'-\ ;'-V - - y1 T 'v - •> * Cy £.* r ;•'■ * t\ - V , - \ 4 ‘ ' * . ‘ T ; . - • £ \ • • - * L • A -• -v-, \ ' ''VO', /,-\«•/ •: i—:- ■•}'','••' ‘ . <^r1 ’ — — — — — — — — — — — - — - ‘ — 4 -- - <*’ The Móntaiiiàn, Vol. XIII, No' Í9. 'J ï u V i r y CHOTlMj, ETON - COUNTY, MONTANA. SEPTEMBER 12, 1902, I * I I » * > ‘ Teton Chronicle,'Voi. VI, !t).. 6. J. E. ERICKSON, Attorney-at-Law, v Notary Public, CHOTBAU, - MONTANA. J m G.AIR, B Attorney-at- Law, CHOTEAU, MONTANA. JAM E S SULGROVE, Attorney aii.Coiselor at Lav, N o ü rr PmbU*. Osnrt House. CHOTBAU, MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Sucom or to Wamslojr & Brooks* OfPc$ Next to Court Honso. T H E COLLINS, MONT. Has come to stay and with it comes the lowest prices that Tetou county has ever had. Having the advantages of a railroad point, we give to our customers the ad­ vantage of low prices thus derived front it. DISTRICT COURT. The September terni * o f the' àia' Oar Grocery Line is Complete. A good assortment of Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes and Hardware with other and more lines to be added thereto when we move into our new building. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon Office in Jackson Building. Next to • Telephone. Office. CHOTEAU, - - MONTANA. ^ C.WARNER, U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Lead filings and proofs. tafALTER MATHEWS,. U. S . COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. O laf C. F je ld , Land, Reservoir and Ditch Sur­ veying a specialty. »HWT.WT , - - M ONT. ” ~ Dr. EARLE STRAIN, OCULIST and AORIST, 817 First Avenue North, aREAT FALLS, MONT. Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W . SHIELDS, O. E. ' Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying. l o l l List o f Vacant School Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAU, MONT. CHEVALIER LODGE NO. 12, o f I ? . Meets Every Thursday Evening. YUltlns JBrethr*n Cordially Invited to Attend. L xonaxd J. L owndb , C. C. D b . T. B rooks , K. o f R t S. Choteau Laundry Beat Work in the State on White Stil ls and Collars. Prices Reasonable. J. H. PcrmamAgi C. P. Crane, Manager. Telephone 12. Choteau, Mont. Highest prices paid tor Eggs, Poultry and Potatoes. Come and see us and we will please you. Ë Ms B Stable § J. M. LAUGflLIN, ’ § Proprietor. W I ' DOPUYER, MONT. j§ $ w ®a:-aS9:-a:-S:-S:-§33âSeSi66e&e&6&C-:ei -- -t^C/Sÿk'V— G - r e a t F a l l s M o n t , Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Builders Hardware, y Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloadjs F. 0. B yctur nearest Railroad Station. GEO: R. W OOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BEN. FEIST, -:OF:- H. BEAUPRE, d e n t i s t Teeth Extracted With­ out Pain. All work Guaranteed. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. GE 7 YOUR EXPRESS Via Choteau & Great Falls Stage, Daily, except Sunday. Bates reasonable. Passenger fare $3.50. T g o s . A. S m ith , A g e n t. COLLINS, MONTANA, Handle The BEST BRANDS Of ÜWINES, LIQUORS And| ^CIGARS. This Firm A lso Runs A ✓ ~:F E E D STA B L E:— A t Oollins W ith A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team W ith them Can do so Know ­ ing That They W i l l Be Given The Best O f Care. G SKAT HULLS, MCÓOLLUM Export Optician and Eyo Specialist. Grad­ uate of the Chicago Optbalmlc Collogo. Twonty-throe years erporionco in refrac­ tion. „ . . Office at Residence, 509 Second, Avenao. Sonth, • - - M ontana GRAVES & GO., CHOTEAU, MONT. AGENTS FOB “Q I É O Í R F CIGARS, . T h e , Beat. inthe^World. -r- .''-TftJa-' THE CASCADE BANK o f G r e a t F a lls, M o n t. (Incorporated under tho laws o f Montant April 5, r Capital - - $75,000. Surplus - - 15,000. B. E. Atkinson President. _ Jacob Switzer Vice-President. F. P. Atkinson Cashier, W. W. Miller Assistan Cashier. tricteourt opened on . Monday, Sep­ tember 8,f 1*902, Judge D.* F. Smith presiding and the following proceed- . .* f £ ^ i , ' v / 4 £ * * mgs were had towit: W. J. Adlam and(Thqs. L. Thomp.- son vs J. W. McKnight, suit on ac­ count.; Set for,trial Nov..21st 1902 at 10 a. m. Chas. LaPage/vs Wm. Hodgslriss, suit for possession of personal prop erty. Set for- trial Ndv. \21 ‘lOO^, at 10 a. m. Chas. M. Blackman, vs George Lane, suit on account. Set for trial N ov .(21, 1.9021 at 10Ja. m. - ‘ • • :- J. H. Devlin vs James Stone ,suit for possession of personal property. Set for trial Nor. 22, 1902, at 10 a. m. Adella C. Wilcox vs Edwin C. Wilcox, divorce. Set for trial Noy. 22,1902, at 10 a. m. - Georgo W. Yeager vs Wm. Hodgs- kiss, suit on account; Set for trial Noy. 22,1902, at 10 a. m. Wm. Hodgskiss vs W. D. Jones suit on account. Demurrer to an­ swer overruled. Defendant givon thirty days to answer. Bf B. Rodgers vs W. H. Franklin, suit for right of way. Set for trial Nov. 22,J902, at;10*a. m. John Zimmerman et. al. vs. J. Sivsrmsn et al, suit on bond. Set for trial Nov. 20, 1902, at 10 a. m. The State of Montana v s 1'John Crighton, charge,- grand' larceny. Set for trial Nov. 20,1902, at 10 a. m. The State of Montana vs Herman Kraus, charge grand lanceny. Set for trial Nov. 20, 1902, at 10 a.’ ’ m. The State of Montana vs Herman Kraus, charge grand larceny. Set for trial Nov. 20,1902, at 10 a. m. The State of Montana ys Jewol Hamilton, charge grand larceny. Plea of not guilty entered. Michael Donahue, a native of Ireland waB admitted to citizenship. The following trial jurors were drawn to appear in court on Nov. 20, 1902. Petsr Trudo Ben English Steve Lindseth < < H. E. Belcher n r » ; t Peter Hughes Dan Sullivan Wm. M.Wright Wm. Chalmers F. A. Sullivan Bernard Arneson T. W. Luce E. D. Jones C. O. Lindseth Ole Thompson Harry Haymes C. L. Monroe Frank Salmond Enoch Peterson H. L. Halliday Wallace Cowell L. J. Otness Chas. Kroift B. J. Matthews Jacob Lauffer ■^*‘Ëo&t~John8on P. G. Rimell Paul Haugen Andy, Bou tiiier Oluf Lindseth Neis* Johnson Wm. D. Miller J.M .V a il Neis Austad E.'Reckdahl Robt Scbarn A. L. Halliday J. C. McCarthy Angus Rose Dan McCormackA. C. Cowley Jacob Wagner Martin Larson Silos Anway D. C. Leech N/O.Satterlie A. M. Kennedy J. H. Perman Chas. Wymor M. A. Wilcox' ' Chas. Davlin George Adlam J. F. Leech E. M. Miller ‘ H' Beaupré Tho. L. TliompsonEh) Rose E. D. Pierce ' ' John Matchette R. S. Brown \ W. G. Davis John H. Devlin vs James Stone, ^ t * ” > • • ' '“ t i • ordered that a commission issue to Clay M. Stearns, a notary public of j * i I «< 14 i Nez Perces, Nez Perces county Idaho { tt :»* » ‘ *»•«*'* - . u, authorizing him to cause to come before him one Robert Allison and take his disposition on the part oE plaintiff in the above entitled action • O • ’ 1 : ' ' i upon interogatories-to bo agreed upon between the attorneys in saîd action. Court adjourned to Nov. 20. Favor Annexation. DiBECTOns: 8. E. Atkinson. F. P. Atkinson. Poter Larsoo John J. Ellis, Jacob Switzer, W. W . Miller A ronoral banking bosinesa ttonsaoted. Is- «eiest allowsd on ttraedeposlts. Kingston, Jamaica, Soph 9.—At the' meeting of Bugar \planters held here, while resolutions were' adopted fav­ oring federation with Canada, quite a large section of those present were anxious for annexation m to the United States. The alarming ( conditipni of the island’s industries,, .especially sugar planting, has made the people, deape rate and nothing but the kno.wl: edge of the American tariff prevoqta unanimous support o f the annexation idee. As To P r o s p e c t in g For Oil. F. N. Haiqes. supervisor of the .Iflpthead forest:reserve, has .been in communication with Washington concerning tho status of oil claims and claimants on government laod, add has received the following in­ structions from the acting commis- diôners, ’ which will cause restless nights to many of the putative oil > A / • barons: “ For your in formation and guid­ ance in regard to the rights of the miners in the Kintla lake region, and others prospecting for oil, you are instructed as follows: \ ‘ 'First—The right to prospeot is accorded to citizens of the United -LL. How to Make a Barom e ter. For this you nee 1 a clean, clear glass .bottle. Take one drachm oacli of camphor gum, saltpetre and am­ monia salts, and dissolve *~tbom in 13 . * I i , drachms of pure alcohol. Shake till dissolved. Then pour in bottle and cork tightly. ' ' ” Hang the bottle of mixture agaiust a wall, facing north, and it will prove a perfect weather prophet. When the liquid is clear it promi­ ses fair weather. When it is muddy or cloudy it is a sign of raiu. When little white flakes settle in the bottom it menus that (ho weather is growing colder, and tho thicker tho deposit the colder it becomes. Hirshberg; j ; 1 i - * • * ‘ Brothers Bankers, ..I * / . - • < •--- Choteau,' Montana. We solicit accounts and offer to the public the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. We buy and sell exchange on all -,t!;c . principal American . and European cities, and issue letters of credit, i . i > - THOM P SON «fe PERRIS, nETU BJilDOB C Q A L Leavo ordors at tolephono office. - Hollo, No. 42, Club Café i ’ • * « OLIVER HEAD, Prop. j i « > > NEW RESTAURANT The best of service and accom­ modations to be'had'fn the efty. Everything First Class and ia accordance with the market. I REMEHBER THE PLACE DINNERS W ill be served at 13 o’clock on week days and at 5 o’clock • • , ! i ' I • ' on Sundays. \ STAB E BBOTHEBS* CAM P , SW IFT ODBKENT. States and those who have declared .their intention to become such. “ Second— A prospector has no oil claim to any land until oil has actually been discovered tboreon. The mere soepage of a little scum of oil on water coming’out of the ground in tho vicinity or on the land does not- eonstitute' suck a discovery,' “ Third— Actual prospecting'for oil or developing of an oil mine' cannot bo done by building bouses, camps or trails and roads, and the extensive , 1 1 « .* ’ cutting of timber for such alleged prospocting and developing must not be tolerated. “ Legitimate prospecting for oil consists in actual boring with proper equipment, and while such legitimate prospecting ia being done the pros­ pector should be accorded the privi­ lege of cutting tho necessary timber therefor under your supervision. “You will be guided by the above information in dealing with the cases. You will avoid giying offence un­ necessarily or hinder men from propor or legitimate prospecting of any kind. On the other band, you will prevent every unnecessary destruction of timber by any one,.and especially the endless construction of wood roadB and'trails intended to answer for as­ sessment work. - This cutting, ,of. which a great deal has been reported to occur,- is a useless destruction, seryingno purpose, since it adds noth'- ing -to -the rights of the prospector. “ In promulgating theso 1 decisions you will take pains to avoid' any un­ necessary- friction and cheerfully in­ form those interested in the matter of the attitude of the department.” \ ' r 1 j * I LIptori'A Challenge N e a rly Ready. Fine, starry flako foretell a storm, and large flakes ate signs of snow. When the liquid is full of threadlike forms that gradually rise to tho top, it means wind aud sudden storms. Try this, and you will find it more reliable thou many a costly bought’ barometer. Soldiers Gamble. The soldiers who returned from tho Philippines on the transport Buford from Manila tell stories of tbo heavy gambling by soldiers while tho transport was crossing tho ocean. The Buford carriod oyor 900 mon who had been paid from $100 to $500 each before the ship left Manila. A member of the Sixth cavalry won $6,000 from bis comrades and a private in Company E ,' Eighth regiment, won $3,000. After receiving tboir wages in Manila, tho soldiers • were' kept in quarantine and they had no chuuco to spend any money in that oily. The soldiers say it was not uncommon to see $500 staked on the turn of a cord at monte, and that ' two ' soldiers in tho Eighth infantry shot crap's for $1,750. • 1 Will Not Come. Thomas Liptou said ho would mail a formal challenge for the America cup to the New York Yacht club within two or three wooks. If how­ ever,’ in the meantime any British yachtmen challenged, they would, have his cordial assistance aud the use’of the Shamrock ! as a trial horse, absolutely free of cost.'. *“ ‘V 1 ’ 1 \A Prom inent Man Writes:, -\One cannot board the North-Western Limited without be­ ing. deoply-impressed*with the mag­ nificence and splendor ~ and - time of its appointments. - - I t is a veritable moving palace.” This fine train Tuns every-- night between Minneapolis, St. - P a u l, and C h i c a g o .- F o r full information, lowest rates, etc., address E. A. Gray, General Agent, Helena,1 Montana, or T. W. Teasdale, G. P, A St. Paul, Minn. . , , - ~ sj - New fall hats, no two alike, at Jos, Hirshberg & Co. . President Roosevolt will not ¡make a westorn trip this year. Two, weeks ago, in an interview given ,io,, San Fracisco, Senator Fostor, of Wash­ ington was quoted sb saying the president and a party of distinguished personages would tour Montana, Washington and California this fall. Upon reading this dispath, Mayor John A. Collins addressod an invita­ tion to the president to visit Great Falls. Yesterday he received a reply froni’Private Secretary’ Cortolyou to the effect that no western' tour Would be made by the president thiB year, but one might be later.—Groat Falls Tribune. Hie Life Saved by Cham b erlain's Colic, Cholera and .piarrhoea Rem edy. ß. I & C. TIME TABLE. Tuesday Thursday Satui-day North Stations. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South i*. m . r . m . 10 55 ........... L e th b r idge .......... 8 15 9 45 ............... Stirling .............. 9 45 8 3 0 .. . . Tyrrell’s Lake . . . .11 05 8 10 .............. B r u n ton .............. 11 25 7 25 .......... Milk R iver ............. 12 10 6 25 .......... * Coutls ....................... 1 05 '5 5 0 . '. . . . Sweet G r a s s ......... 1 4 5 5 0 0 . . . . . . . .K e v in ............... 2 45 4 1 0 . . . . Rocky Springs. . . . 3 45 ,3 ,15.... ..ShclbyJunction.. . . 4 45 d a i l y . d a i l y , 2 50. v . . ShelbyJunction. . . . 5 10 2 00 ........... ■. C o n rad ............. 6 05 12 40 , 1 7 30 12 25 f •* 'Pondera. . . . j ? 5Q 11 30........'. ..B r a d y ................ 8 45 10 45 ........... “ Collins ................. 9 35 10 15........Clark’s Spur .......... 10 15 9 Ì 0 ................S t e e l .................. 11 20 8 35 .......... V a u g h a n ............... 12 01 7 55..............W illard ................ 12 40 7 45 ........ Great Falls . . . .12 50 A.M. A.M. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridge, with all trains ->n the C. P. R. “ Meals. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This ia the finest ap­ pointed saloon in north­ ern Montana. We have on hand the finest brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer i . 1 » • . • » * On tap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. ; Charles Jackson, Guide & Packer, For Sun River Springs Country J and Vicinity. - Will Meet Parties at apy Point Designated by Them.- • Postofllcc Address Elizabeth, Mont. for Perfect-Fitting • Blasses api, ARTIFICIAL EYES flQsnlt PROF. I. GOLDSTEIN, Eye SDecialiit, 213 1-2 CENTRAL AVENUE, GREAT FALLS. MONTANA, ’t it Jar Yon “ B. L. Byer, a well kown cooper of this town, says he believeB Chamber­ lain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy saved bis life last summor. He had been sick for a month with what the doctors call bilious dysentery and could get nothing to do him aDy good until he tried this remedy. It gave him immediate relief,” says B. T. Little, merchant, Hancock, Md. For sale by C. H. Drake.. : ... M.&M.Saloon MpRISON & McLEOD, Props. Fi nest,U n e .of . . \ w i n e s , \ \ L I Q U O R S , . C I G A R S , ^ In Teton County. Mrs. T. A. Smith is representative for'T e ton ' county”for the Perfec­ tion Ladies Tailoring Cotnpany of Chicago, a I! ih Just think you can get a great big glass'* of beer for the small sum of F I V E CENTS. W e are out for your trade and with fair play'we mean to win it. - - Respectfullyr FAMILY LIQUOR STORK. taMtM r.T.(x Give Us a,Call. When ' ■i ' ‘ - InChoteau. E. H. REPRESENTING THE' • ‘ 1 CHICAGO TAILORING COMPANY. : - . . ..... ........ 1 Has the largest lina of Fall and Winter'samples ever brought into the state. The Priretfara Moderate and a perfect\ fit ia- absolutely guaranteed. , ...; Have a fine' line of samples for .Ladiea, suits,; ;Rairiyi|.asjrf; * * ** * * , f \x skirts. Hold your orders .until! you see them. '' a ... <,w , -5/i Ì.K.V If ¿VI. SS

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 12 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.