The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, September 26, 1902, Image 1

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J ÿ î i l r T ■ - ^ v ' ■ • • • ■-' • ' -■•• -■ • - v r a M M w l T h e M o rítanian, V o l. XIII, No 21. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. SEPTEMBER 26, 1902. T e t o n C h r o n idle, V o l V I , ; * ) / » r M - M ' ' ' ¡ ' . ' *. •-, vV^5*<ç ,V;- /J E. ERICKSON, Attorney-at-Law, Noiary Public, CHOTEAU, - MONTANA. J b G . B A I R , . Attorriey-at- Law, C H O T E A U , M O N T A N A . JAMES SULGROVE, Attornej and Counselor at Lav, Notary Pobll«. Court House. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Bueoenor to Wamsloy & Brooks. OfPo« Next t* Court House. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon Office in Jackson Building-. Next to Telephone Office. CHOTEAU, - - MONTANA. f i ^ m C . W A R N E R , U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. ■ Land filings and proofs. yyyALTER MATHEWS, U. S. CO M M ISSIO N E R , \ C O U N T Y SURVEYOR, Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA- O ia f C . F je ld , Land, Reservoir and Ditch Sur­ veying a specialty. 8 HJBLBY. - - MONT. Dr. EARLE STRAIN, . OCULIST ail AUEIST, 817 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, MONT. Office Houre: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W . SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sitos. Canal and ditch surveying. Tali List o f Vacant School Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAD, MONT. CHEVALIER LODGE NO. 12, K. o f Meets Every Thursday Evening. VUltinc Brethren Cordially Invited to Attend. L k OXARD J. XiOWNDS, C. C. D e . T. B sooks , K. of B & S. Q h q t e a u L a u n d r y Beat l(Vork in the State on While Stirfs and Collars. ftyiceg Reasonable. J. H. Penpa.ii.Agt p. f . Pyane, Manager. Telephone 12, Choteau, Moot. T . ZET IE COLLINS, MONT. Has . come to ‘stay and with it comes the lowest prices that Tetou county has ever had. Having the advantages of a railroad point, we give to our customers the ad­ vantage of low prices thus derived froui it. Ovr Grocery Lite is Complete. . * V A good assortment of Dry Goods, Notions,“ Shoes and Hardware with other and more lines to be added thereto when we move into our new building. Highest prices paid lor Eggs, Poultry and Potatoes. Come and see us and we will please you. d«eeeeeee©e®eas99i»a9i9i99»9aci $ OT » - Î 1 J. M. LAUGrELIN, © i Proprietor. ® m m ® DUPUYER, MONT. S * — --- G r e a t F a l l s ' L Æ o i r t . Lumber, Lath, Shingles, @\ Builders Hardware, g/ Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. Or B „ your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BEN. FEIST. -:OF:- CQLLINS, MONTANA, Handle The BEST BRANDS Of =NJWINES, LIQUORS Andf^ Vr- H. BEAUPRE, D I N T I S T Teeth Extracted With­ out Pain. AU work Guaranteed. . CHOTEAU. MONTANA. GET YOUR EXPRESS Via Ohotean & Great Falls Stage. Doily, except Sunday. Rates reasonable. Passenger fare $3.60. T hos . A. S mith , Agent. g F | . u . B . M Q C Q L L g i y i G bxat F all *. Expert Qptlclun untl Eye Specialist. Grad- uata ol tlio Chicago OptUalmlc College. Twonty-throe years exporlonoe In rofrac* tlon. _ ;■ Offices at Besldouce, 609 Second Avonuo. South, . . • M o n t a n a GRAVES & CO. > CHATEAU, M Q N f. AGENTS FOR “QUEEN BABY” CIGARS, T h e B e a t i n th e W o r l d . .. ;» ? - > : • -■?. . : r , . . . \ =*3CIGARS. This Firm Also Runs A -•.FEED S T A B L E :- A t Collins W ith A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team W ith them Can do so Know­ ing That They W i ll Be Given The Best O f Care. TH E CASCADE BANK of Great Falls, Mont. flncorporatpd under the Iipys of Montana April 5,1 Capital - - $75,00 0 . Surplus - - * - 15,000. b. E. Atkinson President. Jacob Switzer Vice-President, F. P. Atkinson Cashier, W. W. Hiller Asslstan Cashier. DnjEcropç: S. E. Atkinson, F. P. A$Uqs<)fU Bçtpr î ^ çucd John J. Ellis, Jacob Switzer, W. W. Miller NAME A STRONG TICKET! CONNELLY AND KINNA FOR LEGISLATURE Present County Officers Renominated. MISS ACTON FOR SU PERINTEN D EN T OF SCHOOLS. The Republican County Convention m e t in the Court room yester­ day to nominate a Legislative and County ticket and to select 10 delegates and alternates to the State convention. It was certainly an able and enthusiastic body of representative citizens, all eager for the fray, and all evidently determined to work for the best interests of the party in Teton county and State at large. A {renerai banking bas Ines« transacted. - In «ereatallawad o a time deposit«. : .SK .p-*SKv* *... The meeting was called to order by ths the' chairman of the county central committee, M. D. Cooper. Qn motion John A, Kennedy, dele­ gate from St. Marys was chosen temporary chairman and B. C. Garrett, of Chotsau, temporary secretary. The chairman the made the follow­ ing committee appointments: Permanent organization and order of business.-—T B Magee, J E Webb, W Cowgill, E H Rupert and Don C Leech. Resolutions—Chas Aubrey, J C McCuaig, John Ward, Iver Johnson and H E Belcher. Credentials—W E Jeffery, U G Allea and E D Jones. To select delegates to . the state convention.—J S Galbreath, W Hod- gskiss, and A Yule. On motion the convention ad­ journed to meet at 2 p m. The convention then wont ¡Dto caucus and balloted on tbo various candidates for office as fellows: Senator—Connelly 44, Cowell 12, Cooper 4. Representative—Kinna 40, Foster 11, Sturgeon 6 , W D J ones 1, F H Dean 1, Kennedy 2. Clerk and Recorder—Warner 35, Cowell 13, Allen 13. Sheriff—Taylor by acclamation. Treasurer—Gordon by acclamation. County Attorney—Sulgrove by ac­ clamation. Supt. of Schools-Robecca Acton 30, Mrs. Titus 25, Minnie Miebach G. Surveyor-—J W Shields by accla­ mation. ** Commissioners—Cowgill 57, Bol- lerud 45, Braren 34, Halladay 15, Bruce 15, Galbreath 15, Foster 2. Tha nominations for coroner and public administrator were passed. Upon reassembling at 2 o’clock the committee on credentials reported the following delegates as entitled to seats in the convention and their report was adopted; CHOTEAU. E N'Haugen, Ed Hirsbberg, Clyde Miller, Ohas Irnbler,, Wm Hodgskiss Hugh Robinson Lawrence Davie Chas LaBreche M McLeod Jos Glenson Ohns McDonald John B Webb David Davidson Jobn Angus F J Wbeir G A Boutilior H F Bailey DUPUYER. H E Morison Fred Perry Phil G Itimeli Geo I Smith S I Syso AM Rose Angas Brace Frank Pence EC Garrett Frank Dean R P Dean J F Leooh Henry Ryan Thos B Msgee ■ Lloyd Leech L T Hager B G Trescott P A Prince O E Davis ÜTasHeig^toq O B Pèrki^s 4 Hàrrj^ G W Mpgep J Ç MçQuaig Dr Stearns J Sturgeon H O Kunkel A Yule P O Berglund Thos Manix H Marks BHEBBY. M Connelly John J Miller T M Garland John Shinnick D P Smitn Ohas Moborly O J Braren Ray Galbreath BYNUM. R Fagerli “ W-ällnce go well Walfénstoto A N Welley pBLi/Eyrew. Jqhp Ward Rudolph Myers F G Freeman / S Lane ST. MARTS. John S Galbreath Frank Morgan James Brown' ' Wm Laney Jamaa'E Williams -Wm Walker . Abner Hall S D Somes Jobn A Kennedy Frank Stevenson W E Jeffrey Ed Mathews BURTON. J Peterson H K Ferris Otis Whaley Jobe Carlson Ed Bollerud Ben Bollemd Ivei Johnson ‘ L Nasset O Forseth S. Auway ROBARB. T E Williamson H G Crane W. Cowgill Joe Kupa Jnccb Lnuffer 'Nelson Steuison J obn Clack Albert Lauffer Chns Aubrey R. A. Allen Tbos R Hill Lewis Messecar Goo. Little Geo Zeigjer BAKE BASIN. O F Green Jobn S Gordon PONDEBA. C R Scoffin M W Shu lies E D Jones DOWRY. O J McKinna Rod MoLeod CORBINS. E H Rupert A S Truscott NORTH FORK. G B Christian John Vames SWEET GRASS. U G Allen . P H Buckley - RAYMOND. H E Belcher H L Halladay OCT BANK. D O Leech H A Halvorson James Perrino The committee on permanent or­ ganization reported the name of Geo. W Magee as permanent chairman of the convention and E C Garrett as secretary and U G Allen as assistant secretary and their report was adopted. The committee on resolutions theu tendered their report as follow* and were adopted by the convention. We the representatives of the re­ publican party of Teton county, iu convention assembled, in Chotfeau, Montana, this 25th day of September, 1902, make and hereby adopt the following declaration of principles: (1) We horeby express our profound sens* of grief and national affliction ovar the tragic,.- death of our late beloved cfiie^ magistrate William McKinley and wo denounce in un­ measured terms, anarchy iu all its forms, (2) We hereby reaffirm our alleg­ iance to the principles embodied in the Philadelphia platform as Bet forth and adopted by tbo Republican National convention o f 1900. (3) We endorse aid commend the wise, patriotic and statesmanlike administration of Theodore Roose­ velt and wo hail him as a worthy successor to his late lamented chief­ tain, and wo anticipate with confi- dense continued prosperity through­ out our nation under principles that have ever been the rallying cry o f the gloriQus republican party—protection to American industries an l labor, and the dollar that is as good to the plowholder as the bondholder. 4.—That we acknowledge this great county to be highly distin­ guished by the federal government in selecting it to become the first beneficiary under the national irriga­ tion system and we pledge oui re­ newed allegiance and support to the republican party which made such system possible. We endorse and commend the present republican officials o f Teton county, and submit to the electors o f this county that,their respective sd- ■ ' •\*.0 ■ • ■ S i # ■' m , i : ■ - ministrations have been able and are entitled to the praise of tbeir con­ stituents. 6 .—That the thanks of this con­ vention are duo to Hon. M. D. Cooper, chairman of the Teton couutv republican central committee, for his ablo and skillful management iu carrying our party to its trium­ phant victory ut tbo polls in 1900. Upon the foregoing declaration of principles we confidently appeal to the yotore o f Teton county for their suffrages. Nominations for slate senator wore then called for and C J Braren placed the name of M Connolly of Shelby iu nominatiou and ho was nominated unanimously by acclamation. The committee named to selocl 10 delegates and 10 alternates to attend tbo state conyention then reported as follows: M D Cooper O G Cooper J G Bair O E Trescott O S MoDonald H E Belcher C Aubrey TLioe Manix 4 J S Galbreath James Brown J A Kennody W E Jeffrey J A Perrine Don Looch Evan Jones C R Scoffin Wm Hodgskiss J E Wobb W Cowell A J Cowell On motion of John W Ward of Bolleview, their report was rejected. For state representative the name of Clarence J Kinna was placed in nomination by Jos Sturgeon and bis nomination was mada uuauimous. For the office of BhorifI the name of Geo C Taylor was placed in nomi­ nation by C B Porkins and his nomi­ nation made by acclamation. For treasurer John S Gordou was placed in npmination by C F Green and his nomination made by accla­ mation, The next in order was nominations for the office of clork and recorder. J E Webb in a neat speech placed the name of A C Warner in nomina­ tion ; J F Leech placed the name of Wallace Cowell in nomination and W E Jeffrey the name of R A Allan. A ballot was taken and the result showed Warner 37, C owb II 10, Allen 14. Mr. Warner was then declared tha choice of the convention and his nomination made unanimous. James Sulgrove was then placed in nomination for the office of county attorney and his nomination made by acclamation. Next in order was nominations fot oountv superintendent of schools. $ W Ward of Belleyiew placed the name of Miss Acton in nomination and F H Dean of Dupuyer the name of Mrs. Titus iu nominatiou. A ballot was taken and resulted iu Miss Acton receiving 32 votes and Mrs. Titus 29 votes. Miss Acton was then declared the unanimous cfioice of the convention. fo r the office of county assessor no name was mentioned but that of T O Larson and he was nominated by ac clamation. The office o f county surveyor was next in order and J W Shields name was placed in nomination by Chas. LaBreche and hia nomination made by acclamation. (Contlnnod on Dost Pago.) X . Hirshberg Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. W c solicit accounts and offer to the public the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. W e buy and sell exchange on all the principal American and European cities, and issue letters I of credit. Club '-'c l y i OLIVER HEAD, Proper; THOMPSON & FERRIS, BETBBR1DOE COAL Leave orders nt telephone office. , Hello, No. 42. j N EW RESTAURANT The best of service and occom. modatlons to be had in the cKy., Everything First Class and la accordance with the market. REMEHBER THE PLACB DINNERS Will be served at ia o'clock on week days and at 5 o’clock on Sundays. Wm ■&É! -i\*/' //Ir-i :íÉá'A I -c-V.; .-A*; _ 6. E. & C. THE TABLE. Tuesday Thursday Saturday North Stations. Tuesday Thursday Saturday South P.M. P.M. 10 5 5 „ .. . .L e th b r idge ......... 8 15 9 45 ............. Stirling .............. 9 45 8 30.... Tyrrell’s Lake .... 11 05 8 10 ............. B r u n ton ............ 11 25 7 25 ........... Milk R iver .............. 12 10 0 25...........* Coutts ................. 1 05 5 50 ......... Sweet G r a s s ......... 1 4 5 5 00 ............... K e v in ................. 2 45 4 1 0 ....Rocky Springs.... 3 45 3 15.... Shelby Junction.... 4 45 DAILY. DAILY. 2 50.. .. ShelbyJunction.. . . 5 10 2 00 .............. C o n r a d ............... G 05 12 40 ) , ) 7 30 12 25 } •* *P°ndora. . . . } 7 50 11 30 ............... Brady ................. 8 45 10.45 ........... *CoIIins .................. 9 35 10 15 ......... Clark’s Spur..........10 15 9 10 ................ S t e e l .................. 11 20 8 35 ............ V a u g h a n .............. 12 01 7 55 .............. W illard ................ 12 40 7 45 ......... Great Falls . . . .12 50 A.M. A.M. Close connection make at Shelby with all trains on the G. N. Ry. Close connection made on Tues­ days, Thursdays and Saturdays at Lethbridgo, with all trains ~>n the C. P. R. *Meals. The Teton Exchange. Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed saloon in north­ ern Montana. • Wc have on hand the finest brands o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On tap and in bottles. Charles Jackson, Guide & Packer, For Sun River Springs Country and Vicinity. Will Meet Parties at any Point Designated by Them. Postoffice Address Elizabeth, Mont, For Perfect-ïittinc Glasses ani ARTIFICIAL EYES Consult PB9F. J. GOLDSTEIN, Eye Speclillit, 213 1-2 CENTRAL AVENUE, GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, AND Livery Feed Stable DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. M.&M.Saloon MORISON & McLEOD, Props, Finest Line of WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, In Teton County. a » Having purchased the Btook and business • of ’ H. F. Bailey, I am prepared to furuish Livery Rigs and Turn­ outs for patrons. Also to care for and feed yonr team when yon ora in Town. Corner of Choteau Avenue and Hamilton Street. , I have Baled Hay and Grain for sale and will be pleased to supply all wants in that line. Call and see me. O.E.PUGSLEY. R E Give Us a Call W h en In Choteau% REPRESENTING THE CHICAGO TAILORING COMPANY. * *!• Has the largest line o f Fall and/ Winter samples aver , brought£,l into the state. Tho Pricea arol Moderate and a perfect'fit-ia absolutely guaranteed.. • - - V v i f p Have a fine line-, of sample#’': for Ladies suits, . R ainyi/dayii skirls. .. H old’your.' brdierstintili j OU ■5Î ;.-v ■*i.- A -Hr. «¿¿nííi m » m ®

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 26 Sept. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.