The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 03, 1902, Image 3

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ï M ' >.Vv -V tvv 0 ^ <( ' * .. r, £*« 5 $o$>- “THÉ MINT’ MILLER & .-LONGMUIR, -Proprietors. KENTUCKY WHISKY, CALIFORNIA WINES, - DOMESTIC CIGARH., MONTANA BEER, Brewed from Montana B a r l e y . . Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana. THt CITY DRUG C. H. DRAKÉ, Proprietor STORt à ètor. - K b PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES g g § Fruit, Confectionery, cigars, E t c . -------- s 4 New Line of STATIONERY, X JUST RECEIVED. J )99039990t»a3399933393d9®3303QCKre3SM333999390:>Ò0339993< The G e m , MBS. ED. DEBRIS, Proprietor B R E A D F O R S A L E .. R Pirstclass Restaurant ..... Under New Management. M E A L S AT A L L HOURS. Cnicme Dnsnrpsei. Seceecccceccccceeeeeccccceccecccceecccceceeceeccec©«« T h e G o m o C o m p a n y . . . Great Falls, Montana. We frame Pictures correctly and keep a complète stock of Artists* sup­ plies and Pictures. > / We carry a full line of Window Glass, /Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. Gqr stock of Wall Paper is unusually large and attractive. Send for Samples. The handsomest and best arranged store of the kind in Montana. Call & see it. i c ^ c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c e c c c c c c c o c e a e c e c s H. E. BnoCl^fyfW, d e a l e r m F O I X D E R A , m o n T A I V f l . A First Class stock of goods of all kinds > constantly kept on hand. Courteous treatment to all oyr patrops, When.our new store at the new town- site is fully completed, we will quote you prices that will surprise you', Frank H. Dean, of Dupuyer, has applied for letters of administration oia the estate o f Thos. 5 . Dean, de­ ceased. Talk about the Choteau Mercantile Co. being slow, why they are showing the Monte Carlo coat that isn’t so slow The Great Falla Leader has been selected by the board of county com­ missioners as the official paper of Cascade county. 1 LOCAL NEW S ¡! . Notice'change in “ ad” of the Art Studio. ~ That face and hand-cream at the City Drug Store is a boautifier. 10 per cent discount on all'Iadies shirt waists at the Choteau Mer. Co J. B. Kellogg, of Elizabeth, is business visitor at Great Falls this week. Wendel P. Coe, of the Acantha force, was visitor at the county seat over Sunday. It is rumored around that a wed­ ding will take place in this city about the 14th iust. How about it Marion? George Tolbart, the well known stockman, of Cascade county, is a business visitor in Choteau this week. The new Choteau-Steel stage line I started up on Tuesday, Oct. 1st. It | under the management of B. F. Rock and ho will bo always on hand I to see that the patrons of this lino | are well cared for. Forest Ranger A. L. Hoy has just received word from Gust Moser, forest | supervisor for this reserve, that here­ after no application for the free use I of green timber will be entertained! by the department. Miss Carrie Collins is visiting with friends at Minneapolis, Minn., and may remain there all winter to attend school. H. E. Belcher returned Monday from Augusta where he had been for the purpose of purchasing calves and young stock cattle. Geo. I. Smith is at Glendive, Daw­ son county, for the purposo of re­ ceiving the two bands of sheep re­ cently purchased. Chan Smith and wife returned the first of the week from Groat Falls, where they have been for several days ooking after matters of business. J. E. Burke, T. W. Oleson; W. N. Russell and James E. Norton left this morning for a months’ outing at the Sun River Hot Springs. The Women of Woodcraft gave banquet and social to its members and a few invited guests on Wednes­ day evening. A good time is reported. C. S. McDonald has ordered the material to finish the upper story and otherwise improve the residence oc­ cupied by Prof. Guthrie and family. Gents the way we have of taking our measure |oy a, tailor made to order suit wpnt {lotlier you auy call and see our samples at the Choteau Mercantile Co, A number o f our local stockmen mvo mado their fall shipment Of cat­ tle to Chicago, and judging from the remarks made do not seem to be much pleased with their returns. I ’ t t l Miss Minnie Miebach, who - was a andidate for the republican nomina­ tion for superintendent of schools in Teton county, has secured tfco dem- ocratlo nomination In Choteau county. Mj _____ »* * Mr. and Afrs. JTulius Hirshberg left Wednesday morning for Helena, to h,e present $t tlie wedding of Miss Hbea Jacobs, a Bister of Mrs. Hirsh­ berg, vyhich is to take place in that city, New fall bats, no two alike, at Hirshberg & Co. J 08 . Chicken dinner at the Club cafe on | Wednesday and Sunday of .each week. Don’t forget. D R I V E D ! - 1 Orders taken for Ladies Tailor I . • f mado suits, coats aud'separate skirts | at.Jos. Hirshberg & Co. AT THE ,ri. i m Chas. LaBreche will leave in a few days for h hunting trip in the north -1 ern portion of the county. He ex­ pects to be absent about a month. C H O T E A U M E R C A N T ILE Ctíf w m -rvv L W On account of Jewish holiday the I store of Jos. Hirshberg & Co., of | Choteau, will be closed from G p. m. oo Friday, Oet.lO, to G p. m. of Satur­ day, Oct. 11,1902. Chas. Moore and Claude Weaver I returned Tuesday from Dupuyer, | bringing with them a complete lay­ out for the new meat market which | they expect to open in a few days. Morison and MoLood have sold their saloon interests to W. M. I Krofft, who will in the future run the business. Mr. Murdock McLeod will still continue as head mixologist for Mr. Krofft and will be pleased to [ meet all his old patrons. Largest line of dress goods ever in the city Largest line of table linens in the city. Largest line of W inter coats and Haglins. Largest line of Overshoes and rubbers. Largest line of Ladies underwear. Largest line of Gents underwear. Largest line of Gents clothing. . Largest line of Gents Fur coats. Largest line of Gents capes/ W. M. Hazlott, a former Teton county boy, is now located at Ft. | Cobb, Okla., where he is vice presi­ dent of the Coddo County Bank. Mr. H’s many friend iu this section | will be pleased to learn of his succoss iu life and hope he may continue un­ til he has reached the top of the j adder. FOLLOW T H E CROW D TO TH E Q ompany \-“^ L E A D E R S IN LOW PRICES.- Sterling McDonald and wife left [ here the first of the week for Wash- Just in a new lino of childrens wool ington, D. C., whore Mr. McDonald I dre 8 ges.all sizes at the Choteau Mor goes to attend the G. A. R. encamp- cant;io Co. ment. They will also visit their old home in Ohio before their return.! W esley Chadwick was taken to the Groat Falls hospital yesterday for During his absence John E. Webb I will act as doputy clork of the court. medical treatment. The firm of Boaupro <S? O’Neal Anew station is to be erected on wU1 ship a traiu load o[ Bh00p about the Great Falls & Canada railway, six miles north of the present station of Stoell. Already a new siding has Deen erected at this, place and a reser­ voir noarly completed. In all prob­ ability, the present station at Steell will be abandoned when the new station is completed. the 10th inst. Mr. Beaupre will ac­ company the shipment. W. K. Flowerroo was over from Lowry this week as a delegate to the democratic county contention and his friend, C. W. Taylor was nomi­ nated for sheriff. “ Nuffsed.” The democratic dance given on Tuesday evening was a howling sue cess. It was very noticeable that iu Sum Potter, of Rocky Springs, is | about the happiest man in Toton county, all because bis wife, on Sept. the number of dancers, the republi- 29th presented him with a fine baby cans Outnumbered the dummies al daughter. Hero stuck, Sam. most two to one, which all goes to D r.Stophens,dentistof Groat Falls, show that the latter class of people | Qnda its nec0Bgary to loave Choteau Sboriff Goo. C. Taylor returned on Monday from a short business trip to Dupuyer. Frank ranch business. Salmond was in from his near Saypo, yesterday on Woll, yes, candidates for office can got cards printed at this offico on bhort notico. Givo us a triai. David Craig, who has boon hero for the past tou days assisting at tbe Choteau Morcantilo Company’s store, will roturu to his homo in Great Falls tomorrow. Preaching in Choteau at 10:30 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 11:30 a. in. Subject of the sermons: “Socioty a mixturo of good and evil.” “ Conscience in Politics.” are very scarce in woods.” this “neck ’o the Sunday morning for a few days, re­ turning Saturday evening Oct. 11th and will resume business for a few days after. Hugh McCannoll will leaye Cko- toau tomorrow morning for -Kansas the u\ouutsijJB lor exactly one month I City, Mo., where he will enter the C.bas. ^aclcaQu, the Sun riyer guido and packer, arrived in town Monday evening with the. party of tourists from Wisconsin. They hayo been in sud enjoyed themselves hugely, kill iug all the game they desired. They will return next season for another hunt. Rev. A. Lunde, of Grea’ Falls, will hold services in the school house north o f Farmington on Sunday, Oct. 6 th.' He will preaph ip the English I * 4 • anguage, He will also hold services in the evening. The hunting party consisting of Lawrence and Jesse Davis and « * ♦* ““ Robards J^ro^vp ^turned home op Monday from a hunting trip of two weeks. They report a very pleasant trip and succeeded in bagging two nice deer. The Art Studio Beginning Monday, S§pt. I £5, w§ will give qne: enlarged picture free with - every dozen of our$4.Q0 Cabinets. . This is for 30 days on 1 y-and -tobacco mmodate those . whof ailed to take .advantage oft our last /special o f f e r . - v ‘ Mrs. E. N; HAUGEN,i ChöteäüpMontana/ # *- \ .¿* * -*-/'• »V \L* , Í ' ' *'c.- * .* , «v'.IlL*> \ »* . * f .The board of county commissioners will meet in special session ‘ bn^JJon- Jay, Qot. fi, 1902? for the 'purpose of filling yacqqcies ip tbe o(pce of regis try agents, to authorize the appoint meat of a deputy treasurer for the months of October, November and December, and to provido. for tbe payment of the salary of same, anc also for. (hp t^aps'aetifin of such other Wain'eat as'may lawfully come before the board/ r -v, hospital for surgical .treatment. His many friends in Teton county kop<^ for his speedy recovery. James E. Norton, qf- Cbioogo, an Timothy A. Lennon, of Cascade, I old frigqj and schoolmate of J. E. who is in partnership yyitH J. E. Marcum in thp mercantile and lire stock business, was in town yesterday his way homo from Dupuyer on where he has been for some time looking after their interests in that section. Mr. Lenpgq (pfprrpB us that tha recent shipment of cattle from Dupuyer to Chicago market brought good prices, ranging from $5.65 to $ 6 , the latter price being pa\J for thn Marcum ^ Laqpgn cattle, Mr J. M. Harris a former citizen of Kalispell met with ac?$en^ the Cracker mine -which may cause his death. He was going down into the shaft using 5an ore bucket at­ tached to a wiref ropo as a conveyor, Burke, of the Choteau House, arrived hore the first of the weok, and ff the climate is agreeable will probably permanently locate here. SwAynn—One grey maro, branded J—L on left shoulder; weight about 1300 pounds; also one black mare branded l everse 4 on left shoulder circlo H on feft thigh j weight about pounds. A roward of $10 will bo paid for information leading to their recovery. Call at this, office for address of owner, A certain young man around this town was tolling a friend about the good qualities of his boat girl, when Dy an unfortunate stroke of Inch she. L ost —Ono bay horse, about eight years pld, branded (25 on tbe right shoulder. Last soon at Sunnyside. A reward of $5.00 will be paid for his return to Augusta. M alcolm M c P hebson . Tbe friends of Carl Hanson and Miss Oline Forseth, of tbe Burton bench have received iuvitations to their wedding which will bo solemn­ ized at tho Farmington school house tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. C. H. Drake and James Blake will leave next Sundrfy for Chicago, whero Mr. Drake goos to purchase supplies for his drug store and Mr. Blake to onter a hospital for surgical treatment. They expect to be away about a month. Wallace Cowell has sold his mer­ cantile business at Bynum to B. L. Smith, of Sand Couloo. Mr. Smith expects to take possession at once. A. L. Hoy and family hare movsd into town from their ranch at Ray­ mond and are occupying the resi­ dence recently erected on the south side. From some unknowu cause a prairie fire was started last Monday about 8 miles southwest of Choteau, and three miles north of the Floworree horse ranch. Prompt action on the part o f neighbors and some citizens of Cho­ teau, who saw the smoJ;e of the fire, resulted in its being extinguished be­ fore any great damage was done, al­ though a strip about a mile wide and fivo miles loDg was completely de­ stroyed. Qreat Falls Land Offloe« Expensive Mistake. That bank tbe Montana Co opera­ tive ranch company propose estab­ lishing at Groat Falls, with a branch at Shelby, will be a good thing—when it is established. However we do not advise anyone to hold their breath until that time comes. M<pst of us will bp a long time dead. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling McDonald- v- e. of Choteau were in the city for sev?- oral hours, awaiting the east-bound train, on ro.u.tato Washington, D. C.,- The rope broke and be fell 78 feet to happened to pass abput this time. veliere Mr.¡McDonald will attend .the R. meeting, They' will also: the bottom of the. shaft. Though terribly bruised a^bosos w^re broken. H? was unconsciqug.when taken but revived. Timo âlonp will tell whether bàreceived fatal.vihternal injuries.— - '- á á í í b d . ' 1 ’• -'ll - - ~ '■ Kalispell Hera q . A. R. meeting, visit thoir daughter,.Mrs. Sloeth, .who ¡8 a teacher iu an art school In / t h a t city. Thev called on - many friends here, iyiiom - they' knew ia. their old , home 19 Memphis, They;willd^: abscntiSoyefal wpefoi^Hayre*cprr^^ then the poor fellow wilted;, - ; ' v ;- ‘i ^dent^Gre^^^ ................................. ' Looking up Just then he said, “ look, theroshe i«,isn’t shoa peach?” Well, said the friend, “she may be' a peacb, but if she is, they keep pretty green looking peaches around hore.” ^And The report of the Great-Falls land offico, Wednesday shows receipts, in the two months of its existence, of S31,175.75, covering 87,050.75 seres. Thero wero 215 original desert-land outries, 135 original homestead en­ tries, one sale of 120 acres; two.placer en trios o f 29.19 acres, one 'mineral a p ­ plication, two reservoir declarations, and two coal land declarations. The business for September was about $3,000 loss than for August. — The local office yesterday morniag received from Washington on a de-* - cision of the commissioner of the *« * * \t. general laud office, orderingeaaceled 1 Elbridge Rose’s desert-entry s of 16Ó . V acres near Kevin,Totoncounty, .and V r/ awarding the land -to ‘¿the Btate o f - Montana. Rose filed upon the land ,v.‘ before-it was surveyed, e x p e n d e d '/ about$500 on itand made final proof;/,/’ Then it was discovered that' he-; h i d described it .'incorrectly.' He -'asked • ^ have his patent amended; ‘ to icon /;/,?: Vey-thtf^lahcL reclaimed,-blit it'ia in - a y / achor/1 b'oetion and held that tho / state has an absoluterights to/every school seetion against a. desort-laad/itc entryman. •'Ro8e''may recover, by . a . loor P * »-. rffr - *% (S ■> cess, what be paid-to the government,^: » but cannot: recover what he expended

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 03 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.