The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 10, 1902, Image 2

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F. D. K IN G S B U R Y & CO. DUPUYER, M ONTANA. -GENERAL MERCHANDISE - Carry a Full Lin© of Goods in All Depart­ ments to supply the wants of stockmen and ranchers. Tie lataiian Chronicle. [Consolidated J u n s í t , 1901.] DRY GOODS, BOOTS, and SHOES, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, HARDWARE, GORDON HATS, HARVESTERS, BLANKETS, SADDLES. QUILTS. A lso handle the D e e r ing M o w ers and R a k es and W inona W a g o n s and B u g g ies. Call and S e e T h e m , T h e ir P r ices are R ight and T e r m s R e a sonable. ~ i BY C . E. T R E S C O T T . Tho Teton Clironiclo and Tho Shelby Nows, Consolidated Jannary 3,1901. Published every Friday at Chotean, Toton \ County, Montana, Entered at tho post-oDlco at Chotoan, Mon­ tana, as socond class matter. PBIDAY. OCTOBER 10, 191«. Subscription $2.00 por annum. Advertising ratos on application. ALL ADVERTISING BILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTn. REPUBLICAN TICKET. STA T E TICKET. For. Member of Congress— JOSEPH M. DIXON For Associate Justice— WILLIAM L. HOLLOWAY The Beaupre House ClToteem, M o n t a n a . UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, COUNTY TICKET. First class in every respect, or week at reasonable rates. Board by day H. BEAUPRE Proprietor. GO TO THE Old Reliable Meat Market CH O T E A U, M O NTANA, For all kinds Fresh and Salt M eats, B u t­ ter nad E g g s . HCIAL TRICKS TO RANCHF.RS ¡uni HOTEL-tvREFERS who buy in LARGE yrANTlTIHS. Cush Paid for Beef Hides. GORHAM BROTHERS, Proprietor. / ¿ ß HT «*#»• « » r w 3 / ito ito ito ito ito ih) ito ito ito ito ŸSï r - s ? s r - ^ S '- 'i > s r ^ ^ s r . s r s r ^ F . C. B E G I l f “THE OLD RELIABLE” P A I N T E R A N D D E C O R A T O R HOUSE, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING For State Senator— MICHAEL CONNELLY For Representative— CLARENCE J. KINNA For Sheriff— GEO. C. TAYLOR For Treasurer— JOHN S. GORDON For County Clerk— ALFRED C. WARNER For County Attorney— JAMES SULGRO- \E For Assessor— THO S. O LARSON For Supt of Schools— REBECCA ACTON For Surveyor— JOHN W For SHIELDS Commissioness— ED. BOLLERUD. WM. COWGILL. CARL J. BRAREN. TO W N S H IP OFFICERS. For Justices of the Peace— JOHN E. D k HAAS CIJAS. PARKER. A Teton county republican club should bo formed. Much good rnair result from such an organization. The latest advices from Shelby are to the effect that all’s “fair tonight along the Wabash.” We aro glad to hear you say so, Goorge. The republicans of Totop county stand pledged against anarchy in all its forms. A vote for Mike Connelly, forstato senator, is a vote against auurchy. Who is Mike Coniteli] ? innocently asks tho child who runs the Shelby Independent. Why bo js the next stule senator from Teton county, to bo sure. Auy ten year old school boy could toll you that. Ferg. Estimates on Contracts Cheerfully Given. Paper H a n g ing & F r e s c o e in g a S p e c ia lt y » m m m (t> m m SHOP OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE, CHOTEAU, MORT, i J 9 T. W. OLESON. W. N. RUSSELL. 1 . . . !* ———————————————— — * * « « i i K * * * C h o teau P a in t in g C o m p a n y . PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. Sign and Vehicle F a inting a S p e c ia lt y .! John Morgan Ev&na has opened his campaign for congress, making his first speech at Laurin on Oct. (Jth. U p to date, however, ho has not do niod that he was proud to be named after the celebrated guerilla—John Morgan. Our friends, the enemy, aro kicking because tho republican nominee for associuto justico has been endorsed by the laborites and populists. Strange that they should find out at this late day that fusion with other political organization is so unholy. In Illinois they have an Australian election law which provides that when a voter enters tho booth to mark his ballot his body must be visible from tho kneeB down. Under like conditions many an old sinner in Montana would be in favor of women suffrage. lew, Crisp, Sellable Sop# at Cl|an H|ne|i Arriving daily and filling every ment to its utmost capacity. r» T - % m ' m The man who argues that all laws should be repealed; that office holding is wrong; that tho individual is greater than tho state, and that the pardou- ing by Gov. Altgeld of tho Haymarkot murderers was right and was the crowning act of Altgeld’s life, is an unsafe man to be elected state senator. y Fancy silks for dress trimming, Basket suitings. Serges and Fancy dresB goods, Erminette, Albatros and Outing Flannels, Wool Eiderdown all colors, Table linens, Napkins, Ladies capes, Jackets and Seperate ^skirts, Childrens long coats . and Jackets, Childrens . Furs, Fascinators, Wool Squares and Hoods. Large assortm ent of Ladies and Childrens underwear.- * * -V * JOS. HIRSHBER6 & CO., K e s p t a 0 | e Choteau, Mont. m m m m m # m 3 M T . O . L A R S O T S T . The ropublivan candidate for county assossor, and a sure winner. Mr. Larson lias made an excellent record as assessor during the past two years, and the taxpayers of the county do not want to experiment with a now official at this time. is hospituble and seeks peace and good will with all nations. Reciproc­ ity cares nothing for the consumer and hunts foreign markets with a club. Its stock iu trade is high tariff, favoritism, discrimination and retali­ ation. It threatens to slam our doors iu tho face of foreign countries which will not open their doors to our products. Reciprocity is based upon the same false theories as is protection, and, like protection, is a sham and a hum­ bug, und to most people has been, aud will ovor continuo to, a delusion and a snare. In practice, reciprocity is worse than protection.” Yot. this and free silver are wbot you vote for if you vote a democratic ticket. No wonder local democratic politicians aro trying to hide it. T h e C a n d id a te ’s F a te. im m «PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY! When looking for the 1 Best, ask for GREENHOOD S OVERALLS! FOR SALE RY la — - JOS. HIRSHBERG Ju d g e H o llow a y S t a t e s H is P o s itio n Judge William Holloway, of Boze man, who was ¡ d Helena Tuesday, said in reference to his candidacy for associate justice of the supreme court: “I am and always have been a Re­ publican. When the unsolicited and unexpected nomination for the ex­ alted office of associate justice of the supreme court came to me from the Republican state convention, I ac­ cepted tho high honor with a deep sense of appreciation. “1 have not in any manner, directly or indirectly, solicited the nomination or indorsement of any other political organization. However as the nomi­ nee of the republican convention I do not feel called upon to forbid auy voter to cast his ballot for me, but on the contrary, I will appreciate the support of every elector regardless of his party affiliations.” , All H a v e Filed. .Estimates, Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work Office a t the Choteau H o u se. is e . ñ KSKKWKKVÌMfcl* We respectfully refer the demo­ crats of this vicinity to tho following paragraph in their campaign book. If thoro is a democrat iu town who agrees with this sentiment he is keep­ ing mighty still about it. “Free trade would open our mar­ kets to bonefit our own country. It He comolh up like a flower anc retireth from the race busted. His friends fill him with false hopes anc atmosphere. He swelleth like a toac and tkinketh the earth his’n. He smileth upon all mankind and Blop polk over with humor. He kisseth tho children and ecattereth his mi crobos among the innocent babes He privatoly cheweth a clove when he meeteth a preacher, and as ho con- versoth with him he standeth to tho leeward and curbeth his breath as with a strong bit. He goelh home late at night to his weary wife with a beery breath and cold feet. Ho riseth up betimes aud liikelh forth without his breakfast, saying, “I goeth to a man.” The deadbeat lieth in wait and pulloth his log to the queen’s taste. He “uailetk” a lie, but beforo the election ho runneth out of nails. He giveth liberally to the church, he subscribeth to tho band, ho coutrib- utetli to i he poor mau whose barn was burned, he sendelh a small keg hither and a large keg thither, he yieldoth up his substance with ap parent alacrity. After the election he goeth back of tho barn and kickolh himself and tearetb bis hair and call- oth himself a Rottendam fool.—Ex. STRAYED.' One black mare with white spot in forehead; weight about 1200 pounds aud branded 7T oii right thigh. -A ypward of Si0.00 will be paid for re­ turn to E ybaod B bos ., Pondera, Mont. W e s ley C h a d w ick D e a d . Wesley Chadwick, a well-known and highly respected rancher living about six miles up the Teton from Choteau, died at the Columbus hos pital iu Great Falls last Saturday morning. Mr. Chadwick was suffer­ ing from au obstruction of the intes tines aud a surgical operation was necessary to relieve him but he died from the shock following the opera­ tion. Mr. Chadwick came to Choteau from Wheaton, 111., about six years ago, where his wife and two children and his mother and sister still reside. On son, Harlow, aged about 14 years, lived with him on the ranch near Choteau. The body was brought to Ckotoau Sunday morning and buried under the auspices of the Masonic lodge Sunday afternoon, of which organization bo was an honored mem ber. He was also a member of the Modern Woodmen, m which society he carried $1000 life insurance. All of the state tickets have been filed in the secretary of state, the certificate of the last ono, the labor party, having been filed late Saturday afternoon. Thore will be four state tickets up­ on the official ballot, unless some more are filed by potition as this was the last day for filing. Those are the republicans bearing the nominations of Halloway for associate justice and Joseph Dixon for congressman; the democratic, Jere Leslie for associate justice and John M. Evans for con­ gressman; the populist and the labor party with Judge Hallowav for asso­ ciate justice and Martin Dee for congressman. RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. R e p o r t of C o u n t y Hlffh S o h o o l. The following is the report of the County High School for the first month: Total number enrolled............2 3 Average number belonging ........... 22 Average daily attendance ............... 21 Percentof attendance ................... 98 Case of tardiness ..................... .....3 Those who were neither absent nor tardy during the month were: Grace Armstrong Grace Brown Nellie Brown Blancho Kennedy Margaret Kennedy Olive Wilcox Katherine Kennedy The following entered later than the first day but were neither tardy nor absent after entering; Oneida Satre Friond Zimmerman Mens’ tailoring suits made to order. We guarantee a fit or no sale.' Suits from $13.50 and up at Jos. Hirsbberg & Co W hereas , our Supremo Grand Mas\- tor on high lias removed from our midst f,_.rover our esteemed brother, Wesley Chadwick and W hereas , Brother Chadwick was a member in good standing of this Lodge, and W h e r e a s : In his death this Lodge has sustained an irreparable loss; the family, a kind and indulgent father and Lasdand, and the community a vain ci.’zon, now therefore be it R. M tved: That this lodge extend to tho bereaved family and friends of the deceased its fraternal sympathy and condolence and that the charter be draped in mourning for a period oflbirty days; and that a copy of these resolutions be printed in the Choteau .Montanian and Chronicle,and the same spread upon the minutes of the Lodge, aud a copy forwarded to tho family of the deceased brother. Signed J. S. Gordon, J. E. Erickson, W. M. Foster, Committee- B U C I ^ S FOR SALE. The undersigned offers for sale 400 Yearling FRENCH; MERINOS These bucks are now located at Pondera Station and there can be seen at any time. Address Peter Eyraud, PONDERA; M ontana. FOR SALE. 1280 acres of land with GO shares of Eldorado water; Also 160 acres of land situated on tho Muddy. J. E. W ebb . LO S T . $ 5 . 0 0 REWARD. Qne buckskin horse branded on left shoulder. S5.00 reward will be given for his return to' owner’s ranch. A. K. P rescott . NOTICE. W ANTED.— I want 3,000 sheep to winter or will rent a band for a year on a cash proposition. For further particulars address, O bd A. A ynslet , G 4w. Collins, Mont. Well, yea, candidates for office cap got cards printed at this . office pp bbort notice. Qivo “8 a trial. Orders taken for Ladies Tailor made suits, coats and separate skirts at Jos. Hirshberg & Co.. • • ... \ ‘it. f , . v . Persons are hereby vmrueu not io shoot or trespass on our premises. S a ? jds C attle & L and C o . . FOR SALE. A well improved ranch of 1G0 acre? adjoinipg the Choteau to^ynstye. Cplf on J. G. Bair. wtf. TO LEASE. 320 acres good hay land fenced, in Township 25, Range G West, at $125 for the winter. - . J. E. W ebb , A BARGAIN, I have a complete 12 foot bar outfit in good condition for sale cheap. ' •. W h . H odoskiss .’ v Choteau; ; Mont. . , ïy.i as ’

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 10 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.