The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 17, 1902, Image 2

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,^7ff»VS' l JV ' ; ...,!■ .. , f - -, •>.\ fe ssaci. .«affflsasag .. . . , . _ . . v. . , ,,.,;<•'/• ¿ ;?>f W s>:-V :E w ---- ■=■-■? ■ - ' • — — l i - * * - i— .^■-•. a L'-'' * Y>-l^..:-.'t'-.-,yc.*» ■'».•<•—<.-'..£-'-~v' a ? ,.■ ; ;.v.-->'H ^gj^jBtirofflgggaasees F. D . R I N G S B U R T & C O , DUPUYER, IVIONTANA. - G E N E R A L M E R C H A N D I S E - Carry a Full Line of Goods in All Depart- ments to supply the wants of stockmen and ranchers. [Coneolidnteil Juno 21,1901.]. BY C. E. TRESCOTT- Thè botoli Chronlclo nuil Tho Shelby Nowe, Consolidatoti January 3,1001. DRY GOODS, BOOTS, and SHOES, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, HARDAYARE, GORDON HATS, HARVESTERS, BLANKETS, SADDLES. J QUILTS. Also handle the Deering Mowers and Rakes and Winona Wagons and Buggies. Call and See Them, Their Prices are Right and Terms Reasonable. ufiiM m n « M The Beaupre House Choteau, Montana. UNDER N E W MANAGEMENT, First class in every respect. Board by day or week at reasonable rates. Publisbod evory Friday at Choioau. Toton County, Montana. Entered at tho post-odico at Choteau, Mon tana, as second class mattoi. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 17, 1903. Subscription $2.00 per annum. Advertising ratos on application. ALL ADVERTISING BILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. REPUBLICAN TICKET. S T A T E TIC K E T . For Member of Congress— JOSEPH M. DIXON For Associate Justice— W ILLIA M L. H O L L O W A Y C O U N T Y TICK ET. GO TO THE Old Reliable Meat Market CHOTEAU, MONTANA, For all kinds Fresh and Salt Meats, But­ ter nad Eggs. ECIAL PRICES TO RANCHERS and HOTEL-KEEPERS who buy in LARGE (¿UAX’I1TIES. Cash Paid for Reef Hides. GORHAM BROTHERS, Proprietor. For State Senator— MIGI-IAEL CONNELLY For Representative— JOHN E. WEBB. For Sheriff— GEO. C. TAYLO R For Treasurer— JOHN S. GORDON For County Clerk— ALFRED C. W ARN ER For County Attorney— JAMES SULGROVE For Assessor— THOS. O. LARSON For Supt of Schools— REBECCA ACTON For Surveyor— JOHN AY. SHIELDS For Coroner— DR. W. II. STEARNS. For Public Administrator— AY. H. FRANKLIN. Commissioners— ED. BOLLERUD. AYM. COAYG1LL. CARL J. BRAREN. For T O W N S H I P O F F ICE RS. / ¿ è t e r i H T t' Î ç i è l r .z r i •tS'fSisHLiCLi \’*«1^ « O '«SB*- W il) i b il/ il/ il/ il/ il) il) il) i I) il) il) vif. % WV (Ç> m m m m » m m ------------------------- w Paper Hanging & Frescoeing a Specialty /f> m SHOP OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE, CHOTEAU, MOU T. | F . C . B E G I K [ “THE OLD RELIABLE” P A I N T E R A I M D D E C O R A T O R HOUSE, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING Estimates on Contracts Cheerfully Given. ^ L , « - « 3 « « - * S . - c * V ä 7 r 'sm * '* * ' 0 * ' 0 * ' 0 * ' ß * ' t* * ' * 0 * C h o t e a u P a in t in g C o m p a n y . T. W. OLESON. W. N. RUSSELL.| ■ . . . . . . . . . . - — . . . . . * * « * s i * * * * « * * Painting a Specialty. * * - - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * * Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work» . . . . . . — i ■■■\■ * Office at the Choteau House. * * PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. Sign and Vehicle For Justices of the Peace— JOHN E. D b H AAS CHAS. PA R K E R . Extraordinary efforts will be made this year by most of tho residents of the Blackfeet Indian reaervution and by AV, K. Flowerreo, of Lowry, to defeat Thos. O. Larson, republican nominee for county assessor, and Georgo C. Taylor, the republican nominee for sheriff, but tho reasons for so doing are not such as should appeal to the better judgment of the voters of Toton counLy. During tho past year Mr. Larson, as assossor, has compelled some of the white resi­ dents of the reservation to pay eomo thing over $800 as taxes into the treasury of the county, on property that 1ms heretofore escaped taxation becauso previous assessors feared the “ reservation volo.” Mr. Larson figured that if these people bad a right to participate in effecting the officers and onjoy other privileges aB citizens of tho county, they should boar lomo of the burdens imposed upon all citizens. Howevor, these residents of that section of tho United Stales—(according to law it is no por­ tion of Toton countyj insist thoy have the right to dictate who shall bo our officials but strenuously object to pay­ ing their rightful eharo o f tho taxes of the county. The samo is true of Flowerreo. Mr. Larson has seen to1 it that tho Flowerreo companies have been made to pay a fair share of the » county’s expenses, and now Flowerree is out fighting Larson and declares that Larson will not get ono voto in his (the Flowerree) precinct. The same is also true o f George {X Taylor, the republican nominee for sheriff. Given papers to 6erve on residents of the reservation • he performed his duty without fear or favor and in so doing incurred the enmity cf those people who bolieve they have the right to representation in county affairs without taxation. Bill Flow­ erree is also “agin” the shoriff, for no hotter reason than that he and his various companies havo been unable to push the small stockmen out of tho country, that the “great and only” Montana Stock Association might have the ranges of northern Montana for their ownf\use. What do the voters of Toton couty think of this? AVill they allow the residents | l i t , C r is p , t e lla b le l o o f e e t 0 S e a n H o o e s t P r ic 8 s | • A r r iving daily and filling every depart- X s| t ■ ment to its utmost capacity. V ; ' Fancy kiJ.k& for dress trimming, Basket suitings.-Serges H and Fancy dress goods, Erminette, Albatros and Outing g H Flannels, Wool Eiderdown all colors, Table linens, Napkins, || ¡| Ladies capes, Jackets and Seperafe skirts, Childrens long || H coats and jackets, Childrens Furs, Fascinators, Wool || H Squares and Hoods. Large assortment of Ladies and § i Childrens underwear. ' m ^ 0 . JOS. HIOSHBERG & Gi » S Ä t S Choteau, Mont. m m . of the Blackfeet reservation—w’ho never pay any taxes into the county treasury unless compelled to—and Bill Flowerreo and his stock associa­ tion to dictate who shall or who shall not be our county officials? Wo hardly think so. Such competent and foarless officials as T. O. Larson and Georgo C. Taylor should aud no doubt will roceivo majorities in this year’s election. At the meeting of the republican county central committee .last Satur­ day eveuirg, W. H. Franklin, of the Burton bench, waB placed in nomina­ tion for tho office of public adminis trutor, and Dr. W. H. Stearns, of Dupuyer, for coroner. Tho vacancy caused by the resignation of Clarence J. Kinua, candidate for representa­ tive, was filled by tho selection of J. E. Webb, of Choteau, as his suc­ cessor. vVe boliovo the committee have acted wisely in making these selections and'added greatly to the Btrongth of the tieket. This is espec ¡ally true cf the selection of Mr. Webb. Ho has always boen a loyal republican, and has ever been free from the fuctioual fights that havo often proven •eo disastrous to the party in this county, Honorable and upright in his dealings with his fellow man, he will poll the full strength of his party, and make great inroads on the voto of tho almost unknown dem­ ocratic candidate. His election is practically assured and when he takes his seat in the next legislative assem bly, Toton couuty wij.1 have no cause to be ashamed of her representativo, Mr. Webb’s honor will not bo for salo. AV. A. Clark’s gold will uover tempt him to voto for this or that measure—as it has at least some legislators in years that are past and gone—Tiut not forgotten. Mrs. Nollio R. Brown, democratic candidate for suporintondentof public instruction, and at present a teacher in the Choteau public school, has boen denied a few davs vacation that she might do a little canvassing for herself prior to the coming election. This does not speak very well for a ropublieau board of trustees, who claim to bo gentlemen, to disallow this, or any other lady the priyilego of trying to better her condition in life, but it does show prejudice and weakness upon thoir part to even give this lady a show to become a competi­ tor in tho race, aud will s.orye to throw many republican vqtes in this estimable lady’s favor on November 4th.—Shelby Independent. All of which is one of those sneak­ ing, low lived, contemptible lies for which the Shelby Independent is fast becoming famous. Tho Choteau school board consists of Wm. Hodgs kiss and Chas. Crane, republicans and Dr. Thos. Br.ooks, democrat. Instead of refusing to allow Mrs. Brown a substitute the <uoard are unanimously in favor of nllowingher one—the only difference between them being that tho board reserve the right to hire ai substitute of their own selection—not ono chosen by Mis. Brown. ¡PATRONIZE HOM E IN D U S T R Y ! W1 ten looking for the Best, ask for G REENH OO D’S O V E R A L L S ! FOR SALE pv *nrifci JOS. HIRSHBERG &, CO. on official duty to perform. A man occupying his position must neces­ sarily make somo enemies, but look into the character of those who cry loudest against him and it will bo found that they are mostly enemies of law and order, and that in itself should be a recommendation for Mr Tavlor—tho republican nominee,.^ Tho great coal striko in Pennsyl­ vania has been ended—thanks to the intervention of President, Roosevelt. The members of tho committee on arbitration named by the president is as follows: Brig. Gen. John M. Wilson, E. AY. Parker of AVashing- ton, D. C., connected with the geo­ logical survey; Judge Geo. Gray of Deleware; E. E. Clark of Ceder Bap- idB, Iowa; Thomas H. Watkins of Scranton Pa.; Bishop John L. Spauld­ ing of Peoria, Ills, and Carrol D. Wright. Ole Waguild, of Farmington, who was the démocratie nominee for public administrator, has decided that a bird in the cage is worth two in the bush and has resigned from the ticket that he may hold tho posi­ tion of registry agent. Tho demo­ cratic committee will probably meet in a few days to fill the vacancy. S. H. Garvin, of Choteau, is mentioned as the probable victim. “ We hereby express our profound souse o f grief aud national affliction over the tragic death of our late be­ loved chief magistrate William Mc­ Kinley and ivo denounce in unmeas­ ured terms, anarchy in all its forms.” —Extract from the Teton county re« publican platform. Considerable campaign thunder was taken away from the democratic press of the country when it was learned that Mr. Baer—he of Reading railroad, Pennsylvania coal mine and “by divine right” fame, was not a re­ publican, but a Bryan democrat. Anarchy in all of its forms is de nounced by tho Teton county repub­ lican platform. Webster's dictionary defines auareby as follows: Absence of government; the state of socioty where there is no law or su­ preme power; a state of lawlessness; political confusion. The small stockman’s interests will be protected as long as Thos. O. Larson is the county assessor and George C. Taylor is the sheriff. Tho Montaua Stock (stealing) As sociation should never be given the privilege of naming the officers for Toton county, S t a n d a r Jizingr th e N a r r o w Q u a g e . W. A. Clark may be able to buy votes enough to elect Jere Leslie an associate justice of the supreme comt. Clark’s pilQ of boodle seems to be unlimited. But if Leslie is elected will Clark and the Amalgamated havo “inflooonce” enough with the judge to have AYellcomo re admitted as a member of the Montana bar? The G-eat Falls & Canada railroad will be formally turned over to the Great Northern system at midnight, October 31 uext, says the Great Falla Leader. Tho work of standardizing the road is not proceeding with the expei',iio.i expected. It has been hope i .o have tho trains running oyer tho new road by the first of next B U C K S FOR SALE. The undersigned offers for, sale 400 Yearling FRENCH MERINOS These bucks are. now located at Pondera Station and there can be seen at any time. Address Peter Eyraud, PONDERA, Montana. FOR SA L E. month, but that is impossible. Prac- Why of course. Leslie will not be un- tically all of the old grade has been grateful. There is no good reason why any respectable and honest citizen of Teton county should hesitate to vote for George C. Taylor for sheriff. His administration in tho office of sheriff! stands without a parallel. He has conducted the business intrusted to him vvithout fear or favor. In no in- staQce has politico influenced him from the path of duty. IJemocrats, populists, republicans and even In­ dians look alike to him when he has John Morgan Evans is not only a rebel and proud of it, but ho is an employer of Chinese labor. Tho union laborers of the state who have been fighting tho Chinese for years will undoubtedly give the guerilla chieftain’s namesake an opportunity to retire to the rear aud squat. The democrats of Teton county expect to elect only 'one or two of their candidates tbjs year. They can’t elect any of them, .however, if the republicans voto their ticket as they should. John A. Dillon, journalist and lead­ ing editorial writor on the New York Evening World, died Tuesdav, Qct. 15, at Chatwold, the summer home of Mr. Joseph Pqlitzer. widenod; but the new work, partic­ ularly the Pondera devision, will not be completed by November 25, but there may be other delays, so it may bosnfiffy perdictod that it will be Doc. 1 before the entire line is ready for the rails. And the laying of the rails is also pausing delay. Owing to the fact that rail manufactures are abqut eighteou mouths behind with orders, tho Great Northern decided to use old rails in standardizing this road. It is replacing C8 pound rails aloDg its main line with 80 pound steel and figured on using the - G8 pound rails for tbi3 line. But tho scarcity of men has put back tho changing from tho old to now rails on the main iiue, which has resulted in slow do-, livery of rails for th« Great Falls & Capaffa. 1280 acres of land with GO shares of, Eldorado water. Also 1G0 acres of land situated on the Muddy. J. E. W ebb . LO S T . $ 5 . 0 0 REW ARD. 'One buckskin horse branded ! on left shoulder, S5.00 reward will be given for his return to owner’s ranch. A. K . P rescott . NOTICE. Persons are hereby wurneu not to shoot or trespass on our premises. S ands C a t t l e & L and C o . FOR SA L E. A well improved ranch of 160 acres adjoining the Choteau townsite. Call on J. G. Bair. jytf. T O l e a s e . 320 acres good hay land fenced,' In Township 25, Range 6 West, at $125 for the winterr J. E. AV ebb ,’ A BARGAIN. I have a complete 12 foot bar outfit in good condition, for sale cheap. W m . H odoskiss . Choteau, Montr 1t’*' '* t ** ‘

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.