The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 24, 1902, Image 2

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F. D. KINGSBURY & CO., DUPUYER, MONTANA. 6 EN ER AL MERCHANDISE Tke loiitaÉi andChronicle. / [Consolidated June 21,1901.] Carry a Full Line of Goods in All Depart­ ments to supply the wants of stockmen and ranchers. BY C. E. TR E S C O T T . m m & Tho Tutou Chronicle and Tho Shelby Nows, Consolidated January 3,1901. DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, HARVESTERS, SADDLES. ” BOOTS, aud SHOES, CLOTHING, GORDON PI ATS, BLANKETS, QUILTS. Published ovory Friday at Chotoau, Teton County, Montana. Entered at tho postbellico at Chotoau, Mon­ tana, ns second class matter. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 24. 19U2. Also handle the Deering Mowers and Rakes and Winona Wagons and Buggies. I Call and See Them, Their Prices are Right and Terms Reasonable. gjyjCBg Subscription $2.00 per annum. Advertising rates on application. ILL ADVERTISING HILLS PAYABLE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH. REPUBLICAN TICKET. S T A T E TIC K E T . For Member of Congress— JOSEPH M. DIXON The Beaupre House For Associate Justice— NO MONEY IN POLITICS SAVE FOR THE FEW © © B U T I N OUR BARGAINS THERE IS M ONEY FOR YOD! m m % $ © DRY GOODS DEPiRTIfflT. WILLIAM L. HOLLOWAY C O U N T Y TIC K E T . C h o t e a n , M o n t a n a . UNDER N E W M A N A G EM EN T First class in every respect. Board by day or week at reasonable rates. H B E A U P R E P r o p r i e t o r . j GO TO THE í m m For Her. CHOTEAU, MONTANA, all kinds Fresh and Salt Meats, But­ ter nad Eggs. \1 1 riiK’KS TO ItAXCII HUS iml JIOTKIi-KKEJ’KliS who buy in LAIM.K (.H'A.VI 1T1KS. <’nsh i‘alil I'or Href Jllites. GORHAM BROTHERS, Proprietor. r u e : a p V ;]®j¡ kite 1 * ' J pii * 4 U .-C- -Ä •: ! Y a 'i • '■ Gl 'i Ç) •! ' V- A \ 3/- '• l! . t f ' ;> -• / - r'* r— -.O Foi- For Foi- For Foi- For Foi- For Foi- For Foi- For State Senator— MICHAEL CONNELLY © TÈI Representative— — JOHN E. WEB B. SheriiT— GEO. C. TAYLOR Treasurer— JOHN S. GORDON County Clerk— ALFRED C. WARNER County Attorney— JAMES SULGROVE Assessor— TIIOS. O LARSON Supt of Schools— REBECCA ACTON Surveyor— JOHN W. SHIELDS Coroner— DR. W. M. STEARNS. Public Administrator— W. U. FRANKLIN. C o m ni i s s i o n ers— ED. BOLLERUD. WM. COWGILL. CARL J. BRAREN. T O W N S H I P OFFICERS. For Justices of the Peace— JOHN E. D k HAAS CHAS. BARKER. As count]- commissioners, Messrs, Boilerud, Cow gill and Bruren will look after Ilio uffairs of ilio county in a businoss like tnanuor. Remember this when you are voting for commis­ sioners. P - - -*L.. ( j - - « v f c - : A ' - - • ' - '• V •-',v : .í . - e Lookout for campaign “ roorbacks'.” Our democratic friends are liablo to spring roine seusational stories when t is loo late to ciuntrudiot thorn, and as long us I-’erg’s paper is tho ollieial organ of tho Teton comity democracy there’s nothing too lotv and too un truthful for them to spring. j • <rz*- «J!#- ¿it- »»» fsx+r o va»- «a»- ¿ 3 *, I F . C . B F G O f 1 % “THE OLD RELIABLE” ¿f; \b P A I N T E R A N D D E C O R A T O R it) W it) HOUSE, SIGN and CA R R IA G E P A IN TIN G $ it) (I) Cstim.-itcs on C o n tracts C h e e r fully Given. fqy it ) It) it) Paper Hanging & FrescoeingaSpecialty it) W I SHOP OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE, CHOTEAU, BOUT. I J 9 f inirt ^ •***> -«a* **tt> \O o <•« v «V ï - * 0 -n» -« 5 » *aJ' U* '!**' '**'**' 02*' 0 **'f * ' t m * ‘ f t * f i * • p * * f i f * ' . f f ^ ’• «è left « I T. W . OLESON. W . N. RUSSELL.5 % ____________ ____________ ___ - % I O h o t e a u P a i n t i n g C o m p a n y . I I w I __ _________ g I PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. ¡ * ¡» * a * ä Sign and Vehicle Painting a Specialty.* 1 — ---------------- I 1 Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work | Office at the. Choteau House. James B. Kellogg returned the first of the week from u business trip to Chicago. Mr. Kellogg is the£*demo- cratic candid at o for county treasurer, but hus concluded there is no show for his election thisyear and has gone to his ranch uoar Elizabeth where ho will remain uulil aftor Nov. 4th. He will mako no canvass whatever. w w w w w ■ t f i / r w \¿¡J w This department is brim full of new fall goods of all kinds. Ladies and childrens lorig coats and jackets. A Big line of Ladies separate Skirts, Flannel Waists also the celebrated Dixie fleece lined and outing flannel wrappers. This is only a few of our many bargains. 20 pieces Light color Fancy outing flannel Special............................................5c per yd 25 pieces Light and Dark color outing flan­ nel. Special price......................74c per yd 10 pieces double fold Fancy dress goods Only..............................................25c per yd Onelotflcecelined Shirt Waists worth$1.25 and $1.50 while they last.....................85c Si Ono lot extru heavy cotton Vests and Pants worth 75c. Spcdial. . . . 50c per garmen t One lot of heavy Camels hair wool Vests and Pants. All sizes worth 75c. Only................................-.50cper garpnent Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Sweaters, etc. We will mention a few of our many bargains, 10 dozen wool over Shirts Special value ...................................... $1.50 One lot of medium weight Wool Sox Only.........................................................25c We also have two lines or mens Wool Under­ wear good weight and finish. Regular $2.50 value. Special .................. $2, per suit Ladies Writing Desks, Springs, Mattresses, etc. The grand opening of our Furniture Sal® will be celebrated with the selling strictly at cost of Eight Upholsterd Parlor Suits. m m m m m m HARDWARE DEPARTMENT ' GROCERY DEPARTMENT. In this department we carry only, the best Brands such as the Extra Standard Monarch, White Horse, Bayles Fancy Luneh Goods. All of these brands speak for them­ selves which means that the best is good enough. A full and complete line of Cereals always on hand— try a package of Force. Prepare for the cold weather that is sure to come. Buy the Stove that will save the fuel. Coles Hot Blast iu 6 different sizes. Wilson Airtight Stoves Model Steel Ranges Wickless Oil Stoves and Heaters Our stock of Granite and Tinware is now complete • You will miss it if you don’t look over our Bargains in lamps m w H S r w t A t H S r W O ù FDRNITDRE DEPARTMENT. SHOE DEPARTMENT. CLOTHING DEPATMENT. © m m m From head to foot we clothe the man, clothe him rightly, clothe him > cheaply. This Department is plum full of all kinds of bargains in Mens Suits and seperate Pants, Fur and Cloth Overcoats. Hats, We have just unloaded another carload of Furniture consisting of Parlor Suits, Bed­ room Suits, Extension Tables, Centre Tables, Dining room Chairs, Morris Chairs, Fancy Rockers, Sideboards, Chiffoniers, Iron Bed- » steads, Wooden and Iron Cribs, Bed-couches, Couches, Ward Robe Couches, Roll Top and The comfortable, Stable, wearable kind that is the kind of shoes we are selling We have new styles in Mens Shoes We have new styles in Ladies Shoes We have new styles in Childrens Shoes Our shoe stock was never more complete in every line. We guarantee goods and guarantee prices. M & 0 0 ., S S o t C h o t e a u . O u t a il h's W £/ i Ì I ' Republican campaign headquarters were opened this week in the room just north of the Choteau House. Republican success in Teton county is assured if the republicans do their full duty. If Feigbud a fow more subscribers in Tutou county it would bo worth Mike Connelly's while to pay him a few dollars to htno continued during the i ivnpmgn th>< dnmuablo and un­ truthful attacks upon his character that hate appeared in recent issues of the Shelby Iudopeudent. Un­ fortunately tho Independent has less than 200 bona fide subscribers and it uould bo a waste of money to pay him to work for or against any can­ didate on either ticket. Kenneth McKenzie, one of the old- tlino omployes of the F cattle com­ pany, and the republican candidate for sheriff four years ago, is in Cho­ toau to day and favored the Mon Laman aud Chronicle with a pleasant call. Mr. McKenzie informs us thtuj the item published in tho Shelby Independent soma two weeks ago that he was opposed to the election of George C. Taylor, as sheriff, is a lie made out of whole cloth. On the contrary, ho is heartily in favor of George Taylor, and not only iutends to voto for him but will leayo no stone PATR O N IZE HOM E INDUSTRY! W h e n looking for the Best, ask for i S G REENH OOD’S O V E R A L L S ! FOR SALE BY HIRSHBERG & CO. A. Story Of Success. unturned to roll up a substantial majority for him on Noy. 4th. FOR SALE. Mrs. Carrio Morton AIcKnight of Kulispell, formerly of tlys city, is yisiting frieuds here. Mrs. MoKuigbt iutoudj taking a trip to Paris, France, to visit her cou»in, the C ouu I gsb De PeiriGolrd. The countess is a daugh­ ter of ex-Vice President Morton. Mrs McKuight will be the guest of Miss Emma Devine, at her rooms in the Bach-Coroy block, during her stay in Greut Fulls.—Great Falls Tribune. It is reported from Dupuyor that Tim Conuor rofusos to accept the nomination for county commissioner recently tendered him by the demo­ crats. Our democratic friends seem to have considerable trouble in select­ ing victims to mako the race for this position. Wo would suggest to them that if tboy vote for tho three repub­ lican candidates for commissioners bjej’ will bo making no mistake. A well improved ranch of 1G0 acres adjoining the Choteau towneite. Call on J. G. Bair. wtf. L ost —Ono elk tooth cuff button, mounted in gold and engraved with initials of L. S. B. on tooth. Lost about ton dgys ago. Finder leave same at this office and receive reward W A N T E D . I want 3,000 sheep to winter or will rent a band for a year on a cash proposition. For further particulars address, Q n p A. A xnslet , 6 4 w. Coiling, Monf. Well, yes, candidates for office can get cards printed at this office od bhort notice. Gi*e us a trial. Dissolution of Partnership. Tho most successful and popular railroad in the Northwest is theFam ous North Western Line. The secret of their succes lies in the fact that they have always been pioneers in introducing improvements for tjie comfort and convenience of their pat- roD8, They were the first to operate dining cars,then vestibuled cars, then fully equpped Limited trains between tho Twin Cities and Chicago, and to­ day finds the North Western Limited the only perfect train in the world. For particulars address E A. Gray, £r. A. Helena, Mont, or T. W. Teas dale, G. P. A., St. Raul ¿finn. T aken U p —One gray stallion, branded combination yi-j on left high. For further particulars call at this office. F or R ent —T wo sheds. |Dach are capable of accommodating 8000sheep with from 100 to 150 tons of hay at sheds. ~ W alter C lark , Bynum. To whom it may concerns We, tho undersigned, the persons forming the recent co partnership of Morison & McLeod, hereby give notice that on the 13th day of Octo­ ber, 1902, wo sold our entire stock., of saloon goods and fixtures to William Krofft, and that the said co partner­ ship was on tli®' sjaid 1,8th day o f October, 1902, dissolved by mutual consent. M. M orison , STRAYED. One bluek.mare with white spot in forehead; weight about 1200 pounds and brnuded 77 on right thigh. A reward of $10.00 will be paid for re­ turn to E ybaod B ros ., Pondera, Mont. BUC H S NOTICE. i r I- persqps are bpfeby wurueci not to shoot or trespass op gur premises. S ands C attle & L and C o . L O S T . $ 5 . 0 0 REW ARD. FOR B A L E . One buckskin horse branded on left shoulder. $5.00 reward will be given for his return to owner’s -^he undersigoed offers for sule b -. . =?r iff t ■ .-rj -n -.. ff.-r - ranch. A. K- P rescott . A BARQAIN. 400 Yearling FRENCH MERINOS. I have a complete 12 foot bar outfit in good condition for sale cheap. j Thege' bucks are now located at . Pondera Station and there can bo 'I gepp at any time. Address S trayed —Gne grey more, ^r^nded J—L on left shoulder; weight about j 1300 pounds; also oue black mare branded teverse 4 on left shoulder circle II on left thigh; weight about 1200 pounds. A reward of $10 will be paid for information leading to their recovery. Cull at this office for address of owner. This is no bluff. All accounts due n , . r # me roust be paid ^t pnee or suit will * t s l t s i L y / a i J U f be started to collect the game, ff you M urdoch M o L eod , Dated, Chotoau.'Mont. New fall hats, po Ijyo plike, at Jos. Hirahberg & Co. - - Yoctr subscription to the Mon- %*. V- ** waot to sftye costs corpo !□ at onoe and pay up. W allace C owell , Bynum. TAK EN U P . One sorrel gelding, broke to saddle, about 12 year old, with Blaz® fac® and While legs. Branded on left tLigh - and on the ^ left shoulder, Cowper Ä n have s a p ^ y .(i*' prBving property* and , -- ' yt.lj H.'-CONLIM*,-; ^îSi-ÿ'djàSiS.Chotoeji^MoB^. PONDERA, M ontana. DR. J. B. MCCOLLUM Export Optician anil Ere Specialist, . Grati­ nato of Ilio Chicago Opthnimic College- Twenty-three years exparionca in ‘ refrac­ tion. 'Oillce at Residence; S09 „ Second, Avonuo, /South, - NMONXAXA^.&^ í í iàéi

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.