The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 24, 1902, Image 3

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“THE MINT 55 MILLER .& LONGMU1R, ; Proprietors. KENTUCKY WHISKY, CALIFORNIA WINES, DOMESTIC CIGARS. MONTANA BEER, ’Brewed from Montaña Barley. ^Corner Main and Conrad-Streets, Chotead, Montana. I PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES % I § Erult, Confectionery, cigars, Etc. - ------- 8 I I 0 I 8 M A New Une of STA TIONERY § 8 h JUST RECEIVED. 8 The G e m , MS. SB. DESKS, ProBTietor BREAD FOR SALE r c Firstolass Restaurant ..... Under.New Management. MEALS AT a l L HOURS. lecccccG cceccccscceoccceccceccG cccccccecceccceecceeec 0 9 3 0 9 3 9 3 9 9 3 3 3 3 0 3 3 3 3 0 9 3 0 3 9 3 0 3 9 3 - 9 0 3 3 3 9 3 0 9 9 3 9 9 0 5 0 3 0 9 0 0 9 9 T h e C o m o C o m p a n y ...... - Great Falls, Montana. We frame Pictures correctly and keep a complete stock of Artists’ sup­ plies and Pictures. We carry a full line of Window Glass, Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. Our stock of Wall Paper is unusually large and attractive. Send for Samples. The handsomest and best arranged store of the kind in Montana. Call & see it. eccocceecccooccoco©ecccccccc©cficcccçoccseseecc€ H. E. BÍ^OGM;iyífíN', D E A L E R UV G e i ^ e i a i l b $ . e ± t k ) & t ) d L i s G P O T V D E R A , m O T Y T A llfi. A First Class stock of goods of all kinds, constantly kept on hand. Courteous treatment to all our patrons, When our new store at the new town- site is fully completed, we will quote you prices that will surprise you. I. Grand mask ball to bo giyen un­ der the auspices of K. of P. on Thanksgiving evening. Remember we are head quarters for all kinds of underwear. Call and boo us at the Choteau Meicantile Co. LOCAL NEW S ** . D o n ’ t fail to registe-. , B ig reduction in gent’s clothing at the Choteau Mercantile Co. Mrs. T. A. Smith will have a new advertisement in this paper next week. Call and see the new waist patterns no two alike at the Choteau Mercnn tile Co. Born, on Oct. 1G, 1902, to the wife of W m . Zimmerman, o f the Dry Forks, a son. Walter Hanson, our new merchant tailor, was a business yisitor at Du puyer this week. H. E. Norman left for Helena last Sunday where he will visit with friends for a week or ten days. * Vote for C. J. Braren, E d Bollerud and Wm. Cow g ill—three business men, for county commissioners. Mrs. Devine, of Pondera, was transacting business at the couuty seat last Tuesday and Wednesday. George Adlum left here last Sun­ day fur Allyn, ou tho ceded strip, to ook after businof-s interests iu that section. Mrs. M .H . Titus was here Sunday on her way to Sheep creok whore she has been engaged to teaoh a four mouth’s term of school. Preaching at 10 30 a. m., and at 30 p. m., next Suuboy, by Rev. Buzzell, at the assembly ro o m 'd the scbool building. Sabbath school at 11.30 a. m Sheriff Taylor is out in tho north­ ern part of the county this week in­ terviewing the voters. His re elec­ tion is practically assured. Donald Bradford, of Helena, a member of the state board of irriga­ tion commissioners, is in town this week looking after business interests. C. H. Drake returned the first of the week from his trip to Chicago, where he went for the purposo of buying a stock of silverware, etc., for his drug store. John S. Gordon and T. O. Larson were in the vicinity of Collins this weok, looking over their prospects for re election, and, in the opinion of the manager of the Collins Mercantile Co.’s store, are Bure winners. W . D. Hagen was the democratic nominee for sheriff four years and remembers .the number of votes re­ ceived at the Flowerree precinct. Mr. Hagen and bis friends have a chance to even up on Mr. Flowerreo’s candi­ date this year. A private letter received from Jus. W. Blake, who is at a hospital in Chicago, contains the pleasing infor­ mation that the operation performed on him was very successful, and that he will return to Choteau in two or three weeks. 0. L . Cowell, of Missoula, has sold to Mitchell & Cowell, of this place, 3150 head of high-bred Merino ewes and wethers. Experienced sheepmou state that this is tho best herd of sheep ever brought to Teton county. The price paid for them has not been made public. G. M. Johnson, of Hogan, was in city yesterday to, see his sister, Mrs. Timothy Connor of Dupuyer, who is at the Columbus hospital. Mrs. Con- nor has undergone -an operation and is getting along nicely. It is ex pected that she will be ablo to return to her homo it teu days or two weeks —Tribune. J The Art Studio _ , Another shipment, of Framed Studies just received. Our price as usual is lower than: the lowest i J V From 55c and up. ./ ' M h s.JEk N / H A U G E N , ■ /;(&>ieau,„M ontana. ■ \ \ * ....... “ ..... ........... .. - - jfSÄ w Notice tho now “ a d ” of the Choteau Mercantile Co. U. G. Allen, customs inspector at Sweet Grass, is in town. W m . E. Joffroyjias been appointed as deputy sheriff at Cut Bank. 4. » '• ‘ V *- .- - ,-v ^4 ■ ' >-. • ;• ''v; 'i m i A L W A Y S S O M E T H IN G Tomorrow is the last day for regis­ tration. If you aros uot registered you can not vote. Orders taken for Ladies Tailor made suits, coats aud separate skirts at Jos. Hirshberg & Co. J. 0. MeCuaig, of Dupuyer, was a business visitor at the county seat a couple of days this week. Rev. Father Snell is in town, ou his way to Dupuyer, where he will probably permanently locate. A'dauco will be given at Che scbool bouse, in Bynum, tomorrow (Satur­ day) uiglit. Everybody invited. NEW AT OUR STORE! This time its prices on the latest up-to-date ready to wear apparels for Ladies, Gents and Children. 3SS33S25Û2C The Ladles Industrial Society will hold a business meeting at the homo of Mrs. Bair on Wednesday, October 29tb. All members roquosted to bo present. N otice — Huving sold my business at Bynum I desire to notify the pub­ lic that their accounts with me must be paid immediately. W allace C owell . The llyiDg U round up will start out tomorrow to gather,their cattle and put them iu tho large pasturo north of town. The outfit will be un­ der tho formanship of Jake Ralston The annual meeting of the grand lodgo, I. 0 . 0 F., nud.also of the Re bekahs, is being hold at Missoula this week. Choteau lodges aro being represented by Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Couuor. At a meeting of the stockholders of tho Eldorado Ditch Company hold in the court house at Great Falls on October 20th, the following persons were elected directors of said corpo­ ration, viz: Frank Truchot, W . W. Gamble, Ira Myers, Benjamin Bol- lorud and Cecil D. Yeager. The business end or place of business of he corporation was changed from Great Falls to Choteau. FOR SALE. 1280 acres of land with GO shares of Eldorado water. Also 1G0 acres of land situated on the Muddy. J. E. W ebb . Wm Krofft, who latoly purchased the sq I ood interests of Morisou and McLeod, desires us to announco that he has uothing to do relativo to the old accounts of his predecessors and kuows nothing about them wbatover. GEI YOUR EXPRESS Via Choteau & Great- Falls Stage, Daily, except Sunday. Bates reasonable. Passenger fare $3.50. T hos . A. S hith , Agent. J. M. W ilcox, of Shelby, tho demo­ cratic candidate for representative, is in town trying to get acquainted with soiqe of the ,'graugers!,, of the Burton bench—spokou of so con­ temptuously last weok by Mr. W .’e political manager, Ferguson of tho Shelby Independent. It is o f no use, Mr. W ilcox; Ferg has “ queered” you in that section^ , A d v e r t i s e d L e t t e r L ist. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffice qt Choteau, Mon tana, for weekending Oct. 20,1902. Whaley, Otis -'Sbellenbeager, Joe McPheoson, John A -* y Mormon, A G - Harris, Charlie Greeley,-Miss i\I Gerthe, Adolpli FairburD,' R o b ’ t—2 Burk, Qeq • ’ Persons,calling for the - above let- CONTEST NOTICE. DEPARTMENT OP TUB interior . IJuited States Land Office Great Falls, Mont., Ocl. 8, 1902. A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed in this office by Charles E. Trescott, contestant, against homestead entry No. 10827. made January 23,1900, for the lot 3, ne-1 sw4, sea 18, tp 21 north, rango4 west; ee-f not, ne4 sei, sec. 13, tp 21 north, range 5 west, by Louis Fischer contestée, iu which it is alleged that Lonis Fischer hos wholly abandoned sunl tract, that he has changed his resi­ dence therefrom for more than six months since making said entry ¡that said tract is not settled upon or cultivated by said party as required by law, and claimants absence therefrom was “ not due to em­ ployment in the military or naval service of the United States m time of war. Said parties are hereby notified fohpponr, respond and offer evidence touching sai ‘ Ladies Monte Carlo Coats $20.00 and up. Ladies Tailor Made suits $ 12.00 and up. Ladies Dress Skirts $1.75 and up. Ladies Eiderdown dressing sacques $1.00 and up. Ladies Fleeced Wrappers $1.00 and up. Misses Monte Carlo coats $7.50 and up. Childrens Wool dresses $1.50. and up. Childrens Jackets $1.50 and up. Boys Gray and Brown mixed suits $2.50 and up. Boys all wool long pants suits $3.50 and up. Gents gray business suits $ 1 2 .00 and up. Gents blue serge heavy weight suits $15 00 and up. Gents up-to-date cloth overcoats $10.00 and up. Gents Fur Coats $18.00 and up. FOLLOW TH E CROW D TO T H E \-“\^ L E A D E R S IN LOW PRICES. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Uuitod States Land Office, Great Falls, Mout., Oct. 13, 1002. Notico is hereby given that, tho follow­ ing named settler lias filed notice of bis intention to make final proof iu support of his claim, and that said proof will lie Desert Lui l Fi oo :--K c L cö For alien- Land Office at Gieut Fulls,Mont., ) September 19,1902. ( Notice is hereby given that Elizabeth Kiunu of Lowrv, Montana, lias filed ll~tjjJuw3!3Zizmua'3U3aQuuaaaQf2 1 B □ U □ □ B HI IIIO UIUIUI) IIUI« UMti I '» '«» ’ « *»••• I I » • made before A. C. Warner, U. S. Oom’r ! <lf i«t.*i,iu.n Jo make proof on he ___ . . ' . n.v . . . . . . ! 11 /joi.i-r . b m . i X ., J 1 f-,.M I , .4 ’ ( >W. ut Choteau, Mont., on Noveinber22, 1902, viz SEVERI’ J. OTNESS desert-laud claim No. 733], for lot 3, ne uw4, sel, sec 31, h‘2 KW-I, sec 32, township 21 north, range 3 west befort for HE No. 8G9C, for lots 3 and -I, s2 nwl ¡ Rt ¡.»tâter and Receiver, U. >S. hand Office nw-1 8W-1, tec. «5, tp 2-i north, range 4 west j attirent Fulls, Montana, on Thursday, Ho names the following witnesses to proxo his continuous residence upon und cultivation of said land, viz: Lars L.Napset, 11«)vor A. Holm, Hen Bollerud Nils M. Johnson, nil of Farm­ ington, Mont. J. M. DuitMNOAMB, Registe:. First pub Oet. 17. DESERT LAND, FINAL PROOF.- N otice ron P ublication . United States Land Otficc, — Great Fulls, Mont., Oct. 13,1902. Notice is hereby given thnt Owen Crossen of Black Earth, Wis­ consin, has filed notico of intention to mako proof on his desert-laud claim No. G917, for the sw-i, sec. 31. tp 23 north, rnngo 4 west, before A. 0. Warner, U. S, Coin’r nt Choteau, Montana, ou Monday, tho 24th day of Noverubor, 1902. Ho names tho following witnesses to prove tho complete irrigation nnd recla­ mation of said land: William H. Cnuliffc, William Hodgs- kiss, Charles Krofft, Hoburt Fairburo, all of Choteau, Montana. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First publication Oct. 17. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Land Office, ) Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 2, 1902. j Notico is hereby given that the follow- ing-numed settler has filed notico of Li» intention to make finul yroof m support of his claim, and that stud proof will he mado before A. 0. Warner, U. H. Oom’r at Cliotean Montana, on Nov. 15, 1902 viz: Conrad McNeil, who made n E No, 7J80 for the nw4, section 24, township 20 north, range 8 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuons residence upon and cultivation of saidlnnd, viz: Ileniy E. Belcher, James L. Collins of Raymond, Mont., John S. Gordou, Alexander O. Lougmuirof Choteau, Mont. tho 30th day of October, 1002. Slio naiitea tho following witnesses to prove tl.o complete irrigation aud recla­ mation of said land: NEW MEAT rlM ARKETl ’ T g SWEATER & MORE, tapi Clarence J. Kinna, James Rowe, Kichurd Short ridge of Lowery, Mont. Vincent Fortune of Grent Falls. Mout. J. M. B urungami :, Register. Find pub Sept. 20. TiraberCulturúFinal Prool Notice lor Publication United .Stabs Lund Office, Great Falls, Moni., (Jet. J-f, 1902. Notice is beret,y given that Jemes W. Armstrong lias lie it notice of intention to make final proof before A. C. Warner, U. >S. Com’r at lus office in Choteau, Mont., on Saturday, the 29th day of November, 1992, on timber culture appli­ cation No. 2399, for the «2 kc -1, of sec. H, tp 23 north, range 5 west. Ilo name:; a « witnesses: Charles M. Blncknuui, Frank P. Mc­ Dermott, Henry Bnnupro, Julian F. Burn, all of Chotean, Mont. J. M. B lulinuaiiu , Register. First pub Oct 17. lluviug openod to tho public a now moat market in the old Truchot building we shall oudeayor to keep on hand a full supply of frosh meats of all kinds. Courteous treat­ ment to all customers. a D B □ B B B B B D B B B B B B B B B B B DESERT LAND, FINAL PRO O F .- N otice F or P ublication . J ames M. B urlingame , Register. First publication Oct. 10. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. U. 8. Land Office, Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 2, 1802. Notico is hereby given that the follow­ ing-named settler has filed notice of his . , intention to mako final proof iu support j | of bis claim, and that sa(d proof will be ; made before \Y. Mathews U S. com- United States Land Office, Great Fails, Mout., Oct. 13,1902. Notiea is hereby given thnt Louise Nässet of Faitumgton, Mont nun, lias filed no-icr* or intention to make proof on her i I hj .- i t-Iand claim No. -1503, for the sw4, sec. 22, tp 25 north, range 5 west, before A. <J. Warner. U. S. Com’r at Choteau. Mont., on Saturday, the 22ud day of November, 1992. Also Lars L. Nansct, of Farmington, Mont., Inis filed notice of intention to make proof on bis desert-laud claim No. 4 tCG, for tJin sei, eoc. 22, tp 25 north, range 5 west. They name the following witnesses to prove their complete irrigation uud recla­ mation of said land. Severt J. Syse, Si-vert Otness, Frank F. Ditneke, Lau ns J. Otness, all of Furmington, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pub Oct 17. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. A GIVE US A TRIAL g B Remember the place g n T R U C /IO T B U I L D IN G , ' | B e B a nnnnn c,r.nnnaEDRt 3 cbededb Ou Lower Main Street. X a \ HOTEL MORTON 1 a DUl’UYER, MONT. § WM. D. HAGJ3X,’ Proprietor. 1 í First Class io Every Respect § <5 n The best of service^ qand accommodation! ■ ri FT ^to travelers. I will also run in connection with my hotel a first class sample room where a choice Jiuo of wines, liquors and cigars will always be kept on band. When in town drop in at tho 3 “ KLONDIKE.3 ET B H e u u B B B B B B B. B B E a a a B B B i B E B ' B. B. - a/tncccEcncEEiniEnEEnncnnBEEB NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United Btntes Land Office / Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 2, 1902 J Notico is hereby given that the follow­ ing named settler lias filed notice of his allegation at 10 o’clock a. m.on Nov.’ 17th. m?(le Deiwo w, maims»» ^ . ............ .. ........ 1902 before E. C. Garrett, U. S. Com’r nt ?1F’ mCliotean, Mont., on Nov. 15,1 intention to make final proof iu support his office at Choteau Montuna and that , ' r ’ ? 1Z:, , , TI„ . | ‘ 1 hia claim, uud that said proof will be final hearing will lie hold at 10 o’clock a. • Jackson, who made HE No. 11157 * ■ ~ — - ~ \ i--'. - . . . . for tho ne4 se4. section 6. nwl aw4, sw4 111 1J? IIU1U lib IU O CIOCK a, • e M t t *• f i 4 i m. on >Jov. 27,1902. before the Register. for, tho ,ne/ Bec,fl?n H' T-4’ and Receiver nt the United States Land u'T4-tau(i L o t4, ^ t i o a 5 township 27 Office id Great Falls, Montana. V’ I uortb’ rnUK° 1 ensL The said contestant hitvini»,in a proper He names the following witnesses to nffidavit, G^ecl Aiuruet Jlthf:10C(2,8et forth 1 prove bis continuous residence upon and fnpta which shows i hat'after doe diligence ‘ cultivation of said land, viz: personal servico of tbisoaotice can not bo | William Bevan, Barney Mathews, made, it is hereby ordored^and directed-Charles MacDonald, Earnest Bondurant, thatsuoh not.cebo givenjby d n o a n d all 0f Pondera, Mont, proper pnfahcation. ? % $ & * £ > •- | ” I - J. M. B urlinoame , Register. made before A C. Warner, U, S. com- miesiotior, ut Chotean, Mont., on Nov. 15, 1902 , viz: Neis M. Johnson, who made HE No. 8713 for tho ae4, section 32, town­ ship 25 north, range 4 wett. Ho names tho following witnesses to prove bis continuons residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: , ' John A. Carlson, Frank E.' GnrlsoD^, Nila; J ameu J, *.U, ÿirsi'pu^ôoy.nôy: m Land Office at Great Falls, Mont. A Sept. 23, 1902. \ Notico is hereby given tbat the follow­ ing named settlor has filed notice of his. intention to mako final proof in support of his claim, nnd thnt said proof will bo£ before E. O. Garrett, U.‘ S. commissioner,, \:;- at Choteau, Mont., on Nov. lBt,1902,'viz: J EdwardBollrnd, who made H E No. 8753- ' j ç for the nw-i, section 35, township 25 nortlxv.''W range 4 west., -- -.Xt-. 2 f.à^ A Ho names the .foUowing/ twitnoeBCS;t(i%|J ■nvA hi« pniiHnnnna i-noirlim««■ « « « /.3op(^'FetOT^pX'SilÁs^úwa^rJc¿!oÓ¿i^^ iogtoDitMontaïïa;-^^^^?®;!» '

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.