The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 31, 1902, Image 1

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'•I:''* - f ' ^ Ç X \ ¥ - '^V'>£\S** ;*-^-i-<.; *p v , ... - , ;*;j ; ' . ;.r^--v;.^...-’ .cc-'v;--'- .••„/ / . '\••; \ ;~ = ^ y . \ _■-\: -■ ' V* >. ’ ■• ^ ' p / r s” ,.t*ro / - - o » :. >■-:••- .:^ ; t*;.4 C 1 & The Montanian, Vol. XIII, No 26. CHOTEAU,; TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. OCTOBER 31, 1902. Teton Chroniole, Vol. VI, Ko. 13. J. E. ERICKSON, - Attorney-at-La\v, Notary Public, CHOTEAU, . - MONTANA. J G. BAI R, Attorney-ât~ Law, t v CHOTEAU, MONTANA. JAMES SULGROVE, Attorni t í Counselor at La®, . Netary Public. CHOTEAU, Court House. MONTANA. T. BROOKS, Physician & Surgeon. Successor to Wamsley & Brooks. O0*oe Next to Court H oubb . F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon Office in Jackion Build inf?. Next to Telephone Office. CHOTEAU, - - MONTANA. WARNER, U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT. Land filings and proofs. y j y ALTER MATHEWS, U. S. COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone No. 27. CHOTEAU, MONTANA. _ 01 af G. Fjeld. Land, Reservoir and Ditch Sur­ veying a specialty, SH E L B Y . - - MONT. Dr. EARLE STRAIN, OCULIST anU AUEIST, 317 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, MONT. Office Hours: 1 p. m. to 1 p. m .' J. W . SHIELDS, 0. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying. Full List of Vaeant School Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAU, JIONT. CHEVALIER LODGE NO. 12, K . o f 1 = Meets Every Thursday Evening. Visiting Brothren Cordially Invited to Attend. L iokaxd J. L ownds . C. C. \ D e . T. B uooks , K. of R & S. Choteau Laundry Best Work in the State on White SiirL. and Collars. Prices Reasonable. J. H. Perman.Agi C. P. Crane, Manager. Telephone 12. Choteau, Mout. H. BEAUPRE, d e n t i s t Teeth Extracted With- All work Guaranteed. out Pain. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. B U C H S FOR SALE. The undersigned has for sale Two Hundred and Fifty head of yearling and two-year old French. Merinos. Tie: : e T h a n k s g iving Proclam a tion. COLLINS, MONT. THE STORE O f LOW PRICES We will move into our new store buildiDg in about 30 or 40 days, in the now townsite of Collins, with new goods and now prices. Watch our ads. Some exceptional values at low prices Men’s fancy wool suits of under­ wear heavy fleece lined $2.90 good value at $3 50 Men’s glove fitting ribbed wool underwear for $>2.65, an exceptional- value at $3.25. Also heavy under­ wear at $2.00 Heavy wool sox from 25c up Lined gloves & mittens from 65c up Men’s, ladies’ and children’s heavy and fine shoes at low price. — Groceries—Specials Nov. 7-8: 24 bars of soap for S1.00.J Cream of Wheat, 15c per package. Macaroni, 10c por package. 25 oz. of baking powder for 25c. A share of your patronage is solicited. A. S. TRUSCOTT, Manager. The i Esliese J. M. LAÏÏGHLIN, Proprietor. DUPUYER, MONT. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, i Builders Hardware, y Building P a p e r , Mouldings, ' Sash, Doors, Etc. These Bucks are the best ahe&Ters in Teton county. An inspection by intending purchasers is solicited, prices reasonable. J. B. ESCALLIER .... • SHELBY, MONT. Great Falls Mont. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. O. B your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, . Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BEN. FEIST, -:OF:- COLLINS, MONTANA, Handle The BEST BRANDS Of =MjWiNES, LIQUORS AndtT- ^CIGARS. This Firm Also Runs A ~:FEED STABLE:- At Collins W ith A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That They W ill Be Given The Best Of Care. THE CASCADE BANK o f G r e a t F a lls, M o n t. flncorporatcd under tbe laws of Montan» April 5,1 Capital - - $ 7 5 ,0 0 0 . Surplus - - - 15,000. &. E. Atkinson President, Jacob Switzer \Vice-President F. P. Atkinson Cashier, W. W. Miller Assistan Cashier. directors : t 8. E. Atkinson, F. P. Atkinson, Petpr Larson John J. Ellis, Jacob Switzer, W. W. Miller Washington, Oct. 29.—President Roosevelt today issued his procla­ mation designating Thursday, Nov. 27, as a day of thanksgiving. The proclamation is as follows: “ According to the yearly custom of our people, it falls upon the president at this season of the year to appoint a day of featival.and thanksgiving to God. Over a century and a quarter has passed since this country took its place among the nations of the earth, and during that time we have had on the whole more to be thankful for •»w. than has fallen to the lot of any other people. Generation after generation has grown to manhood and passed away. Each has had to bear its peculiar burdens, each to face its special crisis and oach has known years of grim trial, when the country was menaeed by malice, domestic or foreign, when the hand of tho Lord was heavily upon it in drouth or flood or pestilence, when in bodily distress and anguish of soul it paid the penalty of folly and a froward heart. Nevertheless, decade by de­ cade, we have struggled onward and upward. We now abundantly enjoy material wellbeing, and under the favor of the Most High we are striv­ ing earnestly to achieve moral and spiritual uplifting. This year that haa just closed haB been one of peace and of overflowing plenty. Rarely has any people enjoyed greater pros­ perity than-we are now enjoying. For this we render heartfelt and solemn thanks to the giver of good and we seek to praise him not by words only, but by deeds, by the way in which we do our duty to ourselves and to eur fellowmen. “ Now, therefore, I, Theodore Roosevelt, President of tho United States, do hereby designate as a day of general thanksgiving, Thursday, the 27th of the coming November, and do recommend that throughout the land the people cease from their ordinary occupations and in their several homes and places of worship render thanks unto Almighty God for the manifold blessings of the past year. “In witness whereof I have here­ unto set my hand and caused tho seal of the United Statoa to be affixed. “ Done at the city of Washington, the 29th day of October, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and two, and of the independence of the United States the oue hundred and twenty seventh. “ T herdore R oosevelt . By the president, “J ohn H ay , Secretary of State. A weU improved ranch of 160 acres adjoining the Choteau townsite. Call on J. G. Bair. wtf. W ants A D ivorce. A general basking business transacted. la­ uerest allowed on time deposits. . .. “ ' ’ ' - FOR SALE. Citing certain occasions of cruelty, Mrs. Parry alleges that during the month of February, 1902, when tbe thermometer was hovering about tho point of zero, ho drove her and her child out of tho house and refusod to allow them to return for a long time, la July, 1901. while residing at Pon­ dera, she alleges that ho Peat her and bruised her bauds causing great pain. Oa Labor day, of tbo present year, sho complains that her husband came home in a beastly state of intoxica­ tion, and in the middle of the night boat and bruised her, and caused such commotion by yelling that he terrorized her by loud and abusiye languogo, calling her vile names and applyiug such epithets to her that tho whole neighborhood was aroused. Mrs. Parry further allegos that her husband is brutal iu his instincts, and an untit person, by reason thereof and his, to have tho cure and custody of jtheir daughter. Tho complaint calls tho attention of tho court to tho fact that the de­ fendant earus $3 per day when ho works, and that he is able to earn that amount every day, wore it not for his intomperato habits. Tho plaintiff asks for $50 por month ali­ mony, $100 for attorney fees, and the custody of her daughter.—Tribune. SCHOOL REPORT. WANTED. I want 3,000 sheep to winter or will rent a baud for a year on a cash proposition. For further particulars address, O rd A. A ynsley , 6 4w. 1 Collins, Mont. Available f o r Irrigation W o rks. On account of ¡«temperance, fail- uie to provide and gross cruelty on on the part of her husband, Susan A Parry has commenced an action for divorce from Thomas A, Parry. In har complaint Mrs. Parry sets forth that on April 8, 1891, she was united in matrimony to the man who is now her husband, and that as tho issue o f tho marriage there is now one child, Sadie, who is now ten years of age. ' The complaint alleges that for tbe past year her husband has been a confirmed and habitual drunkard, working only part of tho time, and spending a large part of his earnings for liquor, and that for his inordinate love for intoxicants, has not, for more than 12 months, contributed to the upport of the plaintiff and her child, and that during that time he has not furnished her with more than a very small portion o f the things absolutely necessary to her existence. Mrs. parry ayers that for five years her husband has been guilty of ex­ treme cyqelty toward her, and the on aeyeral oocasiona he has beaten, bruised and choked her, and called her all kinds of vile names; that be has wrongfully aceused her of all kinds of crimes, and has caused her gresit physical and mental anguish. E. A. Nixon, who has been iu charge of one of tho parties of the United States geological survey that bus been working in Choteau county, along the lino of tho proposed St. Mary’s canal, is in the city. He states that the survey work j : use reason iu prac­ tically completed. Tho field notes and reports of tho sevoral crops will bo sent to Washington and during the wiutor thoy will bo compiled and it will be determined by tho depart mont whether or not tho proposed construction of tho canal is fonuible. Mr. Nixon says ho is satisfied that the decision will bo favorable to con struction. While the route may ¡vary slightly from tho originally suryoyed, yot it has been found that tbe canal may bo built at less than tho orig­ inally estimated oxpense, and tho sur voys have shown tho practicability of construction of a splendid storage system. Mr. Nixon is in receipt of a report from the commissioners of tho gon- oral land office, showing that, for tho last ficial year, the receipts from tbo disposition of public lands in the states in which irrigation works are to be constructed had increased so greatly that the fund for irrigation purposes amounted, at the end of tho fiscal year, to $9,500,000. Tho com miesioner estimates that the funds will amount to $15,000,000 by next July, and that it will bo nearly §20,- 000,000 before the construction of any canals is ordered.—Tribune. Report of the Choteau public school for tho month ending Oct. 24,1902: GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT. Number pupils enrolled .................. 24 Average daily attendance ................ 97 Number days absence ......... .. ........ 13J Number times tardy ........................... 2 The following pupils wore neither absent nor tardy during tho month: Grace Kennedy, Mattie Taylor, Mabel Cowell, CttUicnuetteTruchot Frances Yule, Mariou Yulo, Louise Trucbot, Phoebe Burd, Gertrude Trescott.Ada Wilcox, Eddio Hodgskiss, Warren Foster, Asa Armstrong, Neely Armstrong. INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT. ■* Number pupils onrollcd..................30 Avorago daily attendance ................ 29 Number days absoneo......................15 Number tirnos tardy............................1 Tho following pupils wore neither absent nor tardy during tho mouth: Johuio Truchot, Dora Adlam, Richurd Treseott, Irene Graves, Mary Foster, Louiso Taylor, Ora Armstrong, Esther Buzzoll, Roy Corson, Ruth Buzzoll, Willie Hodgskiss, Lisotte Truchot, Aldeu Couuor, Jeuuio Emerson, Vivian Connor, Auua Galbrealh, GlennCheuow'oth LeslicSehertnerboru PRIMARY DEPARTMENT. Number pupils enrolled .................. 43 Average daily attendance ................ 95 Numbor days absoueo ..................... 46 Number times tardy .............. ...1 3 The following pupils wore neither absent nor tardy during tho month: Clara Corson, Jesso Fostor, Lewis Goodrich, Ruby Hodgskiss, Joy Graves, Emma Potch, Leonard Acfoti, Eddio Corson, Victor Steele, Sallio Gravos, Georgo Adlam, Lila Armstrong, Lydia Emerson, Frank Petek. A BARGAIN. I hnvo a comploto 12 foot bar outfit iD good condition for sale cheap, W m . H o d g s k i s s . Chotoau, Mont. Teton County Registration. Tho following aro tho uiimbor of votes registered in the various pro cincts of Teton county for tho yoar 1902: Choteau.........................* .............. 272 Lako Basin .................................... 15 Farmington .................................. 66 Dupuyor........................................ 212 Bynum............................................ 71 Birch Creek .................................. 150 Beiloview...................................... North Fork .................................... Low ry............................................ 50 Collins............................................ 20 Pondera.......................................... 90 Sholby............................................ 225 Sweet Grass .................................. ],3 Raym o n d ....... . ............................ 65 St. Mary’s ...................................... Cut B a n k ...................................... 93 LOST. $ 5 . 0 0 REWARD. One buckskin horse branded on left shoulder. $5.00 roward will bo given for his return to ownor’s ranch. A. K. P rescott . The King Of Brilliants. Tbo largest diamond iu tho world is the Braganza, being part of the Portuguese jowels. It weighs 1,8S0 carats. Even as this jewel oxcels all others in clearness, weight and bril­ liancy, so also does the celebrated North Western Limited of the North Western Line eclipse all other trams in construction, beautv of finish and brilliancy in illumination. Thisspleu- did train ruus overy night between Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago. For information about Comfortable Traveling address E. A. Gray, G. A. Helena, Mont, or T. W. Toasdalo, G. P. A., St. Paul Minn. A d v e rtised Letter List. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffice at Choteau, Mon­ tana, for week ending Oct. 20,1902. Bjornstad, Julius B Denny, Geo Mackie, Alic Persons calling for the shove let­ ters will say “ advertised.” C.vH. D rake , P.M. •w, ‘ÌL , rÎiû^Vï- Total In tho fall tho groaning husbuud eats hii victuals in the barn, for his wife mubtrlean the mansiou, and sho doesn’t cure a darn;aud tho yard is full of sheets aDd he has to lire on sauerkraut, cistern water and sliced beets. Oh! a woman’s in her glory whon sho tears things all apart, piling chairs and beds and pillows in a w-ay to, broak your heart. And at night the groaning husdand has to sleep upon a porch, and he fec^sso clean disgusted that he can’t enjoy his torch. When the blamed old clean­ ing’s over then the wife is taken ill, abd it keeps the husbaud buetod buy­ ing dope and drug and pill and the mansion is no cleaner than it was when she began, but she’d slay him if he said so—and he is a prudon man. Hirsh berg Brothers Bankers, Choteau, Montana. We solicit accounts and offer to the public the most liberal treat- meat consistent with safe banking. Club Cafe OLIVER HEAD, Prop. exchange on We buy and sell all the. principal American and European cities, nnd issue letters of credit. THOMPSON & FERRIS, LETHBRIDGE COAL Leavo ordern at telephone office. Hollo, No. 42. NEW RESTAURANT The best of service and accom­ modations to be had In the city. Everything First Class and fai accordance with the market. CO. 0 3 - GREAT FALLS, MONT. (Unincorporated.) Paid up capitul .................. $ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2,000,000 W. G. CONRAD, Pros. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vico Pros, and Manngor. P. KELLY, Cashier. This bank solicits accouuts, and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and caroful attention, and (ho most liberal treatment consistent with safe and profitable banking. Buys and sells foreign exchange, drawing direct ou ull principal Amer­ ican nnd European cities, aud issues its own Letters of Credit. Iutorest paid on time deposits. Tho highest cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city and school bonds and warrants Charles Jackson, ■ Guide & Packer, For Sun River Springs Country and Vicinity. Will Meet Parties at any Point Designated by Them. Postofficc Address Elizabeth. Mont, The Teton Exchange Choteau, Mont. This is the finest ap­ pointed suloon in north­ ern Montana. We have on hand the. finest brands o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars, The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On tap and in bottles. For Mect-Iittlsi masses ani ARTIFICIAL EYES Consult PROF. J. GOLDSTEIN, In Speciali«, 213 1-2 CM NT RAL AVENUE, GREAT FALLS. ‘ MONTANA, A N D Livery Feed liable Having purchased tho stock and business of H. I*’. Bailey, I nm prepared to furnish Livory Rigs and Turn­ outs for patrons. Also to caro for nnd feed yonr team when yon are in Town. This is no bluff. All accounts duo me must be paid at onco or suit will be started to collect the same. If you want to save costs come in at once and pay up. W allace C owell , Bynum. stallion left T aken . 4 \■ - - U p —One grey branded combination yj-I on high. For further particulars at this office.______________ Pay your subscription I DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. aloon Will. KK0FET, Prop. Finest Line of WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS, In Teton County. (f IÍ ih Corner o f Choteau Aveuue and Hamilton Street. I have Bided flay aud Grain for sale and will be pleased to supply all wants in that line. Gall and see me. O. E. PUGSLEY. w E . E Give Us a Call When In Choteau. REPRESENTING THE CHICAGO TAILORING COMPANY. Has the largest line of Fall and Winter samples ever brought into the state. The Prices are Moderate and a perfect fit is absolutely guaranteed. Have a fine line of samples for Ladies suits) Rainy day skirts. Hold your orders until you see them., -

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 31 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.