The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, October 31, 1902, Image 3

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,\ ■*Î-'VC'V “ •Vi .v'V '• - - y » r jv-XL í i THE .'-'MINT 55 <$©$> MILLER & LONGMUIR, Proprietors. KENTUCKY WHISKY, CALIFORNIA WINES, DOMESTIC CIGARS. MONTANA BEER, Brewed from Montana B a r l e y . Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana. I THE CiTY DRUG f| C. H. DRAKE, Proprietor Ì I PURE I DRUGS and \ I I Fruit, Confectionery ; New Line cigars, Etc. - ------ JUST RECEIVED The ■? o IBS. ID. DENNIS, Proprietor BREAD FOR SALE & © Firstclass Restaurant ..... Under New Management. G e m M E A L S AT ALL HOURS. Cnicie U npseil. SecoceccoeoccEceccccecceeccsecccccceccecceeceeeeocee 1 00'333>30333Sr32-.i3ir33CS::-3'3í3'^3003<233'33í>333’0 3 0 3 ® <3®S®3®3í The Como Company ... Great Falls, Montana. We frame Pictures correctly and keep a complete stock of Artists’ sup­ plies and Pictures. We carry a full line of Window Glass, Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. Our stock of Wall Paper is unusually large and attractive. Send for Samples. The handsomest and best arranged store of the kind in Montana. Call &see it. e c c c c c c c c c c c e c i .c c c c c c c s c c G c s r 'C c c c c e e i& s c e f c c s e e o o o a c M. 'E t , b i ^ o g k ; w i *> D E A L E R m G r 0 l ) 0 í FOTiDER/r, momyrnfi. A First Class stock of goods of all kinds constantly kept on hand, treatment to all our patrons. Courteous When our new store at the new town- site is fully completed, we will quote you prices that will surprise you. LOCAL NEWS ' Big reduction in gent’s clothing at the Choteau Mercantile Co. - Grand mask ball to be giyon un­ der the auspices of K. of F. on Thanksgiving evening. - J. W. Quail, of Dupuyer, was a business visitor at Choteau a couple of days this week. Alex. Yule, the Dupuyer creek saw mill man, was a business visitor at the county seat Wednesday and Thursday. A license to wed has been granted to John Prescott Carberry, the post­ master at Browning, and Margaret Belle Hauk. James McDevitt, the old time dem­ ocratic war-horse, from Shelby, is in town \making medicine” with local democratic leaders. Look over the Collins Mercantile company’s advertisement on the firet page. They are offering some exceptional bargains. N otice — Haring sold my business at Bynum I desire to notify the pub lie that their accounts with me must be paid immediately. W allace C owell . Miss Talma Kufus, of Farmington, has gone te Janesville, Wis., to study elocution and vocal and instrumental music under the best Boston and Leipsic graduates. Mrs. Burton and her daughter, Mrs. Mitchell, haye rented a house in Great Falls, and expect to leave here about the first of next week to make that city their home. New fall hats, no two alike, at Jos. Hirshberg & Co. Your subscription to the Mon­ tanino and Chronicle is past due. Mrs. H. L. Halliday is in Chicago this week on a pleasure and business trip. She is accompanied by Miss Carrie Collins, who has been visiting friends in the east for several weeks. Sterling and Mrs. McDonald re­ turned last Saturday from Washing ton, D. C., where they went to attend the G . A. R. encampment. They re poit having had a very pleasant time. F ob S a l e — Laundry, house and two lots in Choteau. Doing a good paying business. A bagrain for the right party. Will bo sold Gheap for cash, or will trade for live stock. Address, C. P. Crain, Choteau. John Hobbins returned from Great Falls on Wednesday’s coach. Mr. Hobbins informs us that be has turned philanthropist and in the future will devote his entire time in acting as banker for handsome widows—grass and otherwise. Chas. Parker, a well known resi­ dent of Choteau, and one of the justices of the peace for this town­ ship, has accepted a position as tele graph operator with the Great North­ ern railway, and for the present will be located at Basin. As soon as the narrow gauge is widened out ho ex pacts to bs transferred to Stoell. At a mooting of the county com missioners, held yesterday, Bitting as a board of health, it was decided that at this time at least it would be unnecessary to quarantine the Black feet reservation. The Agency phy­ sician reports that there are but few cases of small pox on the reserve, that the patientB are isolated, ‘and the disease is of a mild type. Hon. W . D. Jones is in from his ranch near Dupuyer today, laying in supplies. Call and seethe now waist patterns; no two alike at the Choteau Mercan­ tile Co. Orders taken for Ladies Tailor made suits, coats and separate skirts at Jos. Hirshberg & Co. The Ladies Industrial Society will giyo a supper on November -Uh, from (J p. in., until the uoxt morning, at J. E. Er.cksou’s office. F ob R ent —T wo sheds. Each Bre capable of accommodating 3000shoBp with from 100 to 150 tons of hay at sheds. W alter C lash , Byuum. Mrs. F. L. Buzzoll, wife of the pastor of the M. E. church of Cho­ teau, has boon seriously ill for the past ten days, but is now con­ valescent. L ost — Oue elk tooth cuff button, mounted iu gold and engraved \viib initials of L. K. B. on tooth. Lost about ten days ago. Finder leave same at this office and receive reward G. M. Coffey returned the first of the week from a short busiuoss trip to Glasgow, m Valley county. While there he sold ItiOO head of 2-year old wethers,,the property of Coffey & Jones, to Gibson & Carponter,of that placo. Tho prico received was $2.85 per head. At tho convention of county super­ intendents of schools, held in Helena on tho 2nd and 3rd of July, 1902, u committee was appointed to select books for the Siulo Teachers’ Road- ng circlo. The billowing books have boen solected. We give also tho prico at whii li thoso books can bo so cured aud tl o publishers of the same: “The Art of reaching,” E E. White, American B 3; Company, Chicago, $1.60. “Tho Education of Toucher,” W. H. Payuo, B. F. Johnson, Rich tnond, Virginia, $1.50. “Thinking and Learning to Think,” M. C. Shaeffor, J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia $1 25. While opening u box, J. C. Mount, of Throe Mile Bay, N. Y , ran a ton penny nail through the fleshy part of his hand. “ I thought at once of all tho pain and soreness this would cause me,” be says, “aud immediately ap­ plied Chamberlain’s I’aiu Balm and occasionally afterwards. To my sur prise it removed all pain aud soruoss and the injured purls were quickly healed.” For sale by C.„ H . Drake. L. A marriage license has been issued to Jacob Liuffer and Miss Frances Klester, both of Dupuyer. Mr. Gauffer is well-known in tho northern portion of the county, where he has been engaged as a stockgrower and rancher for a number o f years, and is one o f the best citizens of that see tion. His bride is not so generally known throughout the county, but is highly spoken of o y those who know her. We join their friends in wishing them a pleasant jiurney o’er life’s troubled sea. * J 8 J J The Art Studio Another shipment of Framed Studies just received. Our price as usual is lower than the lowest \ From 55c and up. 1 Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. 1 'itr? Mr. Charles Bannatyne, the well- known sheepman of Brighton, anc Miss Maggie Stirling of Fort BonUm were united in tho bonds of holy wedlock yesterday'- (Wednesday) af ternoon at the Presbyterian manse o this city, Rev.-F. R. Ferrand, pastor of the Presbyterian church, perform ing the ceremony. Mr. Donald Kerr was best man and Miss Mary Peter son bridesmaid. Immediately aflor the ceremony the newly-wedded pair started ou .a bridsl tour to Utah anc äf-iVv ' zm w r Desert Land-final Proof. Mice For Pnlilication, United States Luml Ollico, ) Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 27,1902. j Notice is hereby given that Albert D. Parchou, of Helena, Mont., lias filed notico of intention to mnko proof on his lesert-lfiiid claim No. 5122, for lot 1. se-1 ne4, r*2 ecd Pec 0, s2 nw4, n2 uw4 sec 5, tp 22 i , r 3 w, before Register and Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Great Falls, Mont., on Friday, tho 12th day of December, 1902. Also that Henry G. Purchen, of Helena, Mont., has filed unlico of inten­ tion to make proor on bis desort-lnnd claim No. 5123, for lot 1, «<•4 ne4 sec 1, tp 22 n, r 4 w. Jots 2, }J, 4 and 5, ee4 mv4, sw4 ne4 sec G, tp 22 n, r 3 w, boforo Register and Receiver, U. 8. Land Office, ut Groat Falls, Mont., on Friday, tho 12th day of December, 1902. The; napie tho following witnesses to provo the complete irr gatiou and roclu- ■nation of 6nid laud: Warren McNiuch, Daniel Stewart, of Great Fulls, Mont.; William W. Avison, Morell A. Wilcox, of Chotenn, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pub Oct 31. CONTEST NOTICE. ALWAYS ÎÛt-irlÆli&ri OSVETH NEW AT OUR STORE This tim e its prices on the latest up-to-date r e a d y to w e a r a p p a r e ls for Ladies, G e n ts and Children. Ladies Monte Carlo Coats $20.00 and up. Ladies Tailor Made suits $ 12.00 and up. Ladies Dress Skirts $1.75 and up. Ladies Eiderdown dressing sacques $1.00 and up. Ladies Fleeced Wrappers $1.00 and up. Misses Monte Carlo coats $7.50 and up. Childrens Wool dresses $1.50 and up. Childrens Jackets $1.50 and up. Boys Gray and Brown mixed suits $2.50 and up. Boys all wool long pants suits $3.50 and up. Gents gray business suits $12.00 and up. Gents blue serge heavy weight suits $15 00 and up. Gents up-to-date cloth overcoats $10.00 and up. Gents Fur Coats $18.00 and up. NOTICE FOR PUBLIC’ VTIOX. United States Land Olli<,<>, Greut Falls, Mont., Oct. 13, 1002. Notico is hereby given that fho iollow- iug named sett lor has tiled notice of Ins li.teutiou to make final proof in support of his claim, and that Baitl proof will ho rondo.before A. C. Warner, U. 8. Com’r at Chotoau, Mont., on November 22, 1902, viz: SEVERT J. OTNESS for HE No. 8090, for lots 3 and 4, s2 nw-J uw-l bw 4, sec. 5, tp 24north, range! west Ho names the following witnesses to prove bis continuous resilience upon ami cultivation of said land, viz: Lure L. Nassef, Hnlvor A. Holm, lien Bollrud. Nils M. Johnson, all of Farm­ ington, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Registo;. First pub Oct. 17. _____ ___ DESERT LAND, FINAL PROOF. - N otice for P ublication . United States Lumi Office, Groat Fulls, Mont., Oct. 13,1902. Notico is hereby given that Owen Crof-Kcn of Black Earth, Wi.°- ■uijsiu, has tiled notice of intention in uciko proof on his desert land el *iin No. (¡917, for the awl, /•“<•. 31. tp 23 muti, range 4 west, bclorn A. C. Warner, U. 8. Com'r at t hotean, Montana, on Monday, the 2-lth day of November, 1992. He names tho following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation aud recla­ mation of smd laud: William H. Gunliffo, William Hodge- kiss, Chiitles Krofft, Robert Fnirbimi, nil of Choteau, Montana. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First publication Oct. 17. Desert Land, Final P foo F-N o U cg For LmiJ Oílii o ul Great Falls,Mont., ) September 19, 1992. I Notice is hereby giv. u that Elizabeth Knuin of Lowry, Moni, mi, bun filed notice of iiiP'UUoii to imd.e proof on hor desert-laud elnim No. 7531, l'or lot 3, ne- hw 4, sot, see j.« bw 4, 6oc 3: l.ouu.shlp 21 north, range 3 west before IQ Hi gmter and IP i eiver, l' 8. Land Ollico Falls, M ii'iin.i, on Thursday, the 3uih day of () tober, 1902. She naim a tho following witnesses to provo tin* complete irrigation and recla­ mai um of said laud: n uuaaiutJ auaucau a a c iaaaasjaaaaD J NEW MEAT j i ¡ m a r k e t ! “, : a » ¡ra r a & MOORE, Props! Claroiien J. Jvmnn, Jnmrs Rowe, Richnrd Shortridgn or Lowery, Mont. Vincent Fortune of Great Falls, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pnb. Sept. 2(5. TimtierCultnreFiüal Prool Holies lor Publication Having opened to tho public a now moat market in the old Truchot building wo shall endoayor to keep on hand a full supply of fresh meats of all kinds. Courteous treat- meut to all customers. ” GIVE US A TRIAL g United .States Land Office, Grent Falle, Mont., Oct. 11, 1902. ji Notice iii hen by given that Janies W. Keinem bor the place iVrm- troDg has died mitica of mleiUiou to I 'q I make lili i pi..of I, fore A. C. Warner, H TR U CH O T B U ILD IN G , U. H. ( '..mV at I.H offiiv m Choteau, I B D D E D E D Q E B D B B □ a a Q B B B NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Land Office, { - ...................... 92. { Gnat Falls, Mont., Oct. 2, 1902, Notice)- hereby given that the follow­ ing-named sei-lcr Inis filed notico of Jim intention to make final proor in support of his claim, and that said proof will ho uuido before A. O. Warner, U.^ 8. Coin r ut Choteau Montana, on Nov. 15, 1902 viz: department of the interior . United Slates Lau-1 Office Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 8, 1902. A s.ifficiout contest affidavit having been filed in this office by Charles E. Trescott, contestant, against homestead entry No. 10827. made January 23,1900, for tho lot 3, n- 4 sw4. sec. 18, tp 24 north, raDgo 4 west; ee-l in*4, nr-4 se4, sec. 13, tp 24 north, range 5 west, by Louis Fischer contestee, in which it is alleged that Louis F is'dier 1. is wholly abandoned said tract, that he has changed lus resi­ dence therefrom for more than six mouths since making said entry ;tbat said tract is not settled upon or cultivated by said party ns required by law, and claimants absonco tlierefgnn was not duo to em­ ployment id the military or naval service of the United States in time of war. Said parties are hereby notified lo appear, Conrad MoNeil, who made HE No, 7180 for tho mv4, section24, township 20 uortb, range 8 west. Mont, on .Snturl.iv, fJit,» 29rh day of Noveini»T, 1902, on timber outturn appli­ cation No. 2399, for ilio «2 eel, of sec. 11, Ip 23 north, rang» 5 west, lie mimes as witnesses: Charles M. Blackman, Frank 1*. Mc- DeriuoH, Henry B.-auprc, Julian F. Burd, all of Chateau, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pub Oct 17. DESERi’ LAND, FINAL PROOF.- N otice F or P ublication . □ □ □ □ □ 13 q On Lower Main Streot. § n o nc:nr.ccnr:ncrEnRnncBnancBGnD t \ u ii'jua'j aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan 3 B % HOTEL MORTON | a g H DUPUYER, MONT. g >Ui. D. IIAGEN, Proprietor, g n □ United .Stales Land Office, Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 13, 1902. Notice is hereby given that Louise Nawe-t of Fanmngtoli, .Montana, bus filed notice of intention to rnako proof on her dcHert-huid claim No. 4563, for tho sw4,bee. 22, tp 25 north, rango 5 west, before A G. Warner, U. S. Corn’r at Chote hi , Mont , on ¡Satsrday, tho 22nd day of November, 1992. Also Lina L. Na.-sot, of Farmington, He names the following witnesses to Mmit., has filed notice of intention to .... „ 1 ______ nt.,1 make proof on his desert-land claim No. prove his continuons residence upon nud cultivation of saidh.nJ, viz: Hemy E. Belcher, Janu s L. Collins of Raymond, Mont., .John 8. Gordon, 440(5, for tho scl, sec. 22, tp 25 north, range 5 west. They name the following witnesses to Alexander O. Lougmuir of Chotean, Mont, j irnk’ution aud recla‘ J ames M. B urlingame , Register. First publication Oct. 10. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Severi J, Syse, S l vert Otness, Frank F. Daacke, Limns J. Otness, all of Farmington, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pnb Oct 17. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Land Office Ì Great Falls, Mont.. Oct. 2, 1902 J Nolieo is hereby given that tho follow- i ing.nunied satller has filed notico of Ins U. 8. LaDd Office, Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 2, 1302. Notico is hereby given that tho follow­ ing-named 6c-ttlcr has filed notice of his mtenti,oD to make final proof in support , „ , , of bis claim, and that said proof wilibe respond ami offer . vulonce tondnng s id , d b£)fore w. Mathews U S. com-, . , , allegation at lOocin.-ka. m.on Nov.lith.l - at Chotoau. Mont., on Nov. 15, 'intention to make final proof in support 1902 before E. C. Garrett, U. S. Com’r at ‘ ntooolo‘iu> ’ ! nf i,ia el,.?™. „„.1 th»t said nrnnf will be his office at (ffiotei.u Montana and (Mtit r ,jQC’ksoDi w}10 HE No. 11157 final lioanng will be held at 10 o clock a. • f tho ^ fie.i ecotion C, nw4 s«4, mvl m. on Nov. 2/, UM2. before the Register ^ Rod Lot 4, section 5 township 27 and Eeceiver at t’l.j Lmtea States Lund fj wni/n 1 cast Office in Great F.d.x, Montana. ; DOrtb> raDK° 1 ea8t; „ The said coute.,:..nt having,in a proper Ho names the following witnesses m affidavit, filed August lltli, 1902,set forth provo his continuous resideneo upon mid facta wbichshows 'but ufterduo diligence cultivation of said land, viz: personal service of tnis notice can not be' William Bavnn, Barney Mathews, made, it is hereby ordered and directed Charles MacDonald, Earnest Boudurant, thatsuch notice ho given- by due and a\i 0f Pondera, Mont, proper publication i First Class it Every Respect I a The best of services B a jand accommodations H 13 ato travelers. I will also run iu connection with my hotel a first class sample room whero a choice liao of wines, liquors and cigars will always be kept on hand. When in town drop in at the “ KLONDIKE.” 3EHSQBBEC!ECGDGE1EE e q g £! c e b b b NÖTIGE FOR PUBLICATION. J ames M. B urlingame , Registor. First pub Oct. 17 ‘ ' ' ■ - , - J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pub Oct 10 of his claim, and that Said proof will be made before A. O. Warner, U. 8 . com­ missioner, «t Chotenn, Mont., on Nov. 15, 1992, viz: Nels M. Johnson, who mado HE No. 8713 for the section 32, towu- I’hij) 25 north, range 4 west. Ho names tho following witnesses to provo Ins continuous residence upon and cultivation of said hind, viz; John A. Carlson, Frank E. Carlson, Nils Widell, Martin A. Monson all of Farm- iugton, Montana. J ameu M. B urlingame , Register. First pnb, Land Office at Great Falls, Mont . ) Sept. 23, 1902. J Notice is hereby given that tho follow- ' ing named settler has filed notice of I ub intention to make final proof in support ' - of his claim, and that said proof will bo ' -.r before E. O. Garrett, U. S. commissioner, at Choteau, Mont, on Nov. lBt, 1902; v jzr' ' Ed wnrd Bollrud, who made HE No.' 8753-' ■ i for the nw4, section 35, toivnship 25 north range 4 west. .: :4- i He names the following witnesses .to, provo bis contiuhous residence ripoa:and0 Yg' cultivntion of said land, viz: . Enoch Peterson, Silas An way, Joaohim-'/i/S A M A n i I . . ‘« a - _ i i _ i \ r i “ ‘ Peterson, Gander Hanson', all .of ,’>Farm- Yf iugtoD, Montana.

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 31 Oct. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.