The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, November 07, 1902, Image 3

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. # * ' C ? v i ^ - : ' - \ '* ; ; ; : * ÂÂ-- -v,^2^ . - - /¿ > y. i ‘ *u ; « y .... _•■ » v - s •- .it ; *■ GC'4- % •'*/• X *-fL i\. -Vr •■»•. , V- *- >; h 3: f~ cä -' . ‘THE MINT’V$ MILLER & LONGMUIR, Proprietors. KENTUCKY WHISKY, CALIFORNIA WINES, DOMESTIC CIGARS. , MONTANA BEER, Brewed from Montana B a r l e y . Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana. 8 PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES % 'OoooQoooaaooaoooscroaooaaoaaosa&aiKOssaaaassoaosooooi The Gem. MRS. ED. DENNIS, Proprietor ' BREAD FOR SALE K Firstclass Restaurant ..... Under New Management. ME ALS , - AT ALL HOURS. Coicine Unsurpassed. foeoeeeoeeeeeéeecceecceecGcccceeeeecoccceccccæcceæi Nate Werthein K.»a & m i z ) THE LARGEST CLOTHING ; AND SHOE HOUSE IN NORTHERN MONTANA. 2 0 9 Central Avenue, GREAT FALLS. m m m z H . E . ß ^ O C K ; ^ I ^ l i , D E A L E R III Geiger al ! l y l e T c ^ a i ) d i s e FOIVDE RA, mOIYTAI\£. ) A 'First Class stock of goods of all kinds constantly kept on hand-. Courteous treatment to all our patrons. ^ . When our new störe at the new town- site is fully completed,-we will quote you prices that will surprise you. •ILI—. LOCAL NEWS Bom , to Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gordon oa Nov. 5, a daughter. Born, to Mr; and Mrs. William Dorrington, on ' Oct. 31, a 15-pound son. Five hundred pairs of mens wool pants at 25 per cent discount at Jos. Hirshberg & Co. Grand mask ball to t^e giyen un­ der the- auspices of K. of F. on Thanksgiving evening. - ^ Mrs. O. G. Cooper returned last Monday from a few weeks visit to Boulder and Great Falls. Mrs. H. E. Belcher, of Raymond, left the first o f the week for a short visit in St. Paul, Mina. Preaching at the school house in Choteau at 10:30 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Sunday school at 11.30 a. m. W R. Ralston expects to leaye here about the 10th inst. to join his family who reside at Spokane, Wash. R . D. Anderson, the well known Dry Fork rancher and stockman, is in town today transacting. Mrs! J. H. Devlin and daughter, Miss Winnie, have gone to Colfax, Wash., where they will spend the winter. F ob R ent —Two sheds. Each are capable o f accommodating 3000 sheep with from 100 to 150 tons of hay at sheds. W alter C lark , Bynum. Rev. Buzzell will preach at Farm­ ington school house next Monday night, and at the Burton school house on Friday night at 7 o’clook. Choteau township re-elected John E. DeHaas as justice of the peace by a good majority. Nat Collins, tko democratic nominee was also elected. . J. W. Patrick, who has lived at the Sun River hot springs for several years, has moyed to AugUBtn whore he will spend the winter with relatives. James Blake returned last Sunday from Chicago where he went about a month ago for surgical treatment. We are pleased to announce that the operation was successful. N otice —Having sold my -business at Bynum I desire to notify the pub­ lic that their accounts with me must be paid immediately. W allace C owell . Episcopal church services will be held in the town hall on Sunday, the 16th inst., as follows: Holy com­ munion at 10.15 a. m.; Litany, with sermon and thanksgiving at 11 a. m.; Sunday school at 3 p. m.; evening service at 7.30. A special meeting o f the board of county commissioners is called to meet oa Saturday, Nov. 15th, for |the purpose of considering road matters, examining and acting upon viewers’ reports, and considering petitions for roads. Mrs. Retta Burton and daughter, Mrs. Mitchell, left for Great Falls Thursday where they will make their future home. Mrs. Burton is a mem her of the Women of Woodcraft and the Circle regret her leaving. The Circle gave a banquet, last Wed nesday evening, in her honor, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. B'jrd. ~ l The Art Studio . Another shipment of Framed -Studies just received. Our price as usual is lower than the lowest { From 55c and up. M r s . E . N . H A U G E N , Choteau, Montana, t J JaB. E. Norton, T. W. Oleson and Wm. N. Russell returned Saturday last frem Sun River hot springs. They teport having had a fine time and lots of good hunting. Mr. Norton, who is visiting here from Chicago, had the pleasure of seeing and killing his first real wild bear. The-other boys were not so fortunate as they only got one elk and three goats each, The N o rth-W e s t Line Owns and operates over 8,842 miles of road. It penetrates nine states. It runs the finest trains between Minneapolis, St. Paul aud Chicago, and is the shortest line between these cities. It established the. first dining car service and finest Limited train ser­ vice in the Northwest. The North-Western Limited ie to- day the finest equipped and most beautifully illuminated train. Every night between Minneapolis, St. Paul anfl pbieago. For lowest rates ad­ dress T. W . Teasdalo, G. P. A., St, yaq], Minn., or E. A- Gray Gon. Agent Helen«, Monf. > - - Ä : IE CAN’T QUIT LAUUHINU. We can’t quit laughiyg when wo think of the spleudid majority tko “boss” of Dupuyor preciuct—Georg© W. Magee—rolled up for Connolly, Wuruor, Sulgrove, Shields, Stearns and Miss Acton. You doservo more “ vindication,” Georgie, at tko bauds of the republicans. Will “ ruuning things” at the next county conven­ tion suit you? New fall hats, no two aliko, at Jos. Hirshborg & Co. Your subscription to the Mon­ tanino and Chronicle is pusi duo. Call aud see the new'uutst patterns; no two alike at the Cliotoau Mercan­ tile Co. W. S. Barrett, formerly a prominont sheepman in this eouuty, writes to have the address of his papor changed to Boise, Idaho, where he is. now locutod on a fruit funn and onjoyiug a well earned vacation iu his old age. Joseph Lessard of Kibby and Agnes HugheB of Great Falls were united in marriuge by Rev. Frederick A. Agar Wednesday moruiugat the home of the bride, on First avenue south. Mr. aud Mrs. Lossard departed ou the morning train for a short trip, from which they [will return to reside in that city. Uncle Jucob Schmidt, one of the old old-timers of Choteau, arrived here Wednes lay from his home on the Blackfoet reservation for a mouth’s visit with relatives and numerous friends. It has boon over two years siuce he was lust iu Choteau aud the warmth of his groeting can better be imagined tbuu described as every body iu town is Uncle Jake’s friend and was glad to soe him again. Last eyeniug a banquet was given in his honor at the K. of P. hall. The only change we have been ablo to note in Uncle Jake is his change in politics. For nearly fifty years' ho has been voting the democratic ticket straight, but now he is wearing a Roosevelt button aud vows he will vote the re­ publican ticket from this lime. This is no blulf, All accounts duo me must bo paid ut once or suit will be started to collect the same. If you want to save costs couieiu at once and pay up. W allace C o w e l l , Bynum. Advertised Letter List. List of letters remaining uncalled for in tho postoffico at Cbotoau, Mon­ tana, for weekending Nov. 3, 1002. Anderson, Edgar Gray, Justiua T—3. Letn, Mrs. L Malone, John J Monroe, Hbgb C Powell, Ethelyn Prongua, Charles Rollins, R A Williams, Thomas Persons calling for tho above let- tersswill say “ advertised.” C. H. D rake , P.M. The Best Remedy For Croup. This is tho season when the woman who knows the best remedies for croup is iu demand in every neigh­ borhood. One cf the most terrible things in tho world is to be awakened in tho middle of the night by a whoop from one of tho children. Tho croup remedies aro almost aa suro to bo 0 lost, in case of croup, as a revolver\ is sure to be lost iu caso of burglers. There used to bo an old fashioned remedy for croup, khown as hi vo syrup and tolu, but some modorn mothers say that Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy is better, and does not cost so much. It causes patients to “ throw up the phlegm” quicker, and gives relief in -a sbortor time. Giro this remedy as soon aa the erdupy cough appears and it will prevent the attack. It never fails and is 'pleasant and safe to tako. For sale by C. H. Drake. ALWAYS ?.V SOMETHING NEW AT OUR STORE! This time its prices on the latest up-to-date ready to wear apparels for Ladies, Gents and Children. i Ladies Monte Carlo Coats $20.00 and up. Ladies Tailor Made suits $ 12.00 and up. Ladies Dress Skirts $1.75.and up. Ladies Eiderdown dressing sacques $1.00 and up. Ladies Fleeced Wrappers $1.00 and up. Misses Monte Carlo coats $7.50 and up. Childrens Wool dresses $1.50 and up. Childrens Jackets $1.50 and up. Boys Gray and Brown mixed suits $2.50 and up. Boys all .wool long pants suits $3,50 and up. Gents gray business suits $12.00 and up. Gents blue serge heavy weight suits $15 OO and up. Gents up-to-date cloth overcoats $10.00 and up. Gents Fur Coats $ 1 8 .00 and up. FOLLOW THE* C R O W D TO TH E '—^ L E A D E R S IN LOW PR ICES. OUR ROOSTER CROWS FOR Cougressman Josopb M. Dixon, Associate Justice W. L. Holloway. Representative J. E Wobb. Commissioner Ed. Bollerud. Commissioner W. L. Cowgill. County Clork A. C. Warner. Treasurer Joka S. Gordon. < Assessor Thos. O. Larson. Superintendent Robecca Acton. Survoyor John W. Shields. Public Administrator W. Franklin. Coroner W. H. Stearns. Justice of tho Peace J. E. Dclincs. When a boy Books a position lie is sure to bo weighed carefully. Ho is more apt to bo judgoil by his face, bis appearance, his manner, and that re­ serve which a good life well spent lays by in store than by the recommend­ ation lie carries iu his pocket. Iu bo ginning thoie is another thing to ro member, aud that is to stick An em­ ployer who hires many young men said recently: “The great trouble with the American boy is ho doesn’t stick. After ho has worked for six months or so he thinks lie isn’t get­ ting on fast enough, or the work and grind fret him too much, and he throws up his placo just at tho time when ho is becoming really worth koeping.” IN TE T O N C O U N T Y. The result of the election held last Tuesday is practically settled, al­ though tho returns from some of the precincts aro as yet incomplete. Tho product of St. Mary gave Connelly a majority of six; Webb .8; Wallace Taylor 2D; Asplmg ](!; Gordon 10; Armstrong !l; Erickson 0; Miss Acton 11. On the face of tho returns the lepubllcnu^ candidate for congress­ man has ¿carried the county by about 150 majority. Connolly, for stuto senator, is dofoated by 14 votes, while John E. Wobb, republican candidate for representative, has won out by 125 votes. Tho voto on county commissioners, with the products of Cut Bank and St. Murys to hear from, is ns follows: W. M. Cow gill ............................... 480 C. J. Brurnu ..................................... 438 lid Bollerud.....................................403 Henry Hadclitru..............................422 Ed Dennis ....................................... 488 Tim Connor .................................. 303 John S. Gordon, republican, de­ feats his democratic opponent by 357 votes. C. W Tnj-lor, democratic cuudi- duto for sheriff, is a victor over Geo. C. Taylor, tho present incumbent, by Owns An Empire. Big reduction in gent’s clothing at the Choteau Mercantile Co. John M. Hot, of Miles City, has bought G7,0D0 acres of land from the Northern Pacific, which makes him tho largest land owner in Custor county and gives him absolute con­ trol of over 200 square miles of the finost range in eastern Montana, j The land in question lies about 50 j rnileB southeast of Miles City, most of it between Mizpak and the Powder (river. Mr. Holt will have frontage ’ on the Powder river of over nine miles and irrigates several hundred 87 votes. Your Undo Al Wurncr for tho third tunc* has been elected county clerk, defeating Perry - Asplmg, bis democratic oppoucut, by 75 votes. Two years ugo the raoo between tlioso men for tbu ssmo ollico was very dosu—Warner winning by sovon. Tho race between Thos. O. Larson, republican, and James Armstrong, democrat, for assessor, was not closo enough to be oxciting—Larson i9 a winner by about 250. “ .1. E. Erickson, democrat, defeats James Sulgrovo, republican, for county attorney, by 220. On the face of the returns—all precincts heard from—Mis3 Acton, republicau, is only ono vote ahead of Mrs, Brown, her democratic oppon­ ent for superintendent of schools, it will probably tako the official canvass to dotermme who is elected. The returns on surveyor, public administrator aud coroner aro very incomplete, but it is probable that tho republican nominees are sue-, cessful. Walt Mason says: “ Man is a queer creaturo: ho spends the best years of his life trying to get passos on the railroad, aud when h e gets them they cost him more than tho railroad faro would cost five times over. He spends a great deal of time making a home for himself, aud when ho bus made it he spends more limo inventing ex­ cuses to stuy away from it. Ho will raise u great row at at home if he is givon a spoou that bus been used by ono of the children siuce it was washed, and then ho will go to the free lunch couutor, shoyel [sauerkraut into his mouth with an iron fork tha^hasjbeen used by guzzlers of all nationalities. He tells his children it is foolish to go to eircuses, anil then stands two hours at tho railway depot to see the ele­ phants unloaded. Man is a queer auirnul, but wo can’t help liking him.” Sold by JOS. HIRSHBERG & CO. Mrs.T. A. SMITH Millinery and Confectionery. acres of splendid alfalfa land. New Stock of the Lat­ est Styles of Winter Hats Just Received. Orders taken for Ladies Tailor made suits, coats aud separate skirts at Jos. Hirshberg & Co. ~ ' A Full Line of Nuts, Candy and Fruit is Always on hand.' i- < «Y.\V w; Agent /for the B E S ^ â Ç - Ladies TailorinfeGpl^|^| in the country.:, s

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 07 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.