The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, November 21, 1902, Image 2

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VA$J r-rr- m ? :' ■ t - - - W' ‘ ÿ w . M ; I.O^'-ÎL , r£C' 'r& f - '-•'•'‘■¿S** ,:d V-* vÄjV *V.V5; - »•-*» . . ;. j-r- > >*,* I*. ' , __ ,i* SfK*., % h i?? vT V ^ l i ï l f i M u t a » î 'â Cliwcle. F Ÿ % *i.^r ■; ? V Î i} 1 w II r^-v ^ ^ $ \ 7 , H O H [<'o!ir-cili<1lttf -l Juri ) 25,1301.'J , I J K irV i i AM i l A O O ;• *P l!f s»A«.^»~*a»■»*«/* *'**” ü j “ *\'** •**•»*••«* DUPÜYER, M O »M » / viSiA. GENERAL MERCHANDISE~ TJio Tntoa Chroniclo nn*l Tlie Sln-lliy Now», Cuiisolidntci) .laminry 3 , 1S01. C a r r y a F u l l L i n e o f G o o d s m A l l D e p a r t ­ m e n t s to s u p p l y th e w a n t s o f s t o c k m e n a n d r a n c h e r s . - DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, \ H ARD W ARE, HARVESTERS, SADDLES. LOOTS, anil SHOES, CLOTHING, GORDON HATS, P. LANKETS, QUILTS. Also handle the Deering M owers and* Rakes and W inona W a n .onsand Buggies. Calf and See Thom , Th-oir Prices are Right and Term s Reasonable. r- —jri 'T~- ■1 - - .-.Tg-.- ~ -r~. ■i-nr.'r.LiJ- '£* JS The Beaupre House C t r o t e a u , I v i o n i a n ä . U N D E R N I E W M A N A G I 5 M E N T . BY C. E. THESCOTT. PuhUMiR«! every Friday at ChotcaVi, Totou Comity» Montana. Er.tomd at tlin po*»t*oil!co at Ghoteau, Mon- tnun, a* second class matter. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 2!. HHW*! N O ' M O N E Y r N S A V E F O R T H t . BUT IN- OUR BARGAINS THERE IS ■». MONEY F O R Y O U ! W ■ 'W '# v A - w . m \ SiihMsriiition $2.00 por annum. Advertising raton on application. \LL \DVF.liTlSlX« IiJLLS PAYABLE TilK 1ST OF KAO! MOVTIi. DRY ROODS DEPABTIENT. Fürt,' should also remember timt tho L or ! may not help tiiono caught helping themselves. Senator Clark haB loft Montana probably ucvurlo rot urn. Tho bond- lcr’n “ vindication” at tho last election was probably to much for him to Bland. Forg wants somebody In cotnj to Shelby and get his winter garments. Thanks, Ferg, wo do not earo for thorn. Tho south ond of Ihe county is fast settling up with a moro deairablo class of immigrants F i r s t c l a s s in e v e r y resp e c t , o r w e e k a t re a s o n a b l e rates. B o a r d b y d a y L . .... P I . Î M ' A L T R E P r o p r i e t o r A IQ T O i U I\' I i v_ t?. IV.: r . C\ b : V e-'- c ‘.i •' ' b U it f, c/.i 1 ¡.' : C H O T E * I ft li 31 W fi. f s S*Gf fA a È S : r\ U s i/IC For all kinds Fresh :mc; ter nnd I KCIAl, IMHCK n ’id ll\\i II! i. .■ i ill JiAlib H (,»1 A N 1 I'l i ! *• ( U, GORHAM LRL N TAN A, Sv it Meats, But- •i i'l.-K fU:I’F.RS wlm Ino I«i i‘i.f !,W I Hill. I'H R S , P r o p r ietor. It is surprising how quickly aomo people can reach a printingoffieo when thoy want a littlo nows euppressod. If you don’t hear ull local noivs some­ times, reudors must re number this ns ouo reason. \ I t is reportod that Magee and Ferg are figuring on 1 »ruling nu alliance, offensive nnd u f.-naive, and propose to “do things” to this nowa- papor. Go to it, childreu, if it amuses you any. The rocont oloetijn coat tho yurious counties of the stale considerably more tbun S1Ü0,OUO. Elections come high hut we must have thorn—other­ wise Homo of our political boBSPP could nerei be riudicalcd. Now that the .Montanian and Clir' n, ide lias publisln-d tho comp1 ‘ o olcdiou retiuns we jiresumotheoti r papers of tlm county know who \\,.o elected to office on Nov. Uli last. Wo nro ulways first in publishing the nows. Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Sweaters,-etc. We Ladies W riting Desks, Springs, Mattresses,*} ^ will mention a few of our many, bargains, etc. The grand opening of our Furniture J ^ This department is brim full of new' fall •-> ” '*' • 10 dozen wool over Shirts Ladies and childrens Rnnoi.-.l vnlm»' ' SI 5fi . special vaiue .............................. i .ou gtrieHy at CQS^ Qf Bight xjpholsterd Parlor long coats and jackets. A 13ig -line of One lot of medium weight W ool Sox- goods of all kinds. Sale will be celebrated with the -selling' Ladirs separate Skirts, Flannel Waists also O n ly ............................................................ 25c the celebrated Dixie fleece lined and outing -\yc aiso havetwo lines ormens W oolUnder- / flannel wrappers. This is only- a few of our many bargains. '' 20 pieces Light color Fancy outing flannel Special ............................................ 5c per yd 25 pieces Light and Dark color outing flan­ nel. Special price ................. .,74c per yd 10 pieces double fold Fancy di’ess goods _ Suits. wear good weight and finish. Regular §2.50 value. Special ................... $2, per suit GROCERY DEPARTMENT. In this department we carry only the HARDWARE DEPARTMENT ; *•* • Prepare for t)ie cold weather that is sure to come. Buy the Stove that will save the fuel. Coles Hot Blast in 6 different sizes. Wilson Airtight Stoves Model SteeLRanges O n ly ............................................... 2 o c p c r y d best Brands such as the Extra Standard Wickless Oil Stoves and Heaters Onelot lleccclincd Shiyt Waists worth $1.25 Monarch, White Horse, Bayles Fancy Luneh Our stock of Granite and Tinware is now a n d $1.50 wiile they last ...................... 85c Goods. All of these brands speak for them- com p lete’ x Ono lot extra heavy cotton Vests and Pants selves which means\that the best is good Y ou will miss i t l f you don’t look over our worth 75c. Spedial. . . . 50c per garment enough. A full and complete line o f Cereals Bargains in lamps\- One lot of heavy Camels hair wool Vests always on hand— try a package of Force, and Pants. All sizes worth 75c. O n ly....................................50cper garment m m M m m m I CLOTHING- DEPATMENT. SHOE DEPARTMENT. FURNITURE DEPARTMENT. The comfortable, Stable, wearable kind' Wo have just unloaded another carload of that is the kind of shoes we are selling Furniture consisting of Parlor Suits, Bed- We have new styles in Mens Shoes From head to foot we clothe the man, room Suits,Extension Tables, Centre Tables, W e have new styles in Ladies Shoes clothe him rightly, clothe him cheaply. Dining room Chairs, Morris Chairs, Fancy We have new styles in Childrens Shoes This Department is plum full of all kinds R ocifcrS) Sideboards, Chiffoniers, Iron Bed- Our shoe stock was never more complete in of bargains in Mens Suits and scpcralc steads, Wooden and Iron Cribs, Bed-couches, every line. We guarantee goods and Pants, Fur and Cloth Overcoats. Hats, Couches, Ward Robe Couches, Roll Top and guarantee prices. O S . H I R S H I I }( p Ì! , isT-AT,-- -- s* ! FYtf-’ r k / ? -i CR ^, < **■* „ * * % .» -l»' 7 i;T . i w « i • < » * ' ' ' ‘ ' y r ( .. « R -. '.. ^ I i \ '1 lie county commissioners mot in special session last Saturday, Com misMoners lYikins and Foster boiny I î irosciit. Tlio proposed road from *•\ I . I ho Dot ton bench to the Chotoau Du- I X 5 >i vi. 5 )-r -.-v-vo■ vv-7 J..'. .♦ , i* '• • < o : 1 piiycr road, through Foster’s laud, v. -, put llmni\ii without a hitch, 1 imimtlisiaiidiiig- the nrolosts of ovor ; 'I ie liuiulrcil taxpayers lhiug in tliis » cinii v. The present board go out fid- .o .l.niu.i) 1st next, and ■i.l.rlle- pec. blind lakes charge it *•* R*- j •5»-**' 7 • h ; , . * - , Ï . sj i‘i - ■ r \ [ - . -nii11 ■ 1in t p >P1> . o! Cho- .......... it* r. t *( - . -•* • V i 11 ul ihn i’i’iich *.*. i:i i *“ a’ 'o to ' «•, \ •’ -'y /*£ .'<•1 n*' <!* w h‘ re Un’}- ani thenl. Ill U U V ; v, r.y * r ’T-X x •*'’ ’A 1ie l Ill<.intime possibly a rouplo of ■s ’ » .. i *V- „ >>/'Y :U;‘j 1 * •J ' lluiiiMiml ilollars of muni'V will besinnt on i lio a COI road nty’s that ■ • •' M--.: » ,* V-'t r ** . «* g *. VA'«,::-.;\» ■vJ W i l l 1)1’ni’lit no one but Commissioner J YAiy * i ^ ' ■* • Yi Foiti-r ¡r ,, > 5 5 ' ■*»’T itr -T\»- y r * ìt E(r it; F . C m \6 * PAIN T ER A N D D E C O R A TOR «* \i/ ii? it i HOUSE, SIGN and CAFrdAG.i PAINTING ^ _ ?vl ^ EsLimatcr. oti Contricti. CkFurf. Uy Gtvun. i t i rA Paper Hanging-& Frescctiiig at Specialty \i/ ’ m $ SHOP OPPOSiTE COURT HOUSE; CEOTEAD. S01T. % J i ■ * '& * •* & * ^ & * / • ; •*< n .'/-<■* ^ j ■» .• ^ •* --< v i * 4, . v v . . ✓ '*j**o*'0t* \\ +i*• 0ij• ¿ s * D i s t r i c t C o u r t . Lion. D. F. Smith, judge, aud Court Stenographer X. K. Stout ar- rivotl iit-ro yesterday morning from Kuli-,pell and court opouotl promptly at lu o’clock. The first ease to bo tried was the one of the Stale of Montana against .la.iic'-i Huii-k, on a charge of grand lari m v . I!!ai k is iicciiM'd of having V M K S T T ^ r c m E G h o t e a u , M o n t . m m mn m with the crime of grand larcouy. Bail was fixed by tho court at .31,(Hit) which waB furnished. Crichton is charged with having stolen a steer, the proporly of tho F cattle com­ pany, in May, of this year. Tho case of tho State of Montana against John Crichton, charged with stealing cattle from the’ Flowerreo company is on trial today. Tho prosecution is being conducted by County Attorney Suigroyo auil Win. G. Downing, of Great Falls, the stock association's lawyer. Attorneys Bair amt Erickson are defending the prisoner. Jewel Hamilton, v.ho was convicted of cattlo stealing at the September term of court and bou - tonced to oue year in the peniten­ tiary, has been brought buck from Deor Lodge to testify on behalf _cf tho proseeuiion. Unless there is some truth iu ¡1\ rumor that the stock association ui!l ask for tho dismissal of tho case against Iieruiau Kraus, charged with receiving stolen beef, his case will probably be tried tomorrow. ¡¡P A T R O N IZ E H O M E IN D U S T R Y * , i W h e n looking for, ih e Best, ask for G R E E N H O O D ’S FOR SALE JOS. HIRSHBERG m 7.6^ i i » 0 : V i tara O V E R A L L S ! CO. S u t e e i i i o E P a i What are Newspapers? A teacher in a public school at Northampton, Mass, recently submit- a hoi so from L Potter, the I ted to her class a number o f questions I T . W . O L E S O N . •-.X-'.V'iVV ' V-iiRliV.V.'.tH vtK’*UX ■ fi W . N . R U S S E L L .® G h o t e a u P a in t in g C o m p a n y . PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS. £ • !« pa * Sign and ' 1 % * S » Vehicle Painting IF !.\ Spring* fcliccpmau, aud Bell­ ing it to a fekccphorder ouiployed by Jn* McCuaig, near Dupuyer. Butter's ownership of tho horse was not disputed, the sale of tho liorso was proven, and odmiltod by the prisoner, who claimed, kowovor, that he had Mr. Dottar's permission to dispose of the animal. This is the second time this case has been tried iu this court, tho previous trial— iu September—resulting in a dis­ agreement of the jury. Tho jurors in tho presout triuliire M. A. Wilcox, Jnco o Wagner, Nels Johnson, Frank Salmon, R. S. Brown, Martin Lar­ son, Peter Hughes, F. A. Sullivan, Dan Sullivan, A. M. Kouncdy, E. D. riorco anil Bernard Arneson. They have been out since about five o’clock I» Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work!* Office at the Ghoteau House. a Specialty. | ¡| last evening uuablo to agree upon a verdict. Yesterday afternoon, by permis­ sion of the court, tho couuty attorney filed an information against Henry Crichton, of Pondera, charging him uot iu tho text books, and requested that tho answers be returned iu man­ uscript. Among tho subjects was this question: “ What Are Nowspapcts?” A bright boy handed iu tho following essay: “Newspaper are sheets of papor on which stuff to road is printed., Tho men look over tho paper to see if their uamo is iu it, and tho women use it to put on the shelves nnd sich. I don’t know how newspapers came into tho world. I don’t think God\ does. Tho Bible says nothing about editors, ami I guess the editors is tho missing link them fellers talk nbout. The first editor I over board of was t ho fellor who wrote up the flood. He has been hero ever sinco. “Somo belong to church and some try to raise whiskers. * All of them raise hell in (heir neighborhood, and all of them nro liars. At loast all I kuow and I only know one. Editors nover dio, at least I never saw a doad one. Sometimes the paper dies and then the people feel glad, but some ono starts it up agaiu. Editors nover weut to school because editors never got licked. Our paper is a mighty poor one, but we take it so ma can use it on our pantry shelves. Our editor don’t amount to much nut pa said bo hnil a poor chance when he was a boy. *Ho goes without under­ clothes in the winter, and has no docks, and has a wifo to support him. Paw hasn’t paid his subscription in five years, and don’t intend to.”—Amer- can’Press. A workman employed on the bridge across the Totou at Collins on the G. F. & C Ity., mot an accident the first of the week in which it was thought he would lose his life, a piece of twelve by twolvo bridge tim ber weighing about 500 pounds har­ ing fullon from a car a ’ dozen feet and struck him ou tho head* putting him temporarily out of business. From his head tho timber glanced to tho wheel of a wagon alongside of which the man was standing, and the wheel was smashed to pieces; the head of the workman being .strongor tbun the wagon wheel-it is expected that ho will recover, the skull having sustainod terrible bruises, but not boing fractured. /- - T h e C o m o f j / C o m p a n y . . . X Great Falls, Montana. W e frame Pictures correctly and | keep a complete stock of Artists’ sup- ® plies and Pictures. g W e carryNa full line of Window Glass, g Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. o Our stock of W all Paper is unusually jj large and attractive. Send for Samples. ]j The handsomest and. best arranged store of the kind in Montana. Call.& see'It. s c e c c e c e s e s e c e c s c BEST ADVERTISING ME­ DIUM IN TETON COUNTY LARGEST CIRCULATION. Subscription $2.00 per year NOTICE. , Persons are hereby warned not to shoot or trespass'on our premises. S ands C attlk & L and C o . T aken U p —Ono gray stallion branded combination ¿ - j on loft high. For further particulars call, at this office. - - i ^ l„ V : ■?- v i ->JÈAf S AWMlSi'STSb’

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.