The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, November 28, 1902, Image 2

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i % % i G a m b le’s Tlie Montaiìian [Coiisi.lM i'*il Jim'S 21,1901.] ;-jTV MILES t’KOM CHOTEA IT ON \ tue farmixgton load , THOROUGHBRED SHORT HORN REGISTERED STOCK, ^ • HAVE FOR SALE Sj Oats, Wheat, Cattle, Pigs I and Hogs. Aldo a good BOAR at a Reasonable Price. JP t § W * W . GAMBLE & SON, Choteau, Mont ar.ryrrjg’ F. D. V iy t* s' Ï S , ¡NGSBURY & CO. D U P U Y E R , M O N T A N A . -GENERAL MERCHANDISE- Carry a Full Line ot Goods in All Depart­ m ents to supply the w a n ts of stoclcmen and ranchers. DRY GOOD-;, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, HARVESTERS, SADDLES. c LOOTS, ;uid SHOES, CLO'J HING, G O R D O N 1 1 ATS, BLANKETS, QUILTS. Also handle the D e e ring M o wers and Rakes and W ino n a W a g o n s and Buggies. Call and See T h e m , T h e ir Prices are Right and Term s Reasonable. BY C. E. T R E S C O T T . Tho Teton Chronicle ami Tho Shelby New«* Consolidated January 3,1001, PubliMltml every Friday at Chotean, Totoo County, Montana. Kntered nt ihn post.-ollico at Choteau, Mon- iurta, na recoud clan* matter. KKIJMY. NOVEMBER Wl.] iïû M m z à î m â m 1£<V> \ C S ' __ 7nV7nv,7iF ?!\\,?¡\\¡7i •Suliszriptimi SJ.dO per immun. Ai] vortit-inR rutes ou application. *I.MU>VHCTISIN(¡ HIU.S PAYAliLE THE 1ST OK KACU MONTH. Tho democratic papers possibly have* not fully recovered from the shock of the republican victory, for they do not come to tho front as fast ns might. I jo expected with preda­ tions concerning tho disastrous leg­ islation in store foi the slate during the coming session. Asa matter of fact, Ihu lawmakers will Pud a busy season before then', cot retting the errors of their predecessors.—Dupu- )er Aeanthu. True! But there was one error committed by the Sixth Legislative assembly, of which the Aciiutlm’s editor was au “honored” member, that cannot bo corrected. Wo refer to tho election of Clark as United States senator with the assistance of ri publican votes. ssrcsxsrrjs The n upre C1 1 oteam, IVIon tana House! U N D E E N K W M A N A G E M E N T First class in every respect, or w e e k at reasonable rates. Board by clay FI. 1M A U P R E Proprietor. GO T O T H E ï . L 3 :Ef: i F*, ft ¡ i p f i kJ 9 S Û &¿ P kj iff, LS il ! \? i ÎÀ CHOTEAU, MONTANA, f r : For all kinds Fresh and Salt Meats, B u t­ te r nad Eggs. KCIAIi ITIICIN !(> K VNCil 1 Its out tin i 1.1 -K l-.Et’Et.'S v.lin hu* ill l.AUt.E t,i l AN I I’I I !•>. (ash fahl t.»r 1!. • t Hide.-. GORHAM BROTHERS, Proprietor. V * fX *. p a . * * . & . . f v . /«-'. * -* i*\9 • * * • \h s * • . /r-0 • . p r* • • * * .< * * . p * x « * . J • Q r; Ute' sil>< wi». o * ?*#*■ < ^L. «2r / jk <SV <L* . v * > S T * 5 V • i - v u * C * v , • v i f - 1 1 %2r* | F . C . B E G I N | \ “ T H E OLD RELIABLE\ \b w W P A I N T E R A N D D E C O R A T O R i i / '?? \J/ HOUSE, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING ® ito $ E s tim a tes on C o n tracts Clicerfully Given. \l/ (» Paper H a n g ing & Frescoeing a Specialty \ti (?? $ SHOP OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE, CHOTEAU, BOUT. I •JV ’W • ^ ^ • *n . . ***«, * > ... . ^ ^ . ***5 . *(\ • ^ ^ • *** • ^S, • **>*.>*»'JÄI * ‘ p*' *&• *&' *** • i* T. W . OLESON. W . N. R U S S E L L .| - k x K Choteau Fainting Company, I _ _ _ _ _ | ¡PAINTERS, PAPER-HANGERS & DECORATORS.! | Sign and V e h icle Painting a Specialty. Lindsay, McKay, Wu den and Hedges— these are the mci linr(*pii!] Means of Moiil.tiiu should .I'wnys be pleased to honor with pol c d jjrefor im-nt, and if Air. Lindsay will permit his name to comobeforo the next con vent ion as a eundidatu for governor, Teton county’s vote should go to him unanimously. Of cotirso tho Dupuyer Acantlm would opposo his nomination, but really wu think it tune for the Acuulha to lake its seat whero it properly belongs—outside of tho re­ publican ranks Its publisher isare publican for revenue only and from past experience it would seem dem > cratio candidates for United Stab . senator can buy him when they nor 1 his vole. If the democrats had a majority ou the board of county coinmissionors there would he no question about who would be appointed superili tondelli of schools in this county. Mrs. Brown would be tho fortunate lad}-. The conditions being reversed md the roputilicnns baying tho ma­ jority, Miss Acton should receive the appointment. Districi Court. Tho jury in tho case of tho state of Montami against James Black, charged viith having stolen and sold ahoi.-c, the property of S L. 1’.tier, I ailed to teach an agreement ani. vere li.-ieh.uged In the (..nil af'er having tuen i ut ueaily tòrio days. This i- lile s< , uni lime tlm A little more these times and they are not d i s a p po i n ted ft § they trade at the BIG,STORE. One Lol Ladies W a ists at 2 5 per cent. discount. One Lot Ladies W a ists at 3 3 1 - 3 per cent, discount. O n e Lot Ladies W a ists at 5 0 discount. A ll of our Flannel W a ists cent, discount. per cent5^ at 2 5 per1 AH of our Ladies Hats at One=Half Price. O u r assortm e n t of Fram e d Studies m akes a regular A r t Gallery and should not be overlooked when you m a k e your |l§ selection of Christm a s presents. Prices m from 25 cents and up. Celluloid and Plush Goods rn W o r k § i Boxes, T o ile t Cases, C u ff and C o llar Boxes, S h a v ing Sets, Photon Boxes in endless variety and at prices to suit all purchasers, rich or poor. m ¡Éj i £ Sty m i % Sterling Silver and Rogers 184*7 Silverware, T e a Sets, Bread Trays, Fancy Spoons, M a n icure Sets, W o r k Boxes, S h a v ing Sets, i W r itin g Sets, Baby’s Brush and Com b . S ingle Pieces, such as N a il Files, -Polishers, Paper Cutters, Blotters, Erasers, Shoe Lifts, C u rlin g Irons. Also a full irh'eLbfcthe. new style French Stag Horn H a n d le Novelties in sets and single pieces. and Dressed Dolls, w ith Bisque Head Real H a ir, 25 cents and up. .... IH Toy Dinner Sets from 10 cents and up Toy Furniture from 2 5 cents and up. Magic. rLantterns, Pianos, Ten Pins, Tool Chests, Bedsteads, Cribs, S h o e - flies, W h e e lbarrow s , T o y Chairs, Sleds, jiff W a g o n s and a full line of Iron Toys. Sapta Claus Headquarters at & CO., MpSîT^raRE Ohoti for tho term. Being unable to fur­ nish bail the prisoners were com­ mitted to tho county jail. Tho cases ugoinst John Crichton and Jewel Hamilton, charged with grand larceny, continued from Sop loin her, were dismissed ou motion of tho county attorney. Tho civil cases on tho colander wore disposed of as follows: Eva D. Burton plaintiff, vs. Jododiuh A. Benton, defendant. Decreo of divorce giauted plaintiff. J o i n Zimmerman, ot al. vs. J. defendant ha*-1 sdverm.m ot al. Continued for tho a 8 Estimates Glieerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work» S ........ . . .......... g m Office at the Choteau House. g SinnniSSiiSiHRSiiifi^SliSSiiH S S S S ^S^AiSKi^iiHifitSSSSSSiSiiiiiiiS bee’i i ried m tlie district court on th .•barge, bulb j uies fniliug to arrive at a vet diet. The prisoner has boon released ou his personal boud of il.niilLaiid it is probable tho cuso .igumst him will tie dismissed at tho next term of court. The ease against John CiicLtou chiuged with having received six ealjos alleged to have been stolon from tho Floworroo company, went to tho jury last Friday night. The jury was composed of tho following citizens: Chus. H'ymor, Puul Hau­ gen, Win Clmhuers, Evan D. Jones, Win. M Wright, Silas Auway, Bon son English, A. Boulilior, Jacob Luuffcr, P. G. li’imell, N. O. Suterlio and Wullnco Cowoll. Sunday even­ ing they agreed upon a verdict, find­ ing tho defeiuioiit guilty as charged iu the indictment, and fixed his pun­ ishment nt four mouths' imprison incnf in the enmity jail ’1 lr* eie-e against Henry Crichton, charged w i t h grand larceny, it being alleged in the information that he had stolen a steer belonging to the Floworroo cattle company, resulted iu a verdict of acquittal. Ou motion of tha county atloruoy tho two cases against Herman Kraus, charged w i j h having recoived stolen property, were dismissed and tho do feudaut’.s boudsmou wero exonerated. William Casey and Percy Konnorly wore arraigned by tho court on an information heretofore filed agniust them, charging them with the crimo grand larceny. A plea of not guilty was entered, bonds wore fixed at SI,000 each, and tho cases continued tei m lij agreement of counsel. Chas. LaPago plaintiff vs. Win Hodgskiss. Verdict fordefeudon'. John II. Devlin vs. James Stt o. Verdict. Wo tho jury, in tho ab u- entitled action Red for tho pluintiff for tho return of tho property de­ scribed in tho complaiut or for 5225. tho value thereof, in case a return can not bo had, and find tho value of said property to bo §225, and further find plaintiff is entitled to damages in tho sum of S150. Thos. E. and Isaboll Dawson, pe­ titioners, ex parlo. In thiB action it wns ordered that a decreo of adoption and a change of natno of tho ward, Mary Lorauo Yeung, lie prepared and cntoied as prayed f r by tho petitioners. Adelln C. Wilcox, plaintiff, vs. Edwin C. Wilcox, defendant; divorce. Tho finding of the j iry was as follows: 1. Was the defendant during any of the times alleged m plaintiff's complaint guilty of extreme iruelty? Ain-wer, No. 2 ]) d defendant fuil for a period of at least one year prior to tho com- meuceinout of this action to provide for his wife aud family tho common necessaries of fife, he having tbo ability to do so? Yes. ¡1. Can no incoms bo secured from tho real property owned by the plniutiff* No. 1. Cun' real proporty owned by plaintiff be sold and converted into rnonoy ? 0 m Hi fju # i ß ïâ ÜS¡ PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY When looking for the Best, ask for GItEENHOOD’S OVERALLS! V I -m- fa m FOR SA L E BY. JOS. H IR S H B E R G & C O . Yes. 5. What is the value of the. personal properly owned by defendant? 51,650 00. 6. What is the value of the real estate owned by tho defendant? 83.310.00. 7. Has plaintiff been guilty of ex treme cruelty to defendant as alleged in defendant’s cross csmplaint?. No. 8. Is pluintiff a fit and proper per­ ron to have tho care, custody and control of tho minor children of plain'iff and defendant? Yes. !). Is defendant a fit and- proper person to have the care, custody.aud control of the minor children., of plaintiff and defendant? No. 10. Has tho plaintiff means to support herself and family during the pendancy of this action and te defray the dosls of prosecuting thig case? No. 11. What is a reasonable sum for attorney’s fees for prosecuting this case in plaintiff’s behalf? : 5100.00. . . . fp9&999OOOOO9 OOO9OO9OOO9939OO93OQ3®ttO32QOQ0&3OQ 9 3 3 3 ‘ T h e C o m o ■vi Great Ralls, Montana/ W e ke<ep a fram e Pictures cofrëfctlyTand com p lete stock of k r t is js ’ plies and Pictures. W e carry a fu ll line of W indow;Glass, Paipts, Oils, Brushes, Varnishesretc.' § O u r stock of W a ll Paper is unusually J large and attractive. Send for Sam p les. § a T h e handsom est and best .arranged g store of the kind in M o n tana: Call ^ s e e ft. S cceoBBacBB>DBCMDoaec Bflc c e e c e e c c c c e c c c f ^ ^ f * i * e e y <;e lJ BEST ADITSRTISING ME- ■ DIUM IN TETON COUNTY LARGEST CIRCULATION,- Subscription $2.Q(j per y ^ r NOTICE. Persons are hereby waroea -not to shoot-or treapaas on our premiaes. S ands G xttlx & L and C o . T aken Ur — One jgray stalliou, branded combination' Y J ^ od loft high'. For'further'pärticulars- cai[, at this office. -'ll r .> ì *

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.