The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, November 28, 1902, Image 3

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$<*“THE MINT’W MILLER & LONGMUIR, Proprietors. KENTUCKY WHISKY, CALIFORNIA WINKS, DOMESTIC CIGARS. MONTANA BEER, Brewed from-. Montana Barley.' Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana. LOCAL N E W S 0 . A. Cowley, of Cut Baule, was a visitor in Chotean last Monday. About 2 dozen framed special price 75c at the Art studies Studio. Call and seethe hew waist patterns; no two alike at the Choteau Mercan­ tile Co.\- & PURE DRUGS and MED/C/NESS Fruit). Confectionery, cigars, Ftc. - ------- © \ Q g A New Line of STATIONERY * 8 8 i JUST RECEIVED. 900090Q 0 9 0 0 0 9 0 9 9 9 & X 9 9 3 3 0 0 & 2 > 3 3 < ï^ i ,*030 0^03 3339999C The Gem 3 MBS. ED. DENNIS, Proprietor BREAD FOR SALE S ? Firstclass Restaurant .... Under New Management. MEALS A T A L L HOURS. Citiciie Dosorpassej. e # o © c c © e c c c c c c c c c c E o c e C ‘CcC’C € c c c c G - c c c c c € e c c c \.\IC v\i¿ v ' íí / . 2L' v\r‘¿ 's ¡'S 5n\ 2/V THE LARGEST CLOTHE AND SHOE HOUSE IN NORTHERN MONTANA. L 209 Central Avenue, • G R E A T * F A L L S ; SB! H. E. G e m e t e l i • / r v FOI\DER/t, mOIVTAnfl. A First Class stock of goods of all kinds constantly kept on hand!r -Courteous treatment to all our patrons. When our new store at the new tovyn- site is fully completed,; we will t^ullte you' prices that will surprise you. ' ■There will be a dance at the school house in Bynum tomorrow (Saturday) night. 'Everybody invited. -Pay your taxes tomorrow or yon j may bo delinquent, , '¿4 V*v Wo have eyerythiug to please the most faslideouq. City Drug Store. There will bo no services in Choteau Sunday except Sunday school at|ll :30 Buy your silverware at the City Drug Store. Wo guarantee every piece sold lo be A7. ALE ! We are headquarters f.or every thing in candy. We hare candy for the lover and the loyod. City Drug Store.' There’s another reason why it pays to be honest— there is loss competi­ tion along this lino. j James P. Dean, principal of the Dupuyer school is in town for the taking the teacher’s ex­ amination. Dr. Gordon, o f Great Falls, and Dr. Atkinson, of Fort Benton, are in town ia consultation with Dr. Long ou the case o f Mrs. F. L. Buzzell. Mrs. Frank Ralph and children, of Dupuper, passed through Choteau Monday^on their way to Great Falls .where they will spend the winter with relatives. Philip A. Prince and Mrs. M. McNutt, both of Dupuyec, were united in marriage at the Holy Family Mis aios, on the reservation, on Wednos day, Nov. 26, 1902. Our toy department is most com­ plete. Wo havo everything to please the little ouos. City Drug Store. Miss Bertha Wismor, nurse from the Deaconess Hospital of Great Falls, is hero to assist in caring for Mrs. Buzzell. Have you examined our immense stock of Blankets. Comforts? If not, why not? It will pay you. to do so. W e are showing the largest and nicest line,at the lowest prices, ever seen in Teton county. Look ov r our prices. Our stock of books for the holidav trade would bo a credit to a town four or fivo times the size o f Choteau. City Drug Store. Miss Blanche Weaver/a teacher in tho Dupuyer school, spent Thanks­ giving in Choteau, tho guest of hor brother, Claud Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ilirslihorg will eitertmn the Ladies Industrial Society at the loan Lai I, in Choteau, ou Wednesday evening, Doc. 3rd. .Everybody is invited. 10- 4 Cotton Blankets, 11- 4 Cotton Blankets, extra size, 11-4 All-Wool Blankets, *11-4 White All-Wool Blankets, 11-4 Extra Heavy Wool Blankets, white, from $5.00 to E. H. Ganong left here Wednes day for the Bitter Root Valley to look over a bunch of horses with a view of buying them and running them on his Dry Fork range. R. E. Hammond, of Kalispell, n former teacher in the schools at Cho­ teau, will appear before the state supreme court on I)ec. 3 for tire pur­ pose of having the judges pass upon his qualifications to practico law. Tho band, assisted by MrB. Erickson, Miss Ma igo Copeland, Edwin Kufus and other local talent, will givo a eoncort in tho near future. Program will nppear'in tho next issue. tho dance Those who attended supper at tho Club Cufo lust oveurug were agreeably surprised at tho ole- gnnts display of eatables ou tho tables. No expense whatever was spared to provide all tho delicacies of the season and tho result was one of the swellest suppers ever served in this section. Medium Sized Sewed Comfort, Medium Sized Comfort, heavy quality, Extra Size, Soft Batt.on, Yarn Tied Comforts, Something Nice in Down Comforts, $6.00 to Nice Feather Pillows, Per Pair, Nice Down Pillows, Per Pair, 60c $ 1.00 2.50 gray, brown, Extra Fine Down and Feather Pillows, Ber Pair, $4 00 to $6.00 Remember we enn save you money on ever-y dollars worth you buy in our store. Our motto is one price to all, and that the lowest. Money refunded if not satisfactory. FOLLOW T H E C R O W D T O TH E C o m p a n y . \-““^ L E A D E R S IN LOW PR ICES. Thè Tribunu’a Version. zrz. ; I Th e G reatest Bargain vning, at. Clioleau, slating that (¡3} ,— . . n ir ■ Sale in Montana. Sceae near McCuuig’s much, at Dupuyer. Joe Kipp, of Blackfoot, is in the city today. Mr. Kipp is one of the oldest old timers of the Blackfoot reserve and is well known to all north­ ern Montanians.—Kalispell Bee. John S. Lane, of Saypo, was iu town Wednesday and purchased a large load of fine furniture to put in the residence recently built on his ranch. It begins to look as though John’s bachelor days were over. Married, at the residence of Mr and MrB. Chae. W. Gray, on Willow creek, on Wednesdoy, Nov. 20, 1902, Rev. F. L. Buzzell, pastor of tho M. E. church officiating, Mr. James B. Kellogg, of Elizabeth and Mrs. Mar­ garet A. Eitelgoerge. Georgo W. Magee, publishor of the Dupuyer Acantha, was in town tho first of tho week. He was a witness on tho Wilcox divorce case. A special meeting of the Odd Fellows lodge was held last Monday evening for the purpose of conferring i.ig tho iniliatory dogreo upon Augus Fiuluysou, of Pondera. A reward of Sift, will be paid for tho return of onogroy mare, brandod A on right hip, also Z bar on shoulder. Tho reward will be paid at Monroe & Buechlor’s, Pondera. □ R obert D ixon . ' ' We would suggest to the incoming board of count y commissioners that as soon as practicable after January 1st, they call a special meeting for the purpose of establishing a county road from Choteau to the Burton beach. In our opinion Foster’s bearer alide can never be made a safe road for loaded wagons. ~- Tho commissioners of Silver Bow county has decided upon a now scale of compousntion for judgos of elec­ tion. Thoy will receive $3.00 per day for tho timo thoy wore at work and fivo cenla additional for oach ballot cast. T ¡ 1 i i The Art Studio Another shipment of Framed Judies just received. Our price a& usual is lower than the,lo west $ From 65c and up. , Mrs. E. N. HAUGEN, Choteau, Montana. ! M.H. Wall, deputy U. S.. marshal, is here to day to take to Helena for examination the eight Chinamen who came across the line from British Columbia, and who lacked the ueces ‘ sary papers to show that they are in this country lawfully. A big business in illegal Cbiqameu is apparently being carried on along the northern border.—Kalispell Inter Lake. .Fred Lawler, charged with having sold liquor to two Piegan Indians at Cut Bank |leat summer, was acquitted bjr a jury in the United States court iu The annual Thanksgiving mas­ querade ball gives by the Knights of Pythius at the town hall last evening was altouded by the largest crowd ever gathered in a dance hall in Choteau. The music for the occasion was furnished .by-' tho colobratod Black Eaglo orchestra • o f { Great Falla. Tho list of maskora was handed us today, toojate 'for. publi- licatiou in this issue. It will be pub- lished next week. AI turno y Sam Stephenson yesler day moss Dow die jury’ in the Irmi, in tin* district court there, of Crichton (or Creighton) had returned u verdict of guilty und fixed a rcmurkuhlo sentence-four mouths iu tho slate penitentiary It inis boon very seldom iu the stale that a mun has heon sent to tho poniteli tiary for loss than a year, tho penally & si © 8 .M E v s $: men s $: Tj \ DIM-, L \ DI KS LADIES’ .50 SHOES, (id SHOES, 83 00 SHOES, SLi lM’ERS, 73’. and EEL I’ TOP SHOES, .MENS FELT HOOTS, for nearly all offences that urn punish- i GERMAN SOX, 85c and - uhlo by imprisonment in tho peniteli , H1,A\ Y OVERSH IRl’S, 6 Í T *• Ht w .fcj tiary being not loss than (hut period, but tho crimo of which Crichton was convicted, receiving stolen property,' knowing it to have been stolen, is , punishable by iuiprisonmo/it in the ! § $ penitentiary for not less than h\. j years, and uudei this, provision, t ho j ^ jury- might havo fixed the sentence at : imprisonment for one day.. I S l Crichtou wus accused of receiving six ctilyes that had bceu stolon from the Floworroo outfit by Jowol Hamit ton, who was couvictod ol tho la-u term of court iu Teton count v am) sent to tho ponitoutiary for on* year Humilton was brought from the p ut iteutiary aud was a witness iu thotn n of Crichton. There was considerable feeing in tho case aud it is understood that tin» result of the reeouL eloation in Teton county did uol tend to help prosecu ti n any. Another Crichtou is now on ‘ rial, for the ‘-o'uo offence. There is a chargo pending, iu connection with * tho same case, against H. W. of Pondera, but will be dismissed Tribuno. The above is true with a few sligli* exceptions, namely, that there is next to no truth at ull in it. John Crichton was not sent to tho 'penitentiary C X I ) Eft.SHIRTS, C A N V A S COATS, $1.50, $1.75 and C A N V A S VESTS. $ 2.00 1.50 1.95 1.00 1.00 50c 1.00 40c 40c 2.00 75c For 30 Days, io per cent, dis­ count on all Shoes. It will Pay You to Examine my Stock ¿met Prices before Buying-Elsewhere. * h* V* R L. SMITH, Bynum. Mönt. Q o i K I L L T H E B R U T E ! S K IN H I M PROPERLY A N D S H I P H I S S K I N A N D A L L O T H E R gainst H. W Kn«., ! it ia expected that il | I L ' issod.— Great l-’a l l s 'j 3*/- ' f at i \z ’'« X - bjr&e - X? PPOph n i r m s A p o u s s m c c p c h i n t a n n i h v , C A P A C l T V 3 C G O P C L .T & P £ f t TO THE SHIPMENT H0U5Ê \ riLIU.AN FUR&W0DL 6 Minneapolis. Minn. TH E R E ’S MONEY IN IT Write, for Circular. all, but ¡to the county jail for f o u r | - — Advertised Lattar List. Under date of . No'votnber 21, 1902, , v Postmaster DrakeKas received, notice from tbo department; at Washington, advising him oft^a'./change in tho arrival and doparturo of;thb..Choteau- Dupuyor mai’L the- change to take effect at once. Under • the now schedule the mail leaves Choteau at I^elgna last week>v The Lawler case jfa$' rather peculiar. The Indian said 1 6:00 a. m., arriving at Dupuyer a t 1 hostile to tfio motbocla used by one '¡ain’t- (. «ugh Remedy to loosen aud months. Ho was tried by a jury of i twelve Teton county citizens, and i! . is^presutnod that thev discharged J their duty, as they will continue to do in the future no matter what may he said by Great Fulls lawyers. Tu<h dentally it may be said t h a t th** J “other Crichton” , was found not ! *‘ rH s;ty advertised, guilty by another jury, and U n i t ! C. H . Daise. P.M. the vordict meets with general ap : ...... proval. Tho “ feeling” evinced in t i n * , I f • m have a bad i»>ld you need a Jphn Crichton caso was certainty ; L’ ood r.*' »bio medicine l i k e Chamber- List .>! letters remnmiiig uncalled I for in . to'lice at Choteau, Mon- I !;*.un, for w»ek ending Nov. 24,1902. \ Janies lictts. I I Person•» culling fur tho above let- qd tbp atqqd that be had bought and drank a glass of beer. Other men, who were in Lawler’s saloon at the*time, corroborated the native’s evidence. And still others Bworo that the red 12:30 p. m ; returning leaves Dupu- Fc i tor in the employ of the ¡rock relieve it. aud to allay tho irritation yor at 1:00 p. m., arriving at Choteau 1 association to secure evidence against “ nil ''iil unalion of the throat and at 7:30 p. ui. Tho patrous of tho tho dofondont, and that “feeling” is , lungs. The soothing aud healing post offices at Bynum; tfucL Dupuyer, cortainly shared by all fair miud ul properties of this remedy under this new arrangement, will re- c^'zeDS- ■an bad slacked his thirst with g inger! ceive their mail seversr?hour« ea’rlier1 .New fall hats, no two aliko, at Jos ala. than heretofore. ? ^ , | Hirshborg & Co. and the quick cures which it effects make it a favorite everywhere. For sale by H. Drake. Corson and Peno). Charles Corson, 1900, aud; Cy . k .;u Penoi, 1896 are still Goverragid^'a^ .l _ __ ployees at Anadarko, Oklabiomá^ v latteriiav, Charles, at the close of ' a which he sent several ■ubacriptioua says that be and Mark are g a ttii^ on well. He is teaching a band in,towi»',V’ during his off hours iu.. the-fevaaiDgl -f The band is made up oFwhitoa/fànçÎ ¡ j | isimproying, and they , a ^ a i ^ y % r à 'i ab'e to earn something as a b in d ^ H « » ^ expresses great gratitude to “ daar b l i l l i ^ Carlisle” for the opM r t u a it^ h a ^ È ^ ^ É oppórtu aity-h eilu ídí here to - learn, m u à c t & lìv k ^ ''''’r*f'a Charles voted, for-,the' firs\títí^/í»Yíií;€ ■ rMtajLOr. their lives’this fall’., ’’ They.tvotad\loc^ïS McGuric, .delegate /to^Congraa^KM in other words, immediataStataÌM»df excluding J n d i a p T e m ^ ^ r V ^ Alan1' v-.v MU t f

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.