The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, December 05, 1902, Image 1

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<*-/** V f 'l ST * *■ '.:■;! v *?V ’ .- V.T ■'<\•* •••»•' 1” * -• '*'* \v ' ,; ' .. ’« ‘ . V ' ,V •* -, ; , - , ■” - , \ \ r - :® W W c r ■>W s •ixr-;. I V :. - . ■:X\-*s V l ^ C Z < P Æ r nromcre. • « o ^ P - Í S & k TheTMöntaniän, Vol. XIII, No 31. CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA. DECEMBER 5, 1902. Teton Chronicle, Vol. VI, Ho. 18- J. E. ERICKSON, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, CHOTEAU, M O NTANA. J ,G. BAIR, Attorney-at- Law, - « CHOTEAU, MONTANA. T i e : i s Cl Ç O L L IN S , MONT. THE STORE Of LOW PRICES C h a n g e d Its O p in ion . J A M B S ; S O L O E O V B , ¿Row ani Counselor at Lai, Notary Publio. CHOTEAU, Oourt Houso. MONTANA. T . B R O O K S , Physician & Surgeon. Successor to Wamsloy & Brooks. Off1 co Noxt to Court House. F. A. LONG, Physician and Surgeon Our low prices still continue, and we are pleased that our customers are takiug advantage of them. A t this time we offer you: 114 blauketB for $1.00; white cotton, yarn tied comforts, good value« at $2.00, our price, $1.45; a splendid grade of outing flannels at 10 cents per yard. Calico al 7 cents per yard. White Turkish bath towels, extra large, 35c and 45c. Wo have in stock the celebrated Greenhood overalls. Men’s 2 buckle oyershoe, $1.85. Men’s 1 nuckle overshoe, $1.45. Also children’s aud ladies’ artics.. Office in Jackson Building. Next to Telephone, Office. CHOTEAU, - - MONTANA. ^ C. WARNER, U. S. Commissioner, CHOTEAU, MONT, Land filings and proofs. y y A L T E R M ATH EW S , U. S. COMMISSIONER, COUNTY SURVEYOR, Telephone No.,27. CHOTEAU, M ONTANA, Olaf C. FjelcL Land, Reservoir and Ditch Sur­ veying a specialty. SH E L B Y , - - M O N T . Dr. EARLE STRAIN, OCULIST and AORIST, 317 First Avenue North, GREAT FALLS, M ONT. Offioe Hours: 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. J. W . SHIELDS, O. E. Land Locations. Reservoir Sites. Canal and ditch surveying, Fall List o f Vacant Sehool Lands OFFICE, CHOTEAU, MONT?> O H E Y A L IE R LO D G E NO. 12, J C . o f IP. Meets Every Thnrsday Evening. VUUio« Brethron Cordially Invitod to Attoud. L eonard J. L ownds , C. C. D r . T. B rooks , K. of B * S. • Choteau Laundry Best Werk in the State on White Stirts and Collars. F f ices Reasonable. J. H. Pcrmn.ii, Agi C. P. Crane, Manager. Telephone 12. Choteau, Mont. H. BEAUPRE, D E N T I S T Teeth Extracted With­ out Pain. AH work Guaranteed. CHOTEAU. MONTANA. B U C K S FOR SALE. \ T h e undersigned has for sale Two Hundred and F ifty head of yearling and two-year old French Merinos. These Bucks are the best shearers in Teton county. An inspection by intending purchasers is solicited. Prices reasonable. J. B. ESCALLIER, SHELBY, MONT. Groceries—Specials Dec. 6: Medium size sour pickles, in bulk, 45c per gallon. Soda crackers, 71c per pouud. Dry benns, 4lc per pound. We are always willing to assist you in making your purchases, aud give you trustworthy information, regard­ less of where you trade. A. S. TRUSCOTT, Manager. After having read last week’s Mon- tanian and Chronicle it is very ovideut that the Great Galls Tribune has changed its opinion of the Moutaua Stock Association and the people of Teton county, as will be seen by tho following: A well-informed and representative citizen of Teton county who is in the city denies that there is auy such feeling against the stock association in that county that it is difficult to secure conviction of a cattle thief whose guilt is proved, but be st that the association’s methods Canvass of State’s Vote. Hirshbers: Helena, Dec. 2!—Yesterday’s can­ vass of the return in tho election, by the state board of cauvassors, showed. I hat tho total yoto cast for associate justice of tho supreme court was 55,- 3G0, while the total vote for represen­ tative iu congress was nearly 2,000 short oi this number—the exact lig ures being 53,324. ■ Tho canvassing ¿board was busy with die returns for several hours yesterday, and its work could not bo com plot ed because of the fact that the returns ou tho vote for and against the constitutional amendment changing tho terms of county com­ missioners from four to six yours had not been sent- in by the ciork-s of four of the counties, the missing returns being those for Cascade, Madison, Sdvor Bow aud Valley. The figures ou tho vole by counties are given iu tho appended taole: Brothers Club Càie O L IVER HEAD, Prop. Bankers, Choteau, Montana. 1 NEW RESTAURANT by the people generally. employed by the association, difficult to induce againet a cattle thief in that cot as in any other county of the statu. >0S;&:gg-:e6&:Si6;e&:S-aS9a333i33:333ei 15a £% A Vs tcilp ¡very Stable § J. M. LAUGflLDT, W __ Proprietor. I DUrUYER, MONT. ïs s s a & s â3333:-33333S@6:g’:&:&:6’:&:S:6«’:6iC G r e a t F a l l s M o n t , Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Builders Hardware, g/ Building P a p e r , Mouldings, Sash, Doors, Etc. Write for Special Prices on Carloads F. O. B your nearest Railroad Station. GEO. R. WOOD, Manager. Telephone 70. 200 Fifth Ave. S BEN. FEIST, -:OF: C O L L IN S , M O N T A N A Handle Tho B E S T BRANDS Of TW IN E S , LIQUORS And! ^CIGARS. This Firm Also Runs A —:FEED STABLE:-- At Collins W ith A Good Man In Charge, And Anyone De­ siring To Leave A Team With them Can do so Know­ ing That They W ill Be Given The Best Of Care. T H E C A S C A D E B A N K „.of Great Falls, Mont. ¿Incorporated under the laws of Montan, April 5,1 Capital Surplus - - - 15,000. b. E. Atkinson President. - ' $75,000. Jacob Switzer Vice-President, F. P. Atkinson Cashier, W. W. Miller AssisUa Cashier. directors : S. E. Atkinson, F. P. Atkinson. Peter Larson - John J. Ellis, Jacob Switzer, W. W. Miller A ironoral banking business transacted. In- «rts t allowed on time deposita. slock association have undoubtedly incurred the enmity of the s farmers by their laud operations and feeling has justice. ever tended to Fon R ent --T wo sheds. with from 100 to 150 tons of hay t sheds. W alter C lark , Bynum. Funeral of Charles E. Conrad. the largest ever seea in Montana. It was attended by friends all ovor the state. Besides these aud immediate relatives, the fraternal orders of Kalis pell sent large delegations to pay the last tribute to the distinguished citi­ zen. The floral offerings were num­ erous and beautiful. Bucks for Sale. Fifteen head of registered Delaine Merino Bucks, three aud four years old, at $8.00 per head. Cull on or address the undersigned at Augusta. Montana. J ohn L. B. M ayer . Robbed the Bank. Billings, Dec. 2.—Throo highway men, masked and armed wilh rifles m. to-day, and revolvers, at 12:10 p held upthebankof Amoretti, Barclay & Co., formerly tho Slockgrowors’ bank, at Bridger, Carbon county, aud secured cash amounting to$5,338. Tho robbers left town on horseback aud are being pursued by posses. Dissolution o f Partnership. To whom it may concern: We, the undersigned, the parsons forming the recent co partnership of Morisou & McLeod, hereby give notice that on the 13th day of Octo ber, 1902, we sold our entire stock of saloon good3 and fixtures to William Krofft, and that the said co partner ship was on the said 13th day of October, 1902, dissolved by mutual consent. M. M orison , M urdoch M c L eod , Dated, Choteau, Mont., Oct. 18, 1902 Knights of Pythias Election. At the regular meeting of tho chevalier lodge, K. fo P. held last evening, officers for the coming term were elected as follows: C. C., G. A. Gorham V. C., Wm. Jones Prelate, JameB Merritt M - o f E., J. E. Erickson M. of F., A. C. Warner K. of R. & S., Dr, T. Brooks M. at A., T. O. Larson M. of W., H . F. Bailey I. G., C. A. Miller O. G., W . J. Dorrington Trustees, J. S. Gordon, Julius Hirahberg and C. A. Miller. WANTED. I want 3,000 sheep to winter or will rent a band for a year on a cash proposition. For further particulars address, O rd A. A yxsley , _6-4w. Collins, Mont. FOR SALE. 1280 acres of land with GO shares of Eldorado water. J. E. W ebb . FOR SALE. A well improved ranch of 1G0 acres adjoining the Choteau townsito. Call on J. G. Bair. wtf. A BARGAIN. I have a complete 12 foot bar outfit in good condition for sale cheap. W m . H odgskiss . Choteau, Mont. 3 .\.‘. l := For Congress. Associate Justice. Amendment. i ; ? 1 COUNTY. ; i tc j i ) « fl“ PI • * K 03 P3 £ ë 0 ft Jk 3 iS :V o a > g T 0 0 Lt 'S 0 3 U O Ci / a w # pi 1/2 w ■ a Ò , Beaverhead ...... , 87-1 723 19 » 932 079 •27 452 400 Broadwater ...... 313 309 42 13 534 275 8 Jm 83 131 Carbon ........... / 750 -MW 190 29 994 •R>7i 1 H • 1-2 Cascade ........... i 1891) 1503 315 107 1021 - ) 23G1 111 ... • / Choteau .......... SII 481 10 9 850 540 8 ! 327: MS Caster ........ 7 AVI 300 OO 12 (¡33 281 10 ; :m 70 415 100 13 9 •145 171 9 107 103 ’Door Tintlf'e . . . 971 840 880 481 415 1502 1178 229 033 (¡80 Fergus ............. Klfifi 51 24 ' 1102 903 !il> (¡02 4SI Flathead............ 1223 970 18 153 1304 885 147 403 299 Gallatin ............ 105-1 1023 11 117 1-242 879 412 107 57,3 438 Granito ............. -inn 420 CO.} 8 30 201 ) 773 15 212 187 Jefferson ........ 025 501 229 8 GJ •108, 33 23'.) 208 Lowis aud Clarke. 1592 1232. 547 2401 1237 131 77IÎ 397 Madison............ 1241, 904 189 27 1547 818 19 \\Ó 8 Monghor .......... 391)' 219 50 4 479 212 3 231 2 50 Missoula ........... ■ 1950 830 42 220 1007 ion; 788 329 859 523 14 183 935 499 181 20.5 324 Po well .............. (¡07 458 8S 14 778 370 II 309 235 Bn valli .............. 950, 059 (¡0 107 1001 095 79 415 350 3ln! 248 4288 8 . 5 344 257 •1 131 (>5 Silver Bow ........ 3-1951 3344 1200 7310 5120 929 \ ’73 *Ü7 Sweot Grass ....... 370 200 7 5 •100 203 3 10 Teton ................ , .. 585, 398 •J 14 537 442 291 119 Vnllnv ............ 419' O.qn 1 0 430 288 0 « • « . . ...» 80S, 572, 17 59 890 523 ■10 351 127 Totals............ • • 240-20, ! 19500 1 0005 3131 31090 21204 2400 8181 5100 Wc solicit accounts and offer to the public the most liberal treat­ ment consistent with safe banking. exchange on W e buy and sell all the ' principal American and European cities, and issue letters of credit. T H O M P S O N & F E R R I S , LETHHKIDOE Leave ordere at telephone oflico. Hello, No. 42. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Jas. E. Norlou has secured a posi­ tion witu tho Choteau Mercantilo Co. Rev.W. W. Van Oisdel will preach at Choteau next Sunday morning and evouing. child ran, Clins. W. Gray, wife and of Belloviow, wore visitors in Cholouu a couple of days this week. Call at tho Choteau Mercantile Co., anil see tho uow Une of Jewolory and Silverware uow on display. Silk, gut aud stool strings for man doliu, violin, guitar and banjo. Every string warranted at tho Art Studio. A nice assortment of toys, rocking horses, small chairs and toy disho3 Big reduction in gout’s clothing at tho Cholean Mercantilo Co. Five hundred pairs of*' mod ' s wool pants lit 25 per cent discount at Jos. Hirshberg & Co. Johu Graves anil (¡has. LaPago left yesterday iw rnmg for n short bunting trip iu llm mountains. L. S. Butler expects to spend the winter at Helenu, assisting our law makers iu takiug caro of tlio slute’H Cnancos. can bo soon at Ilio Choteau Mercantile Co. ____________ of Commissioner M. Connelly, Shelby, is iu town this week for tho purpose of attending tho regular Decombor mooting of tho board. Tho public, sectarian and Sunday schools of Lowistown will bo closed for two weeks, owing to tho provulance in that city of an epidemic of scarlet fever. The weather for tho past few «lays has been cold aud ra\j winds have prevailed with very, very light snow, so that “ wo aorterthink it,s winter.” Bids for caro of county poor, Mrs. Austad, SG 75; Angus Bruco, SG.22. For buriul of poor, Mrs. Austad, $34; Augus Bruco, $35. Up the hour of going to pross tho .commissioners had not awarded tho contract. Tho carriages run by tho Chotoau Houso livery between Choteau and Steel station on the Groat Falls and Canada railway, aro boated with Lehman's Heaters, which makes it yery pleasant traveling on tho coldest winter day. Hugh Robinson is improving his ranch on Deop Creek this week, build- iug an addition to his cabin, putting up corrals, etc. It looks rather sus- pecious to some of his friends, but there comes a time some day” to all young people. A local politician, who has been looking over the election returnsîrom the several counties, kns come to the conclusion that the various demo­ cratic tickots had unusually strong candidates for tho office of sheriff. Although every county in Montana, with the exception of Silver Bow, went republican on tho head of the ticker, the republican candidates for sheriff failed of election in about tbreo- fourlhs of the counties.— River Press. Sheridan pSst, No. 18, G. A. R., o*f Great Falls, has elected'lho following officers: Commander, W. M. Cleeland; sonior vice commander, Sterling McDonald of Choteau; junior vico commander,A J. Zimmerman; quar­ termaster, F. Geo Como and let us show you our goods. It will not cost you anything to look and wo are suro that wo can please you. City Drug Store. Mrs. J. E . .Wamsloy returned yes­ terday from n visit with relatives and friends at the Sweet Grass Hills and other points in tho state. Her sisters, Mrs. Farrell and Miss Lillian Kagliu returned with her. L ost — Two milch cows, ono red, aud ono red and white spotted, branded J “ on right ribs, also liavo other brands. ?2 50 per heud for information loading to their recovery. C. F S i . iste , Choteau. At tho regular meeting of Clioteau Lodge, No. 11, l.OO.F., Friday oven, mg, officers wore elected for tiie coming term as follows: Noble Grand, John G. Jackson. Vico Grand, l i . L Ilalladav. Secrotary, Chas. H. Connor. Treasurer, Win. Bruco. I l D CO. 0 3 - G R E A T F A L L S , MONT. (Unincorporated.) Paid up capital ................. $ 100,000 Individual responsibility... 2,000,000 W. G. CON HAD, Pros. JAMES T. STANFORD, Vice Pres, and Mauagor. P. K E L L Y , Cashier. The best of service and accom­ modations to be had in the city. Everything First Class and In accordance with the market. REMEHBER THE PLACE L.-V. va Ï • ';5* m .y % V ,VT ¿1 Mrs.T. A. S M I T H M illinery and O onfectioner y . New Stock of the Lat­ est Styles of Winter Hats Just Received. A Full Line of Nuts, Candy and Fruit is Always on hand. This bank solicits accounts, and offers to depositors absolute security, prompt and careful attention, aud the most liboral IrouluiouL consistent with safo and profitable bunking. Buys and sells foreign exehango, drawing direct on all principal Amer­ ican and Curopeun cities, and issues its own Loiters of Credit. Inlorcst paidou time deposits. The highost cash price paid for ap­ proved state, county, city aud school bonds and warrants The Teton Exchange Doputy Shoriff Burbank returned Tuesday morning from Lethbridge, N. W. T., whoro ho had been called as a witnos3 against Junius Young, the horso thief captured iu Choteau. Young stole two horses on the Canadian side aud brought one to this side and sold it to W. J . Biown of Gold Butte. Ho wont to Ciioloau and was employed tbero by Wm. Iiod g ckiss when arrested. He plead guilty to tbo two charges and it h expected lie will grace the inner walls of a Canadian prison for a number of years to como.—Shelby Inde­ pendent.. Gloriously Republican. Helena, Dec. 1.— Tho Blnia can vassing board toduy canvassed the rolurns on the ticket, wilh tho fol­ lowing result: For congressman — Dixon, republican....................2-1,(¡2(1 Evans, dom o crat ...................... 19,580 Dee, labor ................................ G,095 Sproule, socialist........................3,131 53,322 Total v o t o ..................... Dixon’s plurality, 5,0GG. For associato justice— Holloway, republican. . ........... 31,GG0 Leslie, domocrat........................21,201 Cameron, socialist.................... 2,-Itili Total ..................................... 55,3(i0 Halloway’s majority, 8,020. O. G. Cooper of Choteau; chaplain, J. C. Epier; ofie or of the day, Frank Coombs; officer of the guard, C. E „ . . . , W A N T E D —F A I T H F U L PERSON Jdeldt; sergeant, travel for well established liouv* in a few counties, calling on retail merchants and agents. Local lorri tory. Salary $102-1 a yeur and ,yx ,rm. i i <i ’ » \ . penses, payable $1970 a- wcok aud I Thayer; delegates to tho departm ent,^ ^ ¿dvanceci. Business sue- As usual, we lead in quality 'and I encampment, Sterling McDonald and j CCSsful and rushing. Standard City Drug Store. O. G. Cooper. House, 33-1 Dearborn St., Chicago. pnce. Choteau, Mont. Thin is Urn Jincsl cip- pointed saloon in north­ ern Montana. U ’ e har.i: on hand Ihn finest hr am In of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. The Celebrated Pabst Export Beer On tap and in bottles. DAVIS BROS., Proprietors. Agent for the BEST Ladies Tailoring Co. in the country. TAKEN UP. One sorrel gelding, broke to «addle, about 12 yoar old, with Blaze face and White logs. Branded on loft thigh and on the left shoulder. Owner can have same by proving property and paying coats. W. H. C o nliffd , Choteau, Mont. A N D Livery Feed Stable r a n A in. fCIiOJ-’i-T, Prop. Having purchased tho stock and business of H. F. Bailey, I am prepared to furnish Livery Riga and Turn­ outs for patrous. Also to care for and feed yonr team when you are in Town. C o m e r o f Choteau Avenue and Ham ilton Street. I hayo Baled Hay aud Grain for sale and will bn pleased tosnpply all wants in that lino. Call and see me. O. E. PUGSLEY. E . H . Finest Line of W I N E S , ■ L I Q U O R S , ‘ C I G A R S , in Teton County. L )) ItKl’UESENTING THE CHICAGO TAILORING COMPANY. Has tho largest line of Fall apd Winter samples ever, brought* into tho state. The Prices araj Moderate and a .perfect, fit' absolutely guaranteed. Give Us a Call When In Choteau. * . Have a fine line of'snmpleeft for Ladies suits, V.Baipj^^diikîà'i skirls. H o ld your o r ^ e i ^ u t i l ^ l ^ ^ P ^ you see them. lU U U l . ; ■ ti: m • -Li- '

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 05 Dec. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.