The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, December 05, 1902, Image 3

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- .. i - i t - i - S , ■ •’ ^ w '• r :**2*ÌiKfrdiL ' , -' _ .- i > i Vi ■- V i1, ^ 1 t «¿VV*/ v?» ^¿I,’Y£ì£ n ** V/ »*« >A*.S*>*/**/* • y U-pl; .Jifc C--- j T*-' j 7 \.. . - » 7. v MILLER \& LONGM UIR, Proprietors. KENTUCKY W.HISKT, CALIFORNIA WINES, 7 DOMESTIC.CIGARS. MONTANA BEER, Brewed from.. Montana Barley. Corner Main and Conrad Streets, Choteau, Montana: s , _ i — * f - * tfit CITY DRUG C. H. DRAKE; Proprietor PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES L Fruit, Confectionery\ cigars, Etc. - - - - A New Line of STATIONERY j JUST RECEIVED. The (Jem, HRS: ED. DENNIS, Proprietor BREAD FOR SALE K Firstclass Restaurant ..... Under New Management. MEALS AT ALL' HOURS. ecceceeccececceccccoGccceccecccceeci O ^ -v\ tVV v\ Nate Wertheim 1 Company / THE LARGEST CLOTHING AND SHOE HOUSE IN NORTHERN MONTANA. GREAT FALLS. , M Hi * v H . - E . , i DEALER m |5;L^ cal j ^ ews $ 7;; About 2 dozen framed studies special price 75o at the A rt. Studio. 7 T? ob S ale —One liyery barn One houaa and four., lots. For further particulars inquire at this office. • W e are headquarters for every­ thing in candy. We have candy for the lover and the' loyed. City Drug Store. ‘ lylefchapcLise POHDER/L moiVTAIVR. * • A First Class stock of goods of all kinds constantly kept on Jiand. Courteous ¡'treatment to all our patrons. ’ When our new store at the new town- fully completed, we will quote you prices that will surprise you. Our stock of books for the hoiidav trade would be a credit to a town four or five times the size of Choteau. City Drug Store. ... Drop into the Family Liquor Stor.e and get a “ Solicitor” cigar, a drink of good old Ramona whiskey and go on your way rejoicing. Chas. Jackson has gone to Helena to appsar in the cate bt ought against him by the government for alleged trespass on a forest reserve. Oliver Head has rented the Cooper building nest to the Exchangejaud in a few days will opeu therein a first- class short-order restaurant. W. D. Hagan and wife, ofDupuyer, have gone to Chicago, where Mrs Hagen will undergo surgical treat­ ment in one of the prominent hospitals. Prof. Dean and Miss Blanche Weaver, teachers in the Dupuyor school, who spent a couple of days in Choteau laat week, returned to their homes Sunday morning. Water is being sold at fifty cents a barrel over in Shelby. The price is very reasonable when the amount used by the inhabitants of that berg is taken into consideration. Rev. W. W. VanOrsdel will hold quarterly conference at Shelby the 10th inst. and expects to be able to hold them in the new church that the Methodists have built thero. ’ Philip Bean,of Clemens and Arthur P. Beas, of Missoula, were in town last Saturday on their way to the home Of S. J. Bean, o f the Blackleaf, whero they will visit for a short time. , Lawyer J. G-. Bair went to Dupuyer Wednesday morning to appear as attorney for the plaintiff in the contest case brought against the homestead entry of Ida Thomas by Major George Steell. t 1 1 1 J. L. Collins is improving the resi­ dence property recently purchased iu Choteau by the eroctiou of a large bsm. Let the good work go ou. The more improvements we have of this character the better. | The Art Studio t Another shipment of Framed • Studies just received. Our pries ! as usual is lower than the lowest $2 I^om 65c. arid up. j f .. Choteau, Montana. r . i *>!*? r - v r * \ , Jasper Murray left here the first, of the week for his pld home in Iowa where ho will spond the winter. Brown aud Parkor are gotting out fire wood aud fence posts at the Willow creek grade and are prepared to fill orders, large or small, for material of Ibis description. Fat Crossen returned last week fi oin a trip to Chicago and other points iu the east. Ho was accotnpauiud homo by n brother from White Earth. Wis., who comes out for the purpose of proving up ou a desert-luncl claim. It ¡8 reported that the work of making the Great Falls & Canada Railway a standard guago will be completed and the road turned over to tho operating department of the Great Northern ruilway on Sunday, Jauuary 11, 1903. .Chan. Smith aud wife closed a deal whereby they came iu posessiou of the Club Cafe receutly conducted by Oliver Hoad. It is tho iuteulioa of Mr. and Mrs. Smith to mako this tho most popular cafe iu this section; no pains nor expense will bo spared in se­ curing for tboir patrons the very best the market affords. Givo them a trial. Chairman C. 13. Porkins came iu from Dupuyer last Suuday to bo preseut at this, the last regular meet­ ing of the present board of county commissioners. Mr. Porkius informs us that as soon as ho returns to Du- puyernext week ho will loavo for Troy, N. Y., with Mrs. Porkins, whore she will spond tho winter with relatives and friends. Thos. L. Thompson returned the first of the week from Helenu, where he had been as a witness in tho case of the Uuited States against J. H. Boucher who is charged with tres­ passing on the forest reserve. John W. Clark, formorly deputy sheriff at Dupuyer, is in town today renewing old acquaintances. Mr. Clark informs us that it is his inten­ tions to open a harness shop at tho new town o f Conrad at au early date. We wish him success. The entertainment given at tho town hall Wednesday night by Mr. and Mrs.jHirshborg was a very enjoy­ able affair, largely attended and very much appreciated by the Ladiea Industrial, for whose benefit it was given. The receipts were 551.25. Last Tuesday evening a bridle was stolen from a horse standing at the hitching rask in front of the Choteau house. . The horse and bridle were the property of F. P. McDermott and bo offers a reward o f 515 for tho appre­ hension of tbs thief. <- A dispatch from St. Paul says J. W.-Shultz, of the Blackfeet reserve tion, has bsen arrested in that city on a chargh of jumping a board bill at the Magee hotel. Mr. Shultz it will be remembered, left here a few weeks ago as a guide te a party of eastern hunters who were makinga trip down the Missouri river.—River Press, H. F. Bailey has purchased the Family Liquor Store from Adlam & Dorrington and has taken possession. Mr. Adlam will continuo to serve ut the old aland the beverage lhatjeheers for a mouth longer, however, when ho will, probably again engago elsewhere in business for himself.- Mr. Dorring­ ton has been tendered, and haB ac­ cepted, the positionjof jailer under Sheriff-elect C. W. Taylor. At the meeting of the board of county commiseionors this week the bids for medical attendance and for furniebing medicines and surgical dressings for the county poor for the ■ext year were opened and found to be as follows: Dr. F. A. Long,medical attendance, f 1000; Dr. T. Brooks, medical at­ tendance, 5850; C. H. Drake, furnish­ ing medicine,etc, $250. All bids were rejected aBd a contract afterward en tered intowith Dr.Brooks, who agreos to furnish all medicines, and to attend all sick and infirm patients of the county for the sum of .$75Q for the year, 7 _ n o t i c e . , * Persons are hereby warned not to shoot or trespass on our promises. S ands C attle . & L and C o . ¿ i f .. - ; ■ - - V l i ' - . v - L i r . . V ; - . :■ We have eyerything^to7.ploase .tho most fastideous. City JQrug Store. ' Rev. F. L. Buzzoll w.ilL preach at Saypo next Wednesday night, Dec. 10, Call and see the new waist patterns; no two aliko at the Choteau Moreau tile.Co. Chas. Motzkor, of Great Falls, is here to-day attending to matters of business. George Monroe, the Pondera livery- mau, was a busiuess visitor in town this week. Mrs. Henry Millor and children arrived here ou Wednesday’s coach from their homo in Prince Edward Island. Mr. Miller has boou in Teton county for tho past two years aud his opinion of Moutaua iu general aud Totou county iu particular ia such that he has moved bis family here aud will reside permanently' among us. Wo welcome tbom and hope that circumstances may bo such that they will never regrot the change. John W. Shields, Walter Mathows and James Drinkwino have boon ap­ pointed by Judge Smith, of theJ dis triet court, as commissioners to ascor tain aud determine the amount to be p .id by Byron B Rogers, plaintiff, to Wm.H. Franklin, dofondant, as dam ages by roasou of the appropriation of the right of way of an irrigation ditch through defendant’s land.) The first meeting of tho commissioners will bo held on Doc. 15th, 1902, at the residence of W. H. Franklin. John Devlin returned last Evening from tho Blackfeet reservation where he had been in company with Deputy Sheriff Frank Doan, cf Dupuyer, for the purposo of securing the toam of horses ho obtained judgment for aguiustjJamos Stone at tho last term of the district court. They got the team, but say they aro not auxious to make a rotuin trip on tho samo kind of a mission. Although the weather is cold tho residents of tho resevatiou made it pretty warm for them. This is tho soason of the year wbon the prudent and careful housewife replenishes her supply of Cbambor- ain’s Cough Remedy. It is certain to be needed before tho wiuter ia or Jr, and results are much more prompt and satisfactory when it is kept at hand and given as Boon & b the cojd is contracted and before it has become settled in tho system. In almost every instance u severe cold may be warded off by taking this remedy as soon as the first indication of tbo cold appears. There is no danger in giving it to cbildron for it contains no harm­ ful substance. It is pleasant to take— both adults and cbildreu like it. Buy it and you get tho best. It always cures. For sale by C. H. Drake. Freet Freel Freel W a tch these Columns for the next three weeks. It w ill mean money for yon. A F e w iaan ams 4 o r This Week! 10 Per Cent. Discount on a pedals. 5 Coats. These are for the Ladies, and we are proud of the Stock we have in this line. W e are sell- ■ ins a lot of them and have never heard a complaint. ) aaruraasaasassaganggaga-gia La£IClì@S ? 9 oól and Velvet W e have never had a nicer nor a moire up-to date line than vve are showing this year. Call and see them. L a d i e s D r e s s a n d treet Suits. . M M « « . » . , ' w t u b v i L a d i e s ’ Silk, Sateen and K Y f lK 2 9 B S S 3 E 7 r n > i m z a m r r r a x r r h y t h i f t m i l GEfftiT; 9 3 YO U T H ’S LOTHING. Fancy- Tuble Linen and Napkins to Match. la iM im r iB il For 30 days only. One 55.00 Stetson Hat with every §20.00 Buit. One §3.00 Wilson Hat with every S15.00 suit. Ono §2 00 Hat any stylo with every 510.0Qsuit. ^ Jos. Hirshberg& Co.Q Advertised Letter List. List o f letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffico at Choteau, Mon­ tana, for weekending Dec. 1,19053. DeLap, Wm Fundingsland, Mrs 0 N Graham, John—2 Gree, Willie Lindselb, Stephen Novak, Charles Phillips, C W . / Rock; B F . - ' -Stauffer, Edgar Persons^calling for the te'ra will'eay “ advertised.” Let us furnisli you out of our Mammoth Stock of Merchandise. The largest in Teton;] county, and the most economical to buy from. Never before have we had such a lot of nice things to select from. Call aud bQ, convinced of that fact. U W fftl j FO L L O W T H E CROW D TO THE above let- , -A C. H . D b AKI$P;M., j C. 1 LEA D E R S IN LOW PRICES. I?v a 3 b : - f e : . < * ». A , - < J?-oVttf... T

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 05 Dec. 1902, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.