The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, April 17, 1903, Image 4

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NO ssœa 3 m m DR. D EYE «3-a Proposals for Jail Alterations ail for Boilflips Jailer’s Resiienee. Sealed proposal», to bo cutlorficd “ Proposals for jail alloratioiiH“ or “ Proposals for building jailer*» reidcnco,\ as the case may be, will bo received by the undersigned up to ton o’clock A. M, of Monday, Juno I, 10TC1, for making al« teration« and putting in two additional ste l colls, two »to *1 door» ami one steel vestibule at tho coanty jail at Choteuu, and for building a one story, two-roomod frame house ndjoinitn county jail, all according t<S plans and upceile cations on tile in my oflicc. All material to bo furnished by contractor. Kach pmjxMul must be accompanied by certified check, payablo to the undurtiigcied, for five per cent of bid. to bo forfeited in case the successful bidder fails to execute coutract and furnish satisfactory bond for proper porform* mice o f work. The right i» reserved to reject any and all bids. Hy order of the Hoard of County Com­ missioners of Teton county, Montana. A CWVAKNEK, County Clerk. Clioteau, Mont., April 10, 1W3. B I L L I N G S . T E N Y E A R S P R A C T I C E I N M O N T A N A . N O C H A R G E F O R E X A M I N A T I O N S . R E A D W H A T W E L L - K N O W N P E O P L E S A Y From F. H. Benjamin, city oilitcr Billings Uu/.i'Uit: Billings, .Mont, March 1, 1902. Dr. D. D. Stearns, Billings, Al<»nt. Dear Sir:— 1 cannot, speak too highly of the professional work you did for my wife I liclitm* you have cured tho headache \\hieli mado ltio miserable for her for years past, at least she lias had no trouble with those pains since she commenced wearing the glasses, over two months ago, and 1 think y«jit have cured where others only failed. 1 am, Truly Your-, F. 11. B E N J A M IN . former State J'iepre Feb. 1, I¡KJ2. Letter from Geo. C. Tuylor, Sheriff Teton coutiLy. Choteuu, Mont., Oct. 10, 1002. Dr. D D. Stearns, Dupuyor, Mont Dear Doctor:—1Tho glasses you fitted for me while at Dupuyer lust lioguo, JRobiusou A Go grocers. Billings, Mont Dr. D. D . Stearns. Dear Sir:—The ni-hed for our duu«. entire satisfaction We ii liovo the stiain on tin causes her no pain wluie studying, and in1 are well pleu-cd as uc fcaicd it would lie a difln nil case to lit. Pleaso accept our thunks. Jiespectfullv, MR. and Mrs. O D. HOG UK. w holesale Feb. 2S, 10(12. ¡lasses you fur ili*r lune giwii nd they re ( \cs and From Moutanian and Chronicle, Clin* teau, Mont., April 10, 10lG Dr. D. D. Stearns, tin- two special­ ist, hus returned to Clioteau and lie will bo pleased to meet any of lus former pat ¡cuts. Hisuurk bcie last fall bus proven highly salisfactory and ho lias gamed tin- couliih-nce of our people, alrof whom speak in the highest terms of his ability The doctor bus practiced his piofessum in Montana for the past ten ycais and no specialist lias ever visited this community and met with the success that tho doctor has. Letter from scntidho. Billings, Mont Dr. D. D. Stearns. Dear Sir:— 1 am pleased to inform yen that the glasses litted to my eyes are in every respect what 1 have fall are simply indispensable to me wished, to aid my eves, being easier Prior to consulting you I hud the and more comfortable than any of most eminent oculist in I bo stale pro the tim e pairs which I huvo had scribe for me on two ddferout occa made m the past two years, and any sums with very unsatisfactory results. and at prices winch wore in no com pin ¡son as reasonable ns yours. 1 hope you muy always pros, er ui tho profession in which you ate so omi nently qualified. _________ Very Respect ive'y, re G EO . C. T A Y L O R . Othcnol Superintendent, Rocky L’ ork ( 'oal company. Rod Lodge, Mont , «Jan. 15, 11)02. Tins is to certify that Dr. D. D Steams lias examined and prescribed gla.-ics lor mi wife’s eyes, winch are giving pet feet satisfaction. «She says the Doctor understand» lus business, as she gone through tho same cxainiual ion before m the Royal In firman, Edinburg, Scotland. 1 cheerfully recommend him to all who may need Ins professional services. \ e n Respectfully, \\ W. XE1LSOX. time you may refer to me us to your professional ability. Respectfully. «I01IX 1). LÖ S E KAM P . Letter from «James B. Welch, assist ant Indian agent. Dr. D. D Stearns, Dupuyor. Sir:—The glasses 1 got from you while you were iu Browning are .iitst class, and uro of real valuo me I would not begin to take tho money back for them. Air. A idle also very much p!< used with I iìr . Yours Truly, JAM ES B. W E L C H . From C H Tre.-«eoft, editor Montan um and ( 'brómele. Chotean, Mont , April 111, l'.IUl!. Dr. D. D Stem us: D-*.\ Sir:- -It gives me pleasure to hlate' your work for me is en­ tirely satisfactory. The lenses are sharp, decisi! e and pleasing to the (•ye. Jiespectfullv, E. TR ESC O TT. Letter from Mrs J. P. Carbnrry post n i ist ioss ’ , Brow u i n g. Browning, Mont., April 0, 1 DOB Dr. D D. Stearns, Dupuyer. Dear S i r : - - 1 find Unit tho glasses you prescribed for my eyes are all rigid. And all that 1 have heard speak of your work seemod well sat isfied. Ain sure that you will find plenty to do when you come again Respectfully, M RS. J. P. C A R B E R R Y . Teachers* Examination. Tho npxt recular examination of applicants for teachers’ certificates will bo held ht tho court house in Cbotcau, Mont., on Friday nnd Saturday, April 24 nnd 25 , 1003 , REBECCA AOTON, County Superintendent o f Schools. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. GRA VES & CO., Liquor Dealers, .CHOTEAU, MONTANA.A DESERT LAND , F I N A L PROOF.— N otice roa P ublication . Department of the Interior, Land Office at Great Falls,‘Mont., April 9th, 1903. Notice is hereby given that the follow- ingSiarnod settler has tiled notice of hie intention to make final proof iu support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before A. O. Warner, U. S. Com­ missioner, at Choteuu, ¡Montana, on May 30tli, 1903, viz.: PETER H. SOREN, who mado homestead entry No. 9260, for the u2 ne4, swl ne4, nw4 se4 section 18, township 26 north, range 6 west. He names tho following witnesses to piove bis continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Thomas Swan ton, David H. Willett, of Bynum, Mont.; Thomas Brooks, Charles W. luthier, of Cboteau, Mont. • J. M. B ublingame , Register. First publication April 17. W e wish to call your attention to the fact that we keep one of the largest and most complete stock of Wines, Liquors and Cignrs in Teton eoanty. We handle only' the purest -and best. All whiskey is pare when it is made, and you can bny it pure if you . bay it bottled jn bond. Whiskey bottled in bond means that the pure artiole is transferred from the barrel to the bottle in the Gov- ernment.Bondad.Wareboùse under tho supervision of u United States guager. The whiskey bus never been tampered with, nnd it ' must have age before’tbe government will allow it to be bottled. There is a government stamp placed over the mouth of each bottle which'guar&Btee^age, purity, proof and measurement. Wo make make a specialty-bf bonded, goods and our prices will compete with\thé lowest. ' ' y\ ' 7 United States Laud Office, Great Falls, Mont., April 7,1903. Notice is hereby given that Frank Snlmond, of Snypo, Teton county, Mont., lias filed notice of intention to make proof on his desort-land claim No. 4643, fort lie sw4 nc«4, se4 uvv4 and u2 sw4, sec. 3, tp 23 north, range 8 west, before A. C. Warner, U. S. Cnro’r at Cbotcau, Mont, on Friduy, the 2‘2ud day of May, 1903. He names the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: Robert Twiggs, Carlton L. Mou me, John S. Lane, of Saypo, MouL, Charles II. Jefferson, of Belleviow, Mont. J. hi. B ubltnoame , Register. First pub April 10 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATIO N. United States Land Office, Greut Falls, Mont., April 3, 1903. Notice is hereby given that tho follow­ ing-named settlor has filed notice Of his intention to make final proor iu support of bis claim, and that, said proor will be mado before A. 0. Warner, U S. com­ missioner, at Oboteau, Mont., on May 16, 1903, viz: 1IALVOR O. THOMPSON, who made II .E. No. 9259, for the se4 section 22, township 25 north, range 4 west. • He names tho following witnesses to prove liis continuous rosuleuco upon aud cultivation of said land, viz: Gilbert B. Grande, Guilder Hanson, Oluf O. Liii'lsetli, Edward Bollerud, all of Farmington, Mont. J. M. B urlingame , Register. First pub April 10 Notice to Creditors. NOTICE 1-0It PI BIJt’ATION. United States Land Olile«« / Great Falls, Mont . .Mar. ! I, r.HKi. \ Notice is hereliv given that the follow- ing-nameil setti« r 1 ms lih-d notici' of his intention to make linai |inmf in suppuri of bis claim, anil lint sani proof will I» made in fore A. Warner. I . S nnn- lnissioner, at Clioteau, Moni., mi M;i\ 2. 1903, viz: i'Tt\NK A WEST, will) Illude HE No 12.i>7. for the sw 1 set se-1 sw4 section 12. in 1 nn l c.'lnm l't. township 24 north, imigO 5 west. lfo names the following w itin sses to prove lus continuous r> snienee upon and cultivation of said land, \i/,. Lewis Tollefsoh. Allan It (¡amide. John E. Webb, E ill Yeager, all <>! Clio temi, Ilont. J, M. Hi hi , ino vmi . :, Register. First pub. Alar. 2(1. 19(t3. NOITOE FOR PU BLICATIO N . , limb'd Slab's Eon] Office Great Falls, Mont .'March 30. 1903. Notici' i«.- lieu by gm n that the follow- ing-nann d settler has filed notice of her mi \in ion to linai pioul' in support «•i’ In r etai'ii, .mil that said proof will lie m i le !s fore \ C. Warner, U S. (tonfi al Chotean, .Mont un, on M..y J2,191 >3, viz A LEIF. I'.. PECK. W ho made la nies'ead inlrv No. 9221, for the e l I l S, tovvuspip 2f lioill:, ia!,„e •> we 1 . 1 She n.t!' « *- thi folio'.« ing a dm sses to prov«'her rind muons resali nee upon and full i \-i! . :« «li o f .- ud land, vi/r 1 William II. ('unidle, .hums Thorne, Palmi: II ('p's-s'ii, William U1 > nn, all of Chobaii. Abad,mu ' «I. M. ItruidNiiAMi:, Register, i First puli April «Ì. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Office at (¡lent Fall'-. Mont. 1 Maieti 7. Pad:!. ) Notice is hereto given that the follow­ ing named tn-tllcr has bird notice of In- intention to make linai proof m support of his duini, aiiiMliid sani pioof will Iu• before A. C. Warner. U :•>. eomne.--uuiei. at Choteuu, Mont . on \pul is. it.M2, \r/.: JOHN A. CARLs,I Alt. who made 11 E No. 7721, fi >r the *-2 sw I, s« c 3, u2 mv4, S'.-clO, t.mi.siup25 mu :h. lang.« 4 west. ; Ho names the following witnesses to provo his continuous it—i io.ire upon and cultivation of said End, viz Elias Rekdahl. John Jackson, Robert Davis, of Farmington, Mont, Kbit John­ son of Cboteau, .Mont. I J. M. B lblingame , Register. First pub. Alarci) 13. ! D E S E E I' L I N D , F I N A L P E O O F .- Noìh.'i Fui: Puní.n atu in . Desert Land, Final Proof-Notice For Publication- Lntitl Office at Great Falls, Mout.,) March 25, 1903. \ Notice is hercli) given that Fred Savory, of Clioteau, Montana, has tiled notice of inti ution to make proof on Ills de-erl-laml claim No. 7121, for till nwl .-i t, net ku 4, lots 3 and 4. sec. IS, tp 25 n, rangt) 6 w, before W. Mathews, U. S. Commissioner at Choteuu. Mold., on Saturdav, the ‘.till dav of M.«y. J9 p 3. He iiiiim s tin« f'dlmnng witnesses to plow« the oomph to irrigation and recta nmtnui of said land: ('nulls Kroli'f. Charles F. Suiste, Edwin B.uley, Frank Crossen, all of Clioteau, Montana. J. M. B uki . ixgam i:, Register. First pui) .March 27. Gle idle. United States Land (Plk'O. it Fails, Mont., March •>, Ititi,'!. n lo giw n timi Maigiii't'iio loi ne 1 l\ Mm'' in i de A. Unoleaii, .Muni,ma, lias itili mam tu ¡mdo pr«i\l mi is li A 1 «'«rii. m. Burle'. ni tileil notici' o lier il* .-eri-lami clami No. .Inno, lor l|n« u 2 ne !. ir.' ! 1. m 1 su t,sei 12.1 p 21 n u t li rango 5 west, M. M , liefoie A U. Vi •' inor, l S. Uoiiimii slum r al < holeail. .Moni, oli Saltird.iv, tue isti) day of Apiii, P.M3. Sin' iniiiit; thè follmving wiim-sri s to I d ’ i * • le r l'iuupli'te irrigatimi ami recla­ matimi of s mi lami. Il ir!' y Vi. Yeag* r, O ri! D. Ycagi r. Frani. E, E bvaril «I. llirsldierg, all ni Cimb au, Mold. J. AI. Bi nniNOAMi:, R«'gi»ier. i ’irsf puh .March 13. Notice To Creditors. Estate of Samuel L. Mitchell, deceased. Notice Is Hereby Given hy the iunior- signed. Exi l'iitor oMIm Will of Samuel h. .Mitchell, deceased, to the erod itors and lo all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them I with tin- nceis.-oiy vouchors within teu j nnudliK after the first publication or this ■notice to the said Executor at tho Í ollice of «Jes. Ilirshberg ,fc Co., Clioteau, I Moi,tana, the same being tho place ; for itie transaction of the business of said estate. Dated .Marcii 251 h. 1903. JU L IU S HIRSH BERG, Executor of the will of Samuel L. M itcheli, deceah..'d. J ame : Sri.oiiovE. Attorney for Executor. First public,dinn Marcii 27, 1903 Desert Land, For Final Proof-Notice i PnWicalion ! XUITCE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Land Office, Great Falls, AÌonh, April l i , 1903 Notice is hereby givou that ROBERT L. .STONEIIOUSE, of Bynum, Teton county. Motil., lias filed . sw h sec 2D. tp 25 n. r 5 w. I United Slates Land Office, j Great Falls, Aloni , Mar. 12, 19lt>. i Notice is In leliy given that 'I liornas. ! O. Laii-ou. administrator of the e.-lale of I .Ii ns Lm.-i'ii, .¡eivasi'tl, of Chntc.m, I Teti n count « , has tiled limici.« I of intention to make proof on his desert- ' land i'lami No 'h¡91, for tin; n2 set, n2 notice of intention to make proof on lus desert-land claim No. 4297. for lots 2 and 3, sw4 no4, nw4 se-l, section 1, township 25 north, range 6 wist, before A. C. AVuruer, U. >S. Commissioner, at Chotcaii, Mont., on Friday, tho 2'Jth day. of May, 1903. He names tho following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: Otto C. Miller, Nicholas O.'I little. Ni Is O. Saterlie, of Bynum, Arnidann; John Armstrong, of Cbotcau, Alyntana. J. AI. B diilinoame , Register. First pnb. April 17. Unici- to Show (’¡uisc. Also tha! L \vi» D. Chotean, Tetón C'iiniti. Alontana. lias lihil iiotp.v of intentimi to mali«« prouf un bis desett- land clami No. -1995, for thè ne4 and nw4 h - c 2D, tp 25 », r,5 w. hefore A. C. Warner. U. S. Coin’r al Ci.oteau. Muid., ou Sat­ inila!, thè 2nd day of Atay, 191(3. They nanie tlm following wdiiessis to prove thè complete urigatioii and recla­ matimi of sani lami: S>. vi rt I Sy.-e, Jvor L. Nas-et. Cari Hansui), all of Farimngton, Alontana;, Xehs AI. Jolinson, of Cliote.'in, .Montana, said real estate of thè 6Uid J. AÍ. Ri in.iNc.AMn, Register. i'’irst pulilication Alar. 20. A pure paint of first-class quality j Thu largest stock of wall prq er In the District Court of tho Eleventh Judicial District of tho State of Mon­ tana, in and for ttie County of Tetou. H* tlm matter of tho estate of Daniel C. Gray, deceased. Order to show cause why sale of real estate should not be made. P.o-s Porter, surviving administrator of the istato of Daniel C. Gray, de­ ceased. having fi's-d petition herein, pray mg for an order of sale of the real ('State-belonging to said estate, for tho | purposes set forth, j It is therefore ordered by tho «Tiulgo of isaid Court that all persons interested iu the e.-tateof the said deceased, appear be­ fore the clerk of said court,on tholStliday of April, 1903, at 2 o’clock in the after­ noon of said day, at the office of said clerk £,of court, ut the court house m Clioteau, Comity of Teton, to show why an order should not ho granted to the haul administrator to sell so much of deceased as shall lie necessary, and that n copy of this order lie published at least four eon- seculive weeks in the Afontanian nnd — j Chronicle, a newspaper printed and pub­ lished in said Teton runnty, Alontana. can bo had at the G'hotoau Mercantilo i now on display at tho Cboteau company. camile Co. i M .r- D. F. SMITH, District «fudge. Dated tins 17th day of Alarci), 1903. J. E. E iiickhon ', attorney for admnr. First pub Mar 20. Estate of Jacob Wagner, docensed. Notico is hereby given by the under­ signed, administrator of tbeestatoof Jacob Wagner, decoused, to tlm creditors and to all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four mouths after the first, publication of this notice to tho said administrator-nt tho olliconf •Tames Sulgrovo, Jackson Block, Chotoau, Montana, the s.imo being the place for the transaction of ttie business of said estate. Dnted April 6th, 1903. AV. H. FRANK L IN, Administrator of tho Estato of Jacob AVagner, deceased. J amim S ulobove , Attorney for Administrator. First publication April 10, 1903. N o tice to C r e d itors. Estato of Jason C. Easton, deceased. Notico is hereby given by the under­ signed, executor of tho estato of .Jason C. Easton, deceased, to tin« creditors and to all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necc-Fsary vouchers within four months after the first publication ol •his notice to the paid executor at tin- law mliee of ,f. E. Erickson, Clioteau. Alont., the same being the place for the transaction of the husincss of said estate. Dated Alarcli 31st, 1903. LU CIAN F. EASTON, Executor of tho e6tuto of Jason C. Easton, deceased. J. E. E rickson , attorney for executor. First publication April 3. 1903, Desert Land-Final Proof,. Notice For Pnlilication, United States Land Office, Great Falls, Mont., Alar. 13, 1903. Notico is hereby given that Sarah F. Freeman, of Saypo, Teton county, AIou- tana, lias filed notice of intention to make proof ou her desert-land claim No. 5190, for the 6 c 4 ne4, se-1, ne4 sw-l, 62 sw4 sec 25, tp 24 i , r-S w, before A. G. War­ ner, U. S. Commissioner, at Clioteau, Alontana, on Tites dav, tho 28th day of April, 1903. She names the following witnesses to prove the complete trr gution and recla­ mation of said land: John S. Lane, Robert Twiggs, Eldon J. Osgood, Frank G. Freeman, all of Saypo, Montana. J. AI. B ublinoamr , Register. First pub Alar. 20. Notice of iTnbate of Will. In the District Court of the Eloventli Judicial District of the State of Alon- tnua, in and for tho County of Tetou. In the matter of tho estato of Clydo A. Miller, deeecsed. Notice of time appointed for proving will. Pursuant to an order of the clerk of said court, made on the 14th day of April. 1903, notico is hereby given that Saturday, the 2nd day of Muy, 1903, at 10 o'clock n. m., of said day, at the court room of said court, at tho court house iu tho town ofChotenn, county of Teton, has been appointed ns the time nnd place for proving tho will of said Clyde A. Altller, doconscd, nnd for hearing the application of .J. E. Erick­ son for the issuance to him of letters testamentary, when aud whore nny per­ son interested may appear and contest the same. Dnted the l-lst dav of April. 1903. STERLING MCDONALD, Clerk District Court. J. E. E isickson , attorney for petitioner. First publication April 17,1903. DESERT LAND, F IN A L PROOF,— N otice rou P ublication . U. S. Land Office, Great Falls, Alont., Alarch 2,1903. Notice is hereby given that Elof John­ son of Clioteau, Moutaua, has filed inten­ tion to make proof ou his desort-land claim No. 5141, for tho s2 ne4, so4 nw4, aud lot 2, sec. 31, tp 25 north, raDge 3 west, before AV. Alathews, U. S. Com’r at Clioteau, Alont., ou Saturday, the 11th day of April, 1903. Ho names tho following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and recla­ mation of said land: Harry K. Ferris, Nela Johnson, Nels Widoll, John Holmberg, all of Cboteau, Montana. «7. M. B ublingajie , Register. First pub March 6 DESERT LAND. ANAL PROOf-Notice for PDUleatlOB. United States Land Ollice, ) Great Falls, Mont., Alurch 10,1903.) Notico is hereby given that Cecil D. Yeager, of Cboteau, T’otou county, Mont., lias filed uotice of intention to muke final proof on hiu desert-laud claim No. 4659, for t lie s2 uiv4, n2 sfr4, sec 2, tp 24 north, range 5 west, before A. C. Warner, U. S. Com'r at Cboteau, Mont., on Friday, the 24tli day of April, 1903. lie names tho following witnesses to prove tho complete irrigation nnd recla­ mation of said land; Frank E. Moore, William Edgar, Harley AA7. Yeager, Earl Yenger, all of Clioteau, Alont. J ames AI. B ublinoasie , Register. First publication March 13. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Land Office, - Great Falls, Alont., March 28,1903. Notice is hereby given that the follow­ ing (named settler lins filed notice of bis iuteatiou to make final proof in suppoit of his claim, and that said proof will bn made before A. C. Warner, U. S. Commissioner, at Cboteau, Alont., on May 9th, 1903, viz: SILAS AN WAY, who made homestead outry No. 9084, for tho e2 se4, sec 27, tp'25 n, r 4 w. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said laud, viz: Edward Bollerud, Enoch Peterson, Oluf O. Lindsetli, of Farmington, Alont.; Thomas. O. Larson, of Clioteau, Mont. J. AI. B ublinoasie , Register. First publication April 3. Montana Brewing Co., Brewers and Bottlers of t In Kegs and Bottlea. All Orders for K e g and Bottled Beer promptly attended to. P. 0. Box 76. Phone 210. Great Falls, Montana. The Beaupre House C h o t e a u ; M o n t a n a . U N D E R N E W M A N A G E M E N T . DESERT’ LAND, F IN A L PROOF, Notico for Publication. United .States Land Office,- Great Falls, Alont., March 10,1903. Notice is lieieby given that Martin Larson, of Bjuuin, Teton county, Mont., lias filed notice of intention to make proof ou his desert land claim No. 4657, for the sc 1, sec 6, tp 25 north, range 5 west, before A. O. Warner, U. S. Com’r at Clioteau, Montana, ou Saturday, the 18th day of April, 1903. Also Lou iso Larson of Bynum, Teton county, Mont,, has tiled notice if inten­ tion to mako pioof ou her desert-land claim No. «1658, for lots lan d 2,s2ne4, seo tt, tp 25 north, range 5 west. Also Lewis A. Savik, of Bynum,'Teton county, Alontana, has tiled notice of im teniou to mako proof ou his desert-land claim No. 4672, for the sw4, sec 4, tp25 north, range 5 west Also Mary Snvik, of Bynum, Teton county, Alontana, has filed notice of in­ tention to make proof ou her desert-land claim No. 4673, for lots 2 and 3, sw4 De4, sol nw-t, e2 sw4, w 2 se4,sec 5, tp 25 north, range 5 west. They nanio the following witnesses to prove tho complete irrigation and recla- matioi of said lands: Percy J. Ralston, Lewis A. Snvik, Martin Larson, of Bynum, Montana, and Olo Wagmld and Elias Rekdahl of Farming ton, Montann. J. AI. B ublinoame Register. First pub. March 13, 1902. G E 7 YOUR E X P R E S S Via Choteau & Great Falls Stage, Daily, except Sunday. Rates reasonable. Passenger fare 33.50. Tnos. A. S mith , Agent. CHAS. DAVLIN. Range between Dupuyer a n d Birch creek. Horses branded same on left shoulder. P. O. address, Dupuyer, Montaua, W OOLM A N & CHRISTIAN. Raugo north of Sun river. Pleaso notify owners of any cattle picked up bearing t h e s e brands. P O., Angnstn, Montana. First class in every respect, or week at reasonable rates. Board by day H . H J \ A U P R E P i ' o p r i e t o r . .J FINE ART PHOTOS AT TH E S T U D I O L a G R A N D E , W e received TW O FIRST PREMIUMS on our 9 work at the Fair. GREAT FALLS. (W. H. CLINKENBEARD, Prop.) Wm. N. RUSSELL, ft ■ Uf : « i * ft ft ft ! » » i I » «i FAItfXEE, PAPEIUHANGER & DECOEATOE. S i g n a n d V e h i c l e P a i n t i n g a S p e c i a l t y . Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on all Kinds of Work * O f f i c # 9-t th e C h o t e a u H o u s e . m G O T O T H E Old Reliable Meat Market CHOTEAU, M O N T A N A , For all kinds Fresh and S a l t M e a t s , B u t ­ ter nad E g g s . SPECIAL PRICES TO RANCHERS and HOTEL-KEEPERS wild' bny in LARGE QUANTITIES. .Cash Paid for Beef Hides. E. 0. W ILCOX, Proprietor. ~ ~ * ' T V ------------- --------------------- -- ----------------

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 17 April 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.