The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.) 1901-1903, May 01, 1903, Image 2

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CITY MEAT MARKET N. SNELL, Proprietor. E v e r y th in g U s u a lly Found, in a First-Class Market. The Montani! ani Cliroiiicle, [Coii.-olMati’il Juin 21,1001.] OY C. E. TRESCOTT. Tlio Teton Clironicle and Tlio Shelby Nows, (kniFoIidatcd .(amiiiry li, 11/01.. Published every Friday at ( liotoau, Toton County, Montana. OFFICIAI. I'U 'K Ii OF TKTON COUNTY. Trjichot Building, OHOTEAU, MONT. The GHOTEAU HOUSE \ W m . H o c 3 .gsfe.iss IP r o p » Centrally Located and tlio Best Accommodations of any Bouse in the County. Sex-vice and Cuisine surpassed by no other House. —- I_jiq u o r s sincL C i g a r s Furnished for the Convenience of its Customers. (interi il at the ixist-olllco at Clmtoan, Mon­ tana, aa second class mattar. FISH) Y Y. MAY 1. iwr.. Subs?,ri|ition $4,00 |»-r annum. Advi-t tisins\ ritti-noti npidiention. Y 1.1. YnVI.HTJSINti Itll.LS I’AYAIILIC Till- 1ST OF KACil MONTH. TIIH FAKMKUS’ i.VSTITUTK. ----- Livery and Feed Stable Run in Connection. Lai-gest and most Convenient Barn in Town. Careful and Painstaking man in charge. Reasonable Charges. % 0 8 § 8 8 8 n 8 & n I o s ft ft § ft The Corno Com p a n y ... c t c r< r$ ft 6 b b G r c a t F a l l s , M o n t a n a . £ W e frame Pictures correctly and keep a complete stock of Artists’ sup­ plies and Pictures. W e carry a full line of Window Glass, Paints, Oils, Brushes, Varnishes, etc. Our stock of Wail Paper is unusually c large and attractive. Send for Samples. ^ The handsomest and best arranged £ Lust Saturday, April 2r>, was ad­ vertised ns Urn (Into of tlio first farmers' inslituto to bo hold in Teton county An elaborate.and interest ini’ program bad been arranged at the la-d moment and forwarded to the Moldanian and Chronicle for publication the evening before the institute was to ho hold. As a ro Mill of this prompt aud eflieiont effort (?) of tlio president ol the State Agricultural Association to inform the farmers of Teton county that an institute vy ns to bo held in Choteau on the d’^jabove named, some 2n or .‘ ¡0 farmers and’ those bdegosfod in fa ining. gathered at the town hall at the appointed hour, 2 p. m. But as the stages for Collins had not yet ar rived, the “capable c-X| < rts” who wore to handle tlio suhj o' t to be discussed were not prosen'.and the farmers filed out of file room to take in the sights of the city, pending the arrival of Mr. Fortier and his assist ants. Finally, about d lit), tho coaehos came in, loaded to tho guards with passengers and express, but no Mr. Fortier. Instead, however, Prof. Lmdlield and Stenographer Lamtite, of Bozeman, wore the only represen­ tatives of the Agricultural Associa­ tion in sight. The professor could not tell uhy the others hud not come, except Prof. Fortier, who had gouo to California. Tho others —O’Donnell, Uarhtni'julleidemau and Flrod—ho could not account for their absence, lie , y as much disappointed not to meet them here and was sorry to dm- appu.ut tho fanners. So finally, after a few moments store of the kind in Montatici. Call, ¿knee i t. £ ', J.o annoumed that ho was | c c c c e c c c c e c c r c c c ; '.CL CCCCLLZCt : c c c c ■ CZZCGCCCCC ; r -ady and YYtll ßy*. .r * (^0 JCV «t** ?**• F. C. B F G I Î Î “THE OLD RELIABLE” A N D s> . I h>| f,0 ! W D E C O R A T O R t f * A T w \i/ \i/ il/ P A I N T E R ifr ¡to HOUSE, V*/ Estimates on Contracts Cheerfully Given. \$j Paper Hanging & Frescoeing a Specialty $ SHOP OPPOSITE COB ST HOUSE, CHuTEAII, liOET. * Si >W . . «-» . «*. . . *»-,. ^ . *», ,1. • Vv • jTj «*••> -«V -*0 \ -^8r -W ^ < ' * V -O, , f •tm* • * *»•***** •**•*+* 0 * ' *** ff' * *** * 0 ** • +* * * * 4 ' 0*0 •+0>' tX* . r SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING n\ ’À & ‘ Î\ Vi I THE CITY DRUG STORE è è C. H, DRAKE;, Proprietor. é t: ^ PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES § I I I 4 I 0 Fruit, Confectionery, cigars, Etc. ~ ------ to fulfill his part i of tin* program, and he did He dis­ cussed alfalfa grow mg, greatly to the satisfaction of those present,. Prof. Lmdlield is u pleasing talker, and makes even the dry subject of interesting. 1 hose who lis- iened to bin. said tiiat they wore well paid for the time spent from their work on tle> raie.h, ami Imped that lm would c<-i .e again. Mr Lmdlield talked until supper lime a id would have filled Ins even­ ing engagement had those present insist, d upon it, but he had nobly (loin1 his part and they could not well ask him U> streak again in the owning. So, with the promise that he uomd come back in dune and me hei he-i eiehciYsrs In have the absent profcs-’Ms eon e wi'li him at that lime aud hold a Farmers’ Institute, I lie n cel ¡eg was dismissed. T lm profe-sor remained over Sun day and dispensed much scientific know edgo to all those who asked it, and on Monday morning he and Mr. Lamme took the stage for Collins, and went to Great Falls where an institute was held, the others—except Fortier —being present. And right here is the place to say our farmers are not pleased with Mr. Woolridgo’s arrangement for an institute here, and unless tlio matter is mended by a meeting in June, 4 New Line of STATIONERY ¡j i JUST RECEIVED. their pelici displeasure will not be dis- duck f® © © © © ® « ® © ® © ■ * » Thoroughbred G reonlioad eggs for bale, £1 ,ftu pur dozen. B. C orson . Tho high school base ball team wishes a game with auy team made I uj of players from Choteau, the gime to be played May S or 1». Guo. M. Comiv, acting captain. BEST ADVERTIS1XG ME­ DIUM IN TETON COUNTY LAUGEST CmCUL-ATION Subscription §2.00 per yca>- N o t i c e — Parties desiring positions i i tho public school, district No. 1, as teacLers or junitor, will have their applications on filo with tho school clork, Byron Corson, before G p. m , Saturday, May if, 1f i ltd. —By order of Board. H O E C L E A R A N C E The business in our New Shoe Department / * ^ has more than doubled in the last three months, ; ^ but more especially in the lines of Ladies’, Misses’, Boys’ and Children’s Shoes. As a con­ sequence of this tremendous Shoe selling we find by overhauling the stock that we have on hand quite a number of broken lines of Ladies, <&, Misses, Boys and Childrens Shoes. Following our established rule of not permitting Odd Lots or Broken Lines to accumulate in any depart- — ment, we have made such prices on these goods that they should sell faster than our New Stock. Your looking around will be rewarded by beginning where the bargains originated. EWAig.&r'', m ’ji'di Ladies’ Shoe Department. From the Foot up a i Lady should be carefully dressea. One lot of Ladies’ Dress Shoes, worth up to $4.50, special $1.00 Ladies’ Rubbers, only 15c Hamilton, Brown Shoe Co.’s American Lady Shoe, Duchess last, patent tip, extension sole. Hamilton, Brown Shoe Co.’s Picnic, Duchess last, patent tip, .imitation turn sole. Seize, Schwab & Co.’s Beauty, Reganta Last, patent tip, welt sole. Ladies O x ford and Slipper De­ partment. Best leaves no room for improvement, . neither in style nor quality. One lot of Ladies Oxfords and Slip­ pers, worth up to $2.50, special, $1.00 One lot Ladies’ Slippers, worth $ 1.50, now 50c Harry H. Lohbell & Co.’s Ladies’ Patent Oxford, Ideal kid, imitation turn sole. Seize, Schwab & Co.’s Ladies’ Dongola Oxfords, patent tip, heavy sole. Seize Schwab & Co.’s Ladies’ Plain Toe, Kid, One Strap, Three Button Slipper. Seize, Schwab & Co.’s Ladies’ Gore Kid Oxford, patent tip, imitation turn sole. Seize, Schwab & Co.’s Ladies’ Common- .Sense Slipper, plain, wide toe. Misses’ and Children’s Shoe Department. Do not economize at your own expense. Buy the best for the least money. One lot of Misses’ Shoes, worth up to $2.50, special . $ 1.50 One lot Children’s Shoes, worth up to 75c, special 25c One lot Boys’ Shoes, a few only, worth up t;o $2.00, now 75c * / Baby’s Kid Moccasins, worth 35c, now 25c Hamilton, Brown Shoe Co.’s Misses’ Se­ curity Dongola Shoe, low heel, Wind­ sor last. Fargo, Keith & Co.’s Misses’ Patent Kid Slipper, spring heel, imitation turn sole. Fargo, Keith & Co.’s Little Gent’s Box Calf Shoe, spring heel, heavy sole. Isaack Ferris Jr. &Co.’s Children’s Super Kid, patent tip, low heel. E. D. Moloney & Bro. Co.’s Children’s Plain Top, Kid Shoe, patent tip, spring heel. Fargo, Keith & Co.’s Fat Baby Shoe, Buttoned, patent tip, light sole. critsoa Gents’ Shoe Department. The man of taste never allows his taste to fall short of his shoes. Harry H. Lobdell & Co.’s Gents’ Patent Leather Turk, Military heel, extension Sole. Harry H. Lobdell & Co.’s Gents’ Emperor Enamel Shoe, fancy extension sole, plain heel. Harry H. Lobdell & Co.’s Gents’ Patent BJucher Emperor, medium sole, plain heel. Hamilton, Brown Shoe Co.’s Gents’ Highland Calf, Penn Last, extension sole. . North Star Shoe Co.’s Riding Boot, Un­ excelled and Unapproached. M D. Wells Co,’s Celebrated Riding Boot. Noot, Schulze & Co.’s Single Sole Rid- i ing Boot. 9 ^ Our Footw e a r w ill outwear Footwear bought elsewhere. JOS. HIRSHSE 1 G ii 00 ., m ^ t ^ tore Choieau,Mont S A L E !

The Montanian and Chronicle (Choteau, Mont.), 01 May 1903, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.