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About The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925

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July 4, 1913-Dec. 19, 1924
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Choteau/Teton Public Library, Choteau, Montana

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Teton County's history officially begins in 1893 with its founding. A region of diverse terrain nestled against the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, its actual history stretches over 80 million years: it rests on the fossil bed of an ancient inland sea. Today it features rich farmland and six small townships. Five newspapers, the Choteau Calumet, Choteau Acantha, Montanian, Teton Chronicle and Montanan, have kept the residents of the county informed on local, national, and worldwide events. The Calumet, which was first published four years before Montana achieved statehood, is an excellent place to begin exploring this county’s rich history.

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