The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, September 05, 1913, Image 2

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T h e C h o t e a u M o n t a n a n C. E. TRESCOTT AND SON, Publishers CHOTEAU, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 5, 1913 Published weekly at Choteau, Teton County, flont. Subscription, §2.00 per year. Advertising rates on application. TWENTY YEARS AGO Items of interest taken from the Choteau papers of this date twenty years ago. Who ever saw such a long, dry, hot spell of weather? A. E. Rogers of Fort Benton, came in on yesterday’s coach. Mrs. Maekman was quite ill this week but is much improved. The average maximum tempera­ ture for the past M.xty daj’s has been above S7 degrees. M. C. McFayden and Mrs. J. \W. Knight and children, of Du- puyer, are in town today, on their way to Great Falls. Landlord Hodgskiss has gone to Helena to consult an oculist in re­ gard to his eye. which was injured by a gun shot not long since. School opened on Monday, with D. L. Kdd.\ and Miss Grace Vance as teachers. The attendance is larger than usual for this time of the year. ,7. M. Gaunt, the hardware mer­ chant of Great Falls, has made an assignment to R. E. Stone. The Cascade bank and First National are named as preferred creditors. We have it on good authority that as soon as times are sufficint- ly improved to warrant it, Cho­ teau is to have two other grocery houses on a larger scale than any­ thing yet attempted in Teton county. Charlie Corson paid Sun River a visit last week, going and com­ ing back on his safety. He had a very pleasant visit among his old school mates and acquaintances. He made the distance (30 miles) in about three hours each way. Married—On Wednesday even­ ing Sept. 6, 1S93, by the Rev- R- A. Armstrong, Thomas A. Smith and Miss Lizzie Westburn, both of Choteau. The Montanian ex­ tends its heartiest congxatulations. May they live long and he happy. Several parties are now at the North Fork Medicinal spring seek­ ing health. Among those who left fore the life-giving fountain this week were E. P. Butler, J. W. Ward and Dave Able. There are quite a number there this season and all report very favorable re­ sults. Filed With County Clerk. Following is a list of instru­ ments filed in the office of the county clerk and recorder, as furnished the Montanan by the Teton County Abstract Co., of Choteau, for the term ending Aug 28 th: Warranty Deeds: S. S. Hobson to Choteau Town- site Co., §1.00, lot 3, sec 19 t 24n, r 4w, ne4 se4 sec 24, t 25n, r 5w, all of blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 12, 13, 14, in, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 84 and tract D, Hobson Addition to the town of Choteau. Sarah Hughes to John Oliver, $130, lots 1, 2, 17 and 18, blk 52, Rosedale Addition to Shelby. Charles H. Pearson and wife to Abraham C. Wittwer, §200, lot 20, blk 202 Amended Central Ad­ dition to Conrad. Conrad Townsite Co. to V. J. Ghisolphy, $1,000, lot 15, blk 4, Conrad. Phil I. Cole and wife to Choteau Townsite Co., $1.00, lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, blk 25, lots 5 and 6, blk 26, Hazlett’s First Addition to Choteau. Phil I. Cole and wife and J. E. Malinin and wife to S. S. Hobson, $1.00, n2 nw4, sec 28, sw4 sw4 sec 21, nw4 nw4 sec 21, t 25n, r 5w. Walter S. Clark will be iD Great Falls on the 10th. He will be in Choteau in time to attend the pres­ ent meeting of the county commis­ sioners, of which he is a member. Judge DuBose leaves by private conveyance tomorrow morning (Sunday) for Lewistown, where he will open court on Tuesday next. He will be accompanied by Judge Armstrong, of Bozeman, who will relieve him of judicial duties during part of the term.— River Press. The regular quarterly meeting of the board of commissioners was postponed by Chairman Gray on Tuesday, for the reason that neith­ er of the other members were present, Mr. Taylor being away on business and Mr. Clark not yet returned from his absence on ac­ count of sickness. All three mem­ bers will be on hand next week, however, and county matters at­ tended to. On the 31st of August the trial of Joseph Pui vis took place before his Honor, U. S. Commissioner E. C. Garrett at the Blackleaf Indian agency. Mr. Purvis was arrested on a complaint made by Maj. Steele on the 10th of Dec, 1892, charging him with selling liquor to some of the Indians at the agency. Deputy U, S. Attor­ ney Ferry from Helena, appeared for the government and Attorney J. G. Bair of this place, for the defense. After a thorough investi­ gation of the facts in the case His Honor found that there was no evidence to warrant him in believ­ ing that a crime had been commit­ ted, and the defendant was honor­ ably discharged. The Helena land office has pat­ ents for the following land lying just north of Choteau: J. R. Hooker, 640 acres; Patrick Kelly, 640 acres; Blanche M. Maclay, 640 acres; Ida M. Lyon, 320 acres, Catherine M. Meyers, 640 acres and Mary Wamsley, 320 acres— 3200 acres in all, All of this land is along the Eldorado ditch and the Eureka and is under the finest water privileges in the state. Phil I. Cole and wife and J. E. Malmin an'd wife to Limington Townsite Co., $1.00, w2 w2 sec33, t 23n, r 3w. S. S. Hobson to Limingon Town- site Co., $1.00, e2 ne4, sec 32, t 23n, r 5w. Clinton, Hurtt& Co. to David F. Hains, $200, lot 8, blk 71, Va- lier. William Cowgill and wife to R. M. Farrington, $1.00, lots 1, 2, and 3, blk 9, Cowgill’s Addition to Choteau. Conrad Townsite Co., to Ed­ ward C. Griffith, Robert C. Gri f- tith and William H. Griffith, S1S50, lots 11, 12, 13 and 14, blk 1, Conrad. George A. Norman to Olav J. Kit tela rud, $300, lots 1, 2, and 3, blk 3,1 Ethridge. Fred Foltz to S. A. McPhee, $1.00, all of blk 3, Cowgill’s Ad­ dition to Choteau. Registers Certificate: U. S. to Ole Stromsmoe, sw4 ne4, ne4 sw4, sec 9, t 26n, r 5w. U. S. to Alfred Amundson, $200, sw4 sw4 sec 4, e2 se4 sec 5, ne4 ne4 sec 8, t 26n, r 5w. U. S. to Charles li. Wilber, nw4 sec 14, ne4 sec 15, t 32n, r lw. U. S. to Edwin A. Waterhouse, $50, se4 se4 sec 2, t 33n, r 5»v. U. S. to John S. McKay, s2 sec 1, t 32n, r lw. STYLISH COTTAGE «MOW COST Design 752, by Glenn L. Saxton, Architect, Minneapolis, Minn. PERSPECTIVE VIEW— FROM A PHOTOGRAPH. In this cottage plan there is a living room across the front, with open stair­ way at one end and a high pedestaled archway leading into the dining room. The dining room is good sized, with built-in sideboard. The kitchen has built- in cupboards, and the entry has space for the refrigerator. The chimney is so located that the house can be heated with stove heat or a heating plant In base­ ment, Just as one desires. Three chambers in the second story, closets, bath and a balcony over one story rear part There is a full basement First story, 9 feet; second story, 8 feet Birch or red oak finish throughout first story, pine to paint in second story. White maple floors. Size, 22 feet deep and 26 feet over the main part Cost to build, exclusive of heating and plumbing, $1,950. Upon receipt of $1 the publisher of this paper will supply a copy of Saxton’s book of plans, “American Dwellings\ It contains 254 up to date designs of cottages, bungalows and residences costing from $ 1,000 to $6,000. Patents: U. S. to William H. Corri-, sw4 sec 25, t 28n, r 4w. OUR COUNTY EXCHANGES Customs Officer Harte, Stationed at Sweet Grass, was in the city yesterday and captured a foreign­ er, who had violated the immigra­ tion laws. He took his prisoner to Great Falls from here where steps will be taken to have him de­ ported. He was a toughlooking individual, and might be wanted on theotherside.—Shelby Promo­ ter. Miss E. D. Burwash, whose dry land farm is 16 miles northeast of town, was shopping here on Mon­ day, and being a printer and a for­ mer employe of the News, favored the office with her presence for a short time.—Shelby News. ' We understand that the First International Bank of Sweet Grass has been appointed the financial agents of the Farmers’ Elevator Co., of Coutts.—Sweet Grass Ad­ vocate. A. J. Thompson, of four miles north of Brady, brought in the first load of winter wheat to be de­ livered at a local elevator. The wheat yielded fairly good and is of excellent quality. Frank Mc­ Cormick, of east of town, enjoys the distintion of having brought in the first spring wheat. McCor­ mick’s wheat was also of fine quali­ ty. Peter Peterson, of Aznoe, brought in the first load of flax, and is well satisfied with the yield and quality.—Brady Whetstone. It took a special train to carry the large crowd that went to Valier last Sunday to witness the ball game between Conrad and Valier. The game resulted in another victory for the Valier team, the score being 2 to 4 in their favor. The home team came so near win­ ning that they issued another chal- enge on the home diamond f o r last Tuesday afternoon. In this game also the Valier aggregation carried off the bacon by a score of 6 to 1.—Conrad Observer, Jos. Houben, one o f the party brought over from Holland this spring, left for his old home today where he will spend the winter. Mr. Houben is one of the satis­ fied settlers here and will do a lot of good advertising for us in his native land. He took with him a trunk full of various samples of produce to show his people.—The Valerian. Dr. H. W. Bateman, county health officer, was a visitor here Saturday evening on his return to Choteau after spending a few*clays in the mountains near Glacier Park. Dr. Bateman stated that the county seat town was feeling a new thrill of life since actual railway building began and that there was an expansion in all commercial lines.—Cut Bank Pioneer Press. Card of Thanks We take this means of thanking our friends for their kindness and sympathy during our bereavement in the death of our little son. A. B. Guthrie and Family. Reliable Watches Elgin. Waltham. Illinois. Hampden. Let us show you the Hamilton watch, the finest railroad watch made. Our repairing advertises itself. HOLLAND, the Jeweler ..-Mbntatia States Fair Helena, Montana, Sept. 3, 1913, (Special): The outdoor free\ at­ tractions of the Montantf State Fair will be featured this year-, by the world’s youngest a v iatrice, Miss Katherine Stinson, known as the ‘schoolgirl flier’ and one of the few iron nerved girls who have taken up flying as a profession. Montana has seen many aviators, some o f them Montana boys who have learned and perfected the art of flying h e a v ier-than-a i r ma­ chines, but never has there been a woman who has propelled her own machine in this state. Katherine S t i nson flies in a $5,000 Wright bi-plane and will bring a special machine for the Montana altitude, her contract positively assuring two d a i l y flights. She is registered as an International Pilot License flier, No. 148, and her age as recorded on the, license is twenty, making her the youngest female air navi­ gator in the world. She is daunt­ less, daring and death-defying, and will soar twice each day over the fair ground track enclosure, which has been pronounced by air experts as the most ideally located aviation field in the west. Besides dailv aviation flights the outdoor attractions include the best wild west features ever pulled off in the state, seven platform vaudeville acts from the Orpheum Circuit, and three of Montana’s best bands: the Boston and Mon­ tana band of Butte, the Black Eagle band of Great Falls, and the Gateway City band of Living­ ston. These features will take place between the races, at which the best blooded horses in the Northwest will run on the safest, fastest, and best mile-track in the west. Power Line. Completed No matter what may be the de­ cision of Secretary Franklin K. Lane of the Interior department concerning the completion of the Sun river irrigation project, the Montana power company has its contract with the reclamation ser­ vice completed, so far as building the power line from this city to Augusta is concerned. The line has been completed throughout its length and the company is now ready to deliver its power to the site o f the big dam where it was the original plan of the reclama­ tion service to utilize the power in the construction work there. Announcement of the fact that the power line has been complet­ ed was authorized Monday, though it is understood that the actual work has been completed for several day s—Great Falls Tribune. Wilson’s Cabinet Better preserve this: you will want it to give information to somebody who thinks you know: Secretary of state, William J. Iryan of Nebraska. Secretary of treasury, William G. MacAdoo New, York. Secretary of war, Lindley M. Garrison of New Jersey. Attorney general, James C. McReynolds of Tennessee. Postmaster general, Albert Sid­ ney 'Burleson of Texas. Secretary of navy, Jojsephus 'Daniels of North Carolina. Secretary of interior, Franklin X. Lane of California. Secretary of agriculture, David Houston of Missouri. Secretary of commerce, William C. Redfield of New York. Secretary of labor, William B. Wilson of Pennsylvania. Methodist Services On Sunday, Sept. 7, Rev. Percy Reid McMahan, pastor of the First Methodist church will address the congregations upon the following themes—10:30 a. m: “ John, Ithe Prophet and Forerunner;” 7:45 p. m.: “ The Church and the Renais­ sance.” A cordial welcome awaits the student and the visitor, as well as the general public, when enter­ ing this House o f Prayer. ;^>^'SherllTsiSale.^ / v \: *• ** * v -, - J ' , * In'the district court j-o f , the’ eighth Judicial > , district. St&te ot Montana, coun ty of Teton.'. Angeitque Ralston, ^plaintiff vs. John „E .^ Cashman and S. C. Cashman, defendants. , By virtue of ,an executionissued out of the District Court of-the Eighth Judicial . District of the State of Montana, in and'for the County of Teton, -wherein Angelique Truchot is plaintiff and John E. Cashman' and S. C. Cashman are defendants, upon a judgmentrendèred thè firstiday’of February, 1913, for the sum of $2,010.00, besides the cost and interests, I have this day levied upon ail the right, title, claim and Interest of said de­ fendants, or either of them, in and to the followingidescrlbed real estate, situate in Teton county, Montana, to-wit: Lot 3, the EH of the SWH. the SEH of the SEk. the NWM of the SEH and the SWH of the SEk of section 7, the NEH of section 18, » - all in township 25 north, of range 5 west. Also, the NWk of the SWk of section 1; lot 1, the SEk of the NEH, the iNEk of the SEX and the SEk of the SEk of section 2; the EH of the NEH of section 11; the NH of the SEk, the SH of the NE quarter, and the SH of the NW quarter of section 12, In township 25 north, of range 6 west. Also all water rights. ' dams, flumes, ditches and reservoirs belong­ ing to, connected with or in anyway apper­ taining to the above described lands. Public notice is hereby given that I will, on Saturday, the 6th day of September, 19i3, at 2 o’clock p. m. of said day. In front of tho court house door, at Choteau, Teton county, Mon­ tana, sell at public auction for cash all the right, title, claim and Interest of said defend­ ants, or either of them. In and to the above described property, or as much thereof as may be necessary to raise sufficient money to satisfy said judgment, with interest and costs to the highest and best bidder. Dated at Choteau, this 9th day of August, 1913. k . M c K e n z i e , Sheriff. By E. H. GANONG. Under Sheriff. First pub. Aug. 15. 4tf. Notice to Creditors ¡Estate of Urastus S. Brannen deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Urastus S. Brannen, deceased, to the creditors and to all persons having claims against tho said de­ ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary . vouchers within four months after the first publication of this notice to said administra­ tor at the office of James Sulgrove, Huseth Block, Choteau, Montana, the same being'the place for tho transaction of the business of the said estate. Dated Aug. 20th, 1913. JOHN R. GLEASON. Administration of the sletate of Urastus S. Brannen, deceased. JAMES SULGROVE, Attorney for Administrator. ~ Firstpub. Aug. 22, 1913. (4 times). Sheriff’s Sale Geo. C. Leyh, plaintiff vs. Louis Dahl, El­ sie Dahl, and First State Bank of Shelby, a corporation, defendant. To be sold at sheriff’s sale on Saturday, the 13th day of September, 1913, at the front door of the Court House. In Teton County, Mon­ tana, at 2 P. M., of said day, the following described property of said defendant: All that tract, piece or parcel of land lying and being jn the County of Teton, and State of Montana,'1 which is described as follows: The Northwest quarter <NW4) of Section 20, -* Township twenty-eight (28), North of Range Two (2) West of Montana Meridian, contain­ ing one hundred and sixty (160) acres, and standing on the records of Teton Counly, Montana, is in the name of Louis Dahl. Al­ so all water, water rights, franchises, dams, reservoirs, dikes, ditches, flumes, and ail other Improvement on. belonging to, lead­ ing to or In anyway connected with said land. K. McKENZIE, Sheriff. E. 11. GANONG. Under Sheriff. Notice to Creditors Estate of Paul R. Simonson, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Paul R. Sim­ onson, deceased, to the creditors and to all persons having claims against the said de­ ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four months after the first - publication of this notice to the said admini­ strator at the office of James Sulgrove, Hu­ seth Block, Choteau, Montana, the .same be­ ing the place for the transaction of the busi­ ness of the said estate. Dated August 19th, 1913. HENRY DAVIDSON, Administrator of the Estate of Paul R. Simon­ son, deceased. JAMES SULGROVE, Attorney for Administrator. First pub. Aug. 22,1913. (4 times). A. C. WARNER J, S. Commissioner Notarg Public Conoegancer Title Abstractor Chote? u, Mont S P R I N G C R E E K D A I R Y Fresh milk and cream delivered in bottles, at Choteau, eoerg morning of the gear. Pure and wholesome. JO H N L YO N , Proprietor F o r Hot M e a l s and Short O rd e rs G o to THE LITTLE GEM RESTAURANT A. 0. POND, Prop. O P E N A L L H O U R S Day and night Call in and see us we can please gou First door north of Butcher Shop i i i 1 ! i Í J t ! ;

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 05 Sept. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.