The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, April 03, 1914, Image 2

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• ~ - - . -•> V : ^ m & x - ■V..Î? n V**vvv ' > - • • • - V a - « • •■ ■ IV V Í “ .-^ O - V?., ■ r,V?- U,v^%lL-> GUARDIAN'S NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE ANDTERSONAL PROPERTY. Notice Is hereby given, that In pursuance of an order of the district court of the county of Teton, state of Montana, made on the 26th day of March, 1914. in the matter o f the estate •of Pierre Eyraud, incompetent, the under­ signed, tho guardian of tho person and estate ■of said incompetent, will sell at public auction, to the highest blddor for cash, and subject to confirmation by said district court, on Tuesday the 28th day of April, 1914. at ten o ’clock a. m„ at the home ranch, on sec 31, twp 26 n. range3 west, in the county of Teton Montana, all the right, title. Interest and •estate o f the said Piarre Eyraud, at the time of the adjudication of his incompetently, and | all the right title, and hiterost that the said | estato has. by operation of law or otherwise, j acaulred other than or in addition to that of tho said Pierre Eyraud at the time of said adjudication, in and to ail those certain lots, pieces or parcels o f land, situate, lying and being In the said county of Teton, state of Montana,: and bounded and described as follows, to-wit: Lot T. the se4 and n2 of sec 6, twp 25 n, r 3 w : w2. and fthe w2 of tbcneh sec 5, twp 25 n. r 3 w: the n2, the s2 of the se4, and se4 of the sw4,isec 1: and the c2of the ne4, the o2 of the se4 o f section 2; and the ne4 of the ne4 of sec­ tion II: and the nw4 of the nw4 o f sec 12, twp 25 n, r 4 w: the o2 o f the nw4. tho o2 of the sw4, the sw4 of the sw4, and the w2 of the so4, of section 28; and all of section 31, and all of section 32. and the w2, of the nw4, and the nw4 o f the sw4 o f section 33 in twp 28 n r 3 w; the e2 of the se4 of sec 35. twp 26 n, r 4 w. Montana Meridian The following Is a description of tho per­ sonal proporty authorized to bo sold: 2 mowers. 2 rakes, 2 binders, 1 disc plow. 1 top buggy. 1 old breaker horse plow, I stock saddle. 1 4-horse grader. 1 Success manure spreader. 4 discs (14 blade). 2 drag harrow. 1 Fresno scraper. 2 old buggies. 5 spools barbed wire, 1 fanning mill. 1 small platform scale. 1 portable gasoline engine. 1 feed grind­ er. 2 12-ft. seoders. blacksmith outiit, 1 sot platform scales. 1 gas tractor engine 1 ongino with disc plows. 1 Holt combined harvester. 7 sets work harness. 25 horso collars, 3 sots harness. 3 hay racks. 34 head borsos. 8 colts. 2 wagons with grain bins.: 2 wagons with double box. 4 wagons, - 2 trucks with camp ,houses. mtsijeliadeous articles, small tools, sacks o f cement, 20 shares Brady Irrigation Co. stock. ‘ The 20 shares o f ,Brady Irrigation Co. stock will not be sold separate from the lands described unless tho pur- chaser.of the lands does not caro to bid on said stock. Terms and conditions o f sale: Cash ten <10) per cent at time of sale, balance when salo Is confirmed. Ten per cent of the purchase money to be paid to the auctioneer on the day o f sale, balance on confirmation of sale by said district court. Deed at expense of purchaser Edward J. nirshberg. Guardian of the person and estato o f I’icrre Eyraud, Incompetent. Dated March 27tb 1914. First publication April 3.1914. The Montanan is authorized to state that if Geo. M. Coffe.v is elected to the position of mayor next Monday that he will favor the construction of a sewer and water system for the town of Cho- teau, also the laying: of concrete sidewalks along the lines suggest­ ed by the city engineer in his re­ port to the council. He favors an economical administration of the affairs o f the city, and promises his be9t endeavors to bring about the construction of an efficient and sanitary sewer system, a well regulated water system and the laying of cement sidewalks in our business and residence districts with as little delay as possible. T h e G h o t e a u M o n t a n a n C. E. TRESÎëoTT AND SON, Publishers “ Entered as second-class matter July 11, 1913,Jit ;tfie post office at Choteau, Montana, under the Act of March 3, 1879.” c h o t e á u , M o n t a n a , a p r i l a , 1914 Published weekly at Choteau, Tetofh County; Mont; Patronize your home industry. The-. Teton Saw Mill A complete Supply o f Native ’ ’ Rough Lumber always on hand for immediate delivery. ^Dimensions our specialty The Oasis Collins, Montana CHOICE LINE OF Wines , Liquors and cigars B E N FEIST, Proprietor You will always find welcome at The Family Liquor Store «S g p Choice W I N E S , L I Q U O R S A N D C I G A R S That Famous American B e e r on Draught Bottled Goods is our Speciality T. H. T H O M P S O N , P R O P R I E T O R T W E N T Y Y E A R S A G O Item s o f interest taken from the Choteau papers o f this d a t e twenty years ago. M rs. Bert Hofer is quite sick'Jake says, however, that while he with lagrippe. I is a tailor, he is not taking: such Billy Hagen has hoen appointed ;<obsas,ae\ iDi< “l* jailer by Sheriff Huoi.lton. ,doln« the '««\ding for the occu- pants ot the county jail—not by a Mrs. John A. Kennedy is suffer- |ontr shot. ing with lagrippe this week. ' „ , , Philander N. Knowles is rusti- The literary society will meet;catilUi for a few days with his friend John Graves, at Bynum. at the court house this evening. Uncle Jake Smith Ì9 out for James Gibson is niakingsubstau- school trustee, and has requested tju| improvements in his business us to so state. i propert. on Main street. Hugo Hirshberg, a nephew of j udge Clements is hereasattor- Julius Hirshberg, lately arrived ■ nev for Frank Sweeney, arrested from Germany, is visiting in Cho- for killing cattle belonging to teau. A new walk has been laid in j 1 front of the Teton Exchange by the owner of the building, Jake Smith. Lawyer Bishop is expected to arrive soon from Great Falls with his family. They will occupy the | Collins residence on Choteau ave nue for the present. AI Vance is now teaching the j belonging others. The piscatorial artists are out jvvith rod and line these days, but so far all have met with indifferent success. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vance have taken permanent abode in Choteau,, ; occupying part of the Cowell resi- 1 . J deuce. A. K Farm For Sale ■ 3 * 237 acres on the far fanned Burton Bench Two miles south of the store at Farming- ton. Good water rights on the Farmers’ and Burton ditches. D. V. McCORMACK, Livingston, Mont. members of the Choteau band how to toot their horns. He will remain in Choteau some weeks be- foie his return to Dupu.ver. S ipervisor Doolittle is putting a fence along the road near the Teton bridge where the river h a s cut a high bank and made travel after dark quite dangerous. On Monday the Teton Exchange will be again opened to the public, this time under the able manage­ ment of Dave Able. In our mention of court matters last week we neglected to speak of the able manner in which the attor­ neys for the defence handled their cases. Few men could have done as well for their clients as did Messrs. Bair and Bishoo. That Parker and Johnson did not go free can in no way be attributed to tlieir legal advisors, nor did their conviction add to the renown of the prosecution. Pro and con, each did his duty and did it well. The people of this vicinity were painfully surprised when, onTues day last, Under Sheriff Steele arrested and placed in jail Herbert Snyder and Wm. Cook, twoyoutig men who have always borne good reputations in the community. They were arrested for killing cattle, on the wtiength of a dis­ closure made by one James Dolan, who says lie saw the killing and assisted them to secrete the offal. On Wednesday they were up be­ fore Justice Beaupre who, the state ot being ready fora hearing, held Snyder to bail in the sum of and Cook $500. The bail was quickly furnished and the boys turned loose until Saturday, Apiil 7th. The accusation of Do­ lan is not generally believed to he true. Attorney Bair has tiecn engaged for the defense. There will be a literary enter­ tainment at the Dupuyer school house next Thursday evening, April 5th. Dr. Drake, of this place, will render some of his in­ imitable recitations on that occa­ sion. Sheriff Hamilton escorted two of Teton county’s convicts, Hack- lin andHafron, to Deer Lodge on Saturdry last. Four more are yet here, Morris, Parker, Johnson and Fenty. Two of these will go forward next week. Uncle Jake Smith says he has been recognized by the democracy at last. He is a tailor by trade and the other day he was offered the position of tailor to the county. Prescott, of Helena, in the sheep business with (. harles McDonald, came in on the couch Monday to look over his interests. Pa pels have been forwarded from Washington looking toward the granting of post office* at Bur­ ton’s, Freeze-Out and upper Teton. The postoffice at Uohare has been discontinued. Tho genial Tom Magee resigned and no one could be found to take the place. Under Sheriff Steele returned from Helena Monday, bringing with him Frank Sweeney under arrest as an accomplice with Sny­ der and Cook. J. E. Erickson has contracted for the erection of a substantial building to be used as a law office on upper Main street and the car­ penters are now at work on it. The mail now loaves Choteau for Dupuyer, Bynum, Piegan and the north on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and arrives at Cho- teau on Monday, Wednesday and Friday—a change to the summer schedule. Mrs. T. M. Shaw came in Mon­ day from her home in Helena and is visiting her brother, R. M. Steele. She is accompanied by her daughter, Lida. They will remain a month visiting relatives in and near Choti au. John J. Heal.v, who started from Fort Cudahy, on the upper as* -r • aM> •0(4 BÍS Choteau F e e d Store , C . C . IR O N S , Proprietor Baled Hay, Grain, Ground Feed Custom F e e d Grinding while yöii wait Phone 8 3 for Prom p tDelivery service American Scotch Whiskey Made at Manchester First Whiskey made in the State of Montana Seven years old—made ot Rye, Barley and Malt. Sold in Choteau by: J. M . Graves, T. H. Thompson, The Beaupre and The Choteau House , NICK BAATZ, Great Falls, Montana T h e First-Class /All m odern C on ven ien ces SAMPLE ROOM IN CONNECTION Livery Stable Daily Stage In Choteau To Collins ------------------------------------------ f ---------------------------------------------- CONNECTIONS WITH AUTO LIVERY \A/A\: H O D G K I S S , P r o p . C h o t e a u , M o n t a n a Root valley have been reported to the stato board of health. Warm weather in the valley is accountable for the nai l.v appearance of the ^ukon, for the l nited States, was j disease. Lust year there were Hamilton, March 28.—Two . Beartooth forest. The highest is cases of spotted fever in the Bitter | Granite peak with an altitude of 12,850 feet. The next highest are Mt. Wood, 12,750 feet, Gold Mountain, 12,610 feet. Mt. Villa, 12,000 feet, Mt. Hague, 12,100 badly frozen when three days out from the post and ohh red to turn hack. As it was necessary to make tho trip, young Hamilton, who once before had made a simi­ lar trip across Alaska, was sent on the mission and after a trip of nearly two months he arrived in Helena last week. Rev. Armstrong will be absent for a month. A portion of the time will be spent at Chinook where he will assist in dedieating a Methodist Episcopal church. The meanev man in the city of Butte is the thief who stole John Rene.y’s teeth, at the Stuttgarter saloon on the evening of Saint Patrick’s day. Reeney was sleep­ ing in the saloon and the meanest man in Butte stole the false teeth out o f his mouth. Reney is a great talker but he has not been able to make himself understood since, thus destroying the greatest pleasure of his existence. Reney thinks there should be a law to punish by banging any one who steals another’s teeth. eight cases and seven deaths. Dr. L. L. Fricks of the United States public health service, is ex­ pected to arrive in Missoula to­ morrow, to resume his investiga­ tions into the spotted fever disease. and Snow-bank Mountain, feet. 12,000 Helena, March 28.—By a major­ ity of 194 votes the taxpayers of Helena today at a special election refused to grant an electric light and power franchise to the Stand­ ard Engineering corporation. There were 336 taxpayers in favor of granting the franchise and 530 opposed. The company promised lower rates than now obtained in Helena. The identity of the men behind the Engineering corpora­ tion has never been diselosed. Washington, March 28.—There me six named peaks in Montana which have elevations exceeding 12,000 feet and sever il un-named peaks with altitudes greater than that height, says a report of the geological survey. These peaks are all in Carbon county, in the Opinions by Kelly Helena, March 28.—“ A bank organied under the laws of this state may increase its capital stock, providzed the unanimous consent thereto, and waiver of notice in writing is obtained of all the stock-holders, previous to the making of such a l’esolution by the directors of the institution.” Attorney General D. M. Kelly so advises State Examiner H. S. Ma- graw, to whom the question was submitted by Julius Peters of Great Falls. County Recorder F. R. Cunning­ ham of Lewistown is advised by Mr. Kelly that the constitutional provision forbidding the increase or decrease of the salary of an officer during his term does not apply to deputies. Eggs for hatching—from prize winning barred Plymouth Rock chickens. Si.50 per setting. Wallace Coffey.

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 03 April 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.