The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, April 03, 1914, Image 3

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First-Class in every respect Finest Meals in City Y o u w ill fin d your friends here Breakfast from 6 to 9 o’clock Dinner from 12 to 2 o’clock Supper from 7 to 8 o’clock T\ 7 > A , __ Two to Collins r our Autos Two to Great Falls leave daily City Dray and Transfer Line J. A. GLEASON, Proprietor A ll kinds of Hauling, Excavating and Transfering C H O T E A U , - - - M O N T A N A I***“ •. y ^ * |/ • * jr, .,/»<»»'-r , The- Clea r e r V i s i o n c v, |.*ay. that thesoul is nothing but i.v..c.mtiB«edTHim'pa^i- Ith® resultant of bodily , powers. ■< . ; * 7 ‘ X -t . \ t *. .u r . r . . ■. J • J . Why, their,'\is tn.\ -oui Ti» t nió're regaining semblance to tlir foVrhèr! •»‘»'\ous when m.v bodily powers The Montanan forJob Printing self. Biio.ii d l\y. intoxieah:-, l,e can look into the face of nil ra'-n n •: mindful of their pity or- tueir ,<corii. Without the stirinilnnT t*> blind his eyes he sees himself »* he i«, a mim who has made, ship­ wreck o f life. Gladly would he forfeit life, but he dare, not destroy what is not his own. Somethin«; within says “ you must not’ ’ and he turns aside to see what authority is speaking those commanding words to him. The inner consciousness, long unheeded and forgotten, L again making it“ appeal. Long hidden beneath the accumulating debris of life, the seed of truth sends forth its tiny shoot. Men listen to. its promptings and remember that they brought nothing of intrinsic value with them into this world and all accumulations o f property or of wealth must be left behind. In that respect the rich man’s pov­ erty at birth was greater than that of the poov beggar who called at the rich man’s door in the days o f his prosperity on earth. It was as unrequited blessings fell to his lot that he gained wealth and in­ fluence with men, but it wa« as he distributed his goods and his kind­ ly acts among men that he heaped to himself treasures in heaven. He sees that a man’s life do-s not consist of the number of houses and bonds which are to his credit. He comprehends Jesus as the true and living way of life. Despondency leaves him and he takes his place among his fellow men as one who value« character and humanity above riches. Through affliction and remorse he lias been led to the old trail which he will now follow. He has become a faithful steward of life and substance and has gained through rugged experience a clear­ er vision of God’s way for man. This Lenten season points lothe sublime way of dut.t. It calls you from forbidden paths and bids you make your peace with God. It speaks in no mistaken language of the folly that would convert the means of happiness into an end within itself. It rediscovers the incentive to noble conduct. Man was not made for the grati­ fication of selfish desiie. As indi­ vidual units men may be counted as the grains of sand. And the pebble has greater indurance than man. It has might to withstand the onslaughts of the ocean. Let contagion come, it does not molest the pebbles. It has no aches or pain“, no hunger, no thirst: surely if this life were all, it were better to be a pebble, to rest from year to year at high water mark near the sea-side, awaiting the ceaseless ebbs and floes, than to be a man without faith, without hope, without love. The vast Sahara desert, the begin to fail? Winter is on my head but eternal spring is in my heart. The nearer I approach the end, the plainer I hear around me immortal symphonies of the worlds which invite me. It is marvelous, ,\et simple. It is a fairv-ttiie and it is a hi«ior.\. Let us recall the events of Good Friday. In u jail at Jerusalem two prisoners await certain death. Their atrocious crimes have brought them to this destiny. As they reflect over the events of their former days they see bow that from ,\ outh their one desire has been to despoil other men. Steadily, yet certainly, this inev­ itable day has been approaching. The jailor comes, their hands are clasped with the manacles from the prison and they are led forth through the “treets of the city. The darknes*- and the appall o f certain death his settled ovo.r them. They arc to experience the terrible necessity which wicked­ ness affords. Full grown sin con­ ceives and brings forth death. In another quarter of the city there is a man who ha« committed no crime. For thirtv-three .wars he has lived without sin. He has had many severe temptations, u t has resisted every approach of evil. His faith in God and his love for his fellowme.n have hp<*n as pure and fragrant as the flow» r which gladden« the face of nature. His every dc d falls upon men as a benediction from heaven. Last evening while he was praying in a a garden on Mr. Olivet, Roman soldiers came and took him cap­ tive. Jeal< us Jews accused him of being a Prince of Devils and intimated that he was amhitious to establish a kingdom that would rival the great Roman Empire. He has said that his kingdom is not of this world hut the c.ld, brutal, call ulating unbelief o f the Roman magistrate has yielded to a clamor for his blood, and now he is being led away. The two processions meet at t e place of common execution. The three inen are placed upon th** cross. Once from the central cross there comes the cry of utter abandonment. “ My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me? Sin is not content with the de­ struction of malefactors. It lays its icy fingers upon the innocent and rejoices to see them suffer. Here the Son of God may he beside the vilest of the race, for with man justice is, oft-times thwarted. When the life of puritv s made to suffer and sight when sight is silenced we instinct­ ively await the future, confident that he in whom we trust, will over-rule the acts of lawless men. “ Ye men o f Is real hear these words: Jeasus of Nazuretth, a man approved of God among you, You can cash “ A .B .A .” CHEQUES in every city of the United Slates, as well as in cJl for­ eign countries. 50,000 bankers throughout the world have agreed to cash ¿ e n c.i their face value. Hotels everywhere are glad to accept them from guests. Full particulars on request. Hirshberg Brothers BANKERS Choteau, Montana T I N S H O P J. W. CHAPEL, Prop. HEATING, PLUMBING, Sheet Metal Roofing and Repair Vrork Shop back of Hannon's Store 1 Shop, 84 red Telephones fíesiJence, 78 red List Your pyramids, the mosques and the j him, by the hands o f lawless men many relics of antiquity muse ye did crucify and slay: whom Egypt to be of much in.crest to those, who travel there, but some­ how, it seems that the Sphinx, in her majestic silence, holds the key to the situation. As you heboid that fac**, forever mute, you in­ stinctively await the revelation of the mystories of the Nile in ages past, hoping that she may disclose to you the secrets of the Nile. In some such way as this, we approach the Easter time. But not in vain. The triumphant life of Jesus, the Christ, which opened the grave and defeated death, was the answer to the universal cry of man throughout the ages. When a man dies he may live again. The crucifiction of self in the cause of truth shall not go unre­ warded. We may say with Victor Hugo- I feel in myself the future life. I am like a forest which bus been more than ©nee cut down. The new shoots are strongei and live­ lier than ever. I am rising, I know, towards the sky. The sunshine is on my head. The earth gives me its generous sap. but heaven lights me with the re God raised up, having looked the pangs of death because it was not possible that lie should be holden of it. Thus Jesus did God rai«e up. of whom we are all witnes­ ses.’’ To lead the Christian life of purity and good-will toward men while engaged in the usual voca­ tions o f life is the straight path to the Christian goal. Then, were eternal death impossible. But, we have sinned, when we were tempted, and this power of a i es ti reetion life to open the priso . doors of death has been greatly weakened. The disobedient man, like Famson of old, indulges in sin until bis strength is taken away and when he rises to exert nim- «elf the enemy gain« the victory. And now the Good Friday scene reappears. We behold a robber of the crucification casting re­ proaches with h«s dying lips and his reproaches fall upon the Son of God. The evil man suffering the penalty of his just deserts is reveling the good companion of his sufferings who has done noth­ ing amiss. The other malefactor S U N N Y S I D E H O T S P R I N G S The headwaters of Alhambra is today considered the most popular health resort in the state. Situated on the G. N. 14 miles south of Helena. Special rates from all points Ask your agent. Rates reasonable. Trained nurses and massures in attend­ ance. Free bus meets all trains. D. I. A M E S . Mgr. thou not fear God?’’ Then, cas­ ting his eye« upon the Son of God be sa vs. beseechingly. “ Lord when you come into vour king­ dom remember me.’’ And that day-when the eyes of the dying thief were closed in death, he, too experienced the power of the r«»«ur rented life. “ I would not have you ignor­ ant. bretharn, < oncerning them that are asleep, says the writer of Thessalonias. that .ye sorrow not. even as otlie s, that have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so also them which sleep in Jesus will God bring to him. Wherefore com­ fort one another with these words.’ ’ It is faith in Jesus as the Son of God that robs death of its terri­ ble stiDg. Perhaps, Mr. F. S. Stanton had ibis in mind when he wrote’what is a beautiful de­ scription of the death of a Chris­ tian. “ Dying they lifted his curly bead’ And he looked to the East, and smiling said. — “ It’ s light on th«-* hill-! And he went away in the morning bright, With the last sweet grieving word of light On the lips Death hissed to a silence long— So ends the sighing and so end- the song. ” [flection of unknown worlds. You asks in faltering w o r d s - “ Dost Kettle rendered lard and home cured bacon at the Choteau Meat Co. None hetter. Ranches with the Choteau In v e s t m e n t C o m p a n y Present Address: I. A. STUB, 19-21 Dunn Block Great, Falls, Mont N <4 Choteau Collins Auto Line M eets all trains to and from Great Falls Leaves Beaupre Hotet 7 : 0 0 a. m. 2 : 0 0 p. m. Telephone the Beaupre Hotel or J. W. Johnson’s residence WM. BUTLER. Proprietor For Hot M eals and Sh o r* t Orders Go to THE LITTLE GEM RESTAURANT A. 0. POND, Prop. O P E N A L L H O U R S Day and night Call in and see us we can please you First'door north of Butcher Shop Notice to Debtors, All persons indebted to the late A. F. Rietzsoh of the Club saloon will please cal! and settle with my attorney, iiunms dulgrove. JOHN R. GLEASON, Administrator. Try a howl of chili con carnie at the restaurant at the Family Liquor store. ;

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 03 April 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.