The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, May 29, 1914, Image 2

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-, 6 , í V «-J-\ &’ &'<>< .«■«■•».‘ji ^ ' ' I Ff V “/ .• - ••■' î\*1 1 Mjf CLEARING THE TRACK IN ALASKA. begun at the southeast corner sec­ tion 32, township 37 north, range, 4 west: thence north 5 miles. Beginning at southeast corner section 34; thence north 44 mile\; thence east 4 mile; thence north 4 mile; thence west 4 mile; them e north 4 mile; thence west 24 mil-'-*. Beginning at northeast corner section 2; thence south 1 mile; thence east 4 mile; thence south 4 mile. Beginning at southeast cor­ ner northeast quarter northeast quarter section J2; thence «vest if miles. Report was approved and roads ordered opened, provided that all owners sign free right of way agreements. '•I Sweetgrass system roads No. 6. ' S '>1 Report recommending said road begin at south quarter corner sec­ tion 10, township 37 north, range 2 west; thence north 1 mile; thence west 4 mile; thence north to international boundary’ line. Report v\as approved and roads ordered opened, provided all owners sign free right-of-way agreements. Sweetgrass system road No. 2. Report recommending following extension was approved: Beginn­ ing at southeast corner section 10, township 36 north, range 1 west, thence 1 mile; thence north one- half mile; thence east, following a coulee through < enter of section 12, township 36 north, range 1 west, and there being no non-con­ senting owners, said road was de­ clared a public highway and or­ dered opened to the public. Conrad-Hover road. In the matter of said road or­ dered opened September 3, 11*13, board awarded Robei t< & Rich­ ards the sum of $5*> ml as in fail for all damages and fencing. Valier and Jones ranch road. In the matter of -aid road or- 10, township 22 nottb, range 3 ;.dored opened Maivh 26.* 1013, \\e-.L; thence west 1 mile; thence; hoard rescinded award of $100.00 made to K. I). Hughes, and awar­ ded the sum of §5<*.no to Adolph i n f i l l i ■ > r ill damage\ and fencing | ns \ n> wed wit\ declared a public 1 Lippens and the sum of $ to md toport n as approx ed. 'highway and ordered opened to Reter Hughes, as in full for all —From tho San Francisco Chroniol*. County Commissioners ¡23 north, range 1 west. — I Moulton load. In township 28 Synopsis of proceedings of the north, rang“ 1 west. board of county commissioners | (iorham hist road. In toxvn- of 1'eton toiintx, M o n t . Special | ship 26 north, range 2 west. May teim, 11*14. ( ’hote-iu, Montana. Max 14. PurMiant to order made at \in ;al meeting ot April board met at 4 p. m. Chairman L C. Marsh, tn lenry \ioners Henry Kxan and Kad> 1 1 lie, and the clerk. K n c 1 Miti ( V t Ba .U road: lViaol took up for hearing viow- M r ’pori on \aid road and de- I lau d dam ige-, and benelit\ to be ei|'i 1 1, “ xeept as to IV. F. ( ol­ imi , uno \\as av\arded 8,'u.iio as Ad loomed to 2. p. m. AI-TKKMION SKSSION. Board ieu'-en J>iud at 2 p 8, lbl l, t.\li members present. Present, j * Board then took action on road Coin mis-i viewers' reports as folloxvs: Fairfield section line roads. Ueport recommending following extuision xva'OapproveJ: Begin­ ning at southeast coiner set tion veyor or a member of .tire ; board. Parties interested in, said road shall bear all the cost and expense of putting same in shape for trav­ el. Sweetgrass system roads No. 3. Those fellows’from Conrad who have been actively in favor of the creation of Pondera county are mighty poof losers. Because the people of Brady and Collins saw fit to have territory in their por- Report recommending said road , tion of the county withdrawn north 1 mile: and there being no non consenting owners, smd road Ordered, that clerk advertise for s.-aled proposals to be opened at l'la. in June 5. 11*14, for con­ struction of a \led hridge, 160 feet long, across Cut Bank creek near the town of Cut Bank Adjourned to 1<* a. in. Mav 5 .SECOND DAI . May a, 1!*11. Board met at 10 a m. All members present. Plat of Grandview addition to toxvn of Sweetgrass was ap­ proved. Change in Choteau Collins road. Petition was presented for a change in said road through lands of James Sulgrove. and board ap­ pointed viewers. Petitii n was presented, hied xvirh the clerk April 30, lhl4, praying for the formation of a no v ciiuntx, to be known a\ Pon­ dera county , out of pot turns of Teton countv and <hoUnui ' county, and hoard fixed May 26, lull, at 1*1 it. 111 ., as the da in to hen tlm prom ot sin! |i'.|, ion ml of nn\ the public damages and fencing. Sweetgrass \\stem roads No. 5. j Board authorized assessor to Report reconnneiiuing said road j Ginnlo.v two additional deputies for begin at southwest coi ner section I period of one month, at the 31, township 37 north, range 1, salary' of $125.00 per month each, xvost; thence west I mile: thence f°r the purpose of making copies south 1 mile. Beginning at south of the assessment lists of property west corner section 2, township 36 situated within the new county of north, range 2 west; thence west Toole for use of the assessor of 1 mile. Also abandonment of present road from southwest cor­ ner section 3, township 36 north, range 2 west, to southeast corner same section Report was approved and roads ordered opened, provided that all owners sign free right of way- agreements. Change in Cut Bank-Shelby road. Report recommending said road began -it a point on the Cut Bank- >he'l.*. road x\ here -aid road m- tei «<!><•:•- t:.c smith line of section 1, townsmp 32 nmtli, range 5 1 xvest. T.iem >• we\t to southxxc't! corner same set Lion: thence north from the proposed new county', and because of this withdrawl tne nexx county failed as the valuation remaining was less than $3,OOO.OUO required b.v law for the creation of nexv counties, some of the Con- radites returned to their homes vowing vengeance against Cho­ teau. “ We’ll beat every Cho- teauite who is a candidate for office this fall,” exclaimed one; “ we’ il move the county seat to Bynum or Cut Bank,” said an­ other, and there were many other such damphool remarks. As a matter of fact the people of Cho­ teau as a xvhole are not in the least responsible for the defeat of the proposed new county. One or two individuals living here might have advised their friends at both Brady and Collins to have their territory withdrawn, but no money was put up to assist them in any xva.y to prepare their with­ drawl petitions, and no one from here promised the Brady Whet­ stone the county printing contract of Teton county for his “ mflooen- ce” in opposition tu Fondera. In y ars past, as a matter of fact, the people of Choteau have gone out of their way to be friendly with the people of Conrad, not­ withstanding the fact that Conrad, or at least a number of its citi­ zens, have prided themselves on their unfriendly attitude toward us. If, because of the outcome of the Pondera county proposition, Conrad feels like lighting Choteau openly, all well and good. We feel that Choteau is capable ot looking out for its own interests, and we have the reputation of being fairly good lighters oiir- \elves over in this good old town. So if Conrad “ feels for tight” let her get ready. We're ready at any time to retaliate. ‘'Lay on McDutf, and damned t be he,” etc. Mesdames Holland, McMahan and Sin.vthe will entertain the La­ dies Industrial Society at the luirch parlors on Wednesday', June 3rd The Ladies Industrial Society will have a food sale at the Cho­ teau Mercantile on Saturday, May 30th. The display will be in one of the large windows of the new building. op;* )ti--ut-\ tlieie’o, and do-igiiaD'd | o*> \\C\t iim* of so< turn 1 and eon- tin* <onend ’ * )‘i\<*r\ er uni the Fort t i e ng on thi- line into -• i tion 36 Benton Kixei I’ lrs- ;i\ the m*v\\- p* where it int'M*-»»« t\ the present papeis in wlurh tin* nolieeof s l i d , road, usiiif* tin- part of the road hearing shall be pwblisned for at from this point to southeast cor- least once a week for two weeKs ner section 26, township 33 north, preieeimg said date of hearing. range 5 west: thence north to east ( hindered that clerk dtaxv war - 1 i corner section 26: thence west on rants on road fund in payment of j the 4 line of secs. 26 and 27 to join time checks issued by foremen of road engine crews, when counter­ signed by a member of the board. Ordered, that treasurer make the following transfeis of county funds from tho general fund to the contingent fund. $5<V)i).00; from the road and bridge fund to the bridge fund, $5,060.Uo; from the road and hridge, fund to the road fund, $5,0 »6.00. Petitions were presented for the following new roadsaod board appointed viewers thereon. Garrett Road. In township 25 north, range 3 west. Hart North road. In township county road at southeast corner southwest quarter northwest quar­ ter section 27. Also the abandon­ ment of the present road from initial point of this new road to the west line of section 22, same township and range. Report was approved and board declared damages »nd benefits as equal, and there bemg no non­ consenting owners, road as viewed was declared a public highway and ordered opened to the public, aod county surveyor was ordered to survey and plat same. Old road to be abandoned on accep­ tance of new road by county sur- said county. Board then audited claims a- gainst the county and ordered warrants drawn in payment of those allowed. On motion of Commissioner Ryan, the board extended a vote ot thanks to Chairman Marsh in appreciation of his impartial per­ formance of the varied and trying duties of the chairmanship ot this hoard since the first Monday of January, 1!*13, and xxished him succc—s in 1 is nox\ field of action as commissioner of the county of bole. Board then adjourned sine die. Notice of Publication In tin* ilKi rid rrnirt of 11n- eighth judicial dlsirlrt of tlm state of Montana. In and for tin* county of Teton In the matter of tho estate of Mary Mc­ Donough, deceased Notice of publication of time appointed for proving will, otc. Pursuant to an order of said court made on the twelfth day of May, W14. notice Is hereby given that Monday, the first day of June. 11114. at 10 o'clock a m., of said day. at the court room of said court. In Choteau, county of Teton has been appointed as the time and plaeo for proving tho will of said Mary McDonough, deceased, and for hearing the application of H XV. Bateman for Issuance to him of letters testamentary, when and whore any person Interested may appear and contest the same. Dated the 12th day of May, 1914. J A M ES OIBSO N.Clork. .1. G Ilalr. attorney for petitioner. I'irst publication May 15. 1914. The Bynum News appeared last week as a seven-column four-page paper. In its enlarged form the News presents a very creditable appearance. No American has profited a single dollar by the reduction of duties; the foreigner, and the for­ eigner alone, gets the benefit of the tariff reduction.—Philadelphia Ledger. The board of county commis­ sioners met last Tuesday and or­ ganized by the selection of W. D. Jones as chairman. As this xvas u special meeting, called for the purpose of taking action on the uropo.sed nexv county of Pondera (and no other business could be legallv brought before it) it will be necessary for tin* board to rati­ fy this notion at their next regular meeting which xxill be held next week, before Mr. Jones becomes the regular chairman. Emerick, the photographer, will be at his studio at Bynum, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, June 6, 7 and 8. The studio at Choteau will not be closed during that time, as he has a competent operator here at all times. Notice of Publication In the district court of tho eighth Judicial district of tho state of Montana. In and for the county of Teton. In the matter of the ostato of Shuler M Corson, deceased Notice of publication of time appointed for proving will, etc. Pursuant to an order of said court, made on the fourteenth day of May. 1914. notice Is hereby given that Monday, the first day of June. 1914. at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day a the court room of said court. In Choteau, county of Teton, has boen appointed as the time and place for proving the will of said Shuler M. Corson, deceased, and for hearing the application of Jennie E. Corson for the Issuance to her of letters testamentary, when and where any person Interested may appear and contest the same. Dated the 14th day of May. 1914. JAMES GIBSON. Clerk. Flint Publication May 15.1914. LET VS Vfe Hake To Order and We Make To Fit Characterizes the fit of our made to order suits. They fit well and are stgled on lines that appeal to the ad­ mirer o f good tailoring. If you will favor us with a trial order we will be glad to demonstrate this to you. We make our suits to retain the shape and style even after the severest usage. It’s the knowing how that does this. O U R S P E C I A L T Y I S $ 2 5 . 0 0 S U I T S THE MODEL TAILORS OVER FROST’S STORE Farm Loans W E H A V E U N L I M I T E D M O N E Y TO L O A N * O N T E T O N C O U N T Y L A N D S We loan on patented land and on final proof certificates W e can offer gou terms that gou cannot obtain elsewhere Call at our office or write us for information SHAFER INVESTMENT CO. Room 11, McDonald Block Choteau, Montana Or Inquire at Beaupre Hotel YOU’LL NOT BE DETAINED a minute longer than necessary to make the repairs if you bring your auto here. IVe don’t fuss abound trying to make a little fob look big in order to increase our charges. We repair the auto honestly as well as skill­ fully. Put our address down as one of the few pieces where auto repairing costs only what it is worth. BOWERS’ GARAGE CHOTEAU, MONTANA Choteau, Montana, May, 15, 1914. To the People of Choteau and Vicinity: Rumors having come to me that I am connected in the lumber business with certain individuals and again with line yards, I wish to state in all fairness to myself and prospective customers that I am here to stay and sell H o n e s t G o o d s A T H o n e s t P r i c e s And all I ask of gou, one and all, is to give me the oppor­ tunity to prove what I tag are facts. Bring me your bills for figures and 1 will absolutely convince you that A . J. Flynn is the sole manager and owner of the CH OTEAU LUM BER COM P A NY. Yours to serve and please, A. J. Flynn

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 29 May 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.