The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, May 29, 1914, Image 8

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Following is a list of insitru- nituiti li'i'd in the office of tin? county clerk and recorder, as furnished the Montanan by the Teton County Abstract Co., of Choteau, Montana, for the period ending May 27. Witrranty Deeds: Samuel A. Soil id and wife to Walter L. Whann, lots 9 and 1°, block 40, Conrad. Walter H. Gorham and wife to J. I. Cain, §1, part of lots 3, 4, 5 and 6, block 10, Choteau Bynum Investment Co.,to Mon­ tana Brewing Co., §1.00, lots 1 and 2, block 2, Bynum. Charles S. Parker and wife to William P Edgar, one acre in w2 sw4 sec 3, t 24 n, r 5 w. James P. Harley to Karl G. Rappold, §1.00, n2 se4, e2 sw4. sec 9, t 28 n, r 8 w. John W. Hosper.\ and wife to P. I). VanOosterhout, §1.00, s2 ne4, n2 se4, sec 5. t 24 n, r 5 w. Andrew R. Thompson and «lfe to Robert King, §2.500, e2 se4, nw4 se4, ne4 sw4 sec 29, t 29 n. Edward S. Horsley and wife to John Hessler, §1,685, nw4 sec 20, t 33 n r 5 w. Walter H. Gorham and wife, to T. O. Larson, SI.00, part of lots 6, 4, 5 and 6, block 10. Choteau. Bynum Investment Co. to School District No. 12, §1, block 4, Bynum. Conrad Townsite Co. to Pauline Goldbergcr, §300. part of se4 ne4, ■sec 23, t 28 n, r 3 v . Frank Carr to Bruce R. Me- Namar, §1. lot 36, block 7, Cut Bank. Bartlett E. Runnels and wife to Herman Kaptein, §1600, se4 nw4. sw4 ne4, ne4 sw4. nw4 se4, sec 4, t 28 n, r 4 w James Sulgrove and wife to P. H. Crossen, §1, lots 7 and <S, block 9, Choteau. P. H. Crossen and wife to Christiana Sulgrove, §1, lots 8, i), 10 and 11, block 11, Choteau. D. L. Sadler and wife to An­ drew Lemire, §1, w2 sw4, sec 25, se4 se4. sec 26, ne4 se4, sec 35. t 25 n, r 4 w. Annie C. Morehouse and N. O. Tuttle, §5196, lot 3, ne4 sw4, n2 se4. sec 19, n2 sw4. n2 sc4, sec 20, se4 nw4, s2 net, n2 sw-t, sec 21, t 25 n, r2 w, s2 ne4, *2 nw4, sec 25. s2 ne4. <oc 26, t 25 n. r 3 w. Rose E. Connor to Timothy Connor, §1. nw4 «e4, e2 sw4, sw4 sec 5, lots 6 and 7, e2 sw4, sec 6, lot 1, n2 ne4, nc4 nw4, sec 7, t 23 n, r 8 w. William F. Faust and wife to Thomas Manix, §1, sw4 se4, sec 2, t 27 n. r S w. Alyira Miller to M. H. Em­ body, $1250, se4 ne4, ne4 se4, sec 20, sw4 ne4, nw4 se4. n2 sw4, s2 nw4, sec 21, t 2S n, r 9 w. Armstrong Live Stock Co. to Walter Armstrong, §1, sw4 se4, sec 7, lots 2 and 3, e2 nw4, nw4 ne4, sec 18. t 28 n, r 5 w, e2 se4, sec 13, t 28 n, r 6 w. Clark W . Bruce to J, E. Lan- don, §100, lots 19 and 20, block E . 15, Edmonds’ addition to Brady. Bruce R. McNamar and wife to Frank Carr, lots 18 and 19, block 13, Cut Bank. Quit Claim Deeds: A. Henderson Earhartand wife, to K. A. Earhart, § 1 . 06 , ne4 sec 21, t 27 n, r 5 w. Nancy E. Burger to Robert A. Earhart. §4.00, ne4 se^ 21, t 27 n, r 5 w. U. S. Patents: Bessie Gladys Dow, w2 nw4, w2 s\v4 sec 20, t 22 n, r 6 w. Mary Bernard Elder kin, sw4 ne4, e2 ne4, se4 nw4 see 17, t 27 n, r 3 w. Samuel H. McNeill, no4 sec 20. t 33 n, r 3 w. Julius M. Lee, lots 1 and 2, s2 m'4 see 1. t 29 n, r 3, w. Johanna L. Draayers, se4 sec 8, sw4 sec 9, t 35 n, r 5 w. Valentine (iaitner, lots 3 and 4, e2 -w4 » pc 31, t 31 n. r 4 w. Eduard F. Horsley, n\v4sec20, t 33 n, r 5 w. Notice of Water Right: Forest M. Pinkerton, 5 cubic feet o f the waters of Teton- river. Forest M. Pinkerton, all waters in springs in se4 ne4 sec 32, t25 n, r 5 w. Lucy B. Embody, 5 cubic feet waters o f Round Lake. Lucy B. Embody, 5 cubic feet waters o f North Fork of Sheep creek. Register’s Certificate: Sarah G. Shilling, sw4. s2 se4 sec 9, e2 se4 sec 8, t 27 n. r 4 w. John Anderson, lots 1 and 2, se4 nw4, ne4 nw4 sec 18, t 35 n, r 5 w, e2 ne4 sec 13 . t 25 n, r 6 w. Harm Kaptein, n2 sw4, ne4 se4, sw4 ne4, sw4 sw4, s2 se4. ne4 se4 sec 5, t 28 u, r 5 w. James Castello, ne4 sec 17, t 25 n, r 2 w. Emma Thompson, w2 ne4, e2 nw4 sec 25, t 23 n, r 5 w. Fred Schatz, s2 nw4, n2 sw4 sec 24, t 27 n, r 4 w. Roy W . Hutnion, w2 se4, e2 sw4. sec 28, t 24 n, r 4 w. Julius Semmingson, lots 3 and 4, s2 nw4, sec 5, t 27 n, r 2 w. Walter E. House, s2 pw4, n2 sw4, sec 27, t 30 n, r 4 w. M. Thomas Manix, w2 ne4, se4 nw4, ne4 sw4, see 10, t 27 n, r 8 w. Rose E. Connor, n2 ne4, ne4 nw4, lot 7, sec 7, t 27 u, r 8 w. William F. Faust. sw4 se4, sec 2, t 27 n, r 8 w. Martin Slezok, Jr., e2 sw4, lots G and 7, sec 6, t 30 n, r 5 w. Dora W . Bickett, se4, sec 5, t 34 n, r 5 w. Seth Ii. Dibble, e2 ne4, sec 23, sw4 n\v4, sec 24, t 28 n, r 6 w. Seth R. Dibble, s2 nw4, sec 23, t 28 n, r 6 w. Lee E. Brown, nw4, sec 20, t 25 n, r 3 w. Cena Hcebink, ne4, sec 17, t 35 n, r 5 w. The Choteau Market Following are the prices beintr paid for grain on the Choteau market, as furnished the Montanan by the Farmers’ Elevator com­ pany. Figures are corrected each week up to Thursday after­ noon: Winter wheat § 68 Spring wheat 69 Flax .. .. L23 Scrip For quick sale, ue offer all or part of 320 acres guaranteed scrip at per acre. This will ap­ ply on vacant government land, isolated tracts, homesteads and desert claims. Shafer Investment Co., Room 11, McDonald Block or Beaupre hotel, Choteau, Mont. Harriage Licenses Since our last report marriage licenses have been issued by James Gibson, clerk of the district court, as follows. Clyde W. Hight 22, and Elsie Laughlin, 23, both of Conrad. Ralph S. Craig, 27, and Idelle C. Bailey, 22, ioth of Collins. Clayton B. Dunn, 27, and Lil­ lian Truman, 18, both of Great Falls. Notice of Sale of School Bonds The board of trustees of school district No. 12, Teton county, Montana, will sell to the highest bidder for cash, at the office o f 1 Peter Kelly, clerk of said school district, at Bynum, ¡Montana, up till 7 o'clock p. m., on Mon­ day, the 22nd day of June, 1914, the coupon bonds of said district' to be dated May 1st, 1914, in the sum of §5,660, bearing interest at the rate of six (6) per cent per annum, interest payable annually at the office of the county treasurer, in Choteau, Montana, said bonds payable in twenty (26) years and redeemable in fifteen (15) year* from date,at the county treasurer's office in Choteau, Montana. Said honds will not be sold for less than par and accrued interest, and the right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Trustees: Harry King W . A. O’Neil Geoige Talifson First publication May 22. Notice To Contractors .Sealed bids will be received by the clerk of the school district for the erection of a school house at Bynum, Teton county. Montana, up to 7 o’clock, p. m., of Monday. June 22, 1914, Plans and Specifi­ cations are on file at thecounty at­ torney’s office at the court house in the town o f Choteau, and also at the Bynum Mercantile Co. store l at Bynum Montana. A certified check for 10 per cent of the amount of bid, made payable to the clerk of the district, must accompany all bids. A surety bond for the full amount of the bid must be furnished by the successful bidder. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the board. Harry King, chairman. Peter Kelly, clerk. First publication, May 22, 1914. Notice of Hearing. In the district court of the eighth judicial district of the state o f Montana, in and for the county o f Teton. In the matter of the estate o f Pierre Eyraud, incompetent. Notice of hearing on return of sale of real estate and personal property. Notice is hereby given, that Edward J. nirsliberg, guardian of the person and estate of Pierre Eyraud, incompetent, has filed in this court a return and account of sales of real estate and personal property belonging to said estate. That said real estate Is briefly described as follows: Lot 7, the se4 and n2 o f sec (i. twp 25n. r 3 w; w2, and the w2 of the ne4, sec 5, twp 25 n. r 3 w: the n2, the s2of the set, and se4 of the sw4,lsec 1: and the e2of the ne4, the e2 of the se4 o f section 2: and the ne4 o f the nc4 of sec­ tion 11: and the mv4 of the nw4 of sec 12. twp 5n, r 4 w; the e2 o f the nw4. thee2\ of^tbe sw4, the sw4 of the sw4, and the w2 o f the se4, ; of section 28: and all of section 31, and all of section 32. and the w2. o f the nw4. and the nw4 of the sw4 of section 33 in twp 20 n r 3 w: the e2 o f the se4 of sec 35, twp 26 n,' r 4 w. Montana Meridian, and It was sold for the sum of S48.122.40; that the personal property.! sold consisted of horses, farming machinery, utensils and implements, and miscellaneous\ small articles, and Is more fully described in said return, to which reference Is hereby made. That said personal property was sold for the sum of 16,051.75. The hearing on said re­ turn has been set for Friday, the 2.0th day of May. 1914, at the opening o f said court at 10 o’clock, at the courtroom. In the courthouse, atOboteau, Teton county. Montana, at which time and place any person Interested In the estate may appear and make objection to the conflrpuation o f said return; and for further particulars reference is hereby made to said return. Dated this 7th day o f May. 1914 JAMES GIBSON. Clerk of said Court. First publication May 8. 1914. Order to Show Cause In the district court of the eighth judicial district, of the state o f .Montana. In and for the county of Teton. Order to show cause why sale of real estate shouldnotbemade. In the matter o f the estate of Jonathan E. Webb, dei-eased George M. Coffey, the executor of the estate of Jonathan E. Webb, deceased, having filed his petition, herein, praying for an order of sale o f a portion of the real estate of said decedent for the purpose therein set forth. ' It is therefore ordered by the judge o f said court that all persons Interested in the estate of said deceased appear before the said dis­ trict court, on Friday the 5th day of June; 1914, at two o’clock p. m. of said day. at the court room o f said distrlc jourf. at the court house in Choteau, county of Teton,, to show cause why an order should not he granted to the said executor to sell much of the real estate of the said deceased, Jonathan E. Webb, as shall be necessary. And that a copy of this order be published at least once a week for four weeks in \The Choteau Montanan.” a newspaper printed in Teton county. H. II. EWING. Judge. Dated May 6th, 1914, J. G. Bair, attorney for executor. First publication May 8.1914. A M A N ’ S C L O T H E S Generally reflect his habits of neat- ness and taste. Let us keep your clothes clean and pressed. It costs very little every week or month. W e make a specialty o f repairing. W e do first class work and at the low­ est rate in town. Give us a trial. H a n d Tailored Suits $ 2 0 .0 0 and up A l l Goods N o t called for in 60 days will be sold to pay charges . A . P E T E R S O N T H E T A I L O R T H E B I G F I R E L E S S C O O K E R F O R T H E F A R M N o matter what you do or don't do, you must feed your cattle THE SILO The biggest and best thing on the farm today; buy one and see what the cows will do for you when you feed them silage. 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The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 29 May 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.