The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, June 05, 1914, Image 3

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NICK B A A T Z , Great Falls, Montana Forget your troubles in an hour of amusement Choteau Billiard Parlor A Corhplete line o f Tobaccos Barber Shop in Cigars and Confectionery Connection Choteau, Montana The B e a u p r e H o t e l H. BEAUPRE, Prop. First-Class in every respect Finest M eals in City You will find your friends here Breakfast from 6 to 9 o’clock Dinner from 12 to 2 o’clock Supper from 7 to 8 o’clock Four Autos t JT oog ^ fiis I leave daily City Dray and Transfer Line J. A. GLEASON, Proprietor A l l kinds o f Hauling, Excavating and Transfering C H O T E A U , - - - M O N T A N A The weather has fallen on a very summery aspect during the past couple .of weeks, and, al­ though the writer has never per­ sonally experienced any ill-effects from intense heat, still we know it to be a fact that the heat of the summer’s sun has at times played havoc with the very keenest and best-balanced minds. We prob­ ably should take this fact into con­ sideration when we read the Con­ rad papers, particularly so Tom Busey’s Independent, concern­ ing county division. His remarks about the “ same old story of the dominating influence of a ring of self centered politicians living ad­ jacent to the county seat, aided by a few lieutenants scattered thru out the territory effected, thwart­ ing the will of the big majority of the people by the scheming and connivance of a few tricksters,” can be accounted for only on the theory that he has recently had a “ touch of the sun,’ ’ and that his heretofore well-balanced mind had become—not slightly, butr consid­ erably—disarranged. Poor boy! He's to be pitied, rather than condemned. As a matter of fact the people of Choteau did nothing for or against the creation of Pon­ dera. It was not necessary for us to do anything to kill it, as Brady and Collins looked after that mat­ ter very effectually. There never was any real demand for the crea­ tion of this new county, except only from a few chronic office seekers, and a few crooked real estate sharks, who hoped to make a profit out of their holdings if Conrad was made a county seat. Listen further to the idle vapor- ings of his disordered brain: “ The old ring that has con­ trolled Teton county since its for­ mation is losing its hold, and their arrogance in this last move will not long be tolerated. The people are awake to their own interests and are demanding what is their just dues. They are tired of putting up their good money in taxes and getting nothing in re­ turn. They are tired of the shabby service rendered to the people of this part of the county bv officials paid with their own money. They demand local self- government. They demand aright to send representatives to the state legislature who will represent their interests, and not vote invar­ iably contrary to those interests. They realize the only way to get these results is thru the creation of a new county, and this we are going to have. The old ringster.i have scored one more victory, but the defeat is only a temporary de­ lay of tha relief sought. County division is coming, and it is com­ ing in the near future.” How cleverlv he words his rant ings! \The people demand local self government!” Howl! Tom, howl! You have had “ local self government” in city affairs until it is well nigh impossible to pay your city taxes. This is not be­ cause of the county tax levy, which is among the lowest of any county in the state, but because of the extravagance, mismanagement and pr.ybable graft of your “ local self goverment,” past, present and possible future, Put the blame for these conditions where it properly belongs. Do not try to lay it to Choteau, nor.charge it up to the county commissioners. They would be compelled to plead “ not gnilty” to the indictment, and could prove their innocencs. About the only demand the peo le have made, to the best of our rec ollection and knowledge, was to have eliminated the territory in six difierent portions of Pondera. Knowing you as well as they did they ob?ectedstrenuously to being in a newconnty with pou. Their petitions were in legal form, and the commissioners very properly eliminated the territory and left it where THE PEOPLE wanted it to remain—in Teton county. And that action killed the proposed county. So rant and rave, you addle head. It is amusing to watch your antics. Your bait in offering nominations and elections to office in your old discredited county, and the bribe on the county printing contract, did not have the desired effect. Your county is dead; not simply sleep­ ing, but dead! Damn you,Tommy, don’t you understand? It’s deadl Notice of Sale of School Bonds Send me your Broken Glasses. I will repair and return the same dag. S . 0 . H U S E T H JEWELER AND OPTICIAN Next to First National Bank Great Falls Mont. G l e n l o y d H o t e l Thejonly up-to-date Hotel in this City Steam Heat Hot and Cold Water Baths Our Cafe service is the very best W EI WILL Î A P P R E C IA T E YOUR P A T R O N A G E H . D . U p m a n General Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing The board of trustees of school district No. 12, Teton county, .Montana, will sell to the highest bidder for cash, at the office of Peter Kelly, clerk of said school district, at Bynum, Montana, up till 7 o ’ clock p. m., on Mon­ day, the 22nd day of June, 1914, the coupon bonds of said district to be dated May 1st, 1914, in the sum of §5,600, bearing interest at the rate of six (6) per cent per annum, interest payable annually at the office of the county treasurer, in Choteau, Montana, said bonds payable in twenty (20) years and redeemable in fifteen (15) years from date,at the county treasurer's office in Choteau, Montana. Said bonds will not be sold for less than par and accrued interest, and the right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Trustees: Harry King W . A. O’Neil George Talifson First publication May 22. Strictly modern and up-to-date. Machinery in all departments.! tNo jobjtoo big for us to do right. No job too small for us to fail to give it careful and prompt attention. None fc>i_it competent w orkm en em ployed SATISFACTION GUARANTEED C H O T E A U , MONT The Montanan forJob Printing

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 05 June 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.