The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, July 03, 1914, Image 4

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F i r s t - C l a s s European Plan L - A l l m o c t & m C o n v e n i e n c e s Livery Stable In CKotcau Meal Hours S to 9 a. m. 12 m. to 2 p. ra. 6 to 8 p. m. \A/M: H O D G K I S S , Prop. C h o t e a u , / M o n t a n a Entered as secqnd-çlâsâ, matter July 11,11.913, afc.the post officé/sit Choteau, Mpntañarunde.r^the Act of Maröh 3; ;187íL’ ’ - , ' ' . \ CHOTEAU, .MONTANA, JULY ,3 1914 Published weekly at Choteau, Teton County, Mont. Political Announcements ! The Oasis CHOICE LINE OF Wines , Liquors and cigars Collins, Montana B E N FEIST, Proprietor You will always find welcome at The Family Liquor Store Choice W IN ES, L I Q U O R S A N D C I G A R S That Famous American Beer on Draught Bottled Goods is our Speciality T . H . T H O M P S O N , PROPRIETOR Aanouncomonts under this , heading, of candidates for office of tbo various' political parties, will he published from now until the date of the primary election. August 25. 1914 for the sum of 10.00. payable In advance. Oct in your announcement early; It will cost you no moro than it would if published only one week. FOR ASSESSOR. I am a candidate for tbo democratic nomin­ ation for county assessor, and would ap­ preciate your support for that position. JAMES INNES. IOOUNTY TREASURER. 1 hereby announce my candidacy, for the office of county treasurer, subject to the de­ cision of the democratic voters of Teton county at tbo primary election to be held on August 25,1914. E. D FORREST. COUNTY ATTORNEY. Subject to the decision or the republican voters of Teton county. Montana, I hereby announce my candidacy for the nomination of county attorney, f pledge “ A Square Deal.” to all. T. H. PRIDIIAM. COUNTY TREASURER. I hereby announce my candidacy lor the nomination of treasurer of Teton county, subject to tbo decision of the voters of the republican party at the primary election to lie held on August 25, 1914. A. C. BURBANK. COUNTY CLERK. 1 am a candidate for the nomination on the republican tiojeet for county clerk of Teton county, end will appreciate your support at the primary election to be hold August •l»th. 1914. *E, C. GARRETT. For tents,-awnings and all kinds of canvas goods see Ross Houck, the Choteau hardware dealer. Theodore Cautield, of Bynum, sustained a fracture of the upper jaw* last Saturday, by being kicked by one of his horses. He is under treatment by Dr. Crary,. and is getting along as well as could be expected. H. L. Shafer, of Great Fall?, arrived in the city the first of the week to took after the business of the Shafer Investment Co., in this city, during the temporary absence of his partner, A. E. Shafer, who' has gone to the Falls to look after.interests. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR i am a candidate for the rcpubllcau nomi­ nation for public administrator of Teton county, and promise if nominated and fleet­ ed to fulfill the duties of tno office according to law. JOHN R. GLEASON. FOR SHERIFF I am a candidate for the republican nomina­ tion for tho office of sheriff of Teton county, and would appreciate your support for that potstion. K'ENNETn MoKENZIE LOCAL NEWS A son was horn to the wife of Andrew Knudson, on Thursday of last week. W. H. llewson, of Great Falls, was a business visitor in this city the first of the week. $5.00 REWARD Lost the first of the week, a man’s gold watch, small size, closed face, initials E. C. engraved on outside, and leather fob, with Royal Arch charm, somewhere in Choteau or on Choteau-Dutton road. A $5 reward will be paid for return. Leave at this office. He W as Posted. A distinguished painter employed a small boy from a neighboring slum as a model. He gave the child some tea and asked him if he would like brown bread or white, expecting, as is usual with such youngsters, that he would ask for white. The boy, however, ask­ ed for brown bread. “Hello,\ exclaimed the painter, as­ tonished; “do you like brown bread?” “Yes,” replied the boy; “ It’s got more nitrogen in it.”—Manchester Guardian Expert Criticism . “Why do you associate with that rough looking man? Ho looks like a burglar.” “That is just what he Is, my boy. When you write a crime play these days you are supposed to have a real criminal collaborate with you.”—Kan­ sas City Journal. Attorney Phil I, Cole was a business visitor in Great Falls and Helena the first of the. week. F. A. Oulton and family arrived in this city Tuesday evening from Missoula, and will make their home in the future. Alfred Harris, of the firm of Harris Bros., merchants at Du- puyer, was in the city the first of the week on his way from Helena to the northern part of the county. He was taken from here to Du- puyer by Mort tiirshberg, in his auto. MAKES . A L L _ í l l V J E S T O C K c K e S S ’ E. C. Garrett, the county cleric, returned tho first of the week from a snort visit at his farm near Valier. Ed is “ some far­ mer,” all right, but he has no in­ tention of giving up his present position as county clerk to engage actively in that business for some time to come. Kills Lice, Mites, Fleas and Ticks. DESTROYS DISEASE GERMS AND CURES DISEASES OF ALL LIVE STOCK AND POULTRY. CLEANSES. DISINFECTS. PURIFIES. EASY TO USE. INEXPENSIVE. ASK FOB FREE BOOKLETS. FOtt SAZJS S T CHOTEAU DRUG CO. G. W. Yeager, who for the past two years has been making his home at Brigham, Utah, arrived in this city the first of the week and will hereafter reside in this vicinity. Mr, Yeager is now 82 years of age, there being four generations of that family living in this vicinity at the present time, and he is as hale and hearty as many men several years his junior. M e rcury In Japan. Japan nnd China use more, mercury than moit other countries, fa the east this metal is used largely lu making vermilion, and lu Japan in compound­ ing a secret explosive. His Real Love. •You don’t think Banks Is foud of his wife?” “ Not so fond as he Is of her husband.\—Boston Transcript. The Poor poet. “The poet Is born, not made,” sayetb the proverb. In other words, it isn’t his own fault. Frankness Itself. Breezy One—1 say. old man, if you’ll let me hare the loan of $20 I’ll be eter­ nally indebted to you.—Pin k. Farm Loans We Have $500,000.00 to loan on farm lands Our terms are right. Our privi­ leges arc liberal. No unnec­ essary delays. Be sure to see or write us. Shafer Investment Company McDonald Bldg,, Choteau Public Land Scrip for sale Filed With Countv Clerk. Map of Glacier Park townsite, dedicated by Horace J. Clarke and Helen P. Clarke, has been filed in the county clerk’s office. The townsite was surveyed by A. G. Baker nnd compromises 63 acres adjoining the Glacier Park hotel property, and is a part of the Indian allotment claims patented to tho dedicators. The town is beautifully located amid splendid scenery, aud many of the lots have already been sold to denizens of the eastern hot belt who intend building summer cottages. Following is a list of instru­ ments filed in the office of the county clerk and recorder, as furnished the Montanan by the Teton County Abstract Co., of Choteau, Montana, for the period ending June 29. Warranty Deeds:— Charles N. Thomas to Laura Leanora Thomas, §10, w2 ne4, e2 nw2, sec 28, twp 35 n, r 5 w. J. G. Hopkin9on and wife to John M. Weaver, $1, part of nw4 se4, sec 24, twp 24 n, r 5 w. Wm. Cowgilland wife to Henry Preshinger, SI, lots IT and 18, block 1, Cowgill’s addition to Choteau. Alice Pevoy and hu9. to William Pevoy, $1600, e2 sw4, lots 3 and 4, sec 31, twp 20 n, rT w. Elmer Gener and wife to Jens P. Wick, S10, lot 2. block 5, Power. Peter Yalier and wife to J. A. L. Bradfield, $1200, ne4 ne4, sec 29, twp 30 n, r 5 w. Emma Jane Ryan and has to -• ' 4 - - f i -. - V„, i s w J -i'*.-- WE CARRY A ÏFÜLt AND COMPLETE LINE OF LUM­ BER A n d B u i l d i n g m a ­ t e r i a l . WE HAVE THE CHOICEST COLLECTION OF PLANS AND SPECIFICA­ TIONS, WHICH ARE FREE TO ANYONE WHO INTENDS TO BUILD. WE COMBÍNE QUALITY AND RELIABIL­ ITY . WITH OUR PRICES, WHICH CANNOT BE BEAT. t & í á I«'.- An Irresponsible Watch Is like an irresponsible person — never to be depended upon. If you would have sour watch thoroughly reliable h.:ve it looked after by Holland, » Jeweler A t Chote-v.i Drug Co. J. A. L. Bradfield, $2300, s2 ne4, sec 11, twp 28 n, r 3 w. Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Co. to Thomas C. Hand $1, nw4 sw4, sec 25, ne4, n2 se4, sec 25, r 5 w. Brady Townsite Co. to. John Gaines, $150, lot 6, block -16, Brady. John Gaines and wife to Libby Lumber Co., $1, lots 5 and 6, blk 16, Brady. Louis Morgan to Ethel Rogers, lot 22, block 129, Valier. Milwaukee Land Co.^to Cath­ erine S. Bieber, $1, lot 9, block 9, Farmington. Charles P. Lusher and wife to John P. Galbraith, lot 4,- blk 5, Conrad. ‘ Chas. W. Johnson to George Bowen, $500, lot 5, block 16, Brady. Louis E. Bruns and wife to John B. Bohling and- Frank Miller, sw4, sec 35, twp 25. n, r 1 w.. Maggie H. Taylor and hus to Sands Cattle and Land Co., $1 ne4, nw4, sec 9, twp 23 n, r 4 w. Conrad A. Bergh and wife to W. W. Brant, $1900, n2 ue4, se4 ne4, sec 26, twp 29 ti, r 6 w. Bynum Investment Co to H. R. Vinson, $50, lot 6, block 19, Bynum. s Adrain H. Lindemulder to John C. Price. $1600, e2 se4, n\v4 se4, nc4 sw4, sec 31, twp 29 n, r 1 w. Phil I. Cole and wife to H. C. Peters, $1, lots 26, 27 and 28, blk 46, Hazlett’s second addition to Choteau. Julius Hirshberg to Duncan McDonald, $1, lots 7 and 8, blk 38, Hazlett’s second addition to Choteau. Frank Gaines to John F. Lehma, $4650, lots 14. 15. 16, 17 and 18, block 13, Brady. Joseph Carroll to Victor Day, $1, i intiu lot 7, blk 5, Conrad. Joseph J. Carroll to Victor Day, $1, lot 3, block 75, Valier. D. E. Williams et al, to Frank Gaines, $5000,lots 14, 15 16, 17 and 18, block 13, Brady. Elmer Bonathan to William J. Lavin, $1750. i int. lot 10. blk 2, Conrad. Milwaukee Land Co. to Henry Davidson, $1, lot 4, blk 5, Farm­ ington. Guit Claim Deeds:— Peter Habb»- -tad t- Vera G. Hargrove, $1, :jcu f: outers of Teton. Peter Hab1 < rstad i<> Dennis I. Hargrove, $1. 3 cu ri waters of Teton river. Valier Ltti'uber a* <l Investment Co. to C. M. Petal—''.. $1500, lot 11, bU< 70, Valier. - Ch.-n-Ies.Kleese YY. H. Eaton. $1, ti.ict “A.PU<o‘-r,s. Benjamin P. T;.' or and wife to Ruth E. Kelley, $1. n2 se4, sec 2, twp 21 n, r 3 w. U. S. Putent9:— Charles N. Thomas, w2 iie4, e2 nw4, sec 28, twp 34 n, r 5 w. John Ries, w2se4, e2 sw 4, sec 9, twp 28 n, r 5 w. - William E. Ballard, lots 3,4 and 5, se4 nw4, sec 6, twp 26 n, r 2 w. James J. Haffey, nw4 ne4, n2 nw4 sec 25, ne4 ne4, • sec 23, twp 25 n, r 3 w. Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Co., ne4 ne4, sec 29. twp 30 n, r 5 w. Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Co., ne4, n2 se4, sec 27, nw4 sw4, sec 25, twp 30 n, r 4 w. Nils Petterson, lot 3, se4 uw4, n2 sw4, se4 sw4, sec 27, se 4 sw4, sec 35, twp 28 n, r 4 w. Ben Payne, sw4 ne4, se4, sec 33, sw4 nw4, nw4 sw4, sec 34, twp 28, r 5 w. John Hamilton, lots 2 and 3, sw4 ne4,, se4 nw4 , sec 2, twp 29, r 1 w. Richard H. Sauer, sw4, sec 35, twp 31, r 4 w. Annie L. Gilbert, e 2 sw4, se4 nw4, s\v4 ne4, sec 30, twp 33 n, r 5 w. Jesse O. Hostetter, sw4, sec 27, twp 29, r l w , Paul Mancoronel, lots 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, se4 nw4, e2 sw4, sec 6, twp 27 n, r 4 w. 'Albert Stevens, lot 1. ne4 nw4, lot 4. se4 sw4, sec 30, twp 28 n, r 4 w. Louis E. Bruns, sw4, sec 34,’ twp 25 n, r 1 w. Burchard E Kent, ne4, sec 19, twp 22 n, r 6 w. Claude B. Harkins, sw4, sec 35, twp 26 n, r 2 w. James Ritchie, nw4 sw4, w2 nw4, sec 5, ne4 ne4, sec 7.- twp 33 n, r5 w. Charles John Strand, sw4,' sec 11, twp 23 n, r 3 W;.

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 03 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.