The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, July 03, 1914, Image 6

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u ’Z*.'*\’*!_■*/*'* > * * * » « ► * ■ ‘• V * VâgRrçssg, -V ît IN A y FOR MEAT AND ICE i;: 3 DELIVERIES DAILY 8 A. M. 10 A. M. 4 P . M . Shop Closed on Sunday Try Our Lard and Bacon M e a t C o . Fits and Misfits Are being given to men all over town, but goull never get a misfit here. We are experienced cutters and fit­ ters, and make it a point to give everg patron the best fit possible in the choicest fab­ rics, beauiifullg lined and finished and perfect in everg detail o f making. Yet we don’t ask ang fancg price for our superior suits. O U R S P E C I A L T Y I S $ 2 5 . 0 0 S U I T S THE MODEL TAILORS OVER FROST’S STORE The Pioneer Bar J O H N M . G R A V E S , Proprietor SCH L ITZ, the beer that made Milwaukee famous, always on sale. The best o f Wines, Liquors and Cigars A complete line o f lunch goods always on hand Choteau, Montana C HAS. H. CONNOR & SON CHOTEAU, MONTANA LOCAL AGENTS FOR -/ r * , V» J. I. CASE STEAM AND GASOLINE RIGGS THOMAS MOWERS, RAKES AND GRAIN DRILLS STA-RIGHT GASOLINE ENGINES AND STAR FEED MILLS FLYING DUTCHMAN LINE EMPIRE AND U. S. CREAM SEPARATORS The ' J ÿ lîâ L ___ M . ' T ‘ f i ’-! D i m a n a n C. E. T R E S C p ft AND SON, PuMiahers c h o t e a u , S m o n t a n a , j u l y .?, 19 Ì 4 Published weekly a i Choteau, Teton County, flont. Subscription, $2.00 per yeàr. Advertising rates on application. TWENTY YEARS AGO Item s o f interest taken from the Choteau papers o f this date twenty years ago. ) • Z. T. and J. R. Burton were in town Saturday. J. R. i9 here from Kansas and is looking over his interest on the Burton bench. He is much pleased with this country. Two men who have been en­ gaged in wolfing for the past couple of weeks came into town on Monday last with forty-one pelts for inspection by Inspector H. Harris. They consisted of forty cubs and one old wolf, and were killed in the vicinity of Rocky Coulee and Iron Springs. This is the largest haul yet made and means a saving of thousands of dollars to the cattlemen in this vicinity next winter. The bounty amounts to $205.—Lethbridge News. Walter Clark is off for a few days recreation at different points in the state.” He left for Great Falls yesterday. Orson Abel, the II year old son of Dave Abel, arrived here yesterday on a visit to his father. The little fellow came through alone from his home in Living­ ston without the leas't mishaps, which is quite remarkable, as route lay over three different railroads, a stop over at as many points and a ride of 30 miles from the nearest railroad station. Mr. Abel is much pleased with the little fellow’s intrepidity and is very proud of his boy. Mr. Perry Getts has taken the contract for carrying the mails from Brighton, on the narrow gauge railroad, to Choteau. Mr. Getts will start his coaches about the first of July. The people here will be sorry to lose him off the route here and the county seat. For the past year, rain or shine, hail or snow, the arrival and departures of the mail* have not varied a minute. The people on the route he is soon to serve can congratulate themselves on having so faithful a carrier.—Ris­ ing Sun. Smith & Ulm have shipped their wool to Great Falls. Miss Grace on a two weeks’ visit to Mrs. Frank Coo­ per at Cascade. Mrs. Concannon left for Boul­ der Tuesday where she will here­ after reside. Mrs. James Gibson left Tues­ day on a visit to her people at Chestnut Valley. She will go to Salt Lake to visit relatives there before she returns. In the populist convention held at Deer Lodge, Monday, Chou­ teau, Beaverhead,. Fergus. Daw­ son, Yellowstone and Valley were not represented. Jimmy Stone’s teams passed through Choteau Wednesday with the first installment of Clark Bros., wool. It was the first to passthrough this season. There are many move to follow. Ike Morehouse was in town Wednesday. He is the owner of the land at Bynum which our pop­ ulist friends are so eager to ’ get hold o f for townsite purposes. The second trial of Charles Jones, one of the Northern Pa­ cific train robbers, and who is charged with the murder of Hen­ ri' Schubert at Midvale, is set for August 6. in the United States’ court at Helena. W. H. Galliper, of Dupuyer, is in town today. Byron Corson went to Great Falls Thursday on his bicycle. J. C. McQuaig was in town on Thursday. He is through shear­ ing. Dr. Wamsley returned Thurs­ day from Deer Lodge where he attended the populist convention. Mrs. F. W. Coombs came in from .Helena on Thursday’s coach. She went out to Charles Cooper’s ranch where her little boy is sick with pneumonia. Attorneys Bair and Bishop re­ turned from Great Falls last evening after a successful presen­ tation of their cases before Judge Benton o f the 8th district at that place. The pavillion is about comple­ ted^ It is a much larger one than last^ear, and is fitted up in better shape now than then. In fact, everything points to a better arrangement for the celebration of this “ Sabbath of the Nation.'’ Otis Whaley is building a new dwelling on Choteau avenue. Rev. Armstrong will hold ser­ vices here next Sunday morning and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bair are now oc­ cupying their new residence and will shortly be “ at home” to their many friends. The mails from Choteau to Blackfoot and to Collins will run daily, beginning Monday morn­ ing. No mail will be carried be­ tween this point and Steel after that date. The Montana Stage Co.’s coaches, however, will con­ tinue to run between Choteau and Steel, carrying passengers and express as heretofore. ooe Kipp was in town this week from Blackfoot this week and says the Mormon settlers on Lees creek across the boundary line, cut all their timber, lumber and firewood on this side of the line there being none other handy. The Mormons have a large saw mill on the creek just on the Ca­ nadian side of the line which cuts the lumber for the settlers of that section using American timber exclusively. Mr. Kipp says that Agent Coke has investigated the matter and will report to the au­ thorities at Washington. These depredations have been going on ever since the Mormons first settled on Lees’ Creek, and great quantities of valuable timber have been removed from the public do­ main by these people. Only Three Big Circuses There are only three of the circuses of the first class traveling on the road today. That is, there are only three circuses carrying three rings in which the perform­ ance is given. These circuses are the Barnum and Bailey, The Ring- ling and the Yankee Robinson cir­ cus. All of these shows have three rings, two elevated stages and the usual hippodrome track where the races are held. The Robinson circus gives its -Wild West performance in the hippo­ drome track. The other two shows do not carry the Wild West annex, but gives spectacular per­ formance in addition to the cir­ cus. The Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, speaking of the Robinson circus, states that the performance is on a par with either the Barnum or Ringling circus and states em­ phatically that the present Yan- Kee Robinson circus will excell the Barnum show within a few years. : v 'j f 'M - i '- ! - - .- » - \ i f ^ - < » & t ■SSW X - v:: Yy C O M P A R E O U R R E G U L A R H A R D W A R E P R I C E S W ITH A N Y O T H E R STO R E IN TE T O N C O U N T Y N o 1 galvanized tubs $ .9 0 N o 2 galvanized tubs N o 3 galvanized tubs 1.00 1.10 . 1 0 White Lead, lb Pure boiled oil, 5-gallon can 4 . 5 0 1 gal. galvanized oil cans .2 5 2 gal. galvanized > oil cans $ .3 5 5 gal. galvanized oil cans .6 0 Hay forks, best 1 .0 0 Shovels, best 1 .0 0 S teel rim locks .5 0 A c m e kalsomine .5 0 Hickory horse collars 5 . 0 0 I F P R I C E A N D Q U A L I T Y IS A N Y O B J E C T W E A R E S U R E TO G E T YOU R B U S IN E S S A C O M P L E T E L I N E O F TOOLS, CU T ­ LERY, P A I N T , H A R N E S S , E T C . C A R R IE D ........................... IN S T O C K . ................................ E. J. ROBERSON & CO., Proprietors H onest goods, full weight and fair prices have made this store a success P l ea s e T a k e Notice The Hom e Insurance Company, New York, The Largest Insurance Com­ pany in the United States Is insuring Growing Crops against Hail and would like to insure your crop. The H O M E is noted, for its Fair Deal­ ings and H onest Payment o f L osses. Back o f a p olicy o f T H E H O M E IN S U R A N C E C O M ­ P A N Y are total assets o f over thirty-three million dollars and a surplus to p olicy holders o f over seventeen millions. Is not that the sort o f p olicy you want— especially when it costs no m ore? A n insurance p o licy is a p rom ise to pay. With a H O M E policy the p rom ise to pay is backed by the power to pay. «J. I. C A I N , R e a l E s t a t e a n d F i r e I n s u r a n c e THE CITIZENS STATE BANK OF CHOTEATJ, MONTANA CAPITAL. $50,000 SURPLUS, ~ $10.000 Offers to the people of this communitg, a SAFE, C O N S E R V A ­ TIVE IN S T ITU T ION as a depositorg for their funds. \ M & p a y 3 p e r c e n t o n t i m e d e p o s i t s ,

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 03 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.