The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, August 14, 1914, Image 1

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* ' ;v- h ;' ** ------- ‘ / - y ' ■ ^..-••^;4 - - ;,^ 7 ;y ^ ^ ~. -V' / V, > ' ’ * $ $ ’ • V A , i ; / ; 4 \ . , -.,,i j V . - A VOLUME II CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY/MÖNTAXA, AUGUST 14, 1914 ■.-» * :• - \ > • ■ -• < NUMBER 7 f i Reply to Bynum News. Bynum, Mont., Aug. 11. To the Montanan:—In the lust issue o f the Bynum News many of our prominent citizens were un­ justly attacked by the editor of that publication, and if you will kindly permit me space in your paper to do so. I will endeavor to enlighten the citizens of this com­ munity and your many readers as to the animus which prompted our (?) editor to.attack these worthy persons in such a vile, indecent and cowardly manner.. In.the first place, when Mr. Maple moved his printing plant to Bynum from Valier, after having been starved out of that commun­ ity, he borrowed the sum of §50 from Dune Stewart, our hotel keeper, with which to pay the freight bill on his outfit. Mr. Stewart, who is always liberal and generous to the less fortunate, and who is one of the best boosters for Bynum and Teton county that ever lived in this section, was only too glad to accommodate the edi­ tor with that amount, as he had long advocated the establishment in Bynum of a live local news­ paper which would help in boost­ ing along this' section of the county by giving publicity to our many and varied resources, thus assisting in the upbuilding of our home’ town and surrounding terri- tory. But Maple, evidently, did not consider this §50 as a mere loan. He was probably looking for something for nothing. At least Stewart had considerable difficulty in collecting his money,. He asked for it personally several times and finally had to place the account in the hands of ran attor- ney. The' lawyer*-made niany trips to Maple’s place of business in an endeavor to collect the ac­ count, and was finally met with the statement from Mr. Maple he did not intend to repay the §50 because “ Stewart has sold beer in case lots to women of the under­ world, and I consider the amount received from him simply as hush money.” “ If Stewart makes me pay the§50 I will expose him,” etc. While Mr. Stewart is free and easy going, and generous to a fault, he cannot be bluffed very much. He at om e proceeded to collect his §50, which, after con­ siderable haggling and bluffing, was paid over by Maple. That’s his whole grievance against Dune Stewart. He has even less grounds for his attack on Ray Porter, one of our merchants. Mr. Porter, finding that the News was not assisting in boosting the town along, and that its subscription list was practically nothing, re­ fused to advertise further in its columns, as he did not consider it a paying investment. It was simply a plain, business proposi­ tion with Porter. It did not pay him to advertise his business in the Bynum News and he .quit. Maple, however, at once started in to force him to advertise. His attack in last week’s issue was but another one of the weapons he stoops to use in his attempt to force business to come his way. It is a disgrace to any community that its business men should be forced to submit to such indecent attacks. No business man should be forced to pay “ hush money” nor “ blood money” to such a drunken, idle, ill-mannered, graft­ ing hooblum as Maple has proven himself to be since coming to By­ num. It is not my intention to defend the harlots nor their male com­ panions who now infest our city. This so-called social evil question is one upon which men honestly diff er. For myself, I believe that they should not be tolerated in any civilized community. But at that Enlarged Homesteads. The following lands have been designated for entry under the en­ larged homestead act, and are now available: West halt section 27. North half and southears qr section 28, township 21 n, range 3 w. All of sections 5, 6, 7 and S, township 22 n, range 1 west. All of sections 1 to 29 inclusive All of sections 32 and 33, north half section 34, township 22 n, range 5 west. All of sections 1 to 29 inclusive, and sections 32, 33, 34 and 35, township 22 n, range 6 w. Northeast qr section 3, all of sections 4, 5 and 6, township 23 n, range 1 w. North half of north half seci on 5, north half and southwesi qr section 6, west half west half sec­ tion 7, township 23 north, i .nge 2 w. AU of sections 1 to 10 inclusive. F l e t c h e r M a d d o x Republican Candidate for, ¡Nomination for C o n g r e s s Tax Levy for 1914 15 to IS inclusive, JH2, 26 and 27, township 23 n, range 3 w. West half section 17, sections 18 to 20, 30 and 31, west half and southeast qr section 32, township 23 n, range 4 w. All of sections 13. 22 to 35 in­ clusive, township 23 n, range 5 w. All of sections! 19, 20, 21, 27, to 34 inclusive, township 24 n range 1 w. All of section 19. south half sec­ tion 20 and 21 to 35 inclusive, township 24, range 2 w. All of sections 23 to 26 and 35, township 24 north, range 3 w. Northeast qr section 7, north­ west qr section 8, northwest qr section 13, northeast qr and south­ west qr section 14, southeast qr s>ec:;15, township* range’ ’ w. Following is the list of all candidates of the various political parties for county office whose names will appear on the ballot at the pri- V'/AK of'Sections 6,“*“84- mid '-35,- nmfry election’ to be held on Augus|=-2^ft_ci9i4. Slate Senator.. township 27 n, range 7 w Northeast qr and east half northwest qr section 3, township 27 n, range 8 w. Naturalization Papers Declaration to become citizens of the United States have been filed by the following: David Leroy Scarrow, a subject of Canada, residing at Choteau. John'Elmer Howard, a subject of Canada, residing at Choteau. Civil Cases The following civil cases have been filed in the office of the clerk of the district court since our last report: The Cascade Bank of Great Falls, Montana, a corporation, vs. T. J. Twedt, suit on note. Filed Aug. 7th. L. A. Peterson, vs. Arthur Ellingson, suit on note. Filed Aug. 8tli. Rogers-Templeton Lumber Co., a corporation, vs. Julian Urland, debt. Filed Aug. lltli. Rogers-Templeton Lumber Co., a aorporation, vs. J. II. Fay and Ed. Frederickson, doing business under the firm name and style of Fay & Frederickson, suit on lien. Filed Aug. lltli. H. F. McClurgvs. Fred Deer- ing, appeal. Filed Aug. lltli. REW ARD—$10 reward will be paid for the recovery of a brown work horse, brandod A bar re­ verse two. Animal last seen about seven miles southeast of Choteau. FRED LEE. I am confident that the houses of-prostitution in Bynum are not as great a menace to the commun­ ity a9 is the Bynum News and its irresponsible owner and publisher. Thanking you for the space used in the above communication, and assuring you that I regret very much that I considered it my duty to thus impose on your time and good nature, 1 remain. Very truly yours, A BYNUM BOOSTER. The List of Candidates for County Officers. Thos. O. Larson, Chotean, republican C. D. Powell, Valici*,. ..dem ocrat M. Tlios. ManiX, Dupuyer, progressive Ole Wagnild, Bynum, socialist ^Representative IX F. Mains, Valier, republican C. S. McDonald, Choteau John W. Coburn, Chit Bank, republican O. B. Scott, Valier, democrat P . J. Anderson, Conrad __ democrat 13. K. Alquist, Conrad, * progressive A. 1?. Leech, Valier, Dan Limlseth, Farmington socialist Benj. F. Harris, Fairfield, .... socialist County Commissioner., (i-yeav term . W. D. Jones, Bynum, .. . republican Ernest A. Savory, Dupuyer, democrat Joseph Rowekamp, Conrad, democrat H. O. Burton, Valier, progressive C. O. Lindsetli, Farmington, socialist County ( ’ommissione.r 2-year term Martin Jacobson, Cut. Bunk, republican Dick Hewn, Conrad, Dan Ledgerwood, Fowler C. T. Dusell, Conrad, Marlin Larson, Bynum, .. republican . democrat progressive socialist County Clerk E. C. Garrett, Choteau, Harry G. Butt, Cut Bank, Alfred H. Hanson, Choteau republican democrat socialist ('on nty Auditor ( ’lias. S. Barker, Choteau, C. James Smith, Choteau, John G. Weitzel, Conrad, H. A. Prescott, Choteau, Elmer C. Moe, Valier, republican republican democrat democrat progressi ve Sheriff.. .. Kenneth McKenzie, Choteau,republican R. B. Dean, Dupuyer, . republican Wm. Miller, Valier, democrat John Angus, Collins, socialist Treasurer A. C. Burbank, Chotean, republican E. IX Forrest. Choteau, democrat Marshall P. Bird, Fairfield, socialist Assessor John L. Lundgrcu. Conrad, republican Oren R. Nelson, Choteau, republican .lames S. limes, Choteau. democrat C. S. Hanson, Farmington, socialist County Attorney ....... T. B. H. M. LcRoy David John Pridham, Choteau, republican Iiattcrsly, Conrad, republican A. Foot, ’Chotean, republican J. Byan, Conrad, democrat J. Greene, Conrad, democrat Stephen J. Rigney, Cut Bank, democrat. Thos. \Y. Robinson, Conrad, progressive Surveyor Colin X. Ward, Choteau, republican Freeman A. Daley, Choteau, democrat School Superintendent Edward J. Markle. Dation, republican Ethel 1. Keid, Bynum, republican Nellie K. Brown, Clmteau, democrat Ella Wilke, Valier, ........... progressive Coronel* W. A. Hulbush, Cut Bank, republican L. M. Maguire, Brady, .... Democrat E. B. Maynard. Dupuyer, progressive I ’ ubi ie A d m i n ist ra tor At the meeting of th§ county commissioners held in this city last Monday morning the tax levy for the year 1914 was fixed as follows: STATE PURPOSES. Genera] fund ................. ......... 2. 50 mills Sinking fun d .................. ...0 10 mill Insane hospital fund ■ - — 0 23 mill -Bounty fund .............. 11 50 mills -Stück Inspection and del fund . 0 50 mill -On live stock only. COUNTY PURPOSES, General and Contingent funds ... 5 00 mills High school fund .......... .. ................. 0 70 mill Road and bridge bond fond .. ..0.50 mill Sinking fun d .................................... 0 SO mill Court house bond fund ................ 0.20 mill Road fund......................................... 3 00 mills General school f u n d ....................... 4.00 mills Fierce Forest Fire. A forest fire of considerable proportions has been raging on the summit between the Teton and Sun rivers, west of Choteau, for the past couple of days. Forest Supei visor Spaulding sent out about 30 men from here last evening to light lire, and this morning at 2:15, 6U men arrived from Great Falls on a special train and they were at once taken out by auto. Although the fire is at lea*-t 40 miles west of Choteau the atmosphere 1 « very hazy with smoke. The fire is located on what is known as Wrong creek, between McDowell and Rock creeks, and is burning in a northeasterly direc­ tion, and is reported to be at least five miles in length and is spread­ ing rapidly. There is consider­ able valuable timber in that sec­ tion, but it is feared that most of it will be destroyed before the fire is extinguished. J. J. Hannon is moving his stock of goods from the old Sil­ verman & 'Cohen building, on Main avenue, to his new quarters in the Larson building on First street N. W. Episcopal Church Bulletin Sunday, August 10, there will be church services in the morning at 10:30, to which all are cordi illy invited. Keep in mind the work of the church during the summer, and the state of .vour mind and body will be healthier thereby. I believe in the religion that heals the sick and saves the sinner. REV. L F. HALEY, Pastor. FOR R E N T -A small Apply to Ross Houck, hardware store. house, at the JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (REPUBLICAN) Chas. N. Thomas, Cut Bank John E. DeHaas, Choteau John W. Shields, Conrad Frank E. Vandemark, Jr., Cut Bank. u (DEMOCRAT* J. II. Hines, Valier *B. J. Mathews, Conrad M. A. O’Neil, Cut Bank CONSTABLE. D. E. Williams, Brady, re­ publican. Harriage Licenses Since our last report marriage licenses have been issued by James Gibson, clerk of the district court, as follows: Guy Eric Woodward, 34, of Fletcher, Mont., and Florence Mildred White, 24, of Seattle, Wash. Alois Jung, 25, and Catherine Wagner, 25, both of Valier. Mrs. F. M. Anderson, who has been a patientât the John Hop­ kins hospital at Baltimore, Md., for several weeks, arrived in Cho­ teau last Saturday evening and will remain here for some time with her daughters, Mrs. J. I. Cain and Miss Lucille Anderson. We are pleased to be able to re­ port that she returns to Choteau greatly improved in health. Methodist Conference The eighth annual session of the North Montana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church 'will be held at Choteau on August 18- 23. It is expected that nearly 100 ministers of that denomination will be in attendance. Rev. Nap/ tali Luccock, Ph. D., D. D., resi­ dent bishop, of Helena, is the chairman of the conference. The district superintendents are Revs. W. W. VanOrsdel, J. A. Martin and A. D. Welch. Rev. P. W. Haynes is the secretary. An in­ teresting program has been pre­ pared for the conference, which commences on Tuesday morning at 9:00 o’clock. In the evening of that day, at 8:30 o ’clock, ad­ dresses of welcome will be deliv­ ered on behalf of the town of Cho­ teau by Mayor Coffey, from the commercial club by President R. M. Farrington,rand from the local church organisation by Phil I. Cole. These addresses are to be responded to by Bishop Luccock. On Friday evenihg the annual banquet in honor of “ The Order of Caleb” will be held at the Gienloyd hotel. Born, on Thursday, August 11, to the wife o f T. C, Spaulding, a son. Two representatives to elect. . Byron Corson, Choteau, ..... republican John K. Gleason, Cholean, ‘ republican Geo. E. Sullivan, Williams, progressive PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN • (REPUBLICAN) Nels Nelson, Fairfield, No. 2 J. I. Cain, Choteau, No. 1 S. L. Potter, Cut Bank, No. 26 George McLean, Brady, No. 15 V. M. Miller, Dutton, No. 13 G. S. Jameson, Choteau, No. 30 R. L., Bynum, No.4 (DEMOCRAT) John Dinger, Valier, No. 20 E. M. Davis, Cut Bank, N< . 27 Win. J. Dc.rnngton. Choteau, No. 1 G. Masengjll, Gut Bank, No. 26 W. C. Boucher, Conrad, No. 17 H. W. Conrad, Conrad, No. 18 (PROGRESSIVE) Alfred Stromstud.Conrad,No.17 W. F, Paterson, Conrad, No.18 Jos. Sturgeon, Valier, No. 20 OUR COUNTY EXCHANGES M. A. O’Neil was injured yes­ terday while hauling hay. He was loading hay on a wagon and one o f the bale wires broke causing Mr. O ’ Neil to fall from the wagon. He struck on his head. At this writing he is doing nicely.—Cut Bank Tribune. Fire destroyed two large sticks of alfalfa hay for A. E. Sprague last Sunday. The fire started at about 2 o ’clock and was noticed by Mr. Sprague as he was going out in the fields, but before he could get to the scene the flames had gained such headway that th e stacks and barn were doomed. The loss is a keen one to the owner, as he had just completed cutting every bit of hay on the big ranch, and to lose all his feed at this time is extremely serious, as hay is hay this year. The loss is estimated nt about §600.—Conrad Observer. Threshing operations are being started this week, and it is expec­ ted that quite a little grain will ba safely stored in the bins by the last of the week. The crop of winter wheat i9 very good, an l in many places the spring wheat is good. The oats and flax suf­ fered principally by the long hot spell, and even this crop will be fairly good. On the whole the crop is going to be much better than last year, and-with the high prices prevailing, the farmers haven’t much to complain of this year.—Conrad Independent.

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 14 Aug. 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.