The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, April 23, 1915, Image 5

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<cg5.i .■ ^ r ■ ^ i _ ■1 ' y i. i ; my = HENB Y^D.BOB ISONiPres.ii \ : v - t&A-S-'T. j^BBON iSec:; * v Abstract Co 4 .■ ..-Prompt attention given' to all branches of ■.s'. ■}-. v Abstract work.. - - \ , ' . V ? CBOTEAU, - MONTANA Bakery & Ctife S O O 'S O N , Prop. SH O R T O RD ER LUNCH Bread,' 'Pies, Doughnuts, Cakes Chop Sueg and Noodles B e s t M eals in town for the moneg South Main St. Choteau, Mont. d r . h . j . M c G r e g o r Physician & Surgeon Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted Office in McDonald bldg., Choteau HARMON T. RHOADS Physician and Surgeon Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted Choteau, Montana Fishing tackle at Choteau Drug store. ' A. C. WARNER U. S . Commissioner Notarg Public Convegancer Choteau. Mont Dr. E. J. CRARY DENTIST Office in the McDonald building Choteau, Montana. DR. C. J. B. STEPHENS, D ENTIST Graduate Tlniverslty of Michigan. Ann Arbor Sign: The Golden Tooth Choteau, Montana Odd Fellows. Choteau Lodge No. XI meets Saturday nights at 8:30 o'clock at their haU In the Connor building. Visiting brotbers always welcome O. JAMES SMITH. N .G. C. B. CONNOR, Sec’y. Queen Rebekah lodge meets 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month after the subordi­ nate lodge. Choteau Encampment No, 11 meets 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. E. T. RHOADS O. P. E. L. JOPRDONNAIS, Scribe ______________ Chevalier Lodge No. 12 K of P Meets on Thursday night of each week, A. O. BURBANK. 0. O. A. C. WARNER. K. of R. & S. Choteau Lodge No. 44 A. F. & A. M. Meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 8 o’clock p. m. OTTO WAGNILD, W. M.' JOHN MOORE, Sec. Fidelity Chapter No. 18 O E S Meets on 2nd an 4th Wednesdays of each month. MRS. JAS. T. ROBINSON. W. M. MRS. E. E. CRAWFORD. Sec. What time will the clock stop? BOVEE, cigars and tobaccos. W. G, Davis, of Sweet Grass, was in town the first of the week, accompanied by Mrs, Davis. While here they were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Beau pre. Miss Margaret Nagle, who visited with friends in Bynum for a few days has returned to her home in this city. Attorney Phil I. Cole returned the first of the week from Lewis- town, where he had been attend­ ing to business interests for several days. FOR SALE:—Heavy spring wagon, 2 seats, canopy top and side curtains. In good condition. Inquire of Mrs. C. F. Green, Cbo- teau. E. J. Roberson has gone) to Spokane to look after business interests for a few days. R. L. Robinson, of Conrad, was arrested at a ranch near Great Falls last week and brought to Choteau where he is now confined in the county jail. The charge against Robinson is grand larceny, it being alleged that he had secured money o n worthless checks. His preliminary examin­ ation will be held before Justice DeHaas on April 30th. Ed Hodgskiss returned last Monday evening from Alhambra Hot Springs where he has been for several weeks taking treat­ ment for rheumatic troubles. He has been greatly improved by the baths at that\institution. Please do not bring us.{anyr more scissors to sh a r p e n 'or razors to hone unless ?you' wa ht reliible workmanship. Mission pool hall barber shop. v _ _ _ _ _ _ * S- * _ ’v Alfred Harris, the Dupuyer merchant, was in the county .seat a couple of days this week trans acting business. He has but re­ cently returned from a visit' to California. Brown & Leahy, who last year had a contract on the grading on the Milwaukee right-of-way from Great Falls to Choteau and Aga warn, have shipped their outfit to the Blackfeet Indian reservation, where tney have a contract on the ditch being constructed by the government for the irrigation of Indian lands. It has been announced that the first baseball game of the season of 1915 will be pulled off at Con­ rad next Sunday. The game will be between Choteau players and an aggregation from both Conrad and Yalier. Unless we have both the umpire and scorer against us in this game, Choteau should be an easy winner. The Drake Drug Co’s store at Yalier was broken into last Satur­ day night by burglars. Several articles of minor value, consisting of pipes, knives, watches, kodaks, watch chains, finger rings, brace­ lets, etc were taken. The store was entered by the breaking out of a window in the rear door, thus permitting the thief to reach through the opening and unlock the door. Sheriff Miller was no­ tified Sunday of the happening and with Under-sheriff Martine went to Valier to make an inves­ tigation. They rounded up sever­ al suspects, searched some houses, but were unable to locate any of the stolen goods, and have no definite clue as to the identity of the guilty parties, although 'they are satisfied the work was done by local parties, who were thoroughly familiar with the building. As will be seen by an advertisement in another column of the Montan­ an a reward of §50.00 is offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the guilty parties. C lothes Many made-to-measure suits seen on the streets of Choteau fit no better than the made- by-wholesale suit—the hand-me-downs. There is much in knowing how to take measurements properly; there is also much in having tailors who can design and cut properly from the measurements. We know how to measure to bring out your individual figure and to hide de­ fects in your figure. We guarantee every gar­ ment to be first class in every detail. Our customers are assured of clothes satisfaction. We will gladly quote prices and show fabrics. FASHION TAILOR SHOP We Clean Clothes Clean Prom ptness is Our Hobbg J. W. Quail, of Dupuyer, and George Therrien, of Spokaue, Wash., were in Choteau Wednes­ day on their way to- Dupuyer from Great Falls. Mr, Therrien was formerly a resident of the Sheep creek country, west of Du­ puyer, having sold out his farm there a few years ago, but still retains some live stock interests in the Dupuyer country, which he intends to look after during his present visit. Applications will be received at the post office department up to May 3, 1915, for the position of postmaster at Kalina, Teton county, a new postoffice to be es­ tablished west o f Choteau at Wat­ son Flat. As soon as the post­ master qualifies the new postoffice will be supplied from the Choteau office on a rural delivery route to be established. The Montanan takes pleasure in nominating post­ master Krofft of this city for the new position at Kalma. W e’re willing to lose him regardless of what Kalma may think about it. Everybody appreciates good goods, and nearly ■ everybody pays the price for good goods. H e r e is a chance for everybody to \get .good goods for very little money. Woman*s Shoes Women's $ 4 .0 0 and $ 4 .5 0 shoes in all colors and sizes, in button and lace. $2.50 Woman* s Vests W o m e n 's l o w - necked, sleeveless vests, fine }erseg ribbed, full toped neck and sleeves, 15c grade . . . . 10c Fancy Crepe Goods The new flowered crepe, light and dark colors, regular 3 5 c qualitg, this week onlg 27c B U N G A L O W A P R O N S You know the $1.50 kind, a beautiful n e w assortment, extra sizes too, all colors, special $1.25 Henry, the seven year-old son of John Kathmau and wife, o f the Burton b^nch, had the misfortune to have his right arm broken at the elbow last Sunday. He was at play with a couple of neighbor boys who had assisted him in bitching up a calf to a small cart, and while driving around the yard the calf became unruly and upset the outfit, Henry being thrown out, striking on his arm with dis­ astrous results. The boy was brought to Choteau, where Dr. Bateman, of the Choteau hospital, reduced the fracture. The Montanan’s $1.00 sub­ scription offer expires next week —April 30th. If you want to take advantage of it you have only up to that night to do so. as after May 1st the subscription will again be $2.00 the year. The Montanan has added a large num­ ber of subscribers to its list dur­ ing the past few weeks but it is not possible for us to pay the expenses on issuing a paper at the reduced price. This was in the nature o f an experiment, and to add new subscribers to the list. The offer expires,,^next Saturday night. If you want to take ad­ vantage o f it yon.v must have the coin in the office by that time. Old subscribers must pay all arreages in order to take advan­ tage o f the offer. New subscri­ bers can get the paper for one year for $1.00 if they remit by that time. L A C E A N D S C R I M C U R T A I N S Vetg p rettg, and full s iz e d lace cur­ tains, new spring stgles in Q Q _ beautiful p a tterns at, p e r p a ir v f e C L A D I E S ’ T R I M M E D H A T S A few wool hats, some straws and some fancg materials, reg- djQ /y\ ular $ 2 .5 0 models f o r . . . . iP^vA / W A S H G O O D S B ig qualitg in plain white with s e lf stripe and figures. Beau­ tiful stuff at 2 5 c and 8 5 c . Our price 15c U N D E R W E A R M en, women and children, we outfit them all. We lack space to tell about these daintg bar­ gains, ........ 5 0 c up W O M E N S H O S E This is a big special LaditslI Fibre silk hose for 3 1 c 100 L A D I E S ' H O U S E D R E S S E S N ewest stgles and finest qualitg $1.35- M E N ! You don't have to walk a block to save a dollar. Our suits at $ 1 5 .0 0 and $ 2 0 .0 0 cannot b e compared with ang other stock in Choteau. The latest creation T H E M I L I T A R Y B E L T Submarine gregs, neutral blues, greens, puttgs, sands and all the lat­ est c o l o r s ---- $1.25 and $1.50 each i N o doubt gou are beginning to think about spring and summer footwear, and gou want the new, snappg stgles. It's a safe bet gou can get the new stuff at the \ big s tore.\ Our beautiful line o f ladies' pumps, oxfords and slippers for spring are incomparable. We can fit ang foot in the vicinitg in p a tents, kias, gunmetals and new leathers at low prices. Remember^ w e will g ive awag a ticket to the Pan­ arne Exposition June 1st. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That all persons are hereby for­ bidden to haul water from the ditch or flume or reservoirs of the Cascade Land Company: and notice is further given that any and all persons who haul or take water from the said ditch or flume or reservoirs will be prosecuted as trespassers. Dated April 13th, 1915. W ILLIAM WALLACE, Mgr. G. H. Mulvaney, the cigar maker who arrived here recently from Missoula, has received the necessary papers from the inter­ nal revenue department, and has commenced the manufacture of cigars in the room in the rear of the Olson jewelry store, on North Main street, in Choteau. Mr. Mulvaney is an expert at his busi­ ness and if all of his cigars com­ pare with the sample he donated to the Montanan, there is no doubt about his building up a large business in this section. The following is the list of the bounty claimants for the month of April and the number of an imals presented for bounty: F. E. Moore, 2 coyotes Albert Paranto, 1 coyote Walter Jefferson, 1 coyote Joseph Rondeau, 1 coyote Finn Wyant, 24 coyotes, 8 wolves. A total of 29 coyotes and 8 wolves amounting to $207.00. For Sale A five room residence built less than a year ago. Just outside the incorporation line in Cowgill’s addition to Choteau. Barn, ga­ rage, coal bouse, two good wells, one inside house. Stands on two lots and two adjoining lots go with same if desired. Very low price if sold at once. All of pur­ chase price not required to handle. Address Charles Metz, Farming- ton, Monk Choteau Tailoring Co. Next to Choteau Drug Co. Successors to A. Peterson Now is the time to put your clothes in good shape. First class repairing on lady’s and gent’s s u i t s at reasonable prices. Suits Pressed 75c French Drg Cleaned $1.75 Hand - tailored suits made to order, from and up All work guaranteed. K e e p T h e H o u s e B r i g h t C L E A I N AND P A I N T U F > U P There is nothing that makes a house look well kept as does the use of good paint. Paint prevents decay, and increases the value and lengthens the life of your buildings. Buy Honest F*alnt Forman Ford & Co’s 100 per cent pure We have a paint or stain for every purpose House Paint Carriage paint Shingle Stain Flat Flow paint Screen paint Floor paint Gold paint Barn paint Aluminum paint Oil Stains White enamel Colors in. oil Berry Brothers Celebrated Varnishes Calcimine White lead „ and oils

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 23 April 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.