The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, February 02, 1923, Image 4

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ivM- - 1 V Everything Points to the Greatest Spring Demand for Ford Produpts^in Company’s History FORD December, 1022 Car and Truck Sales 105,700 •; V 1,202,517 Ford Cars and Trucks were delivered to retail purchas­ ers in the United States alone during 1922— Actual deliveries for last month greatly exceeded any previous December in the history of the Ford Motor Company. It was the ninth consecutive month in which more than 100,000 Ford Cars and Trucks were retailed—keeping the Ford Plaiit working at capacity to meet dealers’ requirements— In many parts of the country dealers are already finding it nec­ essary to specify later delivery dates on certain types because there are no reserve stocks to draw* from— . . Commercial users, business houses and farmers, anticipating their future requirements, are placing orders and taking delivery of Ford Cars, Trucks and Fordson Tractors to insure against delay— Everything points to the biggest shortage of Ford Products this Spring that has ever exised— The only way you can be sure of obtaining delivery of a Ford Car, Truck or Fordson Tractor is to list your order immediately We have given you these facts as they actually exist so that if you are planning to purchase a Ford Car, Truck or Tractor for use use this spring or summer, you can list your order now and take advantage of our dealer’s first opportunity to make .delivery. Ford Mofbr Company Detroit, Michigan H r- » y \ . hi F O R D S A L E S AND SERVICER S TATION CHOTEAR!, MONTANA Power Morgan Company, Proprietors Andrew Martin of Dutton was a business visitor in town Monday. \Russell Thorpe of Cut Bank was registered at one of o'ur hotels this week. Chas. Wilcox of Bynum was a bus­ iness visitor in town Thursday. Thursday evening the K. P. lodge gave a social session at their lodge room, which proved to be a very en­ joyable affair. A special committee oi the order inviting the guests. The first part of the evening was spent in card playing, there being fifteen tables witli sixty persons enjoying them­ selves at this favored pastime. At 11:30 tiie committee spread a very delicious lunch, which was followed by dancing until the wee small hours of the morning. SGI! NOTES N. Arnesmeyer and wife of Farm­ ington were in town on business last Thursday. Mrs. F. M. Kaupisli returned from her visit at Choteau on Thursday of last week. G. N. Torgensen returned Thursday from his trip to Great Falls, where he spent several days on business. N. T. O’Donnell of Great Falls was a business caller here Thursday. Wilda Simons, who is attending high school in Choteau, spent Sunday here with home folks. II. L. Birchfleld, geologist for the California Company, arrived here from Shelby on Friday. N. Thurston of the Maxwell Motor Car company of Great Falls was in town Friday on business with tl.e r « imiimiiiliimiimiimiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimiimiimiiiiiiimmiiimmiiR^ I Buy Your | I Coal at Home I Time Freight Money 5 By using lignite coal, mined 4 miles from Cho­ is teau, on the Belleview road. If you live too far § to make the round trip in one day, I have quart- E ers to take care of you over night at no cost to | you. 1 Delivered in your bin in town for | $5.00; at the mine $3.50. O. SHERRILL AijiiniuiiiuiiiuiiiiiiuiiiiiuHiiiHiiiiiumiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiuiUHiiiiimiimtiiiu local agent, A. M. Rongstad. Otto Wagnild was a Choteau busi­ ness caller from here on Friday. Mrs. C. D. Yeager arrived on Sat­ urday's train from Choteau where she spent several daya visiting. Bill Breeding, a prominent Agawam rancher, transacted business in Cho­ teau Saturday. Deputy Sheriff W. Streeter was in town on Saturday evening. Geo. Wright attended the mainten­ ance of way meeting in Great Falls Saturday evening. County Surveyor O. Peterson and wife, Dave Burt and wife were visit­ ors here from Choteau Saturday evening. -i .• I • j Jos. Lindseth spent Sunday in Brady visiting with relatives and friends. Joe Schlack was a passenger on Tuesday’s train for Choteau. Mrs. Nick Garich left for Great Falls Tuesday to be gone several days. Harry Adams of Choteau was transacting business in Agawam on Wednesday. N. G. Bast, traveling auditor for the Gallatin Valley Milling company, was a business caller her Wednesday. Mrs J. B. Barnes and son, Billie, left for Choteau Wednesday to spend several days visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davidson of.. Collins were guests in our • city Sat:, urday. The Smüt Control meeting held here by County Agent Clarkson was well attended. ' INCOME-TAX FACTS INCOME TA X REQUIREMENTS IN A N U T SHELL Wno? Single persons who had net income of $1.000 or more or gross in­ come of $5,000 or more. Married i oouples who had net income of $2000 or more or gross income of $5000 ^or more. When? March 15, 1923, is final date for filing returns and making first payment. Where? Collector of internal rev­ enue for the district in which the' person lives or has his principal place' of business. How? Full directions on form 1040A and Form 1040;. also the law and regulations. What Four per cent normal in­ come up to $4000 in excess of exem­ ption. Eight per cent normal tax on balance of taxable income. Surtax from 1 per cent to 50 per cent on net incomes-over $6000 for the year 1922. Income tax returns, sworn to be­ fore a notary public or other person authorized to administer an oath, must be filed with the collector of in­ ternal revenue for the district in which the taxpayer lives or has his principal place of business on or be­ fore midnight of March 15, 1923. Form 1040A for filing returns of indi­ vidual incomes of $5000 or less and form 1040 for filing returns of income in excess of $5000 have been sent out by collector to persons who filed sim­ ilar returns for the year 1921. Fail­ ure to receive a form, however, does not relieve the taxpayer of his obli­ gation to file a return and pay the tax on time. Forms may be obtained from collectors of internal revenue' and deputy collectors. Revenue officers will be sent into every county in the Uniled States to aid taxpayers in making out their returns. The advisory service here­ tofore offered city residents will be continued.- This service, including the\ administration of the oath, is without cost to the taxpayers. Taxpayers, before seeking such as­ sistance, however, are advised to read carefully the instructions on the forms. Many questions, which on the face may appear perplexing, can be solved by study of the instructions. Especially, in justice to themselves, taxpayers are advised to note the in­ structions with regard to credits foi L personal exemptions and dependents and deductions. In justice to the government they should note carefully the instructions with regard to in­ come from \salaries wages, commis­ sions, etc., business or profession, Interest on bank deposits, income from partnerships, fiduciaries, etc., income from rents and royalties and other income.” The taxpayer who, when the form is received will devote-to it an hour’s •study, will go a long way in ass'uring himself that he is making a correct ■return. ‘‘Prqducers 88” Oil and Gas lease blanks for sale at this office. Fifty cents per dozen. THRILLING FOOTBALL GAME IN \TWO MINUTES TO GO.” A thrilling football game is one of the big features of “Two Minutes to Go,” starring Charles Ray, who is an ex-gladiator of the bridiron. This First National attraction will be shown at the Royal Theatre Sun­ day. Ray has the role of a football hero Chester Burnett, temporarily fallen into disgrace with his fellow players because, for some reason unknown to them, he suddenly q'uits the team. They do not know the true reason, neither does his sweetbetart, Ruth Turner. Financial reverses suffered by his father force Chet to seek some means of earning his own way through college. Secretly he gets a job peddling milk in the early hours of the morning, and the fact that he is ashamed of this only makes matters worse for him. Then comes the day of the big game, when only Chet can save his team from defeat. He jumps into, the contest and things begin to hap­ pen all around. \Two Minutes To Go,” a fascinat­ ing and humorous story of college life by Richard Andre, provides Charles Ray witli just the sort of role best suited to his own peculiar and exceptional talent. Mary Anderson appears as his leading lady. Others prominent in the cast are Lionel Belmore, Lincoln Stedman, TrUeman Van Dyke, Gus Leonard, Tom Wilson, Bert Woodruff Francois Dumas and Phillip Dunham. HEB, * : T T 4 * T 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 » 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 - 4 - 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 » 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 » 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 - 4 * 4 - 4 * 4 * 4 - 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4i, Fsferaairf Program 1—Tora Ince Production HAIL THE WOMAN 2-3 Episode No. 6 TIMBER QUEEN, Comedy and Review 4—Chas. Ray in TWO MINUTES-TO GO. 5-6—Special:—Jackie Coogan in PECK’S BAD BOY. Adults 35c, High school 25c, Children 10c. 7-8—A Harold McGrath Story NOTQUILTY 9-10—Episode No. 7 TIMBER QUEEN, Comedy and Review 11—All Star Cast (50,000) in ABOVE ALL LAW (Made in Europe.) 12-13—Marporie Daw in FIFTY CANDLES. 14-15—John Barrymore in THE LOTUS EATERS. 16-17 Episode No. 8 TIMBER QUEEN, ’ Comedy and Review 18—Jack Holt in WHILE SATAN SLEEPS 19-20—Harry Carey in MAN TO MAN 21-22—Norma Talmage in THE WONDERFUL THING 23-24—Episode No. 9 TIMBER QUEEN, Comedy and Review 25—Thomas Meighan in IF YOU BELIEVE IT, IT’S SO. 26-27—Robert McKIm and Claire Adams in HEARTS HAVEN 28—Anita Stewart in HER MAD BARGAIN. $ ■ 44444 ’ ' ’ i \ Í ' 4444 , ' , ,' 1 ” Í ' 44 ' ,'Í , 4444444 , ' ' ' ' ’ \ 1444 , ' , \ 144444 * ' ' \ ' \ 144444444 ' . . . . . . . m J . 4414 , . •s •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft •ft 4 * •ft- •ft •ft ’ - V W . W l * ■ •* » e vyT** v A '

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 02 Feb. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.