The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, April 06, 1923, Image 1

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irV. .w*àf ^ r SC j ■ . v ^ s H v . •■' \•• ■- • --'tT Ü ic- -. ‘ A'r ' ••. — %v*> V.<C .VÇ, •-••■• ,'JV I- ,»■■ .-.y. Ï ï f & ï f y ÿ * >■-■-'■■ r •• •■• • • L i __ '• - A ' J *.\ ___ '., . .-• ' 1 'v .w ' i ■ ■ * . — * ? * ' ;v > i » C : /. ■ •• . . . ¿ÏOB&. « * ; ' ,v f * V r i i , . __ , A 1 I '-¡Z'J •. - ■\• VOLUME :X CHOTEAU,’ TETON COUNTS MONTANA; APRIL 6/1923 ------ ■ - --- ■ ■ ■• — ■ - - --- -V-- . NUMBER 39 The -Don’t miss the' T Club dance, best one. of the season. ! , Miss'Hekel: “Who-can give me a ^sentence using yoke?” Bright, student: “Ole pulled a fine yoke.” . The , contestants' for declamatory have picked' their pieces and have 'Started working'on them. . The present, not pleasant, storm is hindering the boys from training io r track. ( j , | The high school was given a half holiday last Friday in order to at­ tend church-services. Miss Schimmelpfeng has Just re­ ceived a set of slides pertaining to Batin which will be shown to both Latin classes this week. The shorthand and typing contests for this district will be held in Great Falls, Saturday, April 21. ' The win­ ners from- each* district will partici­ pate in the state, contest to be held •April 28. Teton county high school will be ; represented , by -Margie Haugen and Esther White in the junior^ shorthand ■contest; and by Phyllis Pridham and Ethel Haugen in the senior shorthand oontest. At thé close of this week ■the pupils will;'berim e d for the typ­ ing contests. ' ••Xv* s ' METHODIST CHURCH NOTES Harry T. Stong, pastor Morning worship at 10:30. Sermon by the pastor. Special music by the Choral Society. ' ' a Sunday School 'at li:3 0 .‘ Evening service at 7:30. There will be a song sendee and an illus­ trated lecture, “ The Modem Good Samaritan.” Choral rehersal Tuesday evening at 7:30. | f Boy Scouts Wednesday evening at 7:30. ;... , , Prayer service Thursday'at 8 p. m. All who- havê attended our church since the rearrangement, cleaning and papering, have' expressed their approval and appreciation of the change. W e wish to express' our thanks to all those who donated their service in helping with the cleaning and the changing of the platform. Through the cooperation of the “Blues,” the “Reds” and the Adult Bible class, and the Sunday school as a whole, -with the Ladies Industrial and the Official Board of the church; we hope to be able to pay all bills connected with the repair work. Now that the Easter season is over let us not forget that the apostles faced their greatest responsibility af­ ter the resurrection. True Christian­ ity should be manifest in yoùr life every day ih the week, and every week in the year. Revival services in the church this Thursday and Friday, 8 p. m. ¡Moving Picture. Schedule for “ The Stream of Life\ Farmington, April 7. Ptndroy, Friday, April 13. Bynum, Saturday, April Î4. -Choteau, Sunday, April 15. Mr. and Mrs. F. Hynes and family, Mr. and Mrs. O. DeRusha and fam­ ily, Mr. .and Mrs. A. Swanbeck and Ruth Andrews were dinner guests at the August Kathman home Easter Sunday. Rev. Hoagland conducted services at the church Good Friday and Easter Sunday. A'number of the girls Farmington, who have been practicing teaching in Fairfield spent the week end at their homes. Mr. and Mrs. T. Hanson and fam­ ily of Missoula, Mr. and Mrs. I. Brekke, and family of Great Falls and Mrs. B- Brace of Conrad spent Easter Sunday at the O. Lindseth home. Rev. and Mrs. Hoaglarid and Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Otness enjoyed Easter Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanson. Miss Dorothy Lindseth spent the week end at home. The Misses Vera, Gent, Helen and Olive Seeking entertained a number of their friends at their home last Sunday. Casper Peterson motored to Kevin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. Dolalie and family spent Easter Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hanson of Bole. GAYEST BROADWAY IN “ BROADWAY ROSE\ With Mae Murray in the stellar role of “Broadway Rose,” 'which comes to the Royal Theatre on Mon­ day and Tuesday, motion picture fans will see the beautiful Metro star in an elaborate production which is said to surpass even “Peacock Alley\ and “Fascination.” As in the latter pictures Miss Mur­ ray is provided, with a role which gives prominence'To her ability as a dancer and affords opportunity for striking costumes in great profusion. A/.few> Pt; tliej. friends, of-'Mr,., and M rs.Floyd 'Clark dropped in on'them .last Saturday evening. Cards were' played until midnight, when a nice lunch, was served by the visiting lad­ ies. Those who enjoyed the occasion besides Mr. and Mrs. Clark 1 were Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Peters,. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Archibald, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCray, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ashworth, Mrs. Edgar and H B. Swanson. Jesse Allan of Lewistown was a caller in town Friday. <, = G. -Peterson of Choteau was a bus­ iness caller here Friday. - . .’ 7 , / Louis Pratt, a representative of. the Montana Life Insurance Company of- Helena was in town Friday. ••' Geo. Wright and family, Mrs. John Wilson, Mrs. Bernard Nelson and daughter, Imogene, were , guests at I lows , At the regular meeting of the Womans Club Tuesday, the animal election of officers for the ensuing year took place and resulted as fol- The city election last Monday passed off very quietly, a total of only 30 votes being cast in the two wards. W. B. Butchart was elected city treasurer, J. E. DeHaas was elected police magistrate and Horace Upman for councilman from the first ward and Dr. H. W. Bateman for the second ward. the Hartwick Nelson ranch home Thursday evening. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Wuest, who has been ill the past week, is now better. Vernon Nyberg was among those ott business in Great Falls the first of the week. Lee Good from Sunburst was in town shaking hands with former ac: quaintances. Mrs. John Wilson enjoyed a very pleasant evening Tuesday, visiting at the Geo. Wright home. /- Miss Magda Wagnild, a high school teacher of Dutton,’ was a week end guest at the home of her brother, Otto Wagnild. John Gerich returned to Great Falls Monday to resume his school studies after spending the Easter vacation with his parents. Several Agawam 1 people attended the dance at Bynum on Saturday evening. ^ - Alf Wagnild of Pendroy was among the out of town callers, Mon­ day. O. F. Schaefer and family spent a pleasant evening at the P. J. Reed home on Easter Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joh Wilson motored to Great Falls Saturday afternoon' returning that evening. 1 •- Jos. Lindseth was a Brady visitor Saturday and Sunday. Valentine Kirsch returned Tuesday from Great Falls where he spent sev­ eral days' on business.. - Martin Vigen, and Godfrey,', Torgen-- sen left on a business trip to Great Falls the first of the week. People we see on the street corn- erg these days are not discussing .Europe. They are deciding how to get across the street., P. J. Reed and Family were even­ ing guests at the apartments of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wagnild on Tuesday. A. M. Rongstad left on a business 1 Mrs. J. I. Cain, president. Mrs. J. W. Hentges, vice president Mrs. Frank Oulton, corresponding secretary. Mrs. W. W. Smith, recording sec­ retary. • Mrs. B. I. Packer, treasurer. Delegates to the convention at Anaconda: , ; Mrs. Er J. Hirshberg. , Mrs. B. I. Packer. • Mrs. J. C. Taylor. Alternates were chosen as follows: Mrs. Chas. McDonald. Mrs. E. J. Crary. Mrs. H. T. Rhoads. . Mrs. C. Hess was hostess to a few of her friends at 500 Friday evening. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Meadows, Mr. and Mrs. C. Ferris, Mr. and Mrs. Dune McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Horst and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Odenwald. Mrs. Vandewark was hostess to the memberg of her class at a sup­ per given at her ranch home Sunday afternoon. The children had to hunt for Easter eggs and also a largo freezer of ice cream which was se­ curely hidden. The fortunate young people at this party were Helen Bateman, Ellen Bushman, Rene Sal- rnond, Helen Stone, Nellie Gray, Mar­ guerite Edgar, Bonnyhir Wolfe, Evelyn Willis, Albert Doughty, Rob­ ert Haugen, Lee Hirshberg, Richard Jones, Donald McGlenn, Gibson ; Monkman, Jim Morgan, Kenneth Ne­ llie, Carl^ yFeters, Stephen Webb, 'C larice Stone and Even Thompson. ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH (Protestant Episcopal) \Rev. I-I. E. Bush, Minister \Sunday sendees: 8:00 a. m. Holy Communion. ■ E l:00 a. m. Divine Worship. 12:00 m. Church 'School. Owing to the absence of the minis-, ter from the city there will be no services next Sunday, save only the Church School. The School will meet at noon as usual and every student is expected. Easter having arrived and gone, the summer season is on and the summer schedule obtains. This means there will be no services on Sunday eveningg until farther notice. The Womans’ Guild' will be enter­ tained at the Rectory on Thursday Afternoon, April 12th. 5 pound pall pure lard 95c. HlRSHBERG’S. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Streeter, on Monday, April 2, a son. --------------- ,, * Geo. Porter of Porter bench came in Saturday and transacted business with our merchants. ^ He left that af­ ternoon for Great Falls. Miss Gladys Martine, who is teach­ ing school in the Spring Valley dis­ trict, came in last Friday to visit with friends and relatives over East­ er. W. H. Gregory left Wednesday morning for Shelby with a dray team and outfit. He will be connected with liavry Adams in the transfer business at that place. The Long and Cleary Sheep Co. shipped fifteen cars of sheep from Cascade to Pendroy last Saturday. Russell Thorpe, who represents the Galbraith Cattle Co., moved a large bunch of steers from, the S T ranch last Sunday to the Tim Cook ranch west of town, where they will be put on feed. Miss Eda Gregory' was hostess at a delightful dancing party at her home! last week. The guests included Misses Helen Gorham, Marguerite Mc­ Donald, Phyllis Green, Evelyn Han­ sen, Norma Doege, Inez Lindseth, Lucille Baker, Beth Cleland, Eleanor Taylor, Margaret Jacobson, Messrs trip ol ;e ; ; i o 7 \ i w ; '~duiau'on\'inicte' “ f j 1” “ “ “ ’ 01ar; Great Falla Tuesday. |CMe McNeaI' Cba3' Rholds- Eaward Mrs. E. J. Crary entertained the members of her family at Easter din­ ner Sunday. Spring flowers and Eas­ ter decorations were used. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. R. Sturgeon, Mr. “ \d Mrs. Frank Daggett, Mr. and Mrs. C. Denzil McDonald, Miss Lu­ cille Sturgeon and Lyall Crary. Statement o f Condition o f OF CHOTEAU at close o f business Dec. 29, 1922 RESOURCES LIABILITIES ' Cash in vault and D e p o s i t s _______________$339,387.88 in other banks ______ $174,802.65 Undivided profits _______ 6,917.83 County warrants, real Capital'and surplus ____ 60,000.00 ^ estate, etc ----- ---------- 27,443.45 _ ( ' Loans and discounts ___ 204,059.61 \ $406,305.71 $406,305.71 ’ * - fa* * -, ' O. F. Schaefer, Agawam merchant, was à business caller in Choteau on Tuesday. Mrs. F. Ramsey ’ accompanied by Imogene Nelson were among those in Choteau Tuesday. C. W. Seward, American railway express agent, headquarters in Great Falls, was in town on company busi­ ness Wednesday. The home of O. Wagnild was the scene of a family reunion on Easter Sunday. Included in the guest list were Mr. and Mrs. Saterlei of Black- Dow, Wm. Upman, Lyall Crary, John Dow, James Looney, Arthur Ramsey and Creed Taylor. Prof. R. F. Williamson was host at a delightful breakfast served at the Glenloyd hotel Easter morning. Eas­ ter decorations predominated and the menu consisted of grapefruit, home cured southern ham, eggs, buttermilk biscuits and coffee. Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Core, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Corson left lpst Sunday after­ noon. for Dutton,¿where the \Sought .the train for Conrad. Ed r has ' seciired employment with Co. the Conrad Mère. The Lee Brown family moved this week into the Henry Radcliffe house, formerly occupied by E. D. Forrest and family who have moved to their ranch south of town. Harry Bro'uillette and family re­ turned last Saturday from Pullman; Washington, where they spent the winter. Mr. Brouilette will reopen- the bakery here as soon as some needed repairs can be made. Twenty-two of the pupils in Miss Steele’s room received monthly cer­ tificates, also the following received quarterly certificates: Catharipe Bit­ ting, Madge Looney, Jessie Moore, Leona Myrick, Virginia Spears, Mar­ garet Stephens, Bruce Andrews, Ger­ ald Archibald, James Clark and War­ ren Burch. Those in Miss Dean’s second grade were Anne Eckford, Charles Miller, Emma Clark, Erma Young, Helen Cohoe, Lillian Spears, Margaret Mor­ gan, Mary Ellen Bush, Mary Bèlle Peterson, Maro Butchart, Juliug Mo- zer, Peter Bushman, Virginia Han­ sen, Villa White William 'Hess and. Norma TennanL Erma Young, Norma Tennant, Villa White, Julius Mozer and Peter Bush­ man also received Three- . Month's Perfect Attendance Certificates. The follow ing^ the third grade re­ ceived Palmer Method Buttons: Gene Haugen, Walter Mozer, Mildred Tal- vison, Gertrude Andrews, Lucile Mar- tine, Harvey “Upman, Opal Moore and Emmett Oulton. In the 4th grade Ellen Bushman and Nellie . .Gray received Progress Pins. The following received Palmer Buttons in, the fourth grade: Inez Smith, Robert Haugen, Thomas Dunn, Lee Hirshberg, Gibson Monkman. The fourth grade received the quarter holiday this month for attend­ ance. Wanita Price, Marion Webb, Ethel Morgan, Houston Peters, John Peter­ son, Bill Bateman, Harmon Rhoads, Eunice Walley, Mary Sulgrove, Jack Myers, Jessfe “ Innes, Alex Trachot, Burton Wells and grace Allum in the sixth grade received attendance cer­ tificates. Mrs. Saylor had some questions tasked the seventh grade in geography to fceè if they were up ’to requlre- ménts. The girl« and boy’s gym classes entertained for a short time at the high school for the Parent-Teachers* meeting Monday evening. The oats and wheat on the second grade sand table is up four inches. Mildred Thompson, Lucile Morgan, Ruth Haugen, Clinton Core and Giles Trescott in the eighth grade received three month’s certificates. ~ —Kathryn. Dunn. ing. Everyone should go that enjoys good dancing and good eats. Phil I. Cole, Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Crary, leaf, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wagnjld of j Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Porter, the Misses Agawam, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Monk-' Re«d, Medley, Heckle, Williamson man and son, Gordon, Jr.,’ o f Bvnum,! ^nd Mr. .Jack Sweat and Prof. R. F. Miss Magda Wagnild of Dutton and Williamson. Alf Wagnild of Pendroy. • --------------- John Kramer and son who have j One of the big dances of the season been living in Great Falls the past, will be the T Club dance at the high two years arrived here Wednesday 1 school gymnasium, this Friday even- to take up farming on their land six miles northeast of Agawam. . Mrs. Bernard Nelson and daughter Imogene, and Mrs. Frank Ramsey left for a few days shopping trip in Great Falls, Wednesday. Sam Boysley and family of Farm­ ington have moved into the town. He being employed by the Milwaukee as a track laborer. N. G. Bast, traveling auditor for the Gallatin Valley Milling company, was in town looking after business interests Tuesday. The California test well has re­ sumed drilling, Wednesday, after several days of fishing for lost tools. Mrs. C. Nyberg, who has been re­ ported quite ill in the hospital at Leo Stein, who has been employed in the grocery department of the Choteau Mercantile company, left on Monday for Kalispell where he has accepted a position. Archie Murchie of ■ Dutton drove to Choteau Monday morning, bringing Donald Kerr to be present for the meeting of the county commission­ ers this week. Mr,s. W. E. Howard entertained at a dinner party at the Womains Club rooms Saturday evening in honor of her neice, Miss Dorothy Moran. Those who attended this party were the Misses Helen Gorham, Eda Gregory, Grace Anderson, Evelyn Hansen, Beth Cleland, Norma Doege, Eleanor Taylor, Phyllis Green, Lu­ cille Baker and the Messrs Clarence McNeal, William Burns, Harold Crane, James Looney, Arthur Ram­ sey, Lorence Fitzgerald-, Lyall Crary, Lytle Malcolm, Clarence Lindseth,. Lloyd Green and John Dow. The Knightg of Pythias held their regular social meeting at their hall Thursday evening. The Ladies Industrial met at the Methodist church parlors Wednesday! afternoon. _________ i Mrs. John Hall entertained at dup­ licate whis t Thursday evening and bridge whist Friday evening. Little Kathleen Hannan celebrated ' her second birthday last Wedesday Conrad lg somewhat'improved at the afternoon. Misses Johanna Hirshberg, present writing. |Elsie Hlrshberg- Gordon Eckford' Everybody was sky gazing V/ed-|Alme Eckford, Patty Anne Cain and nesday morning. An airplane passed over the city. • Jimmy Barnes has been \spring cleaning” his store and is looking forward to a rushing business. Wendal Petri was among the call­ ers in town from his ranch on Wed­ nesday. Otto Wagnild is taking the yearly assessments of this' vicinity for County Asaeasof Gleason. Paul Bailie helped her to celebrate. Mrs. G. M. Coffey and little sons returned from Great Falls where they have spent most of the winter. Citizens State Bank CHOTEAU , MONTANA OUR DIRECTORS: G. M. Coffey P. H. Crossen George F. Miller Wm. Hodgskiss James E ckford We specialize in all departments o f Commer­ cial Banking and offer service consistant wdth safe banking. Mrs. O. Joanis, Mrs. Frank Howard, Mrs. Henry Robison and Mrs. H. T. Rhoads were the entertaining com­ mittee at the blue lodge,' A. E. & A. Mv lost Wednesday eve.pjp|r. /

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 06 April 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.