The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, April 13, 1923, Image 3

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Oh, I’ll be ready for him tomorrow.”—In­ dianapolis News. The Quivering Earth. It has been pointed out that, In ad* dition to the many tremors due to seismic, or earthquake, influences, which modern delicate Instruments de­ tect, there are certain pulsations which seem to have some other origin. Some of these are dluriial, and ore probably due to the Influence of the sun and the weather on the ground. In wet weath­ er the sides and bottom of a valley carry a heavier load than the bounding ridges; in dry weather the case Is re­ versed. Even the transpiration of mois­ ture by plants ma- produce percepti­ ble effects upon the tilth of the ground. Thus the face of mother earth is al­ most as sensitive to external influence! as the skin of a living creature.—Ex­ change. Sentence Passed on Humanity. \Your judges have sentenced you to death,” said a friend to Socrates. “And has not Nature passed the same sentence on them?” qnlckly responded the sage old philosopher. Don’t rob yourself by calling other people hard names. W h a t to Eat and W h y A Natural Supply of Vitamin The word ‘‘Vitamin” iB ndw, but the thing itself is as old as the human race. It is the energizing, vitalizing, growth - producing ele­ ment in the right food. Its ab­ sence is a serious fault of the wrong food. When the food is right, there is no need to go to the drug store for Vitamin. Grape-Nuts, the famous ready- to-eat cereal, supplies the natural Vitamin from the wheat, and a fur­ ther supply is included in the cream or milk with which Grape-Nuts is eaten. Grape-Nuts is delightfully crisp and appetizing, with a flavor which happily suggests the wholesome, health-building goodness which tho food contains. Phosphorus and iron, as well aa .Vitamin, with a bran content to stimulate intestinal action, are supplied by Grape-Nuts. Many of our modern, \refined” foods lack these vitally necessary elements. Grape-Nuts digests easily and is assimilated quickly, and is splen­ didly nourishing and energizing. You’ll find better health and fit­ ness, in the natural way, with Grape-Nuts as a regular part of your diet. There’s genuine economy in Grape-Nuts—many servings of this exceptionally nourishing food to the package. At your grocer’s— ready to serve. Grape-Nuts—the Body Builder. \There’s a Reason.” Made by Postum Cereal Co., Ina, Battle Creek, Michigan, Beads and Plaitings Used; Coat-Dress, Exploits Novelty W HAT a relief it Is to know for certain that the crepe frock still occupies Its niche In the fashion ball of fame. Modes may come and modes may go but it is truly to be hoped that the tried and true crepe frock remnin in lasting favor. At any rate we are safe for this season, for the prestige of tlie graceful ever-to-be-re- lied-upon crepe dress is assured. Of course the crepe frock comes to us in new form, just to convince us note of interest is that black frocks must reveal some gorgeous touch of color to qualify ns correct style. An ern of the coat-dress is at hand. Tills costume is destined to prove a wonderful interesting proposition, including the materials of which it is made to the finished detail, for novelty Is expressed every step of the way. Perhaps the picture here­ with tells the story better than words, 'or it illustrates two models, one for Two Models in Afternoon Frocks. of Its eligibility among advance modes. At the moment the latest crepe crea­ tions claim distinction through elab­ oration o.. the pluitings. It is the particular pastime of Dame Mode to plait and plait, along lines shown in the crepe frock shown to the right in the accompanying illustration. A fastidious touch is added to this rust- brown crepe dress in the way of a bronze iridescent Oriental beaded and embroidered girdle. When her ladyship, Madame Fash­ ion, wishes diversion from her plait­ ing hobby, she turns her attention to beading. Perhaps this Is a bit of the happy-go-lucky flapper type and the other of appeal to the more dig nified fashionable debutante. The fact that the stunning coat-dress pictured to the right is of a noveltj basket-woven check establishes it as a foremost fashion. The unique cape effect, which serves aB a sleeve as well, Is a leading fea­ ture in the newest cont-sults. Another conspicuous style detail is the sou­ tache braiding. The importance of soutache both on cloth or silk can­ not be overstated. Not only are dresses, blouses and wraps heav­ ily soutached, but the vogue extend Two Styles in Chic Coat-Dresses. a surprise, for most of us were pre­ pared to hear that beads are passe. On the contrary beaded frocks re­ main in the list of favorites. To be sure, the beads are applied in a dif­ ferent way. as is illustrated in the graceful paneled gown to the left in the picture. Here also we are treated to a view of the sleeve which is not a sleeve, but simply a mere drape. A further survey of afternoon frocks reveals the tendency to front drape effects inspired by Egyptian modes, so designers tell us. Another even to millinery. This is exempli fled in the fnllle silk hat as showi in accompaniment to the costutm herewith. Take note of its hlgl crown embellished in soutache, tlu- entire being in n Lanvin green. Little Miss Flapper, as pictured herewith, chooses navy and white foi her spring suit and the material there is a silk ratine. Don’t Forget Cutlcura Talcum . When adding to your toilet requisites. An exquisite face, skin, baby and dust? ing powder and perfume, rendering other perfumes superfluous. You may rely on it because one of the Cutlcura Trio (Soap, Ointment and Talcum), 25c each everywhere.—Advertisement, Religion is wortli having, If you pay attention to It. If you use Red Cross Ball Blue in pour laundry, you will not be troubled jy those tiny rust spots, often caused >y Inferior bluing. Try It and see. —Advertisement. An early quitter is a foolish critter. FOR INDIGESTION 6 B e l l - a n s Hot water SureRelief ¡ELtiANS 25$ AND 754 PACKAGES EVERYWHERE WANTED— MAN W ITH AUTO to sell guaranteed TIRES and TUBES. W ill arrange- oalary and expenses with right m an. Amuzur, Products Co., D ept. A, Cleveland, f t s i fafef. finntents 15PÌuidDfaotÉ S J L WWW«! « J f A W a t t e rrcpBßfiQMW“ ' ^ similatin^thcFood « tin»iheStômadisandBqwrisg TTs fll a i ----- - ------- — u ihm S*t ® g | A M t f d t e f S & a »OM istipationim d p tenM » M Bramile i l «TOMA F o r Infants and Children. 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The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 13 April 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.