The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, October 19, 1923, Image 1

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£ «g a t e * . y-; ¿ ^ ' S & S t i L _____ -, __ _ __ A -9 •' ¿A-- '*■■■•■'■•'£■ .V ^ - . ô . S}-'-' «•'* - V* * + , i . -<* Tf ‘ _ v J \ ; - £ \ ÿ ■ . # t : % > • VOLUM E X I v . \ , -.. - . - ,s • CHOTEAU, .TETON C O U N T Y ^ O N T A N A , OCTOBER 19, 1923 • y. .-.■gtfri33fr \ ■•' ■ ‘ ,- - NUMBER-1£ t S MANY FARMERS WILL EXHIBIT AT THIS SHOW FROM TETON COUNTY Mudh interest is being taken by fanners in this district in the First ¿Annual North Central Montana Corn 43how to be held at Great Falls No­ vember 5, 6 and 7, when exhibitors ■from Judith Basin, Pondera, Chouteau Teton, Meagher and Cascade counties \will enter the competition for the cash prizes and ribbons that will be -awarded. A committee of the Great ‘Falls Commercial Club has solicited more than $300 in cash and a number o f special awards for the show and nh attractive premium list is assured. County Agent F. E. MacSpadden of Cascade county is actively assisting the commercial club in making ar­ rangements for the big show while 'County Agent Blaine G. Ferguson of Pondera county, County Agent Char­ les Ruziclta of Chouteau county, County Agent Robert H. Clarkson of Teton county and R. C. Bricker of Juditih Basin are lining up large ex­ hibits n their respective counties. Teton county will send from 800 to 1000 ears to the show, Pondera and Chouteau will probably enter more than 500 ears each, Judith Basin will send fully 500 eai'S and Cascade will probably enter close to 2000 ears. Meagher county is rather a dark horse so far but reports from White Sulphur Springs indicate that the growers in that district will spring some surprises. One of the features of the show will be a display of Illinois and Mis- L raised in North Central Montana with that from the com belt. Ten ear classes at the corn show are as follows: Yellow dent, white dent, white capped yellow dent, Northwestern dent, white fline, yel­ low flint, mixed flint, white sweet corn, i yellow sweet corn and popcorn. The first three places in each class will be awarded cash prizes and rib­ bons, and fourth and fifth places wrill draw ribbons. The Great Falls Imp­ lement company will award a corn gi'inder for the best bushel of dent corn. The First National Bank of Great Falls will pay a total of $100 in two special six-ear classes. Twenty-five dollars will be awarded for the best six ears of any dent, $15 for the second best and $10 for the third best. The same awards will be made for the best six ears of- any flint corn. All. corn entered for these prizes is to become the property of the bank for display purposes. The Woodward special of $5 will go to the best exhibit of mature corn raised at the highest altitude. Other special prizes will be awarded Tor the best single ear of any dent, the best siDgle ear of any flint, the six largest ears of any flint’, the six largest ears of any dent and the largest ear in the show. 45 ' Most of the children attended the football game Saturday, although they eUjoyed the game very much they were .sorry the score was in favor of the visiting team, 6 to 0. Margaret Taylor, from the eighth grade was absent Monday and Tues­ day on account of sickness. The sixth -grade took their one- fourth holiday last Friday. Having the hghest averagei of attendance. Randse Whiley from ‘ the fourth grade will leave for Oregon shortly. The janitor, Mr. Clark, is back from a three week’s absence to Mich­ igan visiting his fatheer, who was ill. The Eighth Grade Citizens \League will hold their bi-monthly meeting Friday. Tlhe program has been very well arranged, and we hope for a very interesting session. The physical and dental examina­ tions were taken last’ week. The health conditions proved to be better than two years ago. The second grade have a new sand table. The report cards were distributed -this week, although there were many failures, we hope for improvement the next six weeks. —Haakon Jacobsen. L Tuesday evening the sophomores had their first class meeting at whicn officers were elected and Hallowe'en masquerade dance planned. The en­ tire school is invited. Friday afternoon the high school had a matinee dance. The school orchestra played. On SafurtTay\ ~Octi . - boys.-1- played a game of football with the St. Mary’s high school of Great Falls. The line-up of our men at the begin­ ning of the game was as follows: Teddy McDonald, L. E. Stubbs Saterlie, L. T. Harry Moore, L. G. Orval Simmons, Center Oliver Evenson, R. G. Bud McNeal, R. T. Bill Upman, R. E. Creed Taylor, quarter back Coffey and Crane, half backs. William Burns, full back. Substitutes, Wipnid, Looney, Moser Crary, Slanger,* Yeager, Cohoe. During the game Evenson substi- luted for Coffey: Looney for Evenson; Wiprud for Taylor; Taylor for Wip- rud; Wiprud' for Saterlie. Bing Hodgskiss, referee, Stanley Foot, umpire. Clarkson, head linesman, and Prof. Ray, time keeper. The score was 6 to 0 in favor of St. Mary's, but it was an even game and Teton really made more yardage than St. Mary's. Our team is to play Augusta next Satui-day at Augusta. FOR SALE Residence and three lots on North Main street, $3,000. Inquire of Mrs. Chas. Connor, Choteau. Statement of Condition of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHOTEAU At Close of Business September 14,1523 RESOURCES Cash in vault and in other ban k s .... ........ 87,215.14 County warrants, real estate, etc. -.1 ----------------- 27,198.42 Loans and discounts-------19b,564.17 LIABILITIES Deposits - ---- --------------- 244,977.73 Capital and surplus — __ 60,000.00 304,977.73 304,977.73 ■V*v ' k¿í x rQi First Aimualwton County j if/' \ , Corn and fatato Show ______ «*»- •' • . 4 #» Chotean, MontànàÿNov. 3, 1923 P r e m i a l i L i s t LOT 1.—CORN Class 1 Best 10 Ears, any dent .._ . 2.00 Class 2 Best 10 Ears white flfnL..i. -------------- 2.00 Class 3 Best 10 Ears, mixed tlintX -------------- 2.00 Class 4 Best 10 Ears, yellow flint?J-— ....... ...... 2.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Class 5 Best 10 Ears Pop Corn, ,any variety....2.00 Class 6 Best 10 Ears sweet 'com any variety..2.00 Glass 7 Best 6 Ears, any flint— - ------------------ 2.00 (Note: Material entered in this class cannot be used in the ten ear exhibits.) Class 8 Longest 6 Ears of flint— --------------- 2.00 Ears to be fastened to a four-inch board Class 9 Best Ear, any flint .—...i —jp ------------- 2.00 v>. Class 10 Best Ear, any dent ------- L — ------- -2.00 Class 11 For Exhibits of Corn from Highest Altitude ------------------ ----- --------------------------- 2.00 Class 12 for the Ear of Corn' With the Largest Number of K e m a ls -------- — Class 13 Best Written on Cora __ ~ -jl .... ............ _.. 2.00 _______ 2.00 1.00 Ribbon Class 14 Farmers Corn Judging Contest ------ Box Apples LOT 2—POTATOES - * Class 15 Netted. Gem or Russet Burbank, 1st box apples by Cash Meat Co.; 2nd Ribbon, 3rd ribbon. Class 16 Early Ohio Group, 1st 5 pounds coffee by-Logan and Howard Co.; 2nd Ribbon, 3rd Ribbon. Class 17 Triumpth, 1st Gents Tie by Jos. HIrshberg & Co.; 2nd Ribbon, 3rd Ribbon Class 18 Any White Potato, 1st Box Apples by Cash and Carry Store; 2nd Ribbon, 3rd Ribbon.^ Class 19 Farmers Grain Judging dontest, 1st Box Apples by The Choteah Meat Company. •> *RUL'ES ‘ AND^REGULATIONS - _ .. 1. —All com or potatoes entered must have been grown in Teton County. 2. —All exhi hits must be in county agents office or show room by Saturday morning at 8. o’clock, November 3. 3. —S(snd or deliver all exhibits to County Agent, Choteau, Moint. 4. —Buildings will be open for inspection at 10 o’clock on Satur­ day morning, November 3rd. ' 5.—All exhibits subject to entry in the Great Falls Cora Show or the Spokane Potato Show. District Number Seven of The Montana Federated Women' s Clubs Now Meeting In Choteau The first annual convention of the 1 2.—Nominating. Woman, Clubs ol^ district »umber ’ ’ p e c ^ M o e “ n°g’of Toton Count, Fed- met in Choteau Thursday morning at j eration. — day’s session. Report of Constitutional Commit- lees ....Mrs. W. E. Norem, Chairman 9 o’clock for a two They will adjourn tonight. A large and enthusiastic number Adoption of Constitution. Report of Nominating Committee. of delegates are in attendance he- Election of Officers. sides the state officers, Mrs. Souders president, Mrs. Pace 1st vit? presi­ dent, Mrs. Wiggenhorn 2nd vice president and Mrs. F. L. Buzzell, the district president A reception was held Wednesday eveing at the M. E. church parlors for the visiting club women and on Thursday evening a banquet was tendered them at the Beaupre hotel. That the women are a factor in the affairs of state goes wihout say­ ing, and some idea may he gained of the scope of their work as well as their ambitions by a pershal of the program as rendered so far: Wednesday Evening Reception to Visiting Club Women . .................— M. E. Church Parlors Thursday Morning, 9:30 Singing—“Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.” Invocation ....... Rev. R. B. Culbertson Singing—“America.\ American’s Creed.” Reports of Clubs. Report of Credentials Committee. Thursday Afternoon, 1:30 Singing—“Battle Hymn of the Repub­ lic.” Club Woman’s Collect. Minutes of Morning Session . Violin Solo .............. “L’Alba D’Araore’’ Miss Marjorie Grover Address—“ Community Health” ....... ........... ..... Miss Margaret Thomas field nurse for state board of health Address—“Industrial and Social Con­ ditions ....... Rev. Geo. Meclenberg, Pastor of M. E. Church. Great Falls Vocal Solo—“Bendemers Stream” ........... .............. Mrs. R. B. Culbertson Address—“Women and World Issues” ---------- ---- Mrs. Margaret Sounders President Mont. Federation of Wom­ en’s Clubs. ‘Seal Sales” for Anti T. B. Assoc. ..... Mrs. C. D. Wiggenhorn, Billings Address ....... — .... — Mrs. Perham Second vice Pres. National Federation General Federation Headquarters ______ Mrs. I. E *\* ■pp-o Whifehall Thursday Evening Banquet ..........................Beaupre Hotel ««•» t ,, .. i Friday Mornings, 9:30 V iol* Duet ........ . ......... By the River .invocation ....... Rev. R. B. Culbertson , Marion a? <U [aFies' PNdham Singing—“The Star Spangled Banner” Addresses of Welcome:— I American’s Creed. Hostess Club ------------ Mrs. J. I. Cain 'Reading of Minutes and Roll Call. City of Choteau...----------Mayor Coffey !Presentation of District Banner. ►Response..Mrs. W. Shannon, Cut Bank Trio—Slelected ....... Mrs. W. W. Smith, Vocal Solo ------------ “ Sunrise and You” Miss Harriett Larson and Miss Mary Mrs. R. E. Nelson Elizabeth Forrest. History of District 1, written by Mrs. Talks by District Chairmen. Robert Pauline, of Cut Bank. 1.—“International Relations” „- Appointing Committees. 1.—Credentials. I Quite a number from here attend­ ed the supper and dance given by the Catholic ladies of Chiteau last Thurs­ day. Misses Helen and Clara Hanson left for Great Falls on Friday where they expect to spend the winter. The movie pictures of the Dempsey- Gibbons Battle of July 4th shown at the Royal Theatre of Choteau last Friday were well attended by Aga­ wam folks. Mrs. Kate Angell of Anaconda, who has been visiting friends in this vicinity for the past week left for her home on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Barnes and children were guests of relatives and friends in Choteau and Bole the lat­ ter part of the week. Mrs. Otto Wagnlld was among the passengers on Wednesday’s train for Choteau, spending the week end with friends. Miss Kate Derksen, who is receiv­ ing medical attention in Great Falls, is reported to be getting along nicely Miss Ethel Nyberg left for Great Falls on Sunday where she intends on spending several days shopping and with friends. Wendal Petri is the owner of a Ford touring car bought from Soo Son of Chouteau last week. Two cars of cattle werd shipped to High wood by O. N. Knowlton of By­ num for winter grazing on Friday. SEEK s; 1 P. WRITES LETTERS TO PEOPLE IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE ASK- FOR INFORMATION ....... Mrs. W. R. Lathropa, Dutton 3. —“ Conservation of Natural Re- Sources....Mrs. F . M. Shannon, Glacier Park. 4. —“’Fine Arts” ................................. ....... Mrs. G. C. Smith, Cut Bank 5. —“Applied Education” ... ...........Mrs. W. L. DuBois; Conrad 6. —\Legislation” ................ ........... Mrs. Jas. Goodrich, Conrad 7. —“Public Health” ..... ...... ......... ... Mrs. A. B. Trix, Sunburst 8. -i-CommunIty Health” ................ _ _____ Mrs. R. C. Comport, Brady ‘9.—“PreriC. and' Publicity’,’ ____ — ...... Mrs.- A. B. Guthrie,’ Choteau Plano Solo—“ March Winds” ..... _ ______ — ............. Miss Helen Gorham Reports of County Secretaries:— Glacier County .Mrs. Wiley. Shannon Toole County.............Mre. H. Beaupre Pondera County ...... Mrs. T. A. Busey Teton County .......... Mrs. J.C .- Taylor Liberty County .................................... Friday Afternoon, 1:30 Club Women’s Collect. Report of Resolutions Committee. Junior Red Cross..MIss Elsie Witchen County Federation as a Factor in Club Extension.—Mrs. I. E. O. Pace, 1st vice president Montana Feder­ ated Clubs. Vocal Duets:— 1. —\Morning Mood.” 2. —\Autumn Song.” Mrs. Norem and Mrs. Busey “Junior Organizations” .................. .................. Mrs. C D. Wiggenhorn, 1924 Bi-Ennial ... Mrs. S. M. Sounders Report of Resolutions Committee. High School Quartette .......... Selected Adjournment. Mrs. E. J. Crary was hostess at a theatre party Tuesday evening in honor of her sister, Mrs. Frank Dag­ gett. After the theatre a delightful luncheon was served at the Crary home. While the nation as a whole and th epoliticians in particular have been wondering about the attitude of Pres­ ident Coolidge the executive has been gathering the views of leaders in all walks of life at White House confer­ ences. For several weeks letters signed by secretaries to Mr. Coolidge have .been going out saying that the pres­ ident, desiring to get first hand in­ formation regarding the state of the nation, wishes to have the views of “men of vision and experience like yourself.” It is suggested that the recipient of the letter name a time- when he can conveniently come to Washington, so that an engagement can be arranged. As the result of these letters Mr. Coolidge has been receiving leaders and laymen from every walk of life, ‘‘dirt’’ farmers, bankers, and other business and professional men, labor chiefs, religious workers of all de- nocinations and creeds, and repre­ sentatives of every line of industry. Many of these callers are invited to have luncheon with the president, who has let it he known that he con­ siders this a part of his program of self education. This program of the President’s has been compared tyitli the gathering of “best minds” of the nation at Marion during the months \before the late Mr. Harding assumed office. Mr. Coolidge has said that since congress will be called upon to act upon his views and suggestions he intends to let the congress be first in receiving his opinion of affairs upper­ most in the public mind. A CORRECTION In an article of last week, relative to the decision of Judge John J. Greene in the petitions for the return of liquor to G. F. Underwood and. Andrew Streng, our second line in the heading read \Liquor Illegally Seized Returned to Claimant.” This line as handed to the printer contained the word “not” before “returned” thus making an absolutely different mean­ ing to the line. A reading of the news item will convince anyone that a mistake had been made In the heading as the judge ordered the illicit liquor and other articles of a like nature destroyed within five days by the sheriff, and. do doubt, his orders have been complied with before now. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ilirshberg and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ilirshberg were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hirshberg of Fairfield Monday. A w Noble Ambition The ambition of this institution is to jus­ tify the confiednec of its customers, to be trusted because of its good judgment, its faithful observance of duty and its financial responsibility. Conferences with the officers of this bank are cheerfully given to those who desire seasoned and well-reasoned advice. ---------- Mrs. B. L Packer, - Choteau 2.— “ American Citizenship” ‘ — <5> Citizens State Bank CHOTEAU, MONTANA Capital, Surplus and Profits over $65,000.00 ^

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 19 Oct. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.