The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, December 07, 1923, Image 5

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T f e g f Ä» a^W^Bi &fcfe t¿*SsásÍasis‘ -rrr p s G a œ m > n w w W ' :Swft»e« Baa** ptifctt*? «í teto t t a e a j k - ■vi«*. Hqptej|¡f»; M»ftii>a<^ ''-< ^ t $ * » W ? 0 Ina Oaçiftj» -fe» femar.« Th« CÍthoiia lodíos will h« «ate> ■i br fia * Bttjtjypw ^gEtat w&i T«*» ût <M ..ifcc^e^»; Jteo«- •sr h ^. li: Sü«<i^9tçs e t a* of-. Into**, y ^ i m i 4 twafra ' _i£ tea Bsqoiteeza. to paper Mhrex&totag Bsriast ¿».--voicipnj by bds dtetotoa »«ispvuakaii; ’»*y<y to' meat tjvefcr MgaiimMBkt £w a yutir'c. adveitteteg Mflcatel«:].' '- “It is say' fcaa ~ee»vi«ti&a that banks \ can use aewajssper advenr-tiaing with great snoeess,” Mr Morehour.o n&id. ' ’‘NewspaperxB go^iou '•;•■• *.»a> us -by their use as a »««Tan., u.* >;v -•■ a uf a whpie cosamualty u>Uy- i>c i in’ a single day. Because a bank cannot directly trace a large v.alutee of new business it newspaper ..advertising dbetr not prove that the'medium is in­ effective as a basinessebiiUder. “The fact that there are .certain kinds of newspaper advertising which do not produce good results ought not to. brand/the medium as• ineffective, any more than the fact that because a certain booklet or certain buiness- building letter failB to pull .would war­ rant you' in' branding all booklets and all letters as non-prpductiye mediums. Hew to Advertise - \Newspaper advertising must he at­ tractive 'and\ easily read' if tt is to produce good ' results. If the subject preaeutsd 1 b ' not io ihe .poi|ii,.ts too deeply .involved lor tJbeJave'rage mlnd - ' to. grasp really, is too iuil pf big and .. uncoinmoii words,. it i$, only natwral J t£»t it will not be read. If ,bank ad- ■ i vertiBlng/is to accomplish* its purpose i it ahust be very simple. - “DI scubb Only the subjects which , will make it easy for the public to patronize your bank. Advertise your bank, its financial stability, its 'officers, ' directors and stockholders and you will build prestige and strengthen pub­ lic confidence in your institution. Enumerate the various kinds of ser­ vice your bank is prepared' to render. It has -been : my experience that the | public is on the lookout for -:lnfbrma- tlon about banks’, banking methods and the kinds of.service rendered by banks. For quick results I dm a1 firm believer In sticking to subjects which have a direct bearing on banks, bank- / ing methods and service, until the public has become better informed about banks and the wide variety of services rendered by them. A New Plan “If you have not been successful with newspaper advertising try this plan. Confine your advertising within the scope of banking and .^specially enumerate the various services'which Bolt': your bank is prepared to oiler, down every advertisementHo 'one hun­ dred words.-or ie§s;- preferably less. Use headings Vblch arouse interest at a glance. For example, a head ‘IN­ TEREST FROM DATE' will' inspire, action on the part of persons with idle fundB to deposit because interest starts from the time savings accounts are opened. A heading ‘PROTEC­ TION FOR YOUR VALUABLES' will Inspire action on the part of- persons in need of protection.” tata«# by Mr*. 3 , Q. Trescaik Thors- fiay. oflornoea, .Deeamber lite» t i ike 'höxL*4£ I£v*. J«* . -*aÀ''3Cst>Rapite»»' ‘«ad two taas, of Croat rails,, ,vr«ro visitor« at thè\ B. J- Crary ¿.orna Sunday. \ .Now c4 .?Sa. - 'M.. TK- ®afeaCsp;\ #s os&at oS è r m i a sy&itar, bfiS? Bposgoy. J^Ssi Sqcteös woo be t&e. «tty* f t p s h ia fe£i»o-:o&. Oaesaia FbUieyi Mih» a ^ awaaroa wie» te. teyru .’fiteaa. , Tunraa -Sc££ky. - ' ' * Say H tvB M Woa a b)$l«£ bnehaM» vlsltcn hoc* Friday Ar«a Bol«, .Job* 8k i>a£fy >aad Bocfis T%«a w ove ia tean &ka FalgSold «ftVBtcy Tsi4oer. \ , \ 'P. A. .. XCrapp. traa a visitor, teem Brady H* r **4«7 v - ■ ;lir . and Mr*. Jorso Taylor wore among. tbs out of town visitors to Qhoteau Saturday. ' .. - Mrs. Christie' Neloon of; Power ar­ rived Monday and Is the guest of Mrs.. Lewis' Thompson. . '' All children’s wash dresses to •'close at 59c each/ Many worth up to $2.00. Hlrshhprg’i W . E. Sutler. »tP'-knian from .the Browning country, was a visitor here Sunday and Monday. Ladies’ strap pumps and oxfords at $3.50. Solid leather stock at Hir8hberg*s. . . . The board of county commission­ ers of Teton county-are holding their regular monthly meeting this week. Wool serges, values up to $2.50, for •95c per yard. For one week only. Hirshbeng’s. ' P. E. Küchenmeister, an official of ..the.. smelter at- .Great Falla, was a brief- visitor her* Tuesday. ‘ --Darwin Crane’ was host at a danc­ ing party at tfcs .public; school' on Sat­ urday» evening. .Elisabeth Bennett', ¿his; cousin, oi- Great- Falls, was guest of honor. ‘ : ’ ‘ ü r s . .Ruby Ifogen, of Butte, is here visiting with . her father and brother. Mrs. Hagen was-Miss Ruby Hodgskiss before her 'marriage. - Barnott.:Salding <w»3 in Cbotoau .'on -Ini8&&ecM .«tv the eourt hone» Trid*7, from kis ranch, at • Blaakleof,- ¿ i * «canScr- -_i'- - - -- ' - ■ *- W. Sktnmer and Nats Quay ttom rialtprs here Sunday, from tha Storth^'1 ern oil fields, whila • on thoir-way td ••-' • - \ * * Y o u ohoteo of all Bpashth' Tkirty-cix Inches, all «loss,' atr $8.25: por yard. H.tiwkbora'a, . ;. - ... ^ Mia. Lowfai. Thompson att«a<«(£ tk»' noted . film, raswtorpiooo,, \The ^Cover­ ed Wagon,” - at.. <2Boat SMRa sn“- ^fcaalmairla^ - - ' ~^fr Mrs. B. ,G. Troseott wtQ «»tea&aln, tho .Auxiliary, of St. Luko'a -at Aho Baart homo on Thuwday afternoon, December 11 th. Ereiy .momboy ia nr- sently reqaeoted to attend. O. L. Midkiff and C. W. Dario, om- ployed by the Great Falls Power Go. on tha line between Conrad and Cho- teau, were hero =. tha aarly part -of the week. 5 Mrs. J. C. Tdylo was hoatess to eight guests Monday evening honor­ ing Mrs. Richard Sturgeon, who left Wednesday for her new home in Cal­ ifornia, Mrs. Cohoe won high, score and Mrs. Phil I. Cole the consola­ tion. Mrs. Sturgeon received the guest prize. ¿ 0 0 0 9 0 0 9 0 9 9 0 0 0 9 9 . 9 ■;J> ï',\-Y <\,9i •. e9TT.9NW.90D ©Atai*. 9; ’ ÇO, 9É6. ’ ' M l- 9 : - • Moats fixât asti fihtei :'a' 9 ov«slasn o? s»Sk' tassxfei M 'Cài-, C 9 ’ CL ef<j?. ImZL -i ^ - v.- '\/'.O.. 9 o- .9 0 9 9 9 9 6 9 0 9 0 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . 9 4 . 9 . 9. O ’ 9 O. Hansen, local merchant, who tome time ago was a defendant in local justice .court, and applied for and was granted a change of venqe to the court of Justice of the Peace J. A. Sweat at- Dutton, on Saturday had a trial there and the jury foutid him. not guilty. ; ,» Saturday, . December 8th, Ladies Industrial sale of beautiful luncheon, buffet and dresser sets, towel*; pilloW cases; quilts,” rugs arid* a bewitching display of--things for the wee baby* and'forr,girls up to six'yfears. Dolls! j-es,''something different. Be sure to have -one for your Xmas giving, nov­ elties and caridies. A' big feed. Cpme everybody,' December 8. Your Xmas selections made easy if you attend the Ladies Industrial Bazaar, Decem­ ber 8 th. : x >< x >< x > o < x > o o o o c > o ö o o o o o o o ö o < x HOV/ TO CATCH FAKE STOCK SALESMEN 8orne, state bankers', associations are distributing an investor's ques­ tionnaire with the idea of- protecting . purchasers of securities from fake stock salesmen. \Whenever you are solicited to pur­ chase stock or other securities, use <bls questionnaire before investing any of your fundB,” says one of these. “The questionnaire was compiled to protect the small - investor and to emphasize ■ the' necessity of investigating thor­ oughly every investment proposition ...before placing any money therein. When you have bees furnished'with .the information-, called .for .‘in this ■ questionnaire, take it * to apy. onçÿof the hanking Institutions in your com­ munity and get its opinion of the stock offered.» If the stock salesman refuBeB ¡lo fill out this questionnaire,’ have nothing more to do with his proposi­ tion, as it is evident that he is foster­ ing a fraudulent promotion.\ r. The questionnaire pins the salesman jdown to answering ' the following, 'questions:- ■ - - ' ~ v -- ■' • (fem e ’ o f' Warne of i éortipaóy ....................................... _____ salesman .......................................... Kind, of stock offered ............ . .................... Total'issue of stock . .................. . f tock given for p r o p e r ty .............................. tock given for good-will ............................ Stock given for patents .............................. .-Are you taking any Liberty Bonds? . . . . -If so, at what price? . .................................... Amount of cash n e e d e d ................................ Par value of stock ....................................... Market price of stock .................................. Has the stock a ready market? ................ If so, where is it l i s t e d ? .............................. I* the stock accepted • b y . banks as .col­ lateral for loans? ............ .* It so, what bhnka have accepted -it to your knowledge? :W hat at are the present net earnings? Bonk references Name* of officers Former occupation iS i - v V o o O ’ , p p Q Ö Ö O ö ö O Ö ö ö ö P. O O o o o o o Q ö O O O I L á á t a í u.-q ■ ■o- ; - -- ■S» 9 ■è 9 :3» I © Hi. a: tteffisxo, i w » . . T3TV3Ö «SJ&ÔTŸ- A3- OTQASPT .3®.. Pro mp4 * xtftesaafesá;- cgwaa ' tífl braaoitaa e t . , is&àxcœi 'lâèvk. 9 0 9 0 9 0 © O ' O ß O © © © ,„.;.tS£tos. . el., ?atí'dz»y .--vre« ’ .tka f ipteadteal bofore çd, ûta’ Aflato J. B. DeEEaas ia joettea asyai^-/Zca®- d«y eca a «bars« of tbud ¿»sre-i «3- Mtult, prvf«rr»i by kte wiia. Mr. Blglxy apjvoarod i* aasrt bar«, guilty to tha abatexF* ead was $lv«* a eeatev«« ia tha eaaaty ixii af 14 days, limed $19.49 «ad Aosta af $19.90 and warned if fine was sot paid. be would be for««d to sorra it omt at $2.00 per day. Dr. H. J. MoGrejor returned last evening from Loa. Aagelas, Cal, where he «pent ten day« in tha sur­ gical clinic in the university af Southern California. The doctor said he saw many former Choteau paoplo and that the moot of them are long­ ing to return to Montana. Your choice of any men’« or young men’s all wool overcoats. Value« up to $45.00 at $25.00., Hirshber*’«. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Taylor wero entertained at Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J Hannan. \ 'Mrs. Leetrude arrived Tuesday ev­ ening from her home at Logan, Mon­ tana for a brief visit at the horn«« of her daughter and «on. (What could, be more appreciated by your friends and relative« than a good photograph ef yourself bad fan- iiy. Erueriek'« Studio. ; ’ W. N. Streeter omd-Dr. E. J. Cnwry motored to Great Fall« Sunday even­ ing to attend the «how, “ The Covered Wagon.” The Ladle«’ Industrial will meet next Wednesday in the church par? lors and will be entertained by -Mes- dames Looney, Adams, Peters/ and Ard Moore. Tdl Yoir Friends to Subscribe To rr-- l :asagEg'Æiasgas3sa3a2^æk..... ‘P I T : 0 U BSSSSSSS I NO MORE R A I S <\ rt or mice, after you use RAT SNAP, Suits' niade to , measure here at home. We »: * •» , > are prepared to take your measure; to offer you a selection from as .fine a line of woolens as can be found anywhere, * and to make up your suit right here at home, where you can be fitted, as often as may be necessary. Pifm dh 'IDijFy Cfeämäinig amá „ P r é ^ ñ m g a S f © s ñ a l i t Y package and prove it. Rats Snled It’s a sure rodent killer. T-ry a with RAT-SNAP leave no smell. Cats or dogs won’t touch it. Guar­ anteed. 35c size (1 cake) enough for Pantry, Kitchen or Cellar. 65c size (2 cakes) for Chicken House, Coops or small buildings. $1.25 size (5 cakes) enough for all farm and out buildings, storage buildings, or factory buildings. Sold and guarahteed by CHOTEAU DRUG CO. CHOTEAU HDWE. CO. 3 Loaves For « * 3 0 cents F^you toil over a:hot . you* Will find relief 1. ■ roizing our modem 1. • 'i^Ih it you Will-find a if.:'- • • • • • • • • :s:::::s0f aU t^hingS handle ’ ./ .first class place, ar.. prices are reasonable. Our bread is sold f Choteau by all th e : r ery stores and the . Tavern. Try some . be convinced. f* ,’Av i î w a i s u i T a l t o Tailors for men and women. > 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 f - Your in ^ S u n d a y S c h o o l ? They are welcome at the Community Methodist Episcopal Church. m a a s m e m , DON’T Sead ysur children to school with worn out IT’S BAD FOR THEIR HEALTH AND CHARACTER. LEV US REBUILD THEIR SHOES BY OUR FACTORY METHOD * • M o z e r S h o e R e p a i r S h ’A V- .1« ?■ .-4 ■$ 1 ••it î ■i .■7. i 1 I -•*? M ti f- t. ri i i i ï Ï h 1 $ /<

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 07 Dec. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.