The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, December 14, 1923, Image 7

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It was fashioned In the shape of a human ear, and wa9 so construct­ ed that the faintest sounds were con­ veyed from all parts to a central cham­ ber, corresponding to the tympanum or drum of the ear. There this tyrant secreted himself, sometimes, it is said, for days, and listened to the conver­ sations of the unfortunates imprisoned within. The workmen who built the dungeon were put to death to prevent them from divulging the use to which It was put. A whisper at one end could be distinctly heard at the other, by put­ ting one’s ear close to the rock, while the tearing of paper sounded like a series of explosions.—Detroit News. Good* and v Bad. “Want a man to pick apples?’’ The farmer gave him a job. But the new helper heaped good fruit, had fruit and Indifferent fruit.together In­ discriminately. 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It pays to keep oneself in the highest phys­ ical condition, for with the strength and vigor that go with health you can \do things' and be happy. r By ROGER POCOCK siuüuiiiiiumiiiimiiuiuimiiusiimuiituimiiiuuuiiiuimiumuiimiuiumuiuii» Copyright by Bobba-MerriU Company THE BUCCANEERS A. D. 1670 It Is only n couple of centuries since Spain was the greatest nation on earth, with the Atlantic for her duck pond, the American continents for her back yard, and a notice up to warn away the English, “No dogs admitted.\ England was a little power then, Charles II had to come running when the .French king whistled, and the Brit­ ish were so weak that the Dutch burned tlieir fleet In London river. Every year n Spanish fleet came from the West Indies to Cadiz, laden deep with gold, silver, gems, spices and all sorts of precious merchandise. Much as her sailors hated to see all that- treasure wasted on Spaniards, England had to keep the peace wit^i Spain, because Charles II had his crown jewels in pawn and no money for. such luxuries as war. The Spanish envoy would come to him making dole­ ful lamentations about his naughty sailors, who, In the far Indies, had in­ solently stolen a galleon or sacked a town. Charles, with his mouth water­ ing at such a tale of loot, would he In­ expressibly shocked. The “lewd. French” must have done this, or the “pernicious Dutch,” but not his woolly lambs—his innocent mariners. The buccaneers of the West Indies were of many notions besides the Brit­ ish, and they were not quite pirates. For instance, they would scorn to seize- a Protestant shipload of salt fish, but always attacked the papist who had golden galleons. They were serious- minded Protestants with strong views on doctrine, and only made their pious' excursions to seize the goods of the un­ righteous. Their opinions were so sound on all really important points of dogmatic theology that they could al­ low themselves a little Indulgence in mere outrage, sacrilege, arson, rob­ bery and murder, or fry Spaniards in olive oil for concealing the cash box, Then, enriched by such pious exer­ cises, they devoutly spent the whole of their savings on stuylng drunk for a month. , The first buccaneers sallied out in a small boat and captured a warship. From such small beginnings arose a pirate fleet, which, under various lead­ ers, French, Dutch, British, Portu­ guese, became a Bcourge to the Span­ ish empire overseas. When they had Sir Henry Morgan. wiped out Spain’s merchant shipping and were short of plunder, they at­ tacked fortified cities, held them to ransom, and burned them for fun, tiien In- chase of the fugitive citizens, put whole colonies to an end by sword and fire. Naturally only the choicest scoun­ drels rose to „captaincies, and the worst of the lot became admiral. It should thrill the souls of all Welshmen to learn that Henry Morgan gained that bad eminence. He had risen to the command o? five hundred cutthroats When he pounced down on Maracaibo bay In Venezuela. At the entrance stood F'ort San Curios, the place which In recent years resisted the attack of a German squadron. Morgan was made of sterner stuff than these Germans, for when the garrison saw him coming, they took toJhe woods, leaving behind them a lighted fuse at the door of the magazine. Captain Morgan grabbed that fuse himself In time to save his men from a disagreeable hereafter. Beyond its narrow entrance at Fort San Carlos, the Inlet widens to an In­ land sea. surrounded In those days by Spanish settlements, with the two cities of Gibraltar and Maraeaiho. Mor­ gan sneked these towns and chased their flying inhabitants into the moun­ tains. His prisoners, even women and children, were tortured on the rack until they revealed all that they knew of hidden money, and some were burned by inches, starved to death, or crucified. - These pleasures had been continued for five weeks, when a squadron of three heavy warships arrived from .Spain and blocked the pirates’ only line of retreat to the sea at Fort San Carlos. Morgan prepared a fire ship, with which he. grappled and burned the Spanish admiral. ■ The second ship was wrecked the. third captured by the pi­ rates, and the sailors of the whole squadron were butchered while they drowned. Still Fort San Carlos, now bristling with new guns, had to be dealt, with before the pirates could make their escape to the sea. Morgan pre­ tended to attack from the land, so that all the guns were shifted to that side of the fort ready to wipe out hls-forces. This being done, he got his men on hoard and sailed through the channel in perfect safety. And yet attacks upon such places as Maracaibo were mere trifling, for the Spaniards held all the wealth of their golden Indies at Panama. This gorge­ ous ciry was on the Pacific ocean, and to reach it, one must cross the Isthmus of Darien by the route in later times of the Panama railway and the Pana­ ma canal, through the most unwhole­ some swamps, where to sleep at night in the open was almost sure death from fever. Moreover, the landing place at Chagres was covered by a strong fortress, the route wus swarm­ ing with Spanish troops and wild sav­ ages in their pay, and their destination was a walled city esteemed impregna­ ble. By way of preparing for his raid, Morgan sent four hundred men, who stormed the castle of Chagres, compel­ ling the wretched garrison to jump off a cliff to destruction. The English flag shone from the citadel when Morgan’s fleet arrived. The captain landed one thousand two hundred men and set off up the Chagres river with five boats loaded with artillery, thirty-two canoes and no food. This was a mis­ take, because the Spaniards had cleared the whole Isthmus, driving off the cattle, rooting out the crops, cart­ ing away the grain, burning every roof, and leaving nothing for the pirates to live on except the microbes of fever. As the pirates advanced they retreat­ ed, luring them on day by day into the heart of the wilderness. Tiie pirates broiled and ate their sea boots, their bandoleers, and certain leather bags. The river, being foul with fallen tim­ ber, they took to marching. On the sixth day they found a barn full of maize and ate It up, but only on the ninth day had they a decent meal, when, sweating, gasping and swearing, they pounced upon a herd of asses and cows, and fell to roasting flesh on the points of their swords. On the tenth day they debouched upon a plain before the City of Pana­ ma, where the governor awaited with his troops. There were two squadrons of cavalry and four regiments of foot, besides guns, and the pirates heartily wished themselves at home with their mothers. Happily the Spanish gover­ nor was too sly, for lie Imd prepared a herd of wild bulls with Indian herd­ ers to drive Into the pirate ranks, which bulls, In sheer stupidity, rushed lils own battalions. Such bulls as tried to fly through the pirate lines were readily shot down, but the rest brought dire confusion. Then began jt fierce battle, fn which tiie Spaniards lost six hundred men before they bolt­ ed. Afterward, through a fearful storm of Are from great artillery, the pirates Btormed the city and took pos­ session. Of course, by this time, the rich gal­ leons had made away to sea with tlieir treasure, and tiie citizens had carried off everything worth moving, to the woods. Moreover, tiie pirates were hasty in burning the town, so that the treasures which hud been buried In wells or cellars were lost beyond all finding. During four weeks, tills splen­ did capital of the Indies burned, while the people hid In the woods; and the pirates tortured everybody they could lay hands on with fiendish cruelty. Morgan himself, caught a beautiful lady and threw her into a cellar full of illtli because she would not love him. Even in their retreat to the Atlantic, the pirates carried off six hundred prisoners^ who rent the air with tlieir lamentations, and were D9t even fed Until their ransouis arrived. Before reaching Onugrcs, Morgan had every pirate stripped to make sure that all loot was fairly divided. The common pirates were hitteiljnoffended at the dividend of only two hundred pieces otf eight per man, but Morgan stole the bulk of the plunder himself and returned a millionaire to Jamaica. Charles II knighted him and made him governor of Jamnica ns a reward for robbing the Spaniards. Afterwards his majesty changed his mind, and Morgan died a prisoner in the tower of London as a punishment for tiie very crime which had been rewarded with a title and a vlceroyulty. A Serious Situation. “Did you know,” asked Mr. Nutting of his neighbor as they sat discussing the affairs of the world on the neigh­ bor's piazza, “did you know that there are seventy-five thousand people in Massachusetts, all native-born Ameri­ cans, who can neither speak nor write the English language?\ “No!” replied his friend. “That seems impossible. Are you sure of your figures?” “Per­ fectly sure.\ “And they’re all Amcrl can-born, you say?” “Yes. sir. every one of them native born—and every one of them under tw*o years of age.’ GIRLS! HAIR GROWS ^ THICK AND BEAUTIFUL 35-Cent “Danderine\ Does Wonders for Lifeless, Neglected Hair. A gleamy mass ef luxuriant hair full of gloss, lus­ ter and life short­ ly follows a genu­ ine toning up of neglected scalps with dependable “Danderine.” Falling h a i r , itching scalp and the dandruff is corrected Immediately. Thin, dry, wispy or fading hair is quickly Invigo­ rated, taking on new strength, color~ and youthful beauty. “Danderine\ is delightful on the hair; a refreshing, stimulating tonic—not sticky or greasy I Any drag store.—Advertisement. Most Attractive. Two business men were having a confab when a third appenred on tiie scene of action. “1 say, Bill, settle this nrgument, will you?\ “What’s the row?” “Should a man use perfumery of any sort?” “Well, a trace c 2 gasoline Is per­ missible.” We descend from our ancestors in point of time, but we ought to ascend in point of character. 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The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 14 Dec. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.