The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, December 21, 1923, Image 7

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to thè Ladies Don’t overdo that \for him” gift Stores are full of \gift-things for him” of which \ h e ” lives in mortal dread. For to receive a gift involves an un­ written obligation to wear it, or carry it, or to otherwise use, display, or con­ sume it, as the lawyers would say. It is usually surprising, and often disappointing, to a woman to find out how few things the average matter-of- fact man really wants. But for some of those things he has a good deal of affec- t i o n , a n d moreover, he can use a lot of them. In casting about for an e x a m p l e , s o m e h o w pipes and pipe tobacco come first to our mind. If we were a woman and we wanted to get right next to a man's heart, we would smuggle a good pipe and some good pipe tobacco to ■ him around December 25th. Or, if he already has a pipe that he thinks was divinely intended for him, the tobacco alone makes a full-size gift. Other advantages of good pipe to­ bacco as a Christmas present include the following: You don't have to engage in any detective work to find out his size, favorite color, or other specifications. And it doesn’t make any difference whether he “ already has plenty” or not; nor need you be concerned lest your gift be duplicated. '* A man can smoke up a lot of tobacco between this Christmas and next; while the humidor jar, in which we put up a pound of Edgeworth, keeps the tobacco in prime condition indefinitely. Edgeworth is a tobacco that practi­ cally every pipe-smoker likes; it’s a safe choice. The 16-ounce jar sells for $1.65 a t any tobacco store. If your regular dealer hasn’t enough glass jars to supply the Christmas trade, let us play Santa Claus for you. Send us $1.65 for a jar, “ his” name and address, and your personal greet­ ing card. We’ll do the rest. We’ll pack the glass jar in an appro­ priate Christmas box, enclose your card and send it in plenty of time to reach him before Christmas. Address Larus & Brother Company, j 76 South 21st Street, Richmond, Va. '■ To Retail Tobacco Merchants: If your jobber cannot supply you with Edgeworth, Larus & Brother Com­ pany will gladly send you prepaid by parcel post a one- or two-dozen carton of any size of Edgeworth Plug Slice or Ready-Rubbed for the same price you would pay the jobber. Misplaced Pride. A glove magnate said In a tariff dis­ cussion : “Our opponents point with pride to their record. Well, they are like the young lady there. \ ‘I don’t believe,’ a young man said sadly to this young lady—‘I don’t be­ lieve you’ll ever marry me. I heard yesterday that you have already been engaged to eight fellows.’ “ ‘Yes,’ said the young lady, ‘but re­ member, George. I never married a single one of them.’ ” Fairly Shone. “Is your little boy bright?” “Bright? Vy, he’s so bright he’s light-headed!” Safety R a z o r Business $9 —r All There Is To Any ) Razor is Ifs BLADES. e Compames al- fia c r i ost g ioeioe aww a y \ 7 S om e ' most g a a y their Razor in order to sell Blades. W e sell our Razor and gioe real, lionest-to- goodness Blades that last — Tour Lifetime— We Mate a&ood Sharing j BLAD E to Later I not to throw away. Complete Lifetime Outfit $5.00. Monty back It not aitlsfltd. Send lor illustrated boollet. MADDEN SAFETY RAZOR CORPORATION 1819, Broadway, (Dept. N> New York, N. Y . 0 To M c M illan fur & w o o l go . • MINNEAPOUS, MINN. 7ft« O ld R eliabU a n d L a r g t tt D e a lers in On N o r ttn o esl. Pay High Prices. Qntck Returns. Satisfaction. Praia I Circulars to anyone Interested In Raw Furs, r i c e . Trappers’ Guide to those who ship to ns ACQLDTODAY-DOtrr DELAY EHDAhl.'Q: G allstones AVO ID OPERATIONS BY TAKING GALLTEE FOR GALLSTONE COLIC, CON­ S T I P A T I O N ; STOM ACH AND A LU LIVER TRO U BLES. W R ITE FOR FREE SAM PLE. THE GALLTEE CO. 833 ISLAND AV&. MILWAUKEE, W I3. W . N. U., BILLINGS, NO. 50-1923. 5 Dreaming o f Good Old Santa § Happ$ Wifli Her Christmas Gifts By ELEANOR KING Young Singer’s Yuletide Songs Assured Her of Training for Opera [ELLO, Esther, beat me home tonight.” “Y e s, b y ten minutes. My, but some folks are slow,” she said “ Where have you been, laughingly. Mary?” “It’s a rather long story,” replied Mary, as she removed her wraps, hang­ ing them in the one and only little clothes closet the boarding house room afforded. This was already filled to the bursting point, needless to add. “Do you remember my speaking of a Miss Young?” Esther nodded in assent. “I met her when I was a stenog­ rapher at the settlement house, you know. She tells me she Is still 'in that work. I think it so queer that I should meet her like this after our con­ versation last night. Now, Miss Esther, I am coming to the point. You recol­ lect saying that you were so blue be­ cause It was ulmost Christmas and you had no home to go to, no money to give to make some one liappy, and you couldn’t go to see George because you hadn’t the railroad fare! Well”—and Mary paused for breath—“now, here Is your chance to show how much you meant all this. Mrs. Young was telling me her troubles.” “Oh, Mary, how awful!” and Esther burst out laughing as she threw her arms about Mary and gave her a hug. “You old dear!” “ She said.” pro­ ceeded Mary, as though nothing had happened, “she was giving a big entertainment for her settlement folks Christibas eve. She was hav­ ing a hard time getting artists. It seems that there are so many of these things going on that there aren’t artists enough to supply the de­ mand. Now you know.” “Yes, she wants me to sing, I sup­ pose, hut I am horribly out of prac­ tice. I—” “Oh, hush! I never knew it to fall. That Is what they all start out with. I took the liberty to tell her you would be glad to do it, so—” “I surely will do my best. I will be­ gin to practice this very night. I will see Mrs. Young tomorrow about the songs she wants me to sing. Do you suppose George would come down to hear me sing, nnd then maybe stay over for Christmas?” It was the night of the entertain­ ment and the girls were putting the fin­ ishing touches to their dressing when Esther suddenly broke the sflenceJ “I think It Is so queer that I didn’t receive any answer from George. He might at least have told me he couldn’t come.” Everything was excitement and noise in the large hall of the settle­ ment house, where people of all na­ tionalities were crowding in. The pro­ gram began at the hour stated. Be­ fore long Esther heard her name an­ nounced and stepped onto the plat­ form with her pianist. Gazing at the audience, while she awaited the pianist, her wandering glance fell upon a familiar face. It could not be, but yet, In recognition, he smiled. It was George 1 “The old dear,” and then, In the same breath, she murmured, “Oh. God, I thank thee for the power of breath, the desire to live with which you have Invested me, and, dear Lord, for George!\ She threw buck her head with an exalted air. George was going to hear her sing. She must do more than her best. Never did she sing with such spirit and vigor. She seemed truly Inspired. Her cup of .Joy was full. The. hurst of applause which met her ears showed the thorough appreciation of her audl ence for her efforts. She couldn’t get to George fast enough after the entertainment. Meet ing, they both seemed perfectly oblivi­ ous of the crowds about them as he gathered her in his arms. “Esther, you were simply divine. Your voice was wonderful. I never heard you sing like that before.” Some ohe tapped him on the arm. It was Mary. “But, George,” said Esther, wriggling out of his grasp, realizing that they were creating quite a scene. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?\ “Didn’t you get my telegram with all the good news In it? Well, listen, then,\ George said, excitedly. “I brought my boss along. He has heard so much about your voice—Sir. Wil­ liamson, meet Miss Esther Hislop and her friend, Miss Mary Roner, Mr. Wil­ liamson. He Is very Interested in your voice—in fact, he has a proposition to put before you.” Esther slipped her arm about Mary and put her . other arm through George’s. She needed support. “My idea was this,\ began Mr. Wil­ liamson, “for me to send you to New York for training for a year or so; be­ ing near my place of business, you could report often as to your progress.\ “And I will be near George, too,” thought Esther. But, aloud, she said, “I will have to take Mary. She is my Inspiration always. I couldn’t do with­ out her.” “Then,” proceeded Mr. Williamson. “I want to send you abroad and finish you off as an opera singer.’’ “All out I\ shouted the janitor, rather peevishly. “Come up to the house,” Esther put In. “This is so wonderful, I want to talk It over some more. George, Isn’t It wonderful? We will be In New York together. Oh, what a glorious Christ­ mas!” <©. 1323, Western Newspaper Union.) PLY YOUR CHRISTMAS HAND Christmas Imposes no time limit up on charity, mercy, gentleness and un­ selfishness. You can ply your Christ­ mas hand every day in the year. -S8HE& Si , , _ _ . __ R THE KINDLY STAR 7 7 THB little boy w a s afraid o f 55 g ^ y t h e dark. but. as he looked gj out through the low w indow , § upon the panes o f w h ich Mr. F r o s t w a s m a k in g his pictures. 5| % he saw a brig h t star that w a s A w in k in g at him w ith a m o st ^ £7 frien d ly and a s s u r in g lig h t . It 5* shone through his tears and *5 §1 seem e d to say that It w o u ld 55 5 ! w a tch over his sleep. So he shut Jp rh his eyes. and. stillin g his sobs, tk £$ the better to hear the carol sin g - <£ ers across the street, w a s sa fely p it aw a y to slum b e r and a dream . *£ The dream lady look e d lik e his jg £« m o ther, all dressed In a robe that >3 § glistened and sp a r k led lik e snow , and 3he w a s b r in g in g him the fi' SI hope o f his hearL the sled that si a w a s to taka him so d e li g h t f u lly fit y dow n the h ill.. A n d w h e n he fi; § w o k e so ea r ly on C h r istm a s fe m o r n ing he fou n d th a t his dream S IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL S m d a y S c h o e l ’ L e s s o n * <By REV. p. B. F I T Z W A T E R , D. D.. Teacher of English Bible In th* M ood t Bible Institute o f Chicago.) ' 0 1*?^ W ont»™ N V w d lin r ^ r r n lftii 1' LEbSuN FOR DECEMBER 23 S< had come true!—Christopher G. § gj H a zard. £ || <©. 1923. Western Newspaper Union.) UNIVERSAL REIGN OF CHRIST LESSON T E X T — Isa. 9:6. 7; 11:1-12. - GOLDEN T E X T — “ A s k m e and 1 shall g iv e thee the heathen fo r thine Inheri­ tance and the u tterm o s t parts o f the earth for thy possession .” — Fa. 2:S. PR IM A R Y TOPIC— Christ, the Prince o f iJe«.ee. JUNIOR TOPIC— G o d ’s P r o m ise o f Peace on Earth. IN T E R M E D IA T E AND SE N IO R TO P ­ IC— Christ’s K ingdom , the H o p e o f the W orld. YOUNG PEOPLE AN D AD U L T TOPIC — W h a t C h rist’s R e ig n M eans to the W o r ld. The time Is coming when Jesus Christ shall reign as King over the whole world. I. The King (Isa. 9:0). 1. He is a Son of Man. “A child was born.” The eternal Son became Incorporated with the race In order to be Its Suvior and Lord. The King shall be of David’s line, royal stock. 2. He is the Son of God. “A son is given.’’ As the eternal Son of God He was not born, but given. This Son given Is the mighty God, the everlast­ ing Father. Being such, He will take the government upon His shoulders, assume all authority. He Is wonder­ ful. The world will marvel at Him. His kingdom will be different from all kingdoms because it will not be of this world. He Is the all-wise Coun­ sellor; therefore will make no mis­ takes In His conduct of the affairs of the kingdom. His kingdom will be a kingdom of peace. No hatred or fear will be known in His kingdom. 3. The King’s Qualification (Isa. 11:2). The Holy Spirit shall rest upon Him In His sevenfold completeness. • (1) “The spirit of the Lord”—that is a divine person proceeding from the Father nnd Son. (2) “The spirit of wisdom\—giving Insight Into all things, human and divine. (3) “Spirit of understanding”—that Is the ability to see that which is of the highest and best. (4) “ Spirit of counsel\— that Is the ability to make plans. (5) “Spirit of might”—that Is the ability to execute His plans. (G) ‘’Spirit of knowledge”—that Is the ability to perceive the will of God In all things. (7) “The fear of the Lord\—that is reverential and obedient fear. 4. The Character of the King (Isa. 11:3-5), Because of His divine anoint­ ing He shall be quick to understand goodness (v. 3). Because of this dls- cerament-the right will hnve-recognl- tlon and the pretender to right shnl! be recognized and exposed. (2) He shall not judge after external appear­ ances (v; 3). (3) Shall not decide upon hearsay (v. 3). Each case shall be decided upon the basis of absolute nnd perfect knowledge. (4) He shall defend and avenge the poor nnd meek of all the earth (v. 4). The meek shall Inherit the earth when the Mes­ siah reigns (Matt. 5:5). (5) Shall smite the earth (v. 4). Those whom He smites are the ungodly inhabitants who are then In federation against Christ. The head of this federation Is the Anti-Christ (II Thess. 2:3). (6) He shall have a zeal for Justice and truth (v. 5). , II. The Nature of His Kingdom (Isa. 11 :G-10). This is a picture of the glorious Golden. Age of which poets have sung and for which the wise men of all ages have longed and looked. There will then be peace, not only between men, but between animals. 1. The Wolf Shall Dwell With the Lamb (v. 6). The word “dwell\ sug­ gests Intimacy as If the lamb should receive the wolf Into Its home. The only place nnd circumstance at pres­ ent in which the wolf and the Iamb dwell together Is when the lamb Is inside of the wolf. 2. The Leopard Shall Lie Down With the Khl (v. 6). 3. The Calf, the Young Lion and the Fatllng Shall Be Together (v. 6). They are so gentle nnd peaceful that a little child can lead them. 4. The Cow and the Bear Shall Feed Together (v. 7). 5. The Lion Shall Eat Strnw (v. 7) —no longer preying upon other ani­ mals. G. The Sucking Child Shnll Play Upon the Hole of the Asp (v. 8). 7. All Nations Shall Gather Unto Him (v. 10). The earth shall then be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sen. III. The Glorious Issue of the ’King­ dom (Isa. 11:10-12). The glorious reign of Christ shnll attract the Gentile nations. This Is the real purpose of the kingdom, to attract the nations of the earth to Jesus Christ that they might he saved. The nations of the earth shall be brought to the place where they will recognize Christ because of the glory nnd perfection of His kingdom. Our Gsthsemane. It is a great thing, when our Geth- ^emnne hours come, when the cup of bitterness is presented to our lips, nnd when we pray that it may pass away, to feel that It Is not fate, that It is not necessity, but divine love for good ends, working upon us.—E. H. Chaplin. But One Book. When Walter Scott came Into the winter of his life, he said: \Bring me the Book.” “What, book?” he was asked. ■He answered, “There is but ¡me Book.”—The* Wonderful Word. The Cutlcura Toilet Trio. Having cleared your skin keep it clear’ by making Cutlcura your everyday toilet preparations. The Soap to cleanse and purify, the Ointment to soothe and heal, the Talcum to powder* and per­ fume. No toilet table Is complete without them.—Advertisement. New Anti-Aircraft Gun. The most formidable enemy *of the airplane that has been developed Is tire new .50-caliber Browning machine gun. This weapon Is the most power­ ful machine gun ever perfected. It fires a bullet welrb'Lg a quarter of a pound and will fire 500 shots a min­ ute. The maximum range of the gun is 0,000 yards, or about five miles, and the caliber Is such that one hit will destroy an airplane two miles away. The anti-aircraft tripod used will per­ mit the gun to be swung through 3G0 degrees, and elevated from 15 degrees below the horizontal to a vertical po­ sition. GIRLS! A GLEAMY MASS OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR S5-Cent “ Danderlne\ So Improves Life­ less, Neglected Hair. An abundance of luxuriant hair full of g l o s s , gleams and life shortly follows a genuine toning up of n e g l e c t e d scalps with de­ pendable \Dan­ derlne.\ Falling h a i r , Itching scalp and the dandruff Is cor­ rected Immediately. Thin, dry, wispy or fading hair is quickly Invigorated, taking on new strength, color and youthful beauty. \Danderlne\ Is de­ lightful on the hair; a refreshing, stimulating tonic—not sticky or greasy 1 Any drug store.—Advertisement. Philosophical but True. “Did you win anj money on the races?\ “No. I’ve given up betting.” “That so?” Why?” “Well, I’ve found that if I want money I have a better chance to get It by depending on myself to earn it. Trusting to other fellows to win it for ine is too doubtful a way.” No ugly, grimy streaks on the clothes when lied Cross Ball Blue Is used. Good bluing gets good results. All grocers carry It.—Advertisement. Value of Experience. Mother—Are you really sure that you love him? Daughter—Don’t be so naive, moth­ er. When a girl has had the experience of three engagements, as I have, she should know the symptoms.—Boston Transcript. “CASCAREIS” FOR LIVER AND BOWELS— 10c A BOX Cures Biliousness, Constipation, Sick Headache,Indigestion, prug stores. Adv. A Trying Limitation. Every youngster hus an equal chnnce to set the woods afire except the one who has money to burn.—Du­ luth Herald. Country dogs still chase rnllroad trains, but they have reasoned out the automobile. One sure way to ehnngfr a woman’s view Is to agree with her. Midsummer Ice In Norway. The rays of the son may lighten a Norwegian lake at 10 o’clock at night or at midnight, or even later. But even the long hours of sunshine may not be sufficient to melt the icy heart of the lake, If the season is “late” os It wus this year. Trains coming over the mountains into Borgen and Chris­ tiania carried a foot of snow as late as July and travelers at the frequent stops on the mountains regaled them- splves by throwing snowballs from the drifts which occasionally topped the Uttle station houses. The snow-sheds were filled with solid chunks of ice several feet thick and the little lakes bore a considerable amount of “sur­ face Ice.” Learning by Degrees. Foreman—Yes, I’ll give ye a Job sweepin’ an’ keepin’ the place clean. \But I'm n college graduate.\ \Well then, maybe ye better start on something simpler.\—Life. Jbr Economical Tronsporlatla» Q u a l i t y C a r s a t Q u a n t i t y P r i c e s C h e v rolet n o w leads all high-grade cars in number sold. Our new low prices have been made possible through doubling our productive capacity. W e are now operating twelve mammoth manu­ facturing and assembly plants throughout the: . United States in which thousands o f skilled work­ men are turning out 2500 Chevrolet» per day. See Chevrolet First Notwithstanding our recent big reduction in prices the quality and equipment of our cars have been steadily in­ creased, until today Chevrolet stands beyond comparison as the best dollar value of nny car sold at any price and the ‘ most economical car to m a i n t a i n . Chevrolet M otor Co., Detroit, Michigan. DivUton of General Motors Corporation Superior Roadster ......................... $490 Com m ercial Cars Superior T o u r i n g .......................... 495 Superior Commercial C W . . .$395 Superior Utility Coupe . . . . 640 Superior Llghe Delivery . . . 495 Superior Sedan..................................... 795 Utility Expre.a Truck . 550 AU prices f. o. b. Flint, Michigan Dealers and Service Stations Everywhere

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 21 Dec. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.