The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, February 08, 1924, Image 1

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K / - •V-'; X ' • î. , ...- *IV V,'VT '■i -, -«,*< ..v^ÿx?^' V^i?» « *ér' 'V¡ '.’-^i' 'HELENA -------- .,. _ ‘ ’ 'r ’oriçal Society , • ’••‘'ft V O L U M E X I C H O T E A U , T E T O N C O U N T Y , M O N T A N A , F E B R U A R Y 8 , 1924. N U M B E R 31 Washington, Feb. 3.— Former Pres­ ident Woodrow Wilson died at 11:15 o'clock Sunday morning.- The end .was peaceful; life ebbed away while he slept. ¿The real cause of Woodrow W il­ son’s death was a stroke of paralysis which followed his collapse in the late summer of 1919. Like Warren G. Harding he was stricken on a speaking trip in tlje west. . Up to the time of his collapse the country thought him a normally heal­ thy man, hut he was far from it. He entered the White House with a well developed start toward Bright’s di-( sease, which caused his physicians Chicago, Feb_ 4.— James M. Bulr- ingame of Great Falls, Montana to­ day was appointed manager in Mon­ tana of the Coolidge. pre convention campaign. It has been known for several weeks by friends of Senator Burlin­ game that Im would probably be named as • campaign manager for President Calvin Coolidge in Mon­ tana, and for the past week the matter has only awaited the consent of Senator Burlingame, which was given in a wire sent the western headquarters in Chicago Sunday. Official announcement of his appoint­ ment was made in Chicago Monday to predict that he never would finish morning. Iiis first term. But by careful devo- ] Senator Burlingame announced lo­ tion to his doctor’s orders he fought day he would start upon the work of off the malady. He was practically organisation of the state next week blind in one eye from a retinal hem-, in the interact of the Coolidge can- orrhage which came when was still, didacy in he coming republican pri­ nt Princeton, but the country never'maries It is the understanding that I [ knew it. Years before he had suf-:tlic name of Senator Burlingame has iyear, the secretary added, that they Dates for the Montana State Fair to be held in Helena for 1924 have been fixed for September 22 to 27, inclusive, according to Secretary B. T . Moore, who said the state fair this year would be held six nights and five days instead oi four days and four nights, as in 1923. This year the state fair will start with a night show on Monday, and- will concilude with the night show on the following Saturday. Tuesday, September 23, will be the official opening date for the day-time al trac­ tions, Secretary Moore said. The night shows proved such a success last. •Mrs. Otto Wagnild left for Choteau Thursday. \ N. G. Bast traveling audiaor for the Gallatin Valley Milling company was among those registered at the Agawam hotel on Thursday. Miss Ethel Nyberg spent Thursday visiting wit n friends in Choteau, re­ turning home Friday noon. Hay Sj Lester of the Choteau ga­ rage, Choteau, was n town on busi­ ness. last Friday. tion of conditions both at home and abroad.” In failing to bring forward any­ thing fundamentally new and start­ ling, he asserted, the plan demon­ strated its practicability in that “it takes account of things as they are and does not strain after the more than doubtful merit of mere novel­ ty.\ POISONED BEANS KILLS ELEV E N Albany, Ore., Feb. C.— Only one of fered a thrombosis— a blood clot in ( been discussed in Chicago for some liis arteries— but it was in one of his | time previous to his appointment and legs and never developed any serious j was found generally satisfactory trouble. The same thing in his brain ( among the republicans of the state. later on laid him low and led tohis j -------------------------- death. ^ | CHURCH NOTES By his own personal directions the j A iaigo crowd enjoyed Lite musical exact nature of his fatal illness was j urogram lad Sunday c pning. concealed from the world for months | The Sunday school (•«nolied a high because he feared public knowledge j mark of 1 11 in attendance a>— 3:1.01 of it, while he was president, would in roller*, mi lac- Sunday. will he continued bettcr this year. than eve:- 5 H f J-T ■j j y n r r* ? ? t jig ML si r ¡ $ B S & s jf |l i T S? W il .1 L/ IU-, U - 3. IL t : I On motion of Stanley Simon shopn Mit R. Foot, i among lead to a stock market, panic and j The pn..s| a- w!ll spend part of the I county attorney, trials of Johnnv | Wetlm possibly far reaching- consequences [ w r - c a t tIio pa.,tor’s conference to ! on the charge of robbing the Fi*st Mas Mrs. A Moser and sou were among those in Bynum on business the lat- presented him with ?50,000, half of ter par/ of the week. j Mr. Bole’s prise and the remainder Otto V'agnild spent Sunday in Cho-1 \fill be given only if the plan is ac- t e a iln >,ng with friend wire. | copied by the congress of the United Nick .'•rich, Martin Viegcn, B. j States. Levermore’s plan was nuni- Nebion and II. Hanson were among Iber 1,459 in a total of 22,165 receiv- those h 1 -.acting business in Choteau C(l- la s tX t rdey. I The winner of the jilnn, the text of Mrs W ndal Petri returned Satur- 1 winch was made public some weeks day fr'm her trip to Boulder. lago, the name of the author Ticlng J:.< V ' \ns returned to Pendroy on j ^ ePt secret, lias long been a student Mqtfday, after spending Sunday w ith '0*’ international -po!h ics end has writ- wif«| e” ! •’uldren here. j'*er. a number of books on that gon- ■ cl and Geo. Wright were 1 ei'al subject He has been an in- allers on Monday. ¡struck»- in various colleges, including loro returned from a bus-,'bn university of California, and liio m Wisconsin last week , Massachusetts Institute of Te< hno!- ■1 Doyle and Mrs. Wm * °sy nntl for LS years v. .is president i ■ nt Monday in Choienu 01 Adelphi col'ege, Jlrookl. r.. Tfe w; s 'born October 15, 1S56, in Mansfield, ' Mrs Ce0. Wright wrr-- r‘n!' n . and v ; s grad mted firm: Yah* •e shoppina in Choteau or, college in 1370. lie al x i ti i y and polit Philadelphia, Feb. 5.— Charles Her­ bert Levermore of New York, student of international relations, writer and( former college professor, last night was announced as the winner of the §100,000 prize offerecT by Edward W. Bok, Philadelphia, Pa., publisher, for! the best plan to preserve peace among 16 *>ar^ ’ W'1C'1 C0EQP°sed a family the nations of the world. , reunion here last Saturday remained Mr.* Levermore was announced as ‘ t0day' With the death of Paul the winner by John W. Davis, of the Gcrb‘s today’ closely following the policy committee of the ' American deaths °f Mrs' Reinhold GerSer and. peace award at a meeting at the '■bree-y eai-old Margaret Gerbig, the Academy of Music. Mr. Davis also t0tal death to11 oi poisonine from food P? J Chote C; k ir.pss M r eaten at the dinner reached eleven. Horst Rueliling, two-years-old, whose parents already have died, is the sole survivor. BOURQUIN DIR E C T S FED E R A L GRAND JU R Y SESSION FOR GREAT FALLS, FEB. 18 Helena, Feb. 6.— A grand jury to report in Great Falls on February IS was ordered drawn and summoned by Judge George M. Bo'urquin in the United Slates district court here Monday. The \ r-niremon will be summoned in the Oroal Falls division of this courl. Judge C. N. Pray, it is i.victed, will preside. Judge Dourqti n « xpects to be call­ ed temporarily to the circuit court of ane .is at San Fi,.neir,co in March. to a world then passi: ough the , be Held in Belt. first stages of post war reconstruc­ tion. Some of the details came out piecemeal and over a period of time. Others have not been heretofore pub-; Kshed. It is,appropriate therefore to' gjve them now that he is dead. You are in vii cd to nur sen ices. Morning \-orräiy at 10-3f>. Sun lay . chool al 11*30 a. m Eirwarth League at G.30 p. m. Evening v.oisliip at 7.20. A cordial welcome to all. COMMUNITY METHODIST EPIS­ CH F A \ H c/ÏA-À-ï • ••*- “ A Pn. r.dly Church” Robe.! R Culbertson, Pastor | National Bank of Fail field lest A; r.l. i the -.r ¡was vacated, and indefinitely post-1 Ssi ¡ by .In dr-e John J. Greene in. plena - u,a:r:et co'utt here Monday morning ¡last,.? ' An inmressiwn picvaila among orr. | >,-by Barnes is reported on t tin's week. < ’ r nm hr-re ^nje--cd n very i'- 'o at the g' num d-nce on, i 'ay evening. | uni vevRi), . líe n la « C . H i r i H i f C H f ’ p T h-s ¡it John Hopkins , if‘ (>< | i ¡'* '*!) fi'i ¡j tí | , I1 received the dcr:-\f> <>: ^ ii Lf a,-., !i I b E l i L « V f ic: u v Washlngion'. 'Feb 5 - -A fringe 'ci folk cn the street before the Yfilson home, waiting to see the g> mu onof, who came and went, end me guardian police who turned unnecess'iv traiTm from the sioop, narrow street, alone marked oirwnrdly today the prei,ar- ntions for last honors to 'the dead president. No marshalling of troops Helena, F h 1. Funeral of Mrs. fe: tin ’’tirade °I sorrow v:i needed; I Margaret C Login, v.-':-,' q ; the lte\. ;;no settling of lints that thousands ! George Tmaan. an-oreer Methodi .1 miei't pass beside Lis bier. i-or lie j «nk’isler i i», resid> d in C - «’ ecu and' went ’o his long sleep in the cinra.ct- ’ othei* n c ' i <n M'r.P. n-< poit.’ s dur-; v.or,j(> ■ W IFE OF PIONEER M INISTER OF CH O T E A U DIES A T C A U ITA L C ITY or n which death found h‘n Am rriera eiUzen wilh the a plrin I in\ his n, rf ’ Tuesday - ' • held in Helena !( , 1i¡e Cablim i,, , render to C ouidk.a authorities. I, G<’„tge H. Uui’d ttiiel George \Y. Ala- i go®, euuns’l for the defincianls, ob- Ijicad to me postponement, declaring their elionls were entitled to a speedy trial and that they were ready to proceed. Conn1;-’ Attorney Foot, how- eves, add the court that the mate was not prepared to prosecute and h ’ <l mu sc ’ ’’ -nod its witness! ? info minions, he add'd filml Mrs. Reid was pres-.] E W ! P. U D. in 13H . He L a m m d irr of. lite R< palili’..a pai’L . In I!H3, D .J J.e\ oriiioro kil Adci.iiiin e-«’i( ge in I boeom-' director of the college and' univer-Pi ■, h ,j-i -ui of he Worin Pe ¡ce 1 -------- Fo inn ’Pm a Bo-on U r h .¡rf 1 Banger Tamlron from the Sun t ii i.d ! Ri', er dirtrict is in Ehotoau for a l'.vori; in: th” v.'oild C-mrl le .gue and j month’-i detail in the sti;,''rvisor’s of- rif 7 ?..T/, Minn., Feb. ({.-Coiiapre of bite, (fpv ri.e Neiy Ymk., Peace soci.qt-, j f i ^ . . J 1^ . ^ n c-mH y made a and the f.^ague of 'kiHoir i nien ¡ ’-w shoe trip to Gales Pari* cry eials here and in Creai lid's that tin ¡M INE FLOODED AND ¿1 action taken is prelimiiiavy to even- j J W O R K E R S ARE DEAD t° Nsw A «i:v n l .i l ’’, l « do s- i Lual dismissal of the charge against j | '¡'f'ie filirec ‘defendants ttud their sur-! a1’ moon at Tmio'ial f ’1 i. * r] « B j .-I’ o -« (']■•, ties Bum- d* ;•.'!•( ! ¡he eulogy, ln-,’ I r - in F> v° I . i T* a , a ,,,. cry A i V .i p NAMES OCONNOR TO HEAD GHIriUiNG BOARD ’ ' ’.« rr.or of BiuTa’o, Mew r \ v i«resi.’en( of ihe Intir- higii place ;inu high dignilie-- jut aside torover T B r i e f Se,-’.,ic'® With oniv the Iwo lin'ef i-i:ligiocs sr Tvices to r. a«!: ihn enlomhn e v in the vault hen-”'Hi Bethi'd.em rhnpfl on the hills high above the stricken i liome, there was liitle that official I Wnshin'rion could do to mark its re-! 'i V s”cri hi ' ’ adrairaticn for the lire l i n M o r: f- lu’d e: <’->d. Had Mrs. Wilson v\ died , n Liirig-’tmrenK i’s union and ot'ierwise unstinted honors would pn ,-en1 ’-•■>< mbc rnf ihe 'ihipning be,ad have ivon nomed out to mark the w-is de. ’ gT'ipfi by President Coolidge r ’itior.’s mourning Even an ii is, in , Wednesday ' ° be e.h:urn’..n of the c -ry milif'”.’.v and naval port beneath board. „ the stars and stripes last honors w ill, Mr. D'Hornor : -e» d • to He va- 1; a paid in full with the booming of cancy in .B r i r m a n - 1 n caused l<.. tin s r.un.'ding a knell beneath half the re igrui.rn of Edwin! P. Far’. masted c-D'Or:-. For Hie 30-dny pei iod , of Chicago ¡ifi-ir Hie rointe eo’ nnei- C national mourning .already declared ee comr. hi > had refir.f d to . . . j r o ■' President Coolidge has thnisl aside his nomir. h - en the :-n , T N t c i i a’l social activities at tlm Wliite i-p v . • .>”taphic’Gly d - u.u-uO. House. i i.ndt r Hie 1 iv a Hie case van called, in ei the v ho ha , ina I n n i t r v ’ - ' i li g il IvM.i; bradi h., ’ he American cria pio» ineal pe!.''* ¡a -, a ; .- i ’ ¡rips to '¡o- i>-o' ti. a casiure of th'’ .DI’ veral of the bon cm ol a swamp lain a tonvni of water coursing .ah: the wo: kings of the Milford mine n-a i ‘m e line yesteni.ij Munieil out ihe li«et; of 41 mm aught liio rats in a trap, i the low« r leu is, more than lof> undeVgi’ound, Ha creu of ),s’ niir wore work in r v nen. v, ¡111 hardly rning. v a i - r burst liiroug.i Hie of ihe dritt. iioodkry tin mm - n L ii .- aji immiuii to vithm a r L of ihe iim oi ¡he sh ift rmed <u Ihe fu.-t ¡umhiing as earth J'i .oof ami limbers g a v e «e a n mini i - n' .u Hie i-h u d l.p 111 > : l.r'l'S o ; III I , 1 .,’ ' ’• t in i i\• nr t aimos: , .Sine • p u h\ ins iw n '•O'” ,,u , i.i k Cnv k. 7 ii, snow is 2G inches (of the New York p c ■> - o- iei y. d ej> at (tia'• • s I*i. i. and more than 38 i Wli. a *hv'i .( 111*.'.-^ ii b., i,n •' -i i prims a; Li'- ' Hi-' wIiL li is about miern. i.o'ia, i '/ -i ¡II. , ,. , ID'I 1 v as form­ •h\ usr.'l amour; .or H’i‘; time of tlio , o.I lie was n.uni’d sc y anti v.itli 1 year Om• hundred elk were seen on oiher officers of that body helped his trip and a’l were in cxcellnt rorm Hie l.e.irm;. -»■ M->t!enr. ‘’’e” ; :m- slmpe, much better than any winter : .i.i .!• ‘n E L ’ in a ’ hiior l i n e ’ 5019-1920. : c i’umer-m- u:,;hr,;-,om, Hr. Lc-ver-j K D. Svcui, r-hotographor for the muie !, i!\> ’ii.iio; of s i n i s i < ; y ( - i - forrst set -i, airlv''d Monday for a book -a Hie T,-. ,-j. c o1 X. r o n - i two vl ' c 1.- ; t,-ij> on tills fores* for the eiironicimg i!.-- accom- li-i-ment ol ib ' mi:,.ost oi t a k i n g a number of inount- len- a® d inn- of <e '■ v eh n i uni eli: piciui’c.--,. 1-Ie will I r->n - ul I ,-i.ed ,m-i ,•!' from rin- Willow Creek rang- r’ !i b( i g / i < : I-illy through 1 ' M - - ' en and Med' Springs. AC CO UNI A” 1 S b i ^1 in * mit Frdi n - -si « 1 -i i.drs. ilr. 1 - iy. *sv.iii ling ’■ -e — ” ’ nlanr; ms d i\!.. frin 3 oEÜ c \ 0 1 '3 n . i ■ \ L» i t - o fir.-l ' ! - ' c ; m > i N B R O K E R ’ S B O O K S 1 ' ; 1 . i that of ih\ i\ * on, Í ' * J) {' Preparata i )V •u : 41 h::-d bon m a u i « e j . oiimp-iun of the on ¡ 1--1 t!>c final h g i m i n u m a e i d e..rh i eue v by commun («iïiehils pi.: tlu ' ìist ri 11. .s«- or s u i . n o r - Statement of Condii lor. of i ï l f p W R f V' » : fi ti ii W- 5 i. I . mqun- «vere premi .1 forviar«! tud..y -.\bile aecouniants sciirched bcoks of ' •¡a-;, b oki ’T-g. imi: cs to determino; !oi li« - .jeaa’c i n v i commil- Le thc. govurunent ufficia!:-: ha.’ ieaiiay:, in finì ¡Imres of comuames onned io tabe o v e r thè naia! resene tea- a <5. T! a ccraiill r : ' '.vili! prep-:red i\ | . s n lY 1 seppi\ (Otr'.irov fm i e - j i . ; ì n cf tlm icsolution imdm ! ''■nei- :t i- proceeding. so that il ma.v' '■ ’ ! Alo Tt B. Fall, who as secretai I, r. Hi° inurior arranged thè leases. , fA-. ';ue Honing willi a rcnewal of ilio n n t i O i i t y eli iMenged bv him la.-i v. gì k li -t m',di thè irnl.-- r*w of 55 voi km---. e. g- i \d ' o . > i il r ’ •1 1 ! i ‘ »H* 11**1 'j ;• ’• h nir ’<* a business trip m .a m .■ i• 1 i -.i Ain- ■ ci î'j'op’oie H)i> 1 lo Hip-- ,-n Mo”d: y i - -’ Ol 1 ' î -i *' fi- : ' - \ ' î , ■ >*iv :•» e ’> , A V« « 1 . 1, m-si-nant supervisor of ” -d ¡n * ‘ on! ¡*’e 1«11 e to ! 1 il ’ JeP • on national forest, was a miilioi- 1 hU^’Pe-S '.i ■ ilor at th.e local office H Finn« r m nell;•<r of Th'* ¡ V'e«i u Ktl.'iy afternoon. A--..u ipl» •! Pier.-:, '.¡espimi over ' b e ' ne - 1 mg a v.hjfli olile)- \'ir s m-1 t i'd\l L eli - i 'tv ard A large crowd of the Duttcn people ire in Choteau attending court this «er IL, îpAuib' r in o’ Hie üTiey eornimiire of Hie j i v e h a s witnesses and spectators, md renrv i. Rtim.-ion, f o i m e r l - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - — — — BLIZZARDS I'•l T H E EAST BAM 5 ,MA W G A T H ER H E RF ,. r , . . . The - Of - num; • i-. p’ in. Mi-. Dm is ,rud. jV..i3 conceived ‘ w i t h a cloai conc'*P j Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Anderson of F Millington were visitors in Choteau •Lit unlay. 1 mago, F. b centrai i« • \rip of H'* ■ inst two d arc of h utL-, a . ng to r.ilpi r < , t 1 1 ion and i i.-«.luios. i All hough more snow m forcasi fo l e d t h e blizzaid’s force >s a 6 - - The middlAwesi on-, a.e '■ \i'lg e-v ' i( « - a de : s ! i : i era-'■>:! n - ! ! d. : my cm fo tr. rs l :,,! í ' í ¡; u k i ¡ ¡(. ü 5îl l e TKTÎ7ZZr I , n J5-J e o o m g ' j TAF i ON SiCK LIST, UNABLE i O -s s. nrc- hopeful of !< moves slowly eie-tward. l'cd-1-^ Uri telegraph and t-h pinne com-1 Vi proving con- ’ U N . r i i i r i : A - Ai Close of Business December 3 L IS 23 RESOURCES Cash in vault and ir oHio.- bn tus ............ 12S.753.57 U. C. Liberty Lean Bonds LH,3Co.53 Ccunîy ~«iTADià, TÇ-tiî estate, etc ..................... £5.‘33.17 T or.’. • an.: diocounts .... I «9 '.'-0.22 _ i------------------- L I A B I L I T I E S Dopes, t s ...................... 292 ,HJ 3 . 3 -| StirriuM : r.d imdiv.dod p n r i t s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10,35L 2D Capital s.ocii ................. 50,000 00 ATTEND WILSON SERVICES 'oil nns that have vii’tueUy isoli'l1\ 1 , W'ihinglon, F'-b 6.— Chief Jmfih- • r>, ” tv 7)oinls in the •'ovm ”gn al- raf vv's r-uce’ ir-- from an attack nf iV'.’gh tior-ir- time v ill e'apse ho \ore ter.\ ividiges’Hon »odav and was un--;. - schedule1-- will b\ norm..I ami i ' w H«1' io aei as n.n honorary pallbear* r ' ’ '.'dele wire sewiC\ ¡«-stored. j fo*- a ni'T Peridonf Woodrow Wilson T’ ^dio continues to be r; u- - ‘-r,'- > c) 1 Mi-i;, B >-nr,-.; • was in.'ited ro it - i -hi r means of eommun,'c-\ ' ’on How', , i 13 I n:, ;'> t * sum ” rv* court. Tlio eh.icf r '--’-ot reports, tn.m. bu'letin end ! H ' = - ! - ’ - M‘ *a.-.’k wm said to be yield- c- ■ rs have lierr, *'rc-de'\M m and M Hon the ciiy Towns where H '0-! • r ,%ih furd t^i^TihoTio covrioA ^ The ambition o£ this institution is to jus­ tify the conficcinec of its customers, to be trusted b. cause of its good Judgment, its f «ithfiil id^crvance of duty and its financial responsibility. • \1 Conferences with th.e officers of'this bank arc cheerfully given to those who desire seasoned and \'ell-re?soiled advice. :53,G47.G0 352.Ci7.C9 j r.g to <r«\imcob j I ■-ios’o. T ’-.roa Troubles I m >• ¡, ;• Cabei Lc-dra -il- ho - i-i-.i v ' i . i bv the senate :s I ! a ra r n '' of tee committee to a'- II . . . . j ' t • ( o.i.'r , \ \ ilson s funeral ser- • CL ••\’’.nained at his liome^i hrouyli- I en1 M’o day. ■\\•Irated v.-ar\* k\)'! *n touch •”!Hi 1 : nro* n. rkrj<?c« r~&(' ' ’la <• ^ : v .1 H * - v-rHd rivent fie aJr. Tim Associat'd P « - a r d ’ o - r - Cb’-! J tb A ' g i office was me-* itnl'v affecte-l | ty by the breakdown of wire -pri ' i'ice announcsd that he was was able to giitiply n''r i ’ \irtuallv t a ! : eonfim d on thn advice of his physi- f-;ery paper in its member.-t'in. Poin* • i ij r/ar.n \because of a bad throat.” ' n o * supplied -with radio receiving fr»-f t,' --------------- «as ---- ePitites received their newss d f s - ; K rnel\ Nick Tuttle of Bynum is a patches by commercial wire and tele- ■ j business visitor in Choteau today. phone service. w * », * C Htzens State CHOTEAU, MOMi Capital, Surplus ary’ ' ' - the j » ë È i 0 H J 6 B ell - ans Hot water SureKeuet Relief dure B ell - a n s 25 tAND' 75 t PACKAGES EVEKYWHEBfi EBOQI

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 08 Feb. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.