The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, March 14, 1924, Image 1

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V P ìv . .*\y \?!* : ■ *j - : . ' ! f > , I ‘ V•'!f . • t ¡VOLUME XI CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY,[MONTANA, MARCH44,' 1924 NUMBER, 3® STATE COMMISSION TO HANDLE STOCKING OF MONTANA STREAMS Missoula, March 13.—An im­ portant step has been taken by the state game and fist commis­ sion in the decision that it will distribute and plant all of its own fish fry in the streams and lakes of Montana in the future. “Landseekers from central, Southern and eastern states are Showing interest in western lands and this is one of the most hopeful signs for better times;Chairman_Thom^s' Marlow said jand solid prosperity in the on ^ return from a meeting of ¡northwest,” according to A. B. ¡^g organization at Helena, it Smith, passenger traffic mana- wag the opinion of the members •i£er of the Northern Pacific. ^ of the commission that the prop- “W,e are receiving more in- er resuits had not been obtained quiries these days about farm, ¡opportunities in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho and ¡Washington and Qregoo than for any similar period since 3.917. We look for land settle­ ment activity in 1924 equal,' at least, to that of the years just preceding the war.” • According to information re- ¡beived there are 'many farmers Who are looking td Montana and ¡Other parts of the northwest for cheaper lands than those in some of the middle swest states hnd railroad men feel confident that Montana will get a good ¡share of those who will come West during the coming season. COOLIDGE GETS COLORADO YOT tt Deenver, March 10.—Dele-, gates to the republican nation­ al convention from the first 'congressional district of Colo­ rado, named today, were in-, structed to vote for the renomi- nation of President Coolidge. Washington, Mar. 11.—Sen­ ator Lenroot of Wisconsin 'has- resigned as chairman and mem­ ber of the public lands commit­ tee, which is investigating the oil scandal. His letter of resignation is\ pn the way here from Southern Pines, N. C., where he has been ifor.a week resting. This state- from the fry distributed by va­ rious sportsmen-s associations, so it will undertake the work it-, . sett as, far as funds will permit authorlzed ** Senator Three trucks are to be obtained to be used in this work, with ex­ perts in charge of the planting, one of ’these trucks will be used solelv in western Montana, working at Missoula, Hamilton and Ovando. In orden to further the opm- uaiPTt against the natural en­ emies of game and bmds. the commission has offered $R00 to be distributed in 10 different nr ires among sportsmen’s- clubs mnkinor the best c”hiyrinr' in kRI. ^r> +he of spnries of hawks, owls, crows and magnios. g^- wefi as n^eda- toiw animals, Because gonhers °suse so vouch damage to the farmers and the comf*ii<-«:Ton de­ sires to pno^ovate with them m sont.'»'olli'or' v~,4/>v+ thpT1' w}ll olqo ho i-'\!;'-ii> +f->p os a. measure of assistance to the farmers. Lenroot: “Since coming Dinnn T U»-*-*-« M to Southern has purchased ■pJim Barnes one cow. , H. H. Wuest was transacting business in Choteau the latter part of the week. -:vC. K. Malone returned Satur­ day^ from an extehded visit With relatives in Portland, Ore., apd other points west. K'-Mrs. Otto Wagnild returned i;o; Choteau Monday after spends ing Sunday with her husband lipre. - Ralph Breeding left for Great Falls the first part of the week. >;Mr. and Mrs. Karl Morhart ( w J h MONTANA. MEETING\- TO STUDY RELIEF NEEDED I N ¡ Representatives of the $1.0,- $00,000 agricultural credit cor­ poration will hold a meeting 5» Montana within a few days “ -'KEUEIYEE o f b a n k Mis« Ursula Mannix of An­ o-usta hof* a-Yr»oint«d vgodu ver of the Peonie’\ of An. \usta s’weeudirg M/derim rifyns hnlrri who diwi Runfipv night with pneumonia. Miss Mannix 1 had’ hoped, and it will not be possible for me to continue my work on the committee on pub­ lic lands and'surveys. “J> realized some time ago that'I .was nearing the point of exhaustion and stated upon the floor of tfie senate that if the oil investigation continued in­ definitely, I would feel compell­ ed to resign from the commit­ tee. “I have given nearly four four months in this investiga­ tion, trying as best I could to keen up with other work as could not be neglected, with the -- J *VU CCfVUl. L Of CIO. 1 weeks,,visit with relatives and friends in Tuttle, N. D. Quite a number from here at­ tended the auction sale at John Edward|s place near Farming- ton. ffiValentine Kirsch, Sr., was a business caller in Choteau Wed­ nesday. Jim Barnes transacted busi­ ness in Bynum Wednesday. August Arndt (one time smithy) of Agawam, now living three miles west of here, will soon move to Pendroy where he will establish a blacksmith shon ' Mrs. Martha Billings, teacher WHEAT AND FLOUR WILL PAY HIGHER TARIFF RATE NOW Washington, Mar. 10.—Put­ tin g into operation for the first * time the flexible provisions of the toriff act, President Coolidge has ordered increases of 1 cents a bushel in the duty on wheat imports and 26 cents a hundred pounds on wheat flour, advancing these two rates, re­ spectively to 42 cents and $1.04. At the same time, the ad valor­ em rate on mill feed has been decreased from 15 per cent, as fixed in the law, to 7 14 per cent. The new rates, established by a proclamation issued by Presi­ dent Coolidge on the basis r information gathered at his re- rection by the tariff commis­ sion, will become effective 30 Gays irom in aaxe oz ms action! and therefore will be operative at the beginning of the usu'* April flood of wheat imports from Canada. Washington, March. 12th.—- Terms of the new soldier bonus; bill providing paid up life in-. surance policies, were agreed* upon Wednesday by a sub-cong- , mittee of the house ways andT” means committee and will fees taken before that body for de­ cision Thursday. Chairman Green announced he would attempt to have ¿tier measure acted upon next Mon­ day under’ suspension of. the- rules which would limit debate^ prevent amendments and permît: a vote in one doy. rpu« AiiV m o u xcxii result that I cannot in my pres- j0f the Dyer school, and daugh- ent state of health continue any jter, left Wednesday for Cho- longer. [teau to attend the teacher’s in- ‘T hone to be able to return ¡gtitute. to'Washington next week, but j. .Mrs. Geo. Wright left Wed- shall not attempt anv thing :mesday for Rochester, Minne- more than routine work of m y|so|a, f or medical treatment at office.unfiLmy health is restor- 'thlMavo Bros., olirne.- ed.” ce policies it was. decided, would be 20-year1 en­ dowment valued on length of* service, with $1 allowed for day of home service and $1.25 foe* each day of oberseas service^ but with the first B0 days esu eluded. To this total would be added 25 ner cene and the face value of the policy then woukt- be determined by computings ¡¿he total amount of adjusted The high schooTboysand girls|P7 ' ’fce crod[t ? IuR the 20 yeaas gave a program ^Thursday night, compounded four per cerrl for the benefit of the.teachers¡^n^eres^' taking part in the teachers’ in-; . during the adjusted! se®— stitue. In connection with the vice cre^it. maximums of $50% program there was a basketball game between the high school would be allowed for home ser­ vice and $625 for overseas sera. girls and the alumni girls, the | vice. It was estimated theft same evening. that the maximum face value The senator’s warning to canvass the situation and ar range ways and means for prac- jlms bee” riii'ff clerk to the re-( tical assistance in that state,-eriver. Her bond, is fixed at ^iq bob'! that’ lie might retire as 1 chairman was ‘ given during a senate mr>ech two weeks ago in a de­ bate in which he was assailed fvom the democratic side for having visited Albert B. Fall in The play, “The Gypsy Rover” Miat we have.i$een working on so hard foivth#last two weeks, will be given Friday night, Mar.: YANKEE “MOYIE” VIM STARTLES LONDON Seldom does the making of a motion picture make news ol ;.uch importance that it is ca, bled across the ocean. But that is what happened when Mau- of and certificate would be aboafc, $1,400 for a veteran who served full 'time at home of $1,900 feur on who served the full.¡tifiate Ed. Schulenberg, who is di-.jS25.000 .in the order, by Judge Meeting relief activities for tfie.W. H. Doorman, corporation here, announced to- ! Mi*. Ghrisholm had ^oug been day. i The Montana meeting follow similar meetings held at Bismarck last' Fvidav to discus* the North Dakota situation and at Huron Satuvdav to work out plans for South Dakota's vP]ief. Mr. Schulenberg did not say where the Montana would be held. a vpqifMnt of the northern nart will of Lowis and. Clark county, h«v_ here before Fall in-jrjce Tourneur and his Goldwyn ■formed H 10 committee he had 'company used Trafalgar from Ed- i London for h<v'voT,*'>r] ?! 00.000 ,rr^rd B. McLoan. Shunto]* 1/3dd o f Noy+b. On bota, a member of the T/aFol square scenes in “The ¡Christian,” Hall Caine’s great, jest story, which will be shown ;at the Royal Theatre for two 'i\? engaged in banking ¡ritte group in the senate is next ¡ dfrys beginning Wednesday. banking and livestock enter­ prises. He was about 45 years of a \o. Mr. Ohrisholm is sur­ vived by his family. meeting Entyrt.aip o~\ Moodav of this week the ------ Pythian Sisters of Choteau gave 3ay that we are becoming a bald Judge John J. Greene was a a social entertainment in honor headed race. Dentists tell us bnb for the chairmanship. He fuw boon acting chai cm an in the absence of Senator Lenroot. Doctors say that in another* hundred years everybody ■ will wear glasses. Hair specialists business visitor in Helena the ofthe ladies who composed the tthat we are gradually losing our first of the week. [drill team on the night of the teeth. Politicians warn .that ------------------ 1 Knights of Pythias Diamond f^e world is going to tire boj- Emil Boil was fin°d $12.50 ¡Anniversary celebration. Lunch s}ievik. and congress has. found for exceeding the speed limit, in' this citv last. Saturday by jus­ tice of peace J. E. DeHaas. was served at- midnight. A found that the oil and timber of the the cabled account press associa- Here is carried by tions: “Londoners returning home early Saturday morning enjoy­ ed a demonstration of American film making that left them as­ tounded at American enterprise and made- them wonder how -ermission had been gotten to stage such a spectacle, because the mob scene was givin in his. toricj revered Trafalgar square. From l o’clock until dawn 04 epiovable time Mvas had by lh(* Nation ’is being given away. Nelson’s column was lit up by a •11 fortunate enough to attend. | pedestrians no longer dare to : ______ - ~ ~ t prp unprotected on the streets of _ ______ __________ _ ________ | tire great cities for fear of autos and bank messengers have to go Statement of Condition of Al BA' rv m r \ i t / - v 'T 'r ' a T ♦ r • u » »•« * • f w « 3 » r WA V^iiUlA^Au • } At Close of Business December 31,1923 RESOURCES Cash in vault and ‘í m o,.;e: biiuiá — .... -.120,753.57 U. S. Liberty Loan Bendo 30.SC0.53. 'Ccuw. v-'-iTr.nfs. real *’ estate o’c ...... . .......... 25.433.17 Loans und discounts ....... ICO,100.33 LIABILITIES Popes ts ------- - --------- Surplus aad undivided profits-** n --------------- Capital stock —1 ------- _292,/93.3-J 10.854.29' 50,000.00 ■V 353,617.60 353,617.60 m..armored cars to make their deliveries. Revivalists say the Devil is right afterus, and Nmv vorlc preachers announce the fantastic bluish light which \tacle falling rain look like snow and threw garish shadows over the mob of 2000. “Twenty arc lights flooded Trafalgar square with glare and ! en cameras clicked thousands of feet of film. Scotland Yard discovery that there ain’t no¡1a)l1. vca] rn.. ^ rr._ -ÍL Ti^ets may be had at tlie’oiyerseas; ' 1 Choteau Drug* store. Réserved jv-Under previous agreement' aSE seats, seventy-five cents, regular [veterans up toYhe rank o f Cap- seats fifty cents and school tain in the army and marine children twenty-five cents. corps and lieutenants- sen!©* The senior normal training grade in the naw would .he eh. girls are going to Fairfield next iKible t0 the policies. it w a s week to finish their normal Is0 decided to ¡neiudí! 01^ se' . 'ants of all veterans1' who have. . , r . , died since the close of the waft, good progress. Yesterday they ^ , - j i !-• Cash payments would be matte served a breakfast m which half . , , , , the class cooked the meal and veterans not enfatled to reu the other half aetd as the fam-l ' Z l ^ $50: •|v I The dependents pf those whe This is examination week and ,havP died xR.iTlce the wnT' ^ every one is looking forward to i to receive navr^ents fbirmEr- a great deal of hard work, for |the government wou7d be this quarter will determine the f'rs ^ d mothers and chiTcbreifc fate of a good many students, especially that of some of the high-toned seniors. See the new silk dresses $17.50. Hirshberg’s. jnder 18 years of age. The total cost of the bill. estimeted would be about $2^- nfto.onn.nnn and not p->ore tban $90.000.000 would hhve to \bft expended in any one year. A Noble Ambition - ch animal. \\ ith less and less (asjon anf| thev mixed with the in tbe cand.v and more and police Bulb'es - iib | -on- p-clrr- iu the ga-nb'ne. al- f,ver their c-cs rnd vdth brobon! ..armirts are getting a listening (n0Re, „nd brutal faces accom-1, psr. But there’s a solace on the panied East End won<m rn-av . 1 wav—a general election. By the ed in cheap finerv> while direct The ambition of this institution is to jus­ tify the confiednec of its customers to be trusted because of its good judgment, its faithful observance of duty and its. financial responsibility. Conferences with the officers of this bank are cheerfully given to\ those who desire seasoned and v.eîl-rcascned advice. tinp the srftp^hes and the argn- ,vvip-vl-- ovo o^'f4!' i jisvç to do is to wait until a j'vt—o ovation to again have the same experience.-» • ors shouted from megaphones everything will ¿heir instructions to the mob to up the hero.” One rl'/vvr /v-p,. />t g !-h^i \lavfia'ge license ' tos is to .Iris-'Q L. ’ Honbci’g or fU r>-ivr r by' lo--\*1 of t\*'- j 'Zc'n-t' Z-ivr,. Blanche Jacdbson Nine rods, /rhdt'3 40c* high, school 25c, and children 10c. County Clerk WiH H. Webb, who has-,been confined to his home on account, of illness. ’*s able to be abound and attend to. his duties. . C ' t h ' i en c , 1 2 r , :V|| Capital. Surplus and Profits over $65.000.00 fi r N 7 • ; \• ..... V,-.-., ^

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 14 March 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.