The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, May 23, 1924, Image 1

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^ * ;'••:/*' \ •■ ■ ' l . X * Î!/S & ï l>it's•?' . y * ••-'^flfe ¥ i > -;V ¿ “/i-' ; ij. r> ■. *-v:, V • . ■»*?:. Stó^l.‘ ‘y'p ~'i 'Äy- T-• . •• r. *■. * V o l u m e x i C H O T EÌ u ; TETON COUNT^U^ONTANA, M AY 23, T924 v- h •1' /The “ Messiah’Vto be given in herds on the 'plains of Bethle.. Choteau June 19 is rapidly :.tak- hem. The chorus follows sud- ing. form. -The following, is a denly with ‘Glory to God’ which , b rief description of the opera : Frofn - the Standard Oratories is remarkably expressive and affords sharp contrasts in the ^The Messiah is divided idto ^ceessw e dear responses to tfi'e three parts. Thé first iirusJfuf ue; Th? di? icult’ but *ery trates .the longing of the world brilliant aria for soprano, Re- for‘ the Messiah, prophesisv His coming,,, and., announces His birth; the second part is devot­ ed to the sufferings,, death and •exaltation of Christ, and devel joice 'Greatly/ the lovely aria, ‘He Shall Feed His Flock’ and. a short chorus ‘His Yoke is Easy’ close the first' part. A description of the second ops the spread - and ultimate :Part of the OYatorio will be giv- triumpth of th e ' Gospel;.. while jen in next week’s issue., the third is. occupied,with .the! Another number of the mu- declaration of the highest truths >ical festival program will be of doctrine— faith in the exist- Sextette from Lucia. This ence of God, the. surety of im - W ™ is founded on Sir Walter mortal life and,.the resurrection Scott’s novel, “ The Bride of and-the attainment of an eter-: Lammermoor. Lord I-Iemy nity of happiness. ' ¡Heniy Ashton, Lucy s bi other, .’knowing nothing of her attach­ ment-to bis epemy, Edgar of ervice The greatest meeting of ser­ vice and- ex-service men and. >vomen ever-held in thejstate; o f Montana will' take place an Helena on June 19th, 20th and, 21st, when ‘ the state conven­ tions of the American Legion' and -Disabled American Veter-; ans of the^’World War meet in' conjunction ’ with reunions .‘of. the Ninetylfirst division and the, 163rd infantry associations;.,-'U Practically every military and' • * * k patriotic -organization in Mon;' tana is cooperating in making fades and maneuvers which is to be staged by those-troops. One fare for the round trip. Tfiat is the rate granted by the Railroads for the reunion. This rate applies to every point in Montana more thâri 150 miles from Helena. Inside o f that radius a fare of one-and a third is in effèct. This,' 'is? the best ijate ever made in. Montana for such a reunion. : ';The three days of this-meet­ ing are to be filled to the limit with entertainment of a varied “ The first part opens-with an overture or rather orchestral prelude, of majestic chords, leading to a short fugue, devel­ oped with severe simplicity and preparing the way for the ac­ companied recitative, ‘Comfort Ye My People,’ and the aria for tenor, and E v e r y Valley Shall be Exalted,’ which in turn leads to the full, strong chorus ‘And The Glory o f tlie Lord Shall be Revealed/ thè three numbers in reality forming one. The proph- ecy’ is announced onlv f o be fol­ lowed by the human apprehen­ sion in the great’ aria for ba^ ‘But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming.’ The arie leads to the ex<|uisitely constructed num ber ‘And He. Shall Purify/* a fugued. chorus closing in simple harmony. Orice more the pro­ phet. announces, ‘Behold, A V ir­ gin Shall Conceive/ followed by the alto solo: ‘Oh Thou That Tellest/ which preludes a chor­ us in the same tempo. The next aria ‘The People Tha,t W alked in Darkness’ with its curious but characteristic mod­ ulations, leads -to one o f the most graphic choruses of the whole work; ’‘For ' Unto Us a entertainment will be the pa- Ravenswood; has arranged a marriage between Lucy and the wealthy Lord Arthur, in order to retrieve his fallen fortunes. Learning that Lucy is in love with Edgar, lie intercepts her lover’s letters and executes a forged paper, which convinces Lucy that Edgar is false to her Convinced of , her lover’s per­ fidy, and urged by the necessity of .her brother, she; unwillingly - ;:^oe^ Qtness. visited f d t e last-week end. this veterans’ reunioA thè ;big- character. One o f the best box--°*b ailc* m*x thoroughly. To th> j gest gathering of its kind. The proper back ground :for this, event is furnished by the en­ campment of the national guar-d of Montana which will be under way between the dates of June 14th and 28th. A battalion 'of fourth infantry will be in camp at the same time and oneof the big events of the program of Where two men are available to mix grasshopper poison a good- deal of the. affects of - ■ arsenic on the skin of the mix­ ers can be done away with b the,use of what is known as the wet method o f mixing. With th i s ; new method use four dpounds of arsenic and mix in a ten pound pail with ufficient water to make into a • tin- paste,- then take twelve gallops, of water in a tub, tdd two gal­ lons of syrup, four pounds of salt and three ounces of banana ing cards veer pulled in Mon­ tana, dances, swimming parties 4|)-and-8 initiation,' reviews, pa­ rades, talks by the national commanders of the participat­ ing organizations, military ma­ neuvers— and best,’ o f all the kind of a time that ex-service men make for themselves when tb<w get a-chance to talk it all over with their buddies. • guests ,are assembled for thé •ceremony* and: Lucy has just signed the contract, when Ed­ gar appears at the back of the room dressed in sombre black- The wedding , guests, are.'dumb with amazement at • the. daring o f ,the.young thus pre­ senting himself, unbidden at- the house of his enemy. E d g a r r ê - mains standing, with his eye steadily fixed on the unhappy Lucy, who is unable to meet his glance. This dramatic and thrilling number in the entire range of opera., Edgar is driv­ en from the castle, and the shock, being too much for the gentle Lucy, she bècomes in- , sane, kills her husband and dies Chil is Born, emphasized with Edgar> overcome by these trag- sublime. .announcement of the with his names of the Messiah in full harmpny and with tfie strongest choral powerV , The; grand burst o f .sound ’dies away, there,is a significant pause,, and then fol­ lows a short but exquisite Pas­ toral Symphony fop the strings, which with the four succeeding bits 'o f recitative tells the mes­ sage- of the angels to the shp- ic happenings,- commits suicide among the tombs of his ancesb, ors. *' Mrs. Alva Kieffer and Miss Manda Lindseth returned last Friday from Butte. A school picnic was given at the Burton schools last Satur­ day. - t N All the school children-are very glad school is out. Harold Lindseth is visiting with friends here. He is plan­ ning to go west soon. Mr. and Mrs. Evenson and family and Hansons were visi­ tors at the Dotalie • home last Sunday. Mr. arid Mrs. Forseth and son, Oliver, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Peterson last Sunday. The Luther League met in the church last Friday night. The attendance was not very large FOREST SERVICE * $ •Iwilkk»' ,*l**i'*’ •’ Mr. William Rush left for fspe duty at San«pomt Monday night; The fire situation on the forests of western Montana and Northern Idaho is the worst in the history of the for­ est service for this time of the year, and, unless relieved by rains within a few days, the’ country will be experiencing the worst conflagrations in its his­ tory. It is sincerely hoped that everyone entering the mountains will be very careful with* his fires and keep this locality from losing one of its best resources as well as recreational grounds. G. A. Fredrikson, of Fair- field, Montaha, passed through the , city last week enroute to the Blackleaf Ranger station, whre he will assume the duties of ranger on the Lewis and Clark national forest, replacing Paul Cudd of Portland. Ore., was a visitor at the home of iis sister; Mrs. H. Craig. Mrs. Beulah Lesring is open­ ing a dressmaking shop in the luilding next to the bakery. Statement of Condition of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHOTEAU At Close o f Business March 31,1924. .. , RESOURCES \Cash in vault and , in other banks — - -------- 86,515.11 U...S. .Liberty Loan' Bonds 50,433.37 ‘ County warrants, real ’estate/ etc’.' _ ___ 24,892.18 Loans,and discounts ___165,346.45 LIABILITIES ___ 266,098.86 Deposits ___ : ____ Surplus and undivided profits ____ ; ___ Capital • stock • _ ___ -11,088.25 50,000.00 327,187.11 327,187.11 but the few that were there 'Mr. McVey, who resigned to greatly enjoyed it. j start in ranching near Lewis- The Ladies Aid m e t at the .town, Montana. Wm. Chalmers home last Wed­ nesday. Services were held in the Supervisor Myrick states that he now has a crew repairing and improving *thd Sun River. German Lutheran church last road and will Have' it in good Monday. There was a large at- foruTance who greatly enjoyed t h ~ e s s r s i o i L Mrs. John Edwards visited with Mrs. Edwin 'Anderson last Thursday. Several of the Bench youner Tronic attended the Aance at Fairfield last Saturday. \When the critics saw Pauline Garon’s screen personality in “ Reported Missing,” thev yelled “ found ” That’s why Director Fvank-Borzage brought her-pri the way from New York to Hoflrwqod to nlay in “ Children of Dncd-.” a First National pict- ure which comes to the Royal Thpatre Wednesday and Thurs­ day. Chasing Fame and thrills is the life of Filmland. See Hoot Gibson in his latest success, “ The Thrill Chaser” — a Uni­ versal production at the Royal Friday and Saturday. condition for travel within the next ten days. R. P. McLaughlin, the state forester, and the local forest office would appreciate it very much1 i f the public would re­ frain grom burning any trash during the present dry season in the hopes that the present rate o f man-caused fires can be reduced and the tense situation now-at hand to that extent re­ lieved. Hundreds of fires are now burning, out of control in the best, stands of timber iri west­ ern Montana and every one of them was paused lay people burning thrash or brush which afterwards got beyond control.. all the arsenic paste and while | one of the two men are stirring and pouring the material on the bran the other should keep the bran thoroughly, stirred. This method will get away from the disagreeable arsenic dust tha’ reshits from the dry mixing. The aniosnt given above is suf­ ficient for the treating of one hundred pounds of bran which will cover from ten to twelve acres of ground is spread prop­ erly. Don’t mix poison the day be- fove needed as weather condi-' tions might be such on the fol­ lowing day that the poison could not be used. . Don’t put out poison on cloudy, qold days.. Don’t put out, poison in the afternoon. -'»»vtsshopne^s eat rest from e’oven until twelve i’clock in the morning. Don’t use more than four pounds of arsenic per hundred pounds of bran as that is suf­ ficient and there is no use to vaste the material. Don’t use more than three ounces of banana oil because if ised any stronger this material will serve as a repellant instead >.f an attraction for the hoppers Mrs. L. H. Thompson was Great Falls visitor the first of While enjoving a ride on the highway north o f town, Robert Miller had the misfortune to overturn his car, with the re­ sult that he is now in the hos­ pital with a broken shoulder and a couple o f broken ribs. A ith his in the car a*\ the time w?s Mrs. Cora Bitting! who was uninjured. 'a«**»* Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Streeter entertained Wednesday evening; in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. H . Stephens, who will leave soon for Colville, Wash., where M r. Stephens has accepted a posi­ tion in a garage. Those pres­ ent were Messrs Chester Hale* Otto Schaffer, J. H. Stephens, T-Tenw Hammond, V. M. Steele. Otto W am ild, Obert Peterson, Wallace Weaver, W. E. Howard and Mesdames Hale, Schaffer,, Stephens. Chapman. Hammond, Steele, Peterson. Howard, W a g - niF and Miss Elizabeth K raber and Dolly Graves. The even­ ing was spent in playing 500. Mrs. Chapman winning the prize for high score. The con­ solation score being awarded to Otto Schaffer. ... , ; A Noble Ambition ^ The ambition of this institution is to jus­ tify the confiednee of its customers, to, jbe trusted because of its good judgment, its faithful observance of duty and its financial• responsibility. _ ’ Conferences with the officers of this bank are cheerfully given to those • who desire seasoned and well-reasoned advice. -J .Miss Medley, Miss Williamson and Prof. R. F. Williamson left Thursday afternoon for St. Louis, Mo. C. L. Streeter, of the .Glenloyd, taking them to Grèat Falls. Citizens State Bank CHOTEAU, MONTANA . Capital, Surplus and Profits over $65,000.00, </\ ■ - vs - ' S I,; V V Believing that.onost. o f ; the republican voters of this' Courir ty are in favor o f Calvin:- Cool-. i idge for president, the. ’Montana an is publishing a list of candi- ITj dates favorable to him. Presidential Electors: ' / '(Vote for Four) ’ May C. Bartos Di\ James H: 'Irwin W. D /K y le .'•'., ' George E; Snell For Delegates' at''La'rge;:-i-N'a*. tional Convention; , . , (V o te'for seven) ' ' ■ W. R. Allen ’ . \ Mrs. George H. Berry Oar! L. Brattin W. J. Brennen Har>w B; Brooks .. E. F. Burmeister ■; W. H. Hoover Mary E.’ Jones . ' Charles F. Juttner John Lindquist Robert Orr'McMillan F. C. McWilliams Dr. W. B. Rogers W. A. S'elvidge For delegates first corigres-. sional district: ‘ (Vote for two) Grace Gatlin Vora Blanch De Lano 1J*4'; J. A. Poor __ _ **!-*'\«*( For delegates seeped congres­ sional district: Robert A. (Honey BoyK-Bray. Charles Haflet ‘ «. .. Mrs. A. E. McLeish ! James W. Speer ■. « A * ? ! * * » * ! . . . ': I**.'*-.

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 23 May 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.