The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, July 04, 1924, Image 1

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IfP ; r»'* ' •. ; m n '* . ■• C ‘S * G' * *>, ' - \ â & v *- Historical Society '*\'’*\* ~iS ■■ V« -&W.- :;JH£ — • ÎÂ “ “ ' '. 'j • » ‘ ; y ; î ;& ' ' ** »? ___ _ U .VOLUME X I CHOTEAU, TETON COUNTY-^MONTANA, JULY ' 4, .1924 NUMBER 52. Going-Bell-EpperspnCom p a n y Bring R a re-M Bird Imitations, Impersonations, V o c a l and Instrumental ' • - . ' Solos, Duets and Readings. To Nominate > v,‘ Famous Chamber Music Group Feature of Chautauqua Program Three charming young ladies— members of the Going-Bell-Epperson Company, will give Chautauqua patrons a delightful potpourri of diversi­ fied entertainment on the second day. A novel feature of this program is the whistling and bird calls of Miss Fay Epperson. The young lady is a real genius at imitations of the peculiar vocalism of birds and can give the Chautauqua tent the at­ mosphere of the old orchard or the wildwood with her calls and trillings. She gives an introductory informal talk on birds which is of interest to both old and young. Miss Epperson also excels In child impersonations. Miss Bernice Bell is a professional pianist who gives some very worthwhile numbers and also accompanies Miss Evelyn Going in the lat­ ter’s soprano numbers, on the whole a well rounded program of charm­ ing entertainment. FOREST SERVICE . Supervisor E. H. Myrick re­ turned from Gilman Thursday morning having taken a con­ signment of 56,000 steel head head trout finderlings to Sun l-uver, where the ranger, Kliclc | and Scallon, and White and1 isixon will take them by pack horses and plant them in the upper tributaries of Sun River. 'ihe steel head trout, which corresponds closely *to the rain­ bow— the pride of any trout catch— is one which has . been taken from fresh water to salt wai:er and there allowed to spawn The spawn are col­ lected from the trout after it has lived in salt water, 'm is shipment is from the Great Falls hatchery and is only a small portion of the fry which the fox'estiy dexm.r to piai!It. tms season lag ih'' wacet•s OI c Supeir visor r- iyrici- toe j.u,l i e w cUitvS » ., -1 ,* . £ ¿U Ci i \ • -3' •» Wllu tl;i1' pi'ev■ mm X «' ct i h m c, catea *■'!*' *01* (Cp'iit i' ii. C- the S'un Rivei a Cr^ek districi;s. Tr ganization is now in its alloted location, the bun Kiver patrol­ man pn the joo, ana everything possible done to m*et the situa­ tion if a hre aoes develop. E\ ery one should tali eveiy precaution while in the mount­ ains by being very carful with camp fires and seeing that they are completely out Leiore leav­ ing even for a short time. Smokers are also causing lots of fires mother parts of the dis­ trict and the local 1 orest force have pledged themsenres to do no smoking except in camp. Factory made cigarettes are prohibited all forest employees while in the hills. Mr. My nek stater that if the season gets much worse or any man-caused fires occur, the public would be prohibited in the mountains un­ til the condition was less dan­ gerous, and that he was alsc considering prohibiting aiu smoking whatever in certain very hazardous «roas except in camp. ili reseed* IS til TO THE VOTERS OR TETON COUNTS C v\ \V‘.mc-v ru in ’ ” '-- innvr’f a f'jvl i î u :• the (.ile' M sheri“' of Tei ¡in coiuny, subject ¡o the v. ill o'\ the lepubb'ean parly. He ha? l’y_U in Ikiea cou’Hy o' er 2-i ' oim * onci *. U r:;vp !'• \“I !l niS,3U’. Tf ' r't” ¡i i rn.'i r»> ho <>•: ’ I , r ' In ;i.P o \ Ì C * ' lì .'‘ T.'l h ’ ’ \'.' ncssliko culminisi raí ion ami e.cfrn ment oí the statutes v.-i.'mu1 i‘ ‘u o1 J;c. or. Your supno.t vril' he '\•.um ilia C. TV. VVTMEn. Serving: Mrs. Lucy Dennis, Mrs. H. ij . Halladay, Mrs. J. E: Cashman, Mrs. Chas. Klockler ànd Mrs. Ed. Forrest. Entertainment and Amuse­ ment : Mrs. a . B. Guthrie, Tom Larson and Mrs. G. S. McDon­ ald. Remember 25 to 40 years ago and otter any suggestion for something amusing or enter­ taining to the committee, any­ one can help some. Two Fourth of July sessions of the democratic convention failed to produce a nominee for the presidency and Friday night ;\£Mrs. Fred Shatter and son of • * Nebraska are visiting with her ,parents, Mr. .'and Mrs. William Arnesmeyer. ' r J|VIr. and Mrs. John Edwards and son, Jewel, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Klette in Collins last Sunday. •-Mr. and Mrs. Ockness were visitors with Mr. and Mrs. C. at the end of 70 baiofcs, tnv par- j p^terson last Sunday, ty leaders began seriously to] ,'4viiss Fern Hynes visited at consider the administration of ¡t^J Dolalie home jast Sunday, hroic measures to break the ‘ ™'r- — j ^ . deadlock. Mr. and Mrs. A. Dolalie and son, Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. E. During the day two favorite A la lie and Miss Mathilda Do- sons had been eliminated. Me Adoo had reached a new high record, within 20 votes of a ma­ jority of the convention. Smith had again touched his highwat- er mark, and a series of maneu­ vers on the convention floor had rekindled the anomosities of the warring groups and apparently made a compromise more diffi­ cu lt The floor skirmishing was started by the Smith forces, who first proposed in a formal reso­ lution that”“ all the candidates oe invited to address the dele­ gates in executive session be­ fore there was further balolt- mg. The proposal failed of the two-thirds needed for adoption, with the McAdoo forces voting against it, and later a proposal to invite Governor Smith alone to speak from the convention platform was similarly rejected. \Then att he opening oi the night session, a letter from Mr. McAdoo was produced, suggest­ ing that the refusal to extend a speaking invitation to his prin­ cipal rival be reconsidered, but Vvhen consent was asked for it was refused by the Smith men. Amid the tumult staved up lojie visited with friends and relatives in Fairfield and Bole last Sunday. ’’Mr. and Mrs. s. t . Wiprud of Fairfield, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hanson and children of Bole, were dinner guests at the Carl Hanson home last Sunday. liie parochial senool oi the Lutheran church o f Farmington is now in session, being in the 'fK “The headliner of any Chautauqua program” is what the late Presi­ dent Harding’s paper, the Marlon (O.) “Stnr’’ said of the Vernon Sym­ phonic Quintet which Paul V. Vernon will bring to Chautauqua on the third day. Music produced by stringed instruments has always had strange power over the human race. In chamber music, ensemble playing by stringed Instruments, It Is particularly appealing. The Instrumentation, of the Vernons consists of two violins, viola d’amore, Velio and planò. The viola d’amore is a rare instrument which was in vogue during medi­ aeval days before the violin came Into popularity. It 1ms fourteen strings, seven of which give sympathetic vibrations as the others are played with’ the bow. Mr. Vernon’s personal “clmts” between numbers are unusually en­ joyable, as he fully explains the compositions and tlielr significance. by the county agent for the contest and score cards are be­ ing made. Considerable num­ bers have signified their inten- , x. rn, tion of entering these contests ch-rge ot_ M ia rhtujtenson o I ; and horaeshoes are becoming quite prominent around most farms of the county. Spokane College. Miss Alice Otness returned to h’ffM&me'Vlast Sunday, having been away for two weeks visit­ ing relatives in Brady. Tolif Hanson, and Mrs. Cleive were visitors from Great Falls last Sunday. Joei Otness visited with home tolks last Sunday. Mr. Seekins, Mr. Syse and Mr. Olui Lindseth went out on a fishing trip last week. The contests at the picnìfcs the proposal, the Smith sup­ porters snouted to the cháirm: -m t til” • e.ivertion had - tub clic un S.llí I lblll LÚ too Statement of Condition of silted” their mid tiiat it v .. •1 1 ' over t rn i ih.o m weTf_ i e i ’ • • . ujo 1 nr . -, lie ] 111’ , ! - V Hie tv c F ’( hit/’- W ' pi . -, F' à 'V\ - .ite plan •v. uno *»• co1 once. ,ov. to 1 ....Í 10 ■L i.ib Light Loiuu.u.iiiy picnics win ne held in ieiou County chis j i umili a:a, i : el.: í:i¿ tu,geiiien«cj ut.-.t, u.aue diu o t c i . , t lieti e tills ce.i-.-.y. j.i.e lit .U i .. ^:!j\.i:c. a.-Ci U....O straight elimination with winner playing will be contests winner. Representatives of the vari- i d Sunday, July 20th- at Choteau Pai’k is the time and place for the picnic. Come and bring those fried spring chickens, sandwiches, cake and ice-cream.. Bring the. happy feeling, o f , a good old time reunion. The Apiericanr Legion, .will Jgtfug.use the pavilion if it rains. The committee appointed will do all they can to prepare a real picnic and dinner for all. The executive committee has- ous dry land sections of Teton ! appointed the following special county may take a trip to j.connrnttees : Havre July 17th, 18th and 19th,» General Management: Mrs. J- according to the plans of thej^* Taylor, Mrs. A. B. Guthrie, '¡Mrs. A. C. Burbank, Joe Baart and Jim Sulgrove. Table: Mrs. Mary Bair, Mrs. B. M. Jacobson, Mrs. J. W . U.c county agent, where they will) look over the work of the dry land experiment station at that place. A study will be made especially of dry land wheat va­ rieties and forage crops. Farm­ ers who are interested in thi-; trip and who have signified a desire to go are C. O. Juclfs, Elution, J. E. Prater, Power, ■/j -font Vance, Gilman, Joe Rose and Paul Rice of Pend* oy, •P.' io Thompson, Collins. C. Da.iv aider, IP,: c, b. G, i Kerr, Mrs. W. W. Cole and Mrs. Ed. Bailey. Coffee: Mrs. Mary Monkman, Mrs. Annie Kelly, and Mrs. C. H. Connor. E. Lerch and son, Arbie E. Leech, promirent business men 1 V .nier, were in Choteau last ) <* nipin-lr. It the o '■■r o-.) pm; Born, June 30, 192-1. to •:r0 o f Cus !)■ oner, a daughter, ‘ [i)« Chotean Hospital. • i- ’1 li. - Ü - J o. mo c >n1 > fc : i O TT> QT T <^npr< A TT r CrlcDirLAU At Close of Business March 31,1924 r RESOURCES Cash in vault and in other hanks — ......... 86,515.11 U. S. Liberty Loan Bonds 50,433.37 County warrants, real “ estate, etc. ____________ 24,892.18 Loans and discounts ------ J.65,346.45 LlABII.lTiES Deposits ------- 266,098.S6 Surplus and undivided profits ________________ 11,088 25 Capital stock _______ 50,000.00 327,187.11 327,187.11 , OIU- ‘ :on. Ym-ie ¡- '*unj- omi-’e ’ <> C be pit. forward the r-nii-e-• w e should it h' ^our.d p<> L- to convince the con free’' that reith'T iMcAdoo nor Smith will bo nominated. L L. • ' L i 1 ; * J Í * .1 i\ O J l l Ì ^ A l i l i , A C v C . -. 1CÍC, A i. .-i. jOiiiisOiì auu J. li. mi.ia-nus. Loilms, Juiy I2in, Geo. II art, nuscot: Tiioniosui. and As. \\. tic #■ u ,1 li-LfriL.-' IG U v h ion o f tl 0 (•<» fiediu c led In c iu s e o f ifu l observance o < » ’TTi cS ¿ \ m m t i G n thi institution is to jns- its customers, to be its good judgment, its o f Ldwards. Dutton, July 13th, C. The featured piayers in Geo. Melford’s Paramount produc­ tion, “ Flaming Barriers,” which ^ Vanaisdaie comes to the Royal theatre next Cheetham Sur.dav and Monday are Jac- responsibility. Conferences with the officers of this bank are cheerfully given to those who desire seasoned and well-reasoned advice. and Jui.v J 4 th, queline Logan, Antonio Morenoi Spring Valley, \ incent 7Vance. and Walter Heirs. The cast' LowiV, Juiy Ibth, Si'.cke Gla- also includes Charles Ogle, Rob-jJlr?'j Vv m- \b c ' - 'er’ :Urs’ °* L ert Mclvirn, Luke Cosgrove a n d !^ a^e* _ , Warren Rogers. The scenario! harmingoon, Julv 16th, Alia, .was prepared by Harvey Thewi^- Forseth, 3Irs. H. P. Kieu- ifrom 1-he origial story written1 ° el’’ J- ^ tness» ^ Seekins. bv Byron Morgan. ! The biS leature of the com” / l ________ : jr.?unity picnics to be held in Te. John J. Daley and daughter, I ion county Juiy 8th to 16th in. Miss Florence, of Dupuyer were victors in Choteau the first of the week. elusive, will be the Barn Ya dj Golf ' Contest. Six^ pairs of horseshoes have been ordered Citizens State Bank CHOTEAU, MONTANA Capital, Surplus and Profits over $65,000.00

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 04 July 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.