The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, August 01, 1924, Image 1

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One himuied sixty-iive farra- •ers and tneir wives m eight com munities were given mstruc-K tiohs' last week in caponiziiig by %hiss Cushman, in cooperation bounty .Agent -Robert Clarkson. Forty-three actually performed Last week-1 w.è-toók lssfe \s lt h 1 fìquor^casesf-i Schools Edythe Saÿlor has re- üie Acanuiâ,-solely oir the piop-'sneiiflTis ^à^^h-'^e^i^edririlc fìfilVfirl fillP. JlVfiräfffiS o f ä l l .*• f l i p - n c ì t u n ì ht** t h û o/trmAiYn; cm d ûhn'ti/Îilf' :.t.fiafv rw h in n o itiA h '> \X/û q v û céiÿed thé. averages of ' all students - graduating from the; -tHe eighth gradé this year- andatile highest eighteen are;/ s^i 1. Muriel Blake 89,’4;* 2, Ivan Riggs 88;1; 3. Bernice Tempel 87.4; 4i Thora kreghéss 86.9 ;. 5; Paul Walker 86.5^‘ ;0i Blanche Bennetseni86.2 ; .7-f Jimmie *Lem- mon 85.1 ; 8. J^auyice Johnson 84.8; 9. Ada Lhthróp 84;7; 10. Emèrsoli f Cunningham 84.6; 11. Helen: Standish; 84:4; 12. Bernard Ótnéss 84:1; : 13. Eva Thompson 84 ; -14. .Velma New- Wiliam Olson 83.41 18. Arthur Dahlmann ¿3 the operation and would be able to caponize their o\yn bird's as well as anyone except-^possibly for speed which can be:L secured; only thru practice. Every com­ munity of these eight has from, one to seven persons who can perform this operation. Capons will in, a short time be an important product o f Te­ ton County. These birds when • - ---------- properly fitted should weigh HENRY , FORD •from eight to twelye pounds and have never known to bring less than thirty cents per pound. Plans at the preesnt time are .to follow these demonstrations .up with a production program next year signing up about fifty farmers who will raise , about one;-hundred capons next year. This will be sufficient to ship out one car load. - „ .Two meetings were missed last week on account of rain, at Farmington and the osition of* tn'e economy and efn-voii that piôposRiôh;- h We are ' ■* . . J* ¿.ft- ft. __ - __ _____ ft - iTSl-l. 4 .-'ftrft*__* Vlftrl ciency o the present incumbent* of the'sheriff’s oince. In wnat we presmne tne Acantha’s pres­ ent editor thinks, a xuuna< *.mg reply>ve are attacked for print­ in g 1 the hews;; just because the Acahtha comes out 'on Thursday' * 7 ' -v ■ ‘ ' - ' and oui*. issue on Friday. Thg Acantha prints some of thh news and would have , us con­ sider as “ tabu” all matters upon which it touches.. This is* aside from the present issue, but we' feel free to say that we shall; man 83.9 ;• 15. Wayne Wood 83.7 j continue to print the news as we 16. Gertrudp Johnson 83.5; 17. fjn(j ft, no matter i f the Acantha one other at Collins will be held this week, on Thursday and Friday, The meeting at Collins will be held at two p. m. July 31st. and M A KE ' AIR TO “ F L IVVERS” . Henry Ford has ; turned his attention-. t.o airplanes, and an aviation.field- for experimenta­ tion has been provided at Dear­ born. Wlio'-is the man who dares predict that airplanes will soon be as common .. as Ford aut.oes? • Mr. Ford declares they will soon be turned out by thé millions. In .that- case the “ wheels” of the world \ will be ^ replaced , by wings. • has been enabled to “ scoop” on account o f coming out the pre­ vious day. Of course we cannai pretend to the erudition which is now inflicted on the Acantha readers, but we did make ’em understand what we are at- hence the broadside. Of course the present sheriff promised to expend his strength and energy toward the cleaning up of thé county, and all outdoors, we presume, and we admit that he has expended his strength and energy and also a few thousands of the county’s money, but what has been the result? The county is fast being “ cleaned up” finan­ cially, and with no beneficial re­ sult that is apparent to anyone but the Acantha. The Acantha assumes that we are against the I f it should come to pass that because of -the failure of any candidate t o , secure a maj'ority Farmington, Friday August 1st. in the electroral Qollege, and be- enforcement of the liquor laws, STATE F A IR 1 P r e im s a ^ t s ^ the. failure'in the'house ( ¥ * we have not sajd so. On the; of representatives, and because of the election, of a vice-.presi­ dent by the senate, Governor . . Bryaii becomes president of-the What-entries can be mad® .^!ftgv! United States, - then indeed will one elment o f the democratic party have cause for tears. -for' 1924 ''-'Mbntan'a~-State-\Fair have been sent out to the com­ mitteeman of various commun­ ities so that they may know agricultural lines sufficietly early to give plenty of time for the selection b f their material. It is xpected that a greater ef­ fort will be placed this year on the vegetable show and on the larg sample of . grain exhibit. Especialy do we wish to en­ courage entries in the special exhibit for the best bushel of Marquis wheat. Last year Teton County won second place with only two exhibits entered. The County A g e n t will be glad to hear from anyone having a good garden, good grain or any other products tht would be of a qual­ ity to warrant being shown at the State Fair. TURKEY REPORTS: The re- . ports on the turkey production of-Teton County for the xnar-j. ket are coming in very slowly -^ a n d - hhless -more are sent in it , Avvili be.douhtful i f .Teton County ities. ... Vc- >A.,. * ,* V ,* * U t . _ ' vv ^ « '* »'.«*’ i* . r-* •* j •- . . * \ * ^ * . * * * * . . will be able to have enough to make a carload. I f there are any farmers who have'turkeys that will be ready for market this fall we would like to -have you send in your names and the number you will Have for the market. ^ On July 31st at 7 :30 p. m. the farmers interested in cow test­ ing association work will meet for the purpose of discussing this subject and making ar­ rangements to conddct a year’s test on cows in the Collins com­ munity. The purpose of the test­ ing will be to cull out the poor animals in each Herd which will be replaced with animals o f bet­ ter breeding and milking qual-- »•: C*>' ; :*rr Statement of Condition o f O F C H O T Ê A Ü At Close Of Business June 30, 1024. RESOURCES Cash in vault and , in other ban k s _ _ 40,467;07 tJ. S. Liberty Loan Bonds 54,279.27 County -warrants, real estate, etc. ■ ----------- 81,915.84 Loans and discounts 154,296.76 LIABILITIES t Deposits --------------------- 230,374.13 Surplus and undivided profite ----------------- 1_ 10,584.80 Capital stock _______ 50,000.00 290,958.93 290,958:93 other hand whenever the occa: sion occured, we have always declared our belief that all laws should be enforced, but your or­ dinary garden variety o f sheriff and the Acantha’s editor ignore everything but the burning question of prohibition and al­ ways harp on* that issue, and why ?— lias proven to be a prolific vote getter. We mentioned 12 crimnal cases originated, prosecuted and han­ dled by the present sheriff at the last jury term, but as a matter of fact there were’ 13. There was 1 horse stealing case with 3 perjury cased tailed on, all of which went up in the air a*.uCx’ a o (icv^o cnai oi tne nrst case at a great expense to the county. The Acantha's readers will remember the great blast from the sheriff’s horn of “ journalism” when the arrest was made, how the former sheriff was accused o f indiffer ence but the present distributor of la r g e s 't o ' the Acantha was praised fo r hisijdptective - ability <JL* <A *■,», < '‘*”,2—- • V i ^ % , •*• . • ••, ' •. Ktif ■nlAflrinir ».i^ro □ fi'ia otxhghtmg:;tiiQ prolijbitipn law l|ut'-we pl-efei^ito Osteite■ .facts lather -.than- campaigii' buiik. We agiee vith the A philtha that the sheuft is not’^e^qi'iM iutor; but rei;asserF'^haiv^ieT, ' present incumbent of the-oifice exercises sb far as he can make it stick, the functions, ■ o f prosecutor, jiidge and, jury.' The Acantha points with pride to the alleged Tact'that the. absence o f “notor s y % 4 ipus dives” , that formally flour­ ished can be, noted, f but as a matter:, o f fact there has been lì no abatement proceeding brot m vthis county; - There were 2 confiscations.- o f fixtures under the former sheriff which were brot to . a sueessful conclusion, the present sheriff actually what he thought was a seizure, but had to lei loose up­ on his own statement' of -facts when his action tvas questioned We ask that the Acantha stick to the point, as to the efficiency James ’SulgroVè' Gtdÿb;£ybC il ^ p u b l i c a n C a n d id à i^ ft .f r F o r D istrìctj J i ù l g é -a ¿fam e s ' Sulgrove, the oniy ;Te- publican candidate from*:: Teton èounty for judge of the 19th judicial district was born.-and rhis'ed in Indianapolis; Indiana, aiid camé to Montana in 1891 and was admitted to the bar of the supreme court in March, 1892,. and opened his officé in Choteau in April of that year. In 1893 Teton county was created and he was appointed ounty attorney by the legisla­ ture. His careful advice to new officers in a new county and his just administration of his dut­ ies brought him his re-election without opposition in 1894. He was again elected and served during the term of 1901 and 1902. Since then he has devot­ ed himself to his law practice giving particular attention to to waters and water-rights, cor­ porations and probate law. He has prepared an office digest of over 200 Montana water cases, and, many- special and criminal law briefs. He has been admit­ ted to the U.S. Supreme, Circuit and economy of the present iand District Courts and is a sheriff, for it threw its gauntlet meml3er ^ie -American Bar •/■-■tMioè’' iviv -Affissa M y r i c k ,,p f tÉe ^ into the ring on that proposi­ tion and now -triés to, make a Hash out of the;hiatter by ques­ tioning our right-to publish the news and assumes that our views of the prohibition law are -not such • as • endorsed by that paper. . - W é are for the enforcement’ o f the law, by a sheriff who w ill proceed under 'the. law, wri^h a n , ‘eye single, to h j^ ;offici^ d ü t y frather than to the ^possible result at the pri- maiyy and,- equally 'with' thé Acantha, we have the right to name a candidate who, if elect­ ed,- can fill, the bill. With all due our contemporary we' name Archie Murçhie as a deserving candidate foi* the of- ,jl / fice of sheriff o f this county. FARMINGTON P a u PLE h a v e P iC isic a t t h e ’ HANSON GROVE Mit, expensive trips to G reat Falls in effort to get an aged father and mother to declare their son to be a perjurer, - which was a bootless , effort, ,°f course. W e have not yet charged the sheriff, w ith extravagance— that is possibly, yet to come— but we did and do question his effic iency and economy in thè. light o f what he has failed to accom­ plish. It may be true that the expense of.-the sheriff’s office was about $1000 less for 1923 than for 1922, but it is also tme that thè present sheriff was a deputy in 1922, superfluous, probably, but nevertheless the beneficiary of what is now sug­ gested °n his behalf as the ex­ travagance o f'h is form er chief. ! The form er sheriff gathered in around,$4000 f o r the pounty in The Rocky Mountain Teleiag had its yearly meeting last Sun­ day. in Hanson's grove. About two hundred and -fifty people were gathered. The program was rendered in Norwegian ex­ cept fo r , the national anthems, The. S^ar Spangled Banner” and “ A merica.” ' Several good speak-; ers as well as many good sing­ ers helped in the entertaining. Many tables were set with the delicious Norwegian eats. In the afternoon were all the old fashion “ Telemarkren” danchsl * r r 5 c . v ' • * - -V In.;the.. evening: was the. Anieri: can dance which ♦ was ’well ap­ pended ahd enjoyed by all preeC. e n t ; . ** : r + Association. He has always believed in keep­ ing a client out of court rather than coaxing him into court or “ Compromise is better than waste” , “ Equal jutsice to all., powerful or poor” is his slogan and “ Equal enforcement of all laws for or against all equally” . Mr. Sulgrove served as Chair­ man o f the committee for the establishment of the Teton Gounty High School and his, work is evidenced by the fact that every vote in Choteau pre­ cinct but one was for the school. He also served one year as Chairman of the district school board resigning _ on account of ill health. During this- year he established three schools in the Fairfield and Bole country. Fo?\ several years he was sole trus­ tee o f the Library Association paying all the expense himself. Mr. Sulgrove has probably the largest general library and His­ torical library in the county. He still lives in Choteau with his wife and six children. * » Grain Growers Are. Arranging- To Put - Over A Big Deal Supervisor Lewis./and Clark National foiT-; j .. .*> -t 7 ' est,. states- that the :; ditrict for-l ester'.has placed all-.of the North Fork off Sun. River watershed lying within’ th.^.Xewis/&...C,lark.' national forest closed to the building o f camp fires without a permit from August 1 to 31, inclusive. Persons entering the area via Ear Mountain may obtain per­ mits at the supervisor’s office at Choteau .or at the Ear Mountain Ranger Station, and in case the ranger is absent, permits may be obtained from the W rong Creek, which is the first camping place within the area. The Sun River patrolman and district ranger at Hannan gulch, will issue permits for person entering by way of the Sun. River canyon. All persons entering by way of the Willow Creek station can. obtain a permit there or from the firman at Benchmark, which is ordinarily the first camp used by the public entering the area affcted. Mr. Myrick stated that the dryness of the season, together with the large number of fires in the forests of district 1 which have been traced to transients, makes such drastic measures necessary if the damage from- this source is to be controlled, but that every effort would be made to minimize the inconven-. ience to the' public. Violations of the regulations will be prosecuted in the federal courts and ca n y a .stiff fine and jail sentence to those parties violating it. grain elevators companies in thé United States valued at $26,- 000,000. This Grain Marketing Association will be the largest co-operative body in the United States. The purchase was spon­ sored by the American Farm Burau Federation; its purpose is to place at the disposal o f farmers a single marketing structure to eliminate middle­ men’s profits, and­ crease the profits for­ ducer. . ' Grain growers , are arranging1 to acquire'five o f the largesft-W O T E FOR COOLIDGE—^ ; Mri. and. Mrs. Olaf Lin’dseth Mrs.-Belle Lindseth and Mr. Roryick returned home from a few day’s trip in Glacier Parle.' They enjoyed their trip very much. Joel Otness visited with home folks.last week end. • Mi*. J. J. Otness and Joel and Alice Otness and Kora Oien autoed' to Great Falls last Tues­ day. . Several of • the Bench people went.on a picnic up to the river last, Sunday.' All reported ..of having a very good 'tim e. * A N o b l e P«•*;* / ^ » The ambition of this institution js to jus­ tify the conffednec of its customers) to be trusted beeaiise of its good Judgment, its faithful observance of duty and its financial responsibility; : . ' * : r Coiiferehces with the .officers of this baiik are cheerfully given to those .who desire seasoned and ,well-reas.oned advice. ' Citizens State Bank CHOTEAU, MONTANA ' GapitoV Surplus and Profits over $65,000.00 , . L -, fXWji Æ m ,s m «... ' I . ■ ( ■■H ;,JS ''-ti

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 01 Aug. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.