The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, October 24, 1924, Image 1

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VOLUME XII vitU/J’EAU, TETON COUNTY, MONTANA, OCTOBER 24, 1924 _______________ v -M j - Judge J. Stands J. Greene on Oiifical Record •Judge John J. Greene of this dis­ trict, is seeking reelection at the hands of the- voters, being the demo­ cratic candidate for the position. Judge Greene has a wonderful record for judicial efficiency and on this official record he asks the voters •to pass their approval, v The court work in the fotu count­ ies totaled 1527 criminal and civil cases during the past year. This •enormous number of cases have been ■disposed of and the court docket is clean with the work up to date. Sixteen of Judge Greene’s decisions have been reviewed by our supreme ■court and 14 were sustained and only two reversed. In the enforcement of ohr prohibi­ tion laws, imposed fines have totaled $14,255.00, and in addition thereto, are jail sentences totalling 2,100 days, an average of $200 and 30 days for each defendant convicted. This record is self-expiatory and clearly shows to the * taxpayer and voter, Judge Greene’s efficient handling of district court business. In addition to this, and those who have had occasion to attend court, either as jurors, witnesses, plaintiffs or defendants, are in the best posi- - * v S S È m try to bring the state back to pre-war conditions. Such a war as is being waged by governor Joe tends, to in-i crease the gap between the principal1 factors in the re-habilitation of the state, if such a blessing is ever to OòóUr Your politician Seizes upon thè bait to catch suckers, and his wisdom in picking the right lure regulates his defeat or success. Joe has beèn rather fortunate in his choosing until this year, but he is how put to his utmost to save his political strength, which - has been considerable. He claimed great credit for securing tax­ es against the coal, oil and Pullman Car companies, but didn’t tell Us where the proceeds went to. The in­ debtedness of ,the state has been in­ creasing all the time, in the red ink In spite of all he accomplished in in­ creasing taxation. He roasts all po­ litical lobbies at the legislature ex­ cept his own. He roasts the demo­ cratic press and accuses it of being bought, but is silent as to the Mon­ tana Record Herald, his own organ, and the rottenest one in the stae. He dodges around the state owned autos by saying they are all in use —We know of a $3500 state owned Cadillac that was certainly in use about two weeks ago, with John Cole, his second pet warden, at the helm and on a political junket for his boss— Governor Joe. The primary returns show that Dixon’s strength 1. amongst the farmers—he is nowhere in the heavily populated district’s— and he is working the farmers for The Glueiûiux Gian ,(A skenario in several reels arid countless hiccups) # T *• JBusiness of sneaking up back alley—all have staggered in and are not—they .Think—discovered.) GRAND GOBBLER:— “The Klonvocation in now Klonvo- cated. We will now sing ou&opening ode. All Join in Chorus, (AI furnishing some of the sharps and most of the flats.) -fc* | . ........ . “A short time ago a man by the name of Doherty, got elicted to the Sinate .by a h ------ of a large majority.” (17 minutes spent in silent rpeditation honing for Doherty’s luck.) tion to judge—Judge Greene has '\everything in sight and offering them meted out justice in every case, speed ily, fairly and conscientiously. In his court, all men were equal, no favorites were played, name, position, standing were left outside. Judge Greene deserves the good will of every voter in Pondera, Teton Toole and Glacier counties and should receive such support, irrespective of party lines. His personal character is above reproach; his, official record what, when it is simmered down, nothing but the opportunity to glor­ ify Joe Dixon at the pons. Do you think that Joe’s object is alturistis —the obtaining of better things for his constituents? Don’t you think there is a small portion of leaven'in his lump of dough that goes for his own selfishness? .Why did he spend $40,000.00 of the state’s money in the Conley case, when, any\ school boy is cleam; his conscience *s clear; he coujd have told him that the boards is industrious. What more can iXej 0j> prison commissioners who con- voters''ask of a candidate for district trolled Conley through all of the yeans judge.—Brady Citizen. he was warden would come into court and sanction everything that he ha’d done? Why he did it was to ad­ vertise Joe Dixon. Why did he call an extra session of the legislature at a cost of $20,000.00 to investigate a little loose talk:at a party at Billings where one of the celebrants made a bluff that he controlled a few mem­ bers of the legislature? Why he did it to advertise Joe Dixon. Such tac­ tics, as Joe well knows eaten a few admirerers who like to see. grand stand plays. Joe is adept in being all things to all men and he don’t care a d -------- what it costs the state so long as he continues to shine. The foul attempt to convince the voters that the state is saving money, pro­ mulgated by Joe and his subsidized press is a boomerang and is return­ ing at top speed to the point from which it was launched, thanks to the official reports that are not bunk and cannot be perverted, except by the glib tongue of the candidate. The platitudes of Andy Gump are worthy of as much or more consideration, for his dissimulations are confined to the exploits and campaigning spots of Dixon vs. Square Deal Joe Dixon, at the present moment the governor of the state of Montana, blowed in last night, and like Alexan­ der the Great, blowed out again, seeking new worlds to conquer. Joe was in fine form except that his arg- ment shows signs of wear and tear •caused by patches inserted to cover up setoe of the things he has said to us before. Two years ago he flaunt­ ed a check for $1.00 and at that time claimed it was all the taxes paid by the A. C. M. for the preceding year. Since figures don’t lie, however, al­ though candidates do sometimes lie, and it became public that for the year 1921 the A. C. M. had paid as taxes to the state of Montano a sum of $914 120, he last night switched the and said tli • $1.00 cam“ fiotn u.e (Hark interest, who. ii happened •ad i.ot been opa-i. ■ g u year, cud therefore had no net proceeds to re­ port. We hold no brief for the A. C. M., but the records show that it is the owner of 5 per cent of the tax- _ able property'in Montana and pays his various grandfathers—quite harm- 12 per cent Of the taxes. The state less as compared with a juggling of GRAND GOBBLER:— “Corrie forward little? ones and re­ port. BILLY:— \I chanced another trip to Dutton.” W A LT:— “That sure was »¡“fox pass” about the mileage— I looked it up in the first place, but just found out that ray authority was a seed catalogue.” BERT:— “Well, I’m still in.the ring, but August 26th was an awful cold day. It-looks like a cold winter outside of the court house.” M IKE:— “Oh, I’ll get back again after the November snow storm.” AL:— “Well, I shot the whole dictionary at ’em, but the old devil fired it back, with annotations.” GRAND GOBBLER:— “Well done, my good and faithful servants, come around in the _ morning and cough up some more dues—I need the money^-evown and bridge work a specialty. We will now proceed to crack a bottle of Calgary beer and you can all smell of the cork” (proceeds to gurgle despite the wistful looks of the poor kids, but Good Lord—the heavenly smell of that cork! ' r GRAND GOBBLER:— (Smacking his lips) Gee! But that was good, can’t you rustle some more, Billy?” BILLY:— “Can do—there is a little left.” GRAND GOBBLER:— “Our meeting having resulted in a sufficiently sufficient e x p o sition^ what I want and you have got to stand, we will now sing our closing .ode.” CHORUS:—¿‘How diy I am, how dry I am, nobody knows how dry, I am.\ (The Grand Gobbler stands silent, holding th&'ehiptjrbSttle?’ liofbiing at; tlic moment particularly dry.) GRAND GOBBLER:— “The TCI on vocation is now Unklon- vocated.” (Business of back alleys repeated.) (Act II next week.) Al Acknowledges The Corn After a two week’s lay off the Acan-' and offer the remedy (sic). The tha has woke up again, and, acknow-j sheriff. proposes, prompted by \AL [edging that Reiquam traveled 23,479 j of course, to work on a straight sal- miles without authority of law, at- j ary if the commissioners will furnish tempting to dodge the issue by j the car., etc., ad. lib. is this ignor- tbrowing mud at the person it as-j ance, or an attempt to slide out? The sunies is the author of what we have i taw will not stand for such an ar- had to say on the subject. Mind you-1 rangement any more than it will stand 23,479 mites is but little less than the I for illegal mileage. On June 15th, circumference of the earth, and we i 1215, more than 900 years ago, King wonder if ‘‘AL” and his protege really j John, of Engiand, yielded the Magna want the earth and the fulness there-1 Charta to his people, being the first of. Everybody knows that Mr. Magee | bill of rights that was ever adopted is not an issue in this campaign, and1 for the English speaking races, and every effort of the Acantha to make I one of. it.s tenants is:— him the goat is fruitless—we believe. he can take care of himself. His ‘ handling of the county attorney’s of-j flee for 5 years is a matter of public j record, and the public records show, OBSERVE IT.” that while he held the office more j Such was the dictum 900- years ago convictions were bad for violations • and now. in our boasted enlightened of the liquor low than'there has been! age ‘we have an \editor” proposing since, and that during that time a . a plan for the commissioners to vio- —ine ________ _ ____ _______ . _ures, ..................... .... matter of $4000, or more, was collect- j ¡ate the law in the interest of its tgral^development and It would oc-^course, both Joe and Andy hate-them-^ an(j turned over to the county in dearest provider. Let his megaphone cur id the ordinary citizen that such' selves—not. Judge Erickson’s pledge, ^ WRy 0f forfeitures and fines, not bellow and the sheriff jigs—let the interests should work together and j is terse, simple and to the point, j ^ hjg efforte( perhaps, but owing to sheriff make the high sign and .JAZZ the fact that during that period we js what “AL’’ is nothing else but. The hid a sheriff who knew the difference; Acantha is much scandalized that the between gathering competent evi- illegal collection -of mileage is dis- dence and slithering around on “in- honest, and of course-, it is if donq vestigations” unwarranted by law for with a dishonest, intention. We do the purpose of fattening on mileage.! not pretend to claim disobnesty on We have an idea, also, that Mr. Ma-( the part of his sheriff, but his mega­ gee did not attempt to run the court phone admits the collections and res- xz per cent oi uie uum . ----- - ------ needs m development and agricfil-1 fig and false statements. . __ , KnA I» •wrrmib nft. nrtnrqp hnth Joe and'Andy hâté th \We will not make any justices, constables, SHERIFFS, or bailiffs, but of such as KNOW THE LAW OF THE REALM AND MEAN DULY TO Statement of Condition of , FIRST NATIONAL BANK t y rx .iJ ✓ “ N T * I f 1 K J r At Close Of Business June 30, 1924. RESOURCES Cash in vault and ' in other han k s -------- 120,603.64 Ur S. Liberty Loan Bonds 55,831.97 County warrants^ real estate, e t c . --------- LIABILITIES Deposits -------------- Surplus and undivided profits ------- - ------ Capital s t o c k ---------- ..„•296,694.00 ... 11,670,22 _ 50.000.00 The Attorney General Hon. O. E. Carlson, democratic candidate for attorney general, ad­ dressed a large audience at Fairfield a week ago Monday, and the Acantha, now an alleged republican sheet, but for revenue, only, admits that Mr! Carlson -\by inuendo charge CONVICTED his political op­ ponents,” etc. According to the Acan- tha’s boy prodigy Mr. Carlson has won his first case as the defender of the people’s rights and secured a con­ viction. Al goes on to say:—“Un­ doubtedly Mr. Carlson is brilliant, af­ ter a fashion. He possesses a cer­ tain, talent for expression. He may even be an able lawyer. He prob­ ably could and would make a jury laugh or cry.” Are 'not these the principal qualifications for a‘ lawyer and for an attorney general? The Acantha suggests that Mr. Foot is known as a \man of poise, dignity, integrity and talent for just the kind of legal work the attorney general is called upon to devote himself to.” Just what kind of legal work is it then? Do you want a lawyer for at­ torney general, or one with the poise of a Teddy Bear, the dignity of a brick Bouse, and an underermined talent, no matter if accompanied by a certain degree of integrity? It seems to us that a lawyer possessing the qualifications granted by the Acantha to Mr. Carlson, must also possess the poise and dignity to car­ ry into effect his talent for expres­ sion, brillancy and power to influence a jury. Then wo have the matter of integrity, only, to consider, and cert­ ainly the Acantha cannot question the integrity of Mr. Carlson who has always had the full confidence of the communitywhere he lives and where he has been honored by election to public office—a man who had no op- ■ÿVf .. '•■• -„V-VÌ f<- . ■/ :• - ... • -s- ; ■' \ ; any,-,-; o rg^zation?:that¿ Vi'A-ïii V il -. Who Owns tjíé Court House start promptly at 8:15 » organized the sheriff’s office at Con­ rad when Pondera county was creat­ ed and the system inaugurated by him still sticks, as witness the fact vhat but $18.20 in mileage,was claimed by the sheriff of that county in August, although his jail is strained to full capacity mo3t of the time. The sys­ tem of eiciency and economy will be adopted here when Jim Collins is sheriff, and GREED will be conspic­ uously absent. Ex-Governor S. V. Stewart will ad dress the voters ‘of Teton County on. state issues, Friday evening, Oct. 31, at 8:30, at the high school auditorium. Everyone welcome. Loans and discounts . 31,832.84 . 150,095.77 $358,364.22 $358,364.22 house, and gave advice, when asked for, promptly and more or less accur­ ately—he didn’t butt in, unless invited Under the present system of piling up mileage the county has collected only the items of $30, $25, $39 and S100 in fines for liquor violations and gambling, and it cost the county the price of very nearly circuling the earth to get that much. Well, any­ way, “AL’’ vicariously, and the sher­ iff tenatively, plead guilty to charge, íatiíidiiiiaB H M iiafsaiiaH a É B iiuuaiaaiÉ H T?prthy of-Abraham Lincoln, and from the reports around the state where he has received ovation after ovation, we feel confident that Judge Erickson will he the next governor of Montana and that the sainted Joe will retire to-his home precinct, the one where he always loses out—Missoula—and take a much needed, rce.t tituthm is the only measure of the honesty of the ransactions. Even res­ titution does not relieve the officer collecting illegal fees from the pen­ alty, but we are not at this time in­ sisting upon any penalty other than that the voters be acquainted with the facts, and that they then decide whether the efficiency and economy boasted of are facts, or are the re­ sult of “AL’S” adventures Into dream land—if the latter, how the poor bojt must have suffered! For the Lord’s sake, “AL,” adopt Jigg’s favorite diet and sleep the sleep of the abstem­ ious.' Don’t forget that the commis­ sioners have no authority to enter into any arrangement with the sher­ iff othdr than the allowance of mile­ age earned when serving proper pa­ pers. Any other arrangement, even in a grave emergency, is stretching A Noble Ambition . The ambition of this institution is to jus­ tify the confiednec of its customers* to be trusted because of its good judgment, its faithful observance of duty and its financial responsibility. Conferences with the officers of this bank are cheerfully given to those -who desire seasoned and well-reasoned advice. Citizens State Bank CHOTEAU, MONTANA Capital, Surplus and.•JBrofife ovCT,.$65,000.00 •f If there is plans-to take of government on its 6wA^Èook aiut './\f ind-pendelit of he coriàütutïon and. t .4 laws of the state the people have right to know it. The Kl'an wilt ! be / an issue until it closes out its books and crawls back where it came from. , It has been a matter of common dis­ cussion in Choteau all summer wheth­ er or not male office holders ot this county are finst, last, and all the time for the laws of the state and for the ideals mentioned in thé oath .of office to which they subscribed, or if they are in the first instance controlled by .the secret order called by itself the “Invisible Empire.” Our columns have been open for several months in . or­ der to give present office holders and candidates an opportunity to de­ clare their fealty, but we have had no- response from the court house, except that Reiquam some time ago came out with a statement in the Acantha, admitting that an article in our col­ umns had ‘‘convicted’’ him, where­ upon he apparently submitted to the conviction, for he has since been si­ lent on the question, ic has been said that the only white man in Hie court house, excepting Judge John J. Greene, who is not a Klan mem­ ber is a red man, anyway they call him “ Red,” and don’t forget it—he’s all right. We insist'that a candidate for office should face the music and declare himself. If a candidate is not a Klansman and will not let the pub­ lic know, then he is a coward and unfit for public office. If he is a Klansman and will not let the public position at the pi-Jmary in his candi- j know, then he places the mysterious dacy for the office he now seeks and i 01<)er o^ove his citizenship and, if he who will be a credit to the state the oath of office, he perjures when elected. A little brilliancy in! Buns elf. A while back the \ovjner” the office of the attorney general;will I organization sold , his iiGlp some. | property* for tlie nent Hum of —'_ - __ j $100,000, if we are to believe the pub- Carl Wengart immediately created Press- It is a money-making proi> a place for himself when he played os^t‘on and nothing else. The bait it three Initial recitals last spring in uses i® promise to assist its mem) New York City. Bership in securing public office, and His Providence debut was greeted, they sure do fall for^ it. If reports are, * as “a recital of intrinsic interest.” , ti'ue the court house i,s the stronghold The critics noted \a carfeully gained J the Klan in this county. This but early maturity,” and “talens quite' 1 1 ,( 5 : 1 1 1 3 that we are looked o*t of the ordinary.” servants of the Klan and have no Choteau is to have the privilege of J riShts but those it is willing to hearing this brilliant young pianist, j v°uohsafe. Our constitutional rights whose program for Tuesday evening j are enough to rely on, and we have . comprises some of the greatest mas- j S°tten along very well and became terpieces of classic, romantic and, tl,e greatest nation on earth by the modern music. j wiae interpretation of such rights by Recital at high school auditorium, i *Tie courts. Sensible people will not Tuesday evening, October 28, and w ill, stand f°r any such ^ condition and election day is the opportunity to correct the evil and seal for aTl time the allegiance of the people to thei constitution and laws rather than the baneful influence of any secret society. The people of chi-j: county own the court house, and if there is a Klansman hidden therein, turn the rascal out.

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.