The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.) 1913-1925, December 19, 1924, Image 1

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VOLUM E X I I ni OTE A U , TE TO N .CO U N TY, M O N T A N A , D ECEM BER 19, 1924 Y -N U M B E m :2 ^ t w LEftVITT HUS IRRIGATION BILL \Washington Dec. 18.—Water char- ges in connection irrigation project on Indian reservations would hence­ forth be paid in yearly installments of 5 per cent of the annual acre In­ come of the preceding ten years un­ der a bill introduced today by Repre-. ter he returned to the United Staes DIES 1 TEMS AS* San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 13.—Sam­ uel Gompers, president of the Ameri­ can Federation of Labor, is dead. The last wish of the veteran labor leader,—that he die on American FE1 f 1 1 R E Œ T HIGH SGlIOOL H! LIFE i Despondent because he- feared hejher-husband had done himself vio- was losing his eyesight,-. Jamfes \M.jlence she ran to the store and asked Barnes, 45, employe of the ijorter | Mrs. Porter to aid her in store at Neihart, Monday mojmingt committed suicide by shooting * Kim- ______ , ¡V' * * n -u » self through the head with a^rifle. soil—was granted when ll hours af- 1 rt Last week he was-assured by his , physician that his eyes wèré._ 'ùnim- sentative L evitt. republican, Montanajfrom Mexico where .he attended the jpaired and it was thought hel-took A conference of representatives of • Pan-American Labor gathering, the. jajs own jjfe while temporarily inèane. all government irrigation distrcts and ¡aged leader breathed his last in a He has been ill for two weeks \ with water users association was called by ¡hotel here. influenla. Secretary Work today for January 6. Labor associates of the age ea er, at Denver as the first step toward I who accompanied hirf on his trip into Bynum, where he putting into effect a new method of ¡Mexico were at his bedside when repayment of construction charges on Ideatb came at 5.10 o c oc i? morn ! ing. He had been ill for several the federa} reclamation projects. The system will be based on payment of 5 per cent of the crop returns instead of the present 20 year annual instal­ lment plan. The new method is provided in the recently signed second deficiency bill which calls for classification and zoning of farms in each project and te fixing of charges in accordance with soil fertilites. The conference will be attended by former governor Campbell of Arizona and Dr. John A. Widsfoe of 'Utah, appointed a few i days ago to head two committees which will reappraise reclamation areas. j 1 - a _ ________ ____ ! months but his condition was not re- Ray Porter, his employer, was at operates another store, over the week end, and Sunday night Barnes conferred with Mrs. Porter concerning the work at , Nei­ hart,. He assured Mrs. Porter that garded as serious until last Saturday he would report for work Monday when in Mexico City the rarified atr is said to have aggravated his weakened condition. Tarrytown, N/ Y., Dec. 18.—Under leaden skies, with a fine mist falling upon the assembled throng of mourn­ ers, the body of Samuel Gompers was laid to rest this afternoon in the an­ cient cemetery at Sleepy Hollow—a spot made famous by Washington Ir­ ving. / Services at the grave were the time honored ritualistic ceremonies of the Free Masons, conducted by the offi­ cers of St. Cecile lodge of New York Mr. Clifford R. Klutch and _Miss ! City. at the J The grave of the leader of Ameri- Ruth Daley were married ,-. l wo . , . , . ,. • , . can labor is near the last resting home of the bride s parents, Mr. and * , . . , , . , i ¡place of- many noted men—Andrew Mrs. J. J. Daley at Dupuyer, Decern- j Qarne&}e) william Rockefejled and morning, but suggested that the keys be given to another employe because investigate i Bame’s- body had fallen against the door in a way that prevented them from opening it more than a short distance, but a single glance -id what had-happened. Barnes had Placed the butt of Mr. Porter’s army Springfield rifle on the- floor, laid a stick across the trigger, held the muz­ zle- before his mouth and stepped on the stick. A physician was immedi­ ately summoned, but Barnes had died instantly. Mr. Porter said me could account for Barnes’ act only in the belief that the man had been emporarily insane. Barnes is survived by the widow and four children, the youngest five and he might be late in getting down, the eldest 13. Before moving to Nei Monday morning he wrote out a tele-¡hart six months ago, he was manager gram to a sister, teeing her of his' of a lumber yard at Agawam and\ worry over his eyes, and asked Mrs. once operated a farm near Bole it to the telegraph ----- * Barnes to take office. ) Returning to their home, Mrs. Barnes saw a rivulet of blood running from under the door. Fearing that He was a brother of Mrs. William Wallace. The body was brought to Chote au Tuesday and was buried in the local cemetery Thursday afternoon. ■ V - Mr. Williamson was detained from Montana sportsmen ore and notNtax- school during the first half of this payers, are supper ting the program to week on account of sickness. He re- ‘ perpetuate the -wild life resources of Montana of which few states in the turned Wednesday noon. The Red side succeeded in winning _ the honors of “The Country Gentle-¡^nion have tbe Sundance enjoyed by-, man” contest. A .party will be given this state, accoiJmg to M. S. Carpen-- for hem some time after Chrsimas by ter, secretary-treasurer of ttie.Mon- the Orange and Green teams, the two ^ -Sportsmen’s Association! Liter- *#* * 'Vy -;sf losing sides. The boys’ and girls’ basket ball teams both ]ost the fii'st game of the season, played at Conrad, last Friday night. They have learned a lesson, now that they must get down to real business. Power will play a double-header basket ball game here ou Friday, De­ cember 19. Wo expect this to be a good game as f’ower Is reported to have quite stror : teams. Work has bcg.:u on the p(ay to bej given by the commercial class some lime after Chris mas. ally thousands of dollars are spent annually in Montana by the 70,000 resident and 2500 non-resident pur-.-, chasers of fishing and hunting licenc­ es in the enjoyment of this ¡natural rcsourse. Seventy per cent’-vof the ■ tourists visiting this state are' lead to extend their stay to' enjoy \fishing and wild life opportunities' offered to them here, according to Mr. Carpen­ ter in telling of the importance • these resources to Montana. I “There are few states in the Union • where the abundance of wild life f.R The domestic sc eneo class has been, \etluals whpf Montana ^ has to offer filling orders for plum pudding and devotees of the rod and guni” Mr. fancy candies this week. I Carpenter states. “ How great the The “Isle of Jewels\ the freshman- i wild resources of this .state is, at WOULD MAKE MARRIED ber 7, 1924. John D. Archbold, one time president, WOMEN STAY AT HOME Omaha, Dec. 11, Revocation o f all marriage licenses issued in Nebraska V in cases where no children are horn within two years, making exceptions for physical disabilities when proper- . WOMEN'S SLEEP TALK i i Truck That Walks. j of the Standai’d Oil company. ly certified by a physician was pro- A German engineer has constructed ! Ttfear the grave were banked high I posed here yesterday by City Health operetta, - - be gfer. rt the end o f ! best- bm a g00fi *:ucss' There is but this quarter. 1 one organization that is attempting The junior and senior normal train-1t0 arr‘ve a* an tb'ns a reliable ing girls are jrim'ng a Christmas pro- psGmate °E the number of game ani gram for the freshmen and sophomore girls who are expecting to take up normal training when they are jun­ iors. The progrrm will be given NOT DIVORCE GROUNDS Chicago, Dec. 13.—The fact that a wne talks in her sleep about other Thursday afternoon, men does not constitute grounds fp;; divorce on the grounds ol infidelity, Circuit JUuge ueui'ge vied Rush ruled yesterday when Loum a . uoshecij ut- lempiea to testuy as to xemarks of Inals in Montana—the federal forest service, whose estimates for the past few years show a gradual increase in our wild life resources, especially a motor truck which does not move on many hundreds of floral tributes sent wheels, but not unlike the Martians described by H. G. Wells In his “War of the Worlds,\ can stride with the help of “legs” across^,deserts and swamps, can.wtyje kne^cieep\ through fTveni, stam'fi/gjrough snauifi.eids and- step across ditches, nnrl f'-’l tree trunk- and other obstacles in its path, says a European dispatch to the Philadelphia Public Ledger. For this purpose It Is furnished with two pairs of skids, one eff whicTi always rests on the ground, by labor organizations, fraternal or­ ganizations and friends from all sec­ tions of the country. Commissioner A. S. Pinto. Dr. Pinto o. nia who is lien she was asleçp in DATE OF HUNTER TRIAL IS CHANGED since the legis1 ti're session of 1921, when the commissioners of the fish and game department were .clothed with sufficient authority to adopt Due to the illness of County Attor-jaml enforce m~de:n garae conserva- ney W. W. Thorne of Toole County tion methods.’ who is now in ike hospital at Roch-1 ‘'Just what the wild life resources announced that he would support'o.-p^ou of his h.U for divorce. l-ie'-ester, Minn., the setting of the case!mean to tbe vem’ -'nt of Montana is such a bill before the coming session j ¡-aid he had kept him awake to listen Edward B. Ii..nter, held 'in the. difficult 10 determine.^ but each year of the Nebraska legislature. i |. ., , . , . [there ere s ° tuc 70.000 nurchasers of | to vnat his wue said while she slept.ljai1 at Shelby on a fchat‘g;e',of mui’-'1 . . . . . \ , ' ¡resident nun tine \nd fishing licenses\ Dr. liej; iJmi, ' said Judge Rusu, “ is incora-! '-lderingAhi.^.wife( last September on < 5eslüent üallir,g 1 would support à -biìì ’i'eSulrhg phsicâï • pi.-tv.nt evidence' aiicl you cannot relate fbe streets ’of S'reçt Grass has been 1 ,be\iu'eiags ^ * * °*’ pacb ^ <>vh.niin:ii.inr. of all armlicants for mar-lii.” vacated and continuad nntu Tanmn»'^ bu^ ^en a year, it ÒL1MATE ENGINEER PREDICTS WARMER VVEATEHER ENROUTE examination of all applicants for mar-jit. Chicago, Dec. 18.—The\ co]d wave in the northwest, pushing its way south­ ward and eastward, with zero and, riage licenses. There Is a growing tendency among men and women’ to-enter the married subzero temperatures as far east and' state wben both are regularly em- Siile the other ts ,; iov ” ts , fcrwnrt S ■ > « « . Kawa» «Hl OWalioma Ip,oyed'\ Dr- PIn“> « a W M T and at- the load. When “v alk’ng\ normally BURLINGAME TO WED ’ LOUISIANA GIRL AT CEREMONY ON DEC. 27l Senator James M. Burlingame cf licensee vacated and continued until January •,s DUL ien pmm' a year- 14 meana 20. 1925, in an c.der signed by Judge 'hat 700’0n0 ,il,unds of the vei>v John J. Greene. ' c,,f>1cest of food- has been provided ______ _ _______ _ | her residents b\ tbe wild life resour­ ces of the stata; if the average “ hag”\ was expected to extend still fgrher!4er marriage bo4b 1^Inain iQ employ'j i-Ut-at Fajls and Miss Ehhse Corbin' Hsdham, Mass., Dec. 18.—A verdict its stride measures about four feet in reaching Chicago and the central val-lment and have intention3 of continu- Q|, i -;immond( La> ^.J11 hf, maiirled a t ' of 10,534,109.07 for the plaintiff was TEN MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT RESULT OF 184-DAY TRIAL Iammmts to 2fi pounds, and that might eas]iy be for wc have pome excep­ tional game geilor.« in Montana, then length, but, like a human being. It can .ievs tomorrow. A moderation o f l ^ng' *n many regulate It when walking uphill of u ______ , ___ .„ _____ _ _ their marriage i cases, I would say ihe=e resources have provided 1,700,- ralking upl n i .1 ir, .fc I temperature is expected to start'in! lbeii marria6e is merely to leagallze I io Via, <JU{, invitati when stepping across tin obstacle in its | i iivloa* lo^pflipr to srivp a.n air of , . way. With its skids, which are ten |the northwest, however, at the same;theil living together t o g e n f , or Mr. Bu ; í ü i ond on iìpomi - - v 7 I returned today by the jury in .he §15- . . . , „ . . ’ ’ U ° n accordiag . „ „ „ i000 pounds of liiglily desirable food.’» •no received ty 1 000,000 damage nuit bro'ugkt by Geo “But our wild life resources.,are. feet long, it strides along the roads at j time. a pace of six miles per hour, or about | The cold wave is due tonight in twice as fast as nn can go. It can go backw respectabality to their Iations.»’ domestic re-! l una-i.e In Willett against Robert F. Herrick' , ~ . ,V . “ il. m e 1»\’1 » BTOC3 cf nnr',n ba-»erS. Trial I D 0 1 a'ono by MontananB. (or e t .i will I'Rie., . .. _____ ,; there are some 2,500 non-residents e Memorial churcli ° 4 1 ie case in u ! 3U--,?l10 m ordinary person , southwest Wisconsin, eastern and! ‘ ManV y°nng women many hese 0j tliat city at 6 p m. Immediate!/ lastcd 1^1 days. - - ury ha lackward turn com-; Sf)uthern MIssollrI> GxterPms easprnlclays and rema5n iu their work after the wedding Senator and Mrs. Idebating sincc Monday. f ' He Was One of Them. While walking along, enjoying the bright sunshine, Jenkins’ ear was as­ sailed by a cry oi: “Special! Audacious swindle! Eve­ ning paper! A hundred persons vic­ timized 1\ i Curious to read of* the sad downfall -of one of his fellow creatures, and of 'the way in which a hundred more had been victimized, he stopped the boy •who was shouting the news and pur­ chased n paper. Hastily glancing through the col­ umns he failed to find a reference to any kind of heartless fraud. He starched again. Then suddenly upon his ears fell the si*-’ll cry: “ Paper! Sneclot! One hundred am3 ono nersons victimized! Paper!\ ern Minnesota with the cold wave pro­ portions reached toworrow in Illinois and Indiana. The cold still is severe through the northwest and portions of Nebraska and Kansas, today. regular wage basis.” Falls V j , > The place at the Grace Memorial churcli C? se. in ®°Ur4|who annually hunt or fish in the held been m I Treasure State, to say nothing of the weddi-s Senator and Mrs. ' \ , n a ! . . | veritable army of tourists who are because of the oppor- ild lite in its mu]ti- i vo'-cr term, Ro.-rioir -»„a tho plcfty of phases and in its natural York They wilt return to Great I _ ! m . d Uie banklng and chosen habitats. The fact of our JAZZ OVER RADIO BRINGS ¡Falls about January 15 to make t h e l ^ ’ 8“ ” S wild life n this relation being an ac- hun.e. Miss Corbin spent last sum-1 1 y lue plamuii though an al- ----------- - --------------------- JOY TO RURAL DANCERS mer la Greflt ^ Senator Bur [ hgod conspiracy In which ho was do-' ” a ' ^ te. Dec. 18.-What bp ingame is one of the eariy residents1 pn;'ed of c^ irol of American Felt 00 license considered another proof mat M o n -of Great PaltlSi having established h,g ■ and Daniel Green Felt Shoe company. - ’J0® “ \ anL I +c*ria Tin« nnmn mnv hr* found m The raff* la hpifnvori in Ur. +v.n ani..i“ 3 3 aud game department, but Is es Two persons are dead here as a re- Melstone, tana has come back may be found m suit of the ice covered streets. the fact that a dance is being adver- residence there 33 years ago. tised for December 22 at the Austrian . . x x SUGAR BEET ACREAGE FAMOUS RANCH SOLD ¡hal|’ 90 nu1-es north cf Melstone, at wi£,L BE INCREASED ON AUCTION BLOCK;which the dancmg will be accompnm-, |N SUN r j v e R AREA On his bid of §50,000.00, the famous !ed_ by f ad*°. nlU£dCT_J _ __________Sugar beet acreage on the Sun The case is believed to be the only’ one on record where a special law tabHsbed ,n a much larger way bv was passed to raise salaries in com- ’ tho lnnrPr wav b-v the da,,y e^Pendi- pensation for thè juror’s prolonged ne-|tures lncIdpnt to every tour of every gleet of business. |Sort. Flowerree Horse and Sheep company .............................. , , . , . _ , , „ , miles north oí Mechaha which is ranch located m Teton and Cascade1. Statement of Condition of The hall is located on the river 10 . . . ___ . , ^ River project will be increased next , . . .. .. . 16-year lrom 100 to ouu acies and a' „ , . . . , , . , . last stage station on the second sec- , i counties, which includes land In 18 “ / . . . , ,, field man from the Utah-Idaho Sugar , . . , ,. tion of the star route ivhich follov/s . . . diffeerent townships and is one of t h « , ^ riyer nf)rth Qf Melstone. It is company will be placed . the pro- few old time stock ranches of the ^ th?t thg pjace can be reachea ject to assist grou,r.„ aeording .o j g west, was sold on the auction block ^ hv fhp 00fU1), 1lorsM nn^ George O. Sanford, project manager.;«* ----- — = ---------- \ ~ !much of the equipment was taken in-’ Plans uow uuder way caJI for an g to the ciuntry on pack horses. increasp in the acreagG around simjns. I This jart of Garfield county, despite t0 300' at Fort Shaw 150 and addi-. ? the fact th-i tho nearest railroad is Uonal acreage on tbo Gr\ ' n ':r!d btnch which lies 50 and in the Chestnut Valley. If 300  Noble Ambition F I R S T NATIONAL O F C liO T E A U M Close of Business October 10, 1924. RESOURCES \ . LlABILiT<ES Cash In vault and Deposits . ................ . — 296,694.00 in other banks ____ 120,603.64 Surplus and undivided U. S. Liberty Loan Bonds 55,831.97 profits ------------------- 11,6¡0.22 County warrants> real Capital stock .......- .......- 50,000 00 estate, e t c . __________ 31,832.84 £oans and discounts __ 150,095.77 §353,364.22 §538,364.22 the Great Northern, miles to the north, is very prosperous acres are planted a louling dump inti is rapidly becoming well known wi!I be fnsta,le<i at Simms ¡because of the high grade alfalfa seed which it produces and which is in great demand by eastern seed houses. i INCREASE IN THE RATES ON NEARLY ALL MAIL MATTER' Washington, Dec. 13.—Increases in , postal rates on \i, tualiy all classes of by Sheriff Bob Gordon to Attorney mail eXce;:t lettrr mail were recom-! IT. B. Weir of Helena. 1 mended to congress today by Post- The property was held under mort- _ magter General New. gage by the Montana Trust and Sav-. In a letter to Senator sterling, the Sings Bank of Helena. There was a ; chairmaD of the senate p0St0ffice ‘ ¡judgment on mortgage against the comn,jttee> j i r. New recommended j property of §90,052, the sale leaving1 t(J advances to yield ?66,390,750 a| a deficiency of §30,052. j yearj approximately covering the ad-' The property includes about 25,000 dit{onal cost proVjded for in the ve- acres in all. toed postal employes pay increase . ------------------------ ¡b]]J Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burbank gave a | 0 n second class mail consisting The ambition of this institution is to jus­ tify the coniiednec of its customers, to be trusted because of its good judgment, its faithful observance of duty and its financial responsibility. Conferences with the officers of this bank are cheerfully given to those who desire seasoned and well-reasoned advice. j turkey dinner Thursday evening to a entlrely of ncwspapers and periodi-! few of their old friends. The guests c a | g ^ tbe p0stmaster general asked' were Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Baart, Mr. and £op an iacrease in rates designed to1 j Mrs. Chas. Connor and Charles Le yield 10t876>00 0 . ' Page. Citizens State Bank CHOTBAU, MONTANA Capital, Surplus and Profits over $65,000.00 ' .V-i '■•’¿AI s \ m M - r J't'1 • AÎ- » 1 ' i ^L'SÍS’tl é su* **

The Choteau Montanan (Choteau, Mont.), 19 Dec. 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.