The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, September 04, 1891, Image 3

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\ C hoteau M E A T M A R K E T , CHARLES 3 . FENTY, P r o p r ie t o r . Would announce to the residents of CHOTEAU & VICINITY ' that he bas opened a first-class Meat Ma rket MAIN STREET, - - - CHOTEAU. T i f t . © . ^ Æ o n . t a , n . a , O o r d p a - r r s T . I s H q - w i^TTisnsrinsro- FIRST CLASS COACHES D a i l y B e t w e e n G R E A T F A L L S A N D C H O T E A U , C arrying - U. S. M ail E xpress . m m i sin» D E A L E R S IN General Merchandise, Dry Goods, < lothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Gent’s For nishing Goods, Notions. Staple and Fancy Groceries, Panov Goods, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, Cigar'‘Ds and a full line of Smoker’s Articles. ZDZR/UTGrS 'jkJSTJD — Will Also — run a Butcher Wagon To Bynum and other points within twelve or fifteen miles of % l Choteau. § $ r w — I — B — B — « M E K a a i N O T I C E FO R P U B L I C A T I O N . Land Office at Helena, Mont., Au vast 21, 1891 Notice is hereby given that the following- numed settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will lie made before A. < . Warner, n. S- Commissioner, at'Choteau, Mont, on October lOtb, 1891, viz: EUGENE S T . CLAIR who made pre-emption declaratory statement Mo, 10815 for the lota 1 and 2 18, lot 4, sec. 7, tp. 23 north, range 4 west, Se-4 Sc-4, sec 12, tp. 23, north, vunge 5 wes'. He names the following witnesses to provo hie continuous residence opott, and cultivation of, said 'at d, viz: Raphael Morgan, Aifrou Harris, John Borrow, .Joseph Howard all of Choteau, Mont. S A. SWIGGETT, Register. First publication, Aug. 28. ___ N O T I C E F O R PU B U C T i O N . Land Office at i'eiena, Mont., July 31, 1891, ' t’omplnint h ' viner been entered »t this Office by Jolm B. WeJleribtein against George O.lBnr- ro f for abandoning Ilia homesc nd entiy No. 4750,dated July 25,1890 upon the 1? hf No qr. and “ w cr’ No qr, s< ctioti 9 township 27 north range 5 west, in Cnotefiucount', tHunim,...„o.>* avibw totiie cancellation of said entry, the said parties me bo’oliy summoned to at »pent’ at this office on the I9tli day of September 18'U, at 10 o clock n m , to respond mid furnish tea, • timon: concerning said al egedadandomneut Testimony to be taken before A. Warner, Notary , at Choteau, Mo\t. September 12,1891, G eo . M. B ouhqtjjn , Receiver D esert L and . F i n a l P roof .— NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION- L MID OFFICE AT HELENA. 1Y1ONT. I July 21,1891. | Notice is hereby given that JOHN H- WELSH o f Chrtteau Montana,has filed notice’ ol inten­ tion to make pioof or his desert land claim No. 2283, for tbeE. half Be quarter, Sw quarter ‘•‘e qnnmir, Se quarter Sw quarter, sectiou 21, Ne quarter section 28. Tp 26 N, R 6 west, before A V- vvarner, U. H. Commissioner, at Choteau, Montana, opt 8sturdy, the 29th day of August, 1891. . . . HennmPfl the following witnesses to provo the complete irrigation and reclamation of raid land: Cliae.S.MacDonald,Oliver G.Cooper, Thomas McGovern und William R. Ralston, all of Choteau, Montana. H. A 8WIGOKTT, Register. First publication, July 24, (TIMBER CULTURE) Notice for Publication. Land Office at Helena, Mont., I Ju'y 20. 1891. • Notice is hereby ei' en that, the following- named settler hns filed notice o f Ills intention to make final proof in support of his claim, und that said proof w i l l be inado before A. C. Warner, U .s. Commissioner, at Choteau, on August29,1891, viz: . WALTER 3. CLARK. who made timber culture entry No. 1030 and excess No. 16-18, for the Sc-4 Nw-4, lots 1 2 & 8, section 4, tp. 25 north, range 7 west, He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence npoti and cultivation of said land, viz: Frank Heading, Joseph Ar­ nold, John McGovern, all of Choteau. John Holland, o f Bynum, Mont, S, A. S wiggett , Register. First publication, July 2-1, C R A G I N , VALS & BICKFORD, A T T O R N E Y S , 9 1 4 F S T . N . W ., WASHINGTON, O. C. Indian Depredation Claims prosecuted before the court of claims and the Su­ preme Court of the United States, for legal fees under the act of March 3d, 1891. Vigorous and effective work. No success no compensation. Reference, Hon. W il ­ b u r F. S anders , Helena. • m • — BYRON CORSON, Agent. P . N . K N O W L E S blagksmith and W A G O N S H O P . g r H O R S E S H O E I N G Á SPECIALTY. MAIN St., - - - CHOTEA!}. A N D c . a .: r : r x . a . g k e s h o p . All kinds of wood work neatly, safely and promptly done. WHEEL REPAIRING A SPECIALTY- J. E. WEBB. OBOTEAU, - - MONT MAN AND OTHER MONKEYS. # A very questionable pamphlet. Why men emigrate and monkeys don’t. Landlordism, not Darwinism on the escen ’ t and D issent of man. Price. 5c. Imp. THOMAS TURNER, Convent Hall. Baltimore, Md. Z E P - A - T E l i S r T H V C i H l I D I O I ' i i r i E S . H A R D W A R E ,TIN W A R E , CUTLERY, FARMING IMPLEMENTS AMMUNITION, Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. Orders from the country solicited. All goods sold at Eastern Prices. THE CHOTEAU H O U S E ■ W \ m . ^ H O a D O - B I O S e , P r e p . A F I K S T - C J L A S S S T O P P I 1 T G F O B GOOD FEED & /.IV E R Y STABLE IN CONNECTION. ■ M a i n st . _ ____ ■ guotdau BYRON CORSON, D ealer I n . ■ E ’ x v L i t s , 2 S T \ C L t s , O a , n . c L I e s , S t a . t i o r L e x ' S r , C i g - a x s a r i d . T c T o a c o o . W A L L P A P E B ------- -------------- The Leading Notion Dealer of Western Choteau County. A full line of all the fruits the season affords constantly on hand. MAIN STREET, - - CHOTEAU, MONT. s s H V Í JOS. HIRSHBERGUCO, Wholesale & Rotail Sealers in General Mrchandise, -A .X j S O Agents for the justly CELEBRATED B A IN W AGONS and different makes of FARM ING IMPLEMENTS, E tc ., M A I N S T R E E T , Choteau, Mont. t

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 04 Sept. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.