The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, September 04, 1891, Image 6

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T H E M O N T A N I A N . ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MONTANA. STAGE COMPANY. Oarrvfner TJ. F>. Mail between Gholeau and Great Fal's. Leave Groat Fal's every moraine ex-ccpt, Brindavo for Ghoteau, returning every morning except Mondava. BYRON CORSON, Agent. CHOTEAU TO BET.LEVIFAV. Once a week: Saturdays, re'urning Mondays. W, J, WATROM. Carrier. Cììr<0 3E© <<& C d ) JKd) JE&® l o c a l T I M E T A B L E , G O IN G N O R T H . Leave Great Falls at 7;30 am U Vanadin » 8:10 it U STEELL w 8:45 ii Onllins tf 10:15 ii u Pi écran it 12,05 pm G O I N G S O U T H Leave Piecnn at 0.15 pra U Collins it 7.55 ü it STEELL ti 9.30 U u Vnuerl'n <i 10 ,er» ü Arrive Great Falls t( 10.15 ti ^iumww^wBtqr ILoceils- Smoky weather now! A late fall is predicted. Look out for prairie fires. The auction sale of Mrs. Hnzlett’s household goods came off as advertised. School begins next Monday with .Tno. G. Pair and Miss Flattie Guy on as teach­ ers. T. C. Power & Bro. offer the steam Hourirg mill at Fort Benton, for sale at a bargain. Who’ll buy? Mrs. S. M. Corson and children return­ ed from a six-week’s visit to the old folks in Helena, Monday noon. Byron Corson met with a painful ac­ cident on Monday by stepping onanail, which pierced the ball of his right foot, going almost through. Ceo. Richards went to Dakota on the 5 th of August with a. band of He nas not been heard from since and his family are anxious for his safety. Z. T. Purton returned from his trip to Minneapolis last evening. He reports that the Sons of Vetrans will hold their next annual convention at Helena. S. C. Bind and Uncle Jake Smith left for the North this morning for a couple of week recuperation among the pastor­ al scenes of the Birch Creek country. Assessor Hamilton returned from at­ tendance at the Pioneer’s meeting at Helena last '■ktturdav, and to-day he went to Benton to be gone a couple of weeks. Commissioner Gray left for Helena with his mother this morning. Mrs. Gray has been on a vi.-nt for some time and now returns to her home in De­ troit, Mich. The sneak thief, Roth, who was tried here last Friday, was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail and costs, and he is now languishing in the bastile at Fort Benton. Mrs. Crillenberger gave a party 'Tues­ day evening last. A good time, ice cream and cake and music and dancing were the order of the evening. It was a most enjoyable affair. V/. II. Green has our thanks for a col­ lection of vegetables from the Lake Basin garden, near Freezeout. Among them were some as fine cucumbers as we have ever seen in any country. j Silverman & Cohen had quite a run on j their “ Star Plug” chewing tobacco this j morning. 150 orders by one mail is something extraordinary, yet that; is what took place to-day. The county commissioners meet in regular seesion next Monday; they will probably consume the entire week in their deliberations. Commissioner Gray will be in Benton on Sunday and will re­ main throughout the session. J. E. Webb received word from Great Falls Tuesday evening that his brother Will was sick there with typhoid fever. J. E. went clown Wednesday to attend him. We hope for bis speedy return and convalescence of his brother. Bainbridge S., Bainbridge P., Walter S. and George A. Clark made final proof on their Timber Culture claims before U. S. Commissioner Warner this week. Jos. A. Baker for estate of Henry Mc­ Lain Martin, H. A. Gillette and Thomas Gearing on Desert Laud claims. Dr. H. Beaupre, surgeon dentist, ar­ rived from Great Falls Tuesday evening, and haf taken rooms at the Valley ho­ tel where he is prepared to do all kinds of dental work. He will remain a week or ten days, but if you have any work to be done on your teeth, don’t wait, but have it done now! S u t le r ’ Scor-i 1-5 u rn eel. Word reached here Wednesday night that the old store at Fort Shaw was burned that afternoon. The buildings and §16.000 worth of goods were de­ stroyed. Insurance, §5 000. J. W. Mcli night, the owner, saved his‘ house­ hold goods and most of the post office papers. The cause of tne fire was not learned. W ates* l’» r Irrigrati n. Notice is hereby given that the Eldo­ rado Ditch company, of Cboteau, is now pi spared to furnish water for irri­ gating ranches, lor water power and other uses. For particulars Apply to W. R. R alston , Supt. Choteau, Mont. RISES’ ¡»U G A It. A U ali T h a t M o n ­ tan a ( ’apitu I M i»u ld In v e s t ig a t e . Helena Herald. Oupt. J tunes H. Mills, United Stale*' Internal Revenue Collector, lias returned from an official visit to Utah, where he was summoned to inspect the immense beet sugar plant at Lehigh, forty miles north of Salt Lake, now approaching completion. Collector Mills says the cost of the works is a quarter of a million dollars and promises to prove a great success. The Utah farmers have this season a large sugar beet product about ready to harvest, and the output, it is estimated,will yield the farm­ ers at the rate of $75 an acre. Montana ought to embark in the business. I lie Montana, Pioneers. The seventh annual meeting of the Montana Pioneer association was held in .Helena on the 26th inst., and an en­ joyable time was had by all present. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year. President—Samuel Word. Secretary—Cornelius Hedges. Treasurer—T. II. Klicnsinidt. Vice-presidents for each county in the state were chosen as follows: Beaverhead—Joseph A. Brown. Choteau—A. B. Hamilton. Fergus—Andrew Fergus. Deer Lodge—Sam Scott. Gallatin—VV. W. Alderson. Jefferson—Edwin Ryan. Lewis & Clarke—John H. Shober. Madison—J. L. Connor. Meagher—Henry Whaley. Silver Bow—W, Y. Pemberton. Yellowstone—Paul McCormick. Park—W. M. Wright. On and after March first I will do an xc 1 usive cash business. B yron C orson . M O N T A N A W d L T O T H E F R O N T . A N IM P O R T A N T B I L L . Clark Bros. Secure the Prize for the Best Gr<*wii Wool West of the Missis-ippi. Last Friday evening Bainbridge S. Clark, of Clark Bros. & Co., ot Choteau, received the following telegram: B oston . Mass., Aug. 26lh. Clark Bros. & Co., Choteau. Mont.: C bar takes prize for best grown wool west, of t.he Mississippi river and congratulations. L uce & M anning . This is good news for the wesr- ern wool growers in general, Mon tana in particular and Choteau county especially. The area of country covered in the competi­ tion extends over more than two- thirds of the United Slates and near'y two-thirds of the 44,000.000 of sheep in the United States are within the competitive limits. Why should.not Montana wool be eagerly sought after and bring a good price? Western Choteau county sheep, particularly the herds from which the above mentioned wools were taken,have nearly doubled in val­ ue since the above announcement. Western Choteau county is now in the lead! F o r Sab ! A choice band of 18' 0 young breeding ewes, 000 yearling wethers, 250 two-year- old wethers and 500 lambs. Address, M c C uaio & G earing , • Dnpuver. 1 T O T I O E ! H a v in g - disco»»••mi'-- business a t bis p la c e w e h a v e a few TH o MA* PA R S ar $25 and M « C ' > M ICK SEEL U U - T MS R un a t $ 1 5 0 . « ’ash. S-nrl y o u r O r d e r s h fo r e s t o c k i sold. S. C. A S H B Y & CO. G ^ e a t FaH s, - M ont. The Royal Baking Powder Con­ demned in «he New York Lesri-laiure. [New York Press.} L>isi Monday Mr. Kelly intro - iuced the fol'owing bill in the a$- >embly. A careful reading of it will show that it is a very impor­ tant one. • A n A ct to prevent the use of poisonous and injurious ingredi­ ents in baking powders, W hereas , Bak-ngPowders man­ ufactured in this state, known as the ‘-ROYAL” alum and other Baking Powders are advertised for sale as absolutely pure; and, W hereas , Official examination «bow them to contain ammonia and other injurious ingredients; therefore T he P eople of the S tate of N ew Y ork , represented in the Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Section 1.—Every can or pack­ age of baking powder containing Ammonia offered for sale in this Slate shall have a conspicuous label thereon with tho words ‘-Contains Ammonia,” printed thereon in plain type, not smaller than gr at primer and any person who shall sell, or have or offer for ale, any such can or package of baking powder without such label’ thereon, shall be guilty of misde­ meanor. Siction2.—This act shall take effect July 1, 1891. W a n t to B u y ai O n c e . Twenty head of broke mares, to weigh 1,000 pounds and not. over four or five years years old. Address, C uas F unty , n, Mont. DONT FORGET THAT FRED PALMERLEE I U T E M M A 5 M U L E J f f V J B H L O P A I O > A J L i J L YO U ® J | ® i © » r a t lin ---- ------------------- . j »- IDCOSTE — A T — T he M o n t a n i a n ------ J o b O p p i c p — I have two car loads of the latest Im­ proved McCormick mowers for sale in Great Falls. Send in your outers before all are sold. Jos Hirsh berg & Co., Agts, Choteau. v 8. C. Ashby, Great Falls. Is prepared to stable and feed your horses when in Choteau, at I. S. Corson’s old stand. GOOD LIVERY IN CONNECTION-. • FEED PALMERLEE. A D M I N I S T R A T O R 'S S A L E . Notice is hereby given, That in pursu­ ance of an order*of the district court o f the county of Choteau and state of Mon­ tana uki G o on the—day of August, 1891, in the mutter of the estate of Mrs. Rosa Haztett, deceased, the undersigned Ad­ ministrator of the estate of nakl deceas­ ed, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash in band, on Saturday, the 2iHh day of A’{gust, 18.91, at 3 o ’clock p. m.. at the residence of the late Mrs. Rosa Hazlctt, in the town of Choteau, in said Choteau county, the following personal property, to wit: 1 bedroom set, 3 pieces; 1 sideboard, marble top, 1 folding lounge; 1 ward­ rob e ,! washstand, marble top; 1 center table, marble top; 1 writing table; 1 what not; 1 bedstead; 1 extension table; 1 clock and shelf; 1 Singer sewing ma­ chine; 2 rocking chairs; 2 cane chairs; 3 wooden chairs; 1 wall Docket; 1 hanging lamp; 1 hand lamp: 2 brackets; 1 cook­ ing stove and furniture; 2 parlor stoves; 5 window sash; 2 pitchers; 5 vases; 1 cruet stand; 1 call bell; 1 oatd receiver; 1 set table silverware. 36 pieces; 1 fancy match safe; 7 (lat-irons; t valise; 2 oil paintings; 7 ebromos; 1 >et choicelitera- ture, 8 volumes; 7 eopx.- miscellaneous books. A. H H amilton , Administrator t-c-tav of Mrs. Rosa Hazlet’t, deceased. I

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 04 Sept. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.