The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, September 04, 1891, Image 7

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HOTEL ARRIVALS. - *-m • ------ « CHOTEAU HOUSE. F. Fiddler, Pete Hawkins. J. Clark Bitch Camp; Ohas Krofft, Valiev; M. H. Surd, Jos. Heigh ton, l r Wiley, Dupuyer; Pete Nelson, J. L. Marquis, Ohas Waters, City; J. McGovern, Jack Holland Rauch; W. J. Phipps, Geo. V. Fowler, Bellevievv; Jack McGinnis, Tom McGovern, Fred Gilbert. Rod McLeod; T. G. Collins.Ditch Camp ’Dr. Wamsley, City; J.-ick Angus Angus Bruce, Valley; Win Wright J. M. Graves, A. O. Langman, J. Donnelly, Bynum; Thos. Gearing. Dry Forks; Jos Caldwell, Deep Creek; Geo. Newpen, Freezeouf; F. May, Kay Church, E l Berup, J. Reynolds, F. A. Rit, H. Jone^, Pc-ter Taylor, Choteau; J. F. Younger, Otis Whaley. Julius Bratli, Frank Davis, E D. Kenne­ dy, F. L Smil n, Valley. VALLEY HOTEL. Estrayed or Lost. T H ED - One dark brown horse, branded V on left hip. One bay mare, 3 years old, bar on left hip. One black horse, branded half circle on left shoulder. $10 reward for their recovery. Apply at this office. Lost on the 26th of June, on the Dry Forks of the Marias: 1 Iron gray year- hug Alley—nearly black, branded circle dot on right hip. $10 reward for her recovery. Apply at this office. Lost on May 5, near Choteau: One light bay horse, 9 years old, branded D on left hip, blind in lefbeye. Had halter on. $5 reward will be paid for informa­ tion. Apply at this office. VALLEY HOTEL, JNO. JACKSON Prop. THE BEST HOTEL IN CHOTEAU. , H E A D Q U A R T E R S ------- POR ------- W o o l g - o w e b s , C a t t l e -¿ listo Between the middle and last of June,* one light bay horse branded 1 (bar) on left shoulder; left hind foot white. $5 reward for information leading to his recovery. Address this office. M E I S T . A good Feed, Livery and Sale Stable in Connection FRED PALMERLEE, Proprietor F D. Cooper, H. Beaupre, A. L. Read, Mrs. Jas Swem, O. W. Hei- mirk. Helena: Mrs. J. A. Kennedy, Valley; B. Percy Clark. Walter S. Clark, John McGovern, J Holland S. Robie, Geo. A Clark, Bain bridge' S. Clark, Clark’s Ranch; Z. T. Burton, City; Olías Gray & wife, Geo I. Smith, Bellevievv; O. G. Cooper, Ohas MacDonald, By­ num; Miss Foot, Cury, Kan.; Louis Miller. Jno B. Mitchell, C2 Ranch; Chas F Green, Morrell Wilcox & wife. Lake Basin Ranch; R. 11. D'-an, E Gilbert, J. Gilloghy, Chotean; Archie Smith, Philadel­ phia; W. 0. Gillette, Dearborn; J. Rea, Fargo, N. D.; C. W, Cooper, Bert Bowen, J. P. Bouscaren, J. E. W e b b .J. M. Hammell, M. F Allen, IT. G. Allen, J. C. Walker, City; Mrs. Wm Gray*. Detroit;;'Joe Reepér,Geo. Phillips, Fritz Kruze, P. H. Mullen, J. Welch. Great Falls, H. A. Gillette, Dupuyer. Subscribe for T he M ontani an . Notice to Stockmen—Es trays. The publisher of T he M ontanian hereby egress to publish notices of es- trayed horses free of charge: Provided, however, that when any stock is recov­ ered by reason of such publication the party recovering said stock so published :->hali pay to the publisher of this paper $3 for every auimal so recovered, Par­ ties reporting os trays are requested to hand in full description with all other information which might enable the owners to make their identification of property satisfactory to all concerned. All information, other than brands, wilt be withheld from publication. Tn cases where persons loosing stock, a Ivertise, rewards offered should be deposited; the party claiming the same should ap- f y with the animals in his possession i .her here or to the owner for the same when, if satisfactory and the horses are turned over, the money deposited as a reward will be paid to the claimant on order of the owner. For the above purposes we will open a Free Estray column in this paper. All persons making use of thesamemush comply with the above rules. S. M. C orson , Publisher. 0<*> i r f Q & p é ^ î c à e ^ i ô G . Under this head we hope to present our readers with items of interest.from every section of Choteau and Western Cascade .counties. To insure publication, corres­ pondents should sign their names to their letters as proof of their identity. Header , l e t us hear f r om y o u . B U R D ’ S EASE CHOTEAU, MONTANA, A carefully selected line of Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Ladies and Gents Underwear,Duck Clothing, Gloves and Mittens,Gum Boots and Overshoes,Patent Medicines, Tobacco and Cigars, Strictly Cash! P ublish Y our 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 T. C. POWER &BRO. 4 H-3- ■«»I * 9 Onr heavy shipments of STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES have arrived and we would like an opportunity to bid on your supplies for the season. The CELEBRATED COOPER’S SHEEP DIP reduced to $18 per CASE'. ■ M H O M m a n u n i M M i A special drive in HARNESS & SADDLES, as the following prices indicate: C iiain trace , L ead - $15,50. I mitation C oncord W heel , hand made , $21,25, 25,50, 2S,50, 30J10. M ain & W inchester I mitation C oncord w h eel , hand made , $36,75. M ain tfc W inchester D ouble R ig S addles , $12,75,14, 20, 35, & 38. M ain & W inchester S addle S xnches , per pair ’ - - $2,50. C ollar P ads - - - - - - 60cts. C art H arness , - - - - - $12,75. S ingle B uggy , - - - - - $16, $18, & $22. D ouble B uggy , H and M ade , - . - - $40. A FULL LXNE OF STRAP WORK, FEED 3 AGS AND HOBBLES, at©t WOOD MOWING MACHINES & EXTRA PARTS. WOOD & HOLLINGSWORTH H A Y RAKES. U T O I R I C s r X T T X I EU H ] - ‘ ‘ r T X E Z r z r G r O O Z D S - ' IT SIX A. X j j EPTTX j I j ASSO BT1Æ EN TT W I T H S P B I H G - .ATESTO SITIMI UVEGH, J TsrOITHlXiTXIBS- OliOTHEXITsTGr & GKEETTS IFITP^XsTISIEIIIkTO G O O D S . B O O T S & SIED E S . W I 3 J E S , X i I Q , U O I E S S A - T s T I D B E E R . O A D R I L . T T I P I M B A I N T O r ’ S F A M O U S G I G A B ß ¡ F O S B O ? B E S U T O I î T , M O I T T . N O W + + i i r t i i i \ i ♦ í ♦ ! 1 I I tK

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 04 Sept. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.