The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, October 30, 1891, Image 6

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THE MONTANIAN. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MONTANA STAGE COMPANY. Carrying U. S. Mail between Cboteau and Great Falls. Leave Great Falls every morning except Snndays for Chotean, returning every morning except Mondays. BYRON CORSON, Agent. CROTEAU TO BELLEVIEW. Once a week : Saturdays, returning Mondays. W, J, WATSON, Carrier. íEro JF*i) C^® JltS® JltJS® Local TIME TABLE, GOING NORTH. Leave Great Falls at 7:30 am « Vaughn tt 8:10 «i it STEELL kl 8:45 it «« Collins t| 10:15 «i' ti Piegan t| 12,05 pm GOING SOUTH Leave t| Piegan Collins at h 6,15 7,55 pm u It STEELL i* 9,30 it U Vaughn a 10,05 i t Arrive Great Falls «< 10,45 it L o c a l s . Will You give The sum of 75cts ».month Towards beautifying And improving the appear* Ance of the town of Choteau? 1! so, be on hand to-morrow afternoon And join the Town Improvement com­ pany. Cabbage, cheap, a t Fenty’s meat market. * Bologna sausage 12 cents a pound at the Choteau meat market. * J. C. Emmerson and wife went to Great Falls on Wednesday. A bank, hardware store and harness shop are needed in this town. I. S. Corson and J. H. Day came up from Great Falls on Saturday. Dave Able had his collar bone broken this afternoon by a runaway team. Times are begining to liven up, and Choteau is fast coming to the front. Myron H. Burd came to town last week to spend a well-earned vacation. Fred. Perry who met with a painful accident a short time ago, is recovering rapidly. Joseph Hamilton is a member of the brass band a t Carlisle, Pa. He beats the cymbole. Hon. John W. Power inspected the new agency school buildings on Two,, Medicine last week. Dan. Carpenter came down from Nei- hart on Wednesday and is registered a t the Choteau house. J. F. Younger left for Stockton, mo ., on Wednesday with a car load of horses for the markets in that section. The result of the experiment of grow­ ing two-rowed barley in Choteau county has proved entirely satisfactory. W. J. Watson and Wm. McDonald Wright made final proof before U. S. Commissioner Warner last Saturday. Frank Carr, who has been down sick with the typhoid fever for sometime, is now improving and will soon be about again. A jolly good time was enjoyed by quite a number of our young folks a t Mrs. Burton’s house warming Wednesday evening. Eggs 30 cents. Butter 30 cents, at the Choteau meat market. Wheat and oats a t bottom prices. Potatoes only 00 cents per hundred pounds. * To-morrow Hardy F. England and Jno. B. Wallenstein will make final proof on their pre-emption and home- seead entries before A. C. Warner. Mr. Joseph Hirshberg left for Benton on Tuesday, where he will make a short stay previous to proceeding to Helena, where he intends spending the winter. Prairie chickens, ducks and geese are plentiful. Now is the time for our town people to visit their friends in the coun­ try and enjoy a day or two of shooting. H. J. Wackerlin returned yesterday m orning to Neihart to superintend and push the construction of the large store building of H. J. Wackerlin & Co., at that place.—River Press. There will be a meeting of the mem­ bers of the “Corporation.for Beautify­ ing the Town” to-morrow afternoon a t Smith & Waters. Don’t forget to be on hand, all you who signed the roll! Last Saturday Julius Hisrhberg ap­ peared before Judge Dunlap to answer to the charge of selling noxious drugs contrary to law. As no one appeared to prossecute the matter, the judge dis­ missed the case. R. m . Steele has erected a fine dwell­ ing on upper Main street and will short­ ly occupy it. He will have one of the finest residence properties in town when the trees and shrubbery attains a little larger growth. School was adjourned last Friday un­ til next Monday in order to allow the teachers an opportunity to attend the Teachers Institute a t Fort Benton, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and to give the painters time to complete their work. Last Eriday the Jewell Nursery com­ pany delivered several hundred trees and shrubs to our citizens. Nearly every property owner bought trees which are to be set out in front of each lot. This will add greatly to the ap­ pearance of the town. Charles McDonald, of Choteau, has filed in the county clerk’s office a right to 1,000 inches of water to be taken from Spring creek, and John B. Hallo- way, of the same place, has filed a right to 300 inches from Deep creek, in Cho­ teau county.—River Press. An impromptu horse race came off on upper Main street on Wednesday be­ tween Joe Herron’s little bay horse from Great Falls, and a sprightly little chestnut sorrel from across the line for $20 a side. The race was a fine one and resulted in the defeat of the bay. On Monday last Angus Bruce & Co., bought Fred. Palmerlee’s interest in the feed and livery stables on the corner of Choteau avenue and Hamilton street. Mr. Bruce started Tuesday for Great Falls where he expects to purchase some stylish turnouts for the use of kis cus­ tomers. We bespeak for the new man­ agement a most prosperous season. On Wednesday T. P. Crawford began the erection of a dwelling on Choteau avenue, and already there is much spec­ ulation as to who is going to occupy it, though the signs are such as point al­ most directly to the prospective tenent. Well, Tom, we congratulate you in ad­ vance and hope music’s sweet harmony may always gladden your heart. Last Sunday evening sixty-five lambs and one old ewe came to W. R. Rals­ ton’s ranch and applied for admission to bis corral. Mr. Ralston kindly gave the old “mama” and her family shelter and food and made them safe from coy­ otes. The only mark on them was a “bar” on the side of some of the lambs, On Tuesday Mr. Ralston had mot yet bund an owner for the estrays. J. E. Webb has the contractfor paint­ ing the school house. He has several men employed and is rushing the work with all possible speed, so as to have • ;be rooms ready for the re-opening of school next Monday. The entire struc­ ture is receiving from one to three coats of paint which gives it a very good ap­ pearance. Choteau has now' the second best school house in Ghoteau county and by far the best school. The town of Havre is enjoying a good siaed boom. Considerable building is going on and times are fairly lively there. The railroad company is erect­ ing a large depot and warehouse and it is said the train dispatchers office will be moved to Havre as soon as the build­ ing is finished. A double track will be put in from Havre to Pacific Junction and other improvements are under way.—Great Falls Tribune. Choteau county’s tax payers are re­ ceiving neat little billets-doux from Treasurer Mina,r, inviting them to step up to the captain’s office and settle. The amounts called for range from the $11,000 of the Ci eat Northern down. Choteau county’s income from taxes this year, including the money collected for the state and exclusive of the road and poor tax, will amount to $96,409.- 24 on a total tax levy of 1834 mills for the county at large andan extra half mill in school district No. 1.—River Press. Prairie fires have been raging east of the Canada & Great Falls railroad for some weeks, causing the stockmen and ranchers • of that section much uneasi­ ness and hard labor about their ranges. The fires are supposed to be caused by sparks from the locomotives. The pre­ vailing west winds have so far proved a protection for the range on the west side of the track, but a norther or east wind would drive the fire westward and south among the more densely portions of the country and create sad havoc in the settlements between the railroad and the mountains. From Frank McDermott who came in from the Sweet Grass Hills last Sunday we learn that there are about 75 men now in the Hills and that considerahle development work will be done this win­ ter. A tunnel is to be run in on the Jumbo this winter, and some fine ore is looked for. McDermott returned on Wednesday with a complete mining out­ fit and is prepared to stay there all winter. He brought in some fine sam­ ples of ore and of which he says there is any quantity. •One day last week someone, just whom we have forgotten* came into our office and asked when the county commis­ sioners would next meet as a board of equalization. The party, who ever be whs , seemed dissatisfied with the as­ sessment made in his case and evidently wanted to state Ins case to the com­ missioners. After inquiring into the matter we now, as we then did, reply that there will be no such meeting of the board until next year. This year’s meeting has been held and if the party has been wronged, there is no way of the thing being righted this year. A man who deliberately peels the bark off a shadetree ought to be sent to the torrid zone, and made to stand there stark naked for forty scorching, hot days. A file was discovered a t the rear of Byron Corson’s store oneday last week, but was promptly put out before any damage was done. A social dance and “house warming” came off last evening a t the residence of Robt. Steele, on upper Maui street. A good time was the result. Deputy U. S. Marshal Adlam lelft for Helena Wednesday morning with U. S. prisoners Chas. Bertrau and Henry PJemondou, who were up before U. S. Commissioner Jenkins at Blackfeet i , agency on Monday on a charge of selling whisky to Indians. At the examination before the commissioner cases were i made against the above named two gen­ tlemen and they were bound over to ap­ pear before the U. S. Grand Jury. A. N. Dean who was up before his Honor on a similar charge was dismissed for want of evidence; Geo. Starr and Chas. Ghoquette the two main witnesses against him havisg skipped across the line. NOTICE! In the District Court of the County of Cboteau, State of Montana. In the matter of the Estate of Rosa Haz- lett, deceased. Alfred B. Hamilton, the Administra­ tor of the Estate of Rosa Hazlett, de­ ceased, having filed his petition, duly verified, praying for an order of sale of all, or a certain part of the real estate of said deceased, for the purposes there­ in set forth,it is therefore ordered by the Judge of said Court, that all persons interested in the estate of said deceased, appear before the said District Court on the 9tb day of November, 1891, a t 3 o’clock in the afternoon of said day, at the court room of the said District' Court, in the court house, in the city of Fort Benton, county and state afore­ said, to show cause why an order should not be granted to the said Administra­ tor to sell so much of the said real estate of the sa’d deceased, at public sale as shall be necessary; and that a copy of this order be published at least two successive weeks in T he M ontanian , a newspaper printed and published in the town of Choteau, county and state aforesaid. D udley D u B ose , J udge. Dated: Fort Benton, Choteau county, Montana, October 5tb, 1891. 1st Publication Oct. 9th: B U R D ’ S C A S H S T O R E O n hand with a new Stock of Goods bought of Manufacturers foi Cash. tides of merit for the lowest prices for cash. Candee OVERSHOES Tarbox, Schliek & Co., FOOTS and SHOES Lindekes, Warner & Schurmeier OVERSHIRTS, OVERALLS and UNDE K WEAR. Laupher, Finch and Skinner: HATS, CAPS, GLOVES, FUR COATS N o Penitentiary Goods, o Auction Goods, o Old Goods. B\xxd.’s C A S H Store. Does not mark goods so high that they are compelled to cut their own prices in order to sell. THE MARKED PRICE IS THE PRICE YOU PAY.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 30 Oct. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.