The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, October 30, 1891, Image 8

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We Furnish the Books, You Take Them Away G E N . G R A N T ’ S MINUS, O R IGINAL g j y y EDITION for N O T I C E F O R P U B L IC A T I O N . Land Office at Helena, Mont., Oct. 5, 1891, Notiee is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim,and that said proof will be made before the Regis­ ter and Receiver at Helena, Montana, on Nov. 24tb, 1891, viz: M ICHAEL O ’ C ONNOR, for preemption declaratory statement No. 4008 for the N hf Ne qr and Sw qr Ne qr, section '24, and Sw qr Se qr, section 18, Tp. 19 N, R 7 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of,said land viz: William A. Comes,Harry Gar­ dener, Percy Kelley and Arthur B. SuLion, ull of Augusta, Montana. S. A. SWIGGETT, Register, ublication, Oct. 9. N O T I C E F O R P U B L I C A T I O N . Land Office at Helena, Mont., October 15, 1891. Notice is hereby given that the following- named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before A. C. Warner. U. s. Commissioner, at Choteau, .Montana, on December 1,1891, viz: E W I N G S T E E L E , of cboteau, Montana, for homestead applica­ tion No. 3302 for the E‘A NE-4, section 20, and W1/ Nw-4 section 21, township 25 north, range 6 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz, John Ryan, John Jackson, Charles S. McDonald and Charles Krofft, all of Choteau, Montana. S. A. SWIGGETT, Registor. First publication, Oct. 23, DESERT LAND, PINAL PROOF. [NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.] No book has ever had such a sale in the United States as General Grant’s Memoirs. Over 650,000 copies have already gone into the homes of the rich, but the subscription price of $7.00 has placed it be­ yond the reach ot people in moderate circumstances. If 650,000 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WILLING TO PAY $7.00 FOR GRANT’S MEMOIRS, there must be a couple of million people in the United States who want them and will jump at the opportunity to buy at the low figure here offered. We will send you Gen. Grant’s Memoirs, publishers’ original edi­ tion, best paper, cloth, green and gold binding, hitherto sold by sub­ scription at $7.00, F or 5 0 C e n t s ! A bso l u t e l y 5 0 C e n t s ! and absolutely a proposition such as has never been made in the his­ tory of book publishing. The. two splendid volumes of Grant’s Me­ moirs, of which 650,000 copies have already been • sold--not a cheap edition, but the best—for 50 cents; PROVIDED you send your sub­ scription to T he M ontanian for one year and also a subscription of $3.00 for the C osmopolitan M agazine , the brightest and cheapest of the great illustrated monthlies, itself equal to the best $4.00 magazine. The C osmopolitan is enabled to make this offer because of the pur­ chase of 600,000. volumes at a price which even publishers would deem impossible, and with the idea of running up its circulation to half a million copies. By contract with the C osmopolitan T he M on ­ tanian is enabled to offer to its readers a share in the low price ob­ tained through the largest purchase of books ever made in the histo­ ry of the world. , If, however, you have Grant’s books, the C smopolitan ' s offer will permit you to take instead, Land Office ot Helena, Mont., I October 12, 1891. | Notice is hereby given that Joseph A. Baker, administrator of the estate of Henry McLean Martin, deceased, for thehei s of said deceased; lias filed notice of intention to make proof on his desert land claim No. 1874, for the SWqr of NEqr, Ehf Of NEgr and SFgr section 39, NWgr .SWqr and NWgr of SEqr, section 28, township 26 north, range 6 west, before A. C. Warner,- U. S. Commissioner, at Choteau, Montana, on Sat­ urday the 21st day of November, 1891. He name« the following witnesses to prove the complete irrigation and reclamation of suid land: Oliver G. Cooper, ChaalosS. McDon­ ald and Thomas McGoveran, of Choteau. Moptana, and John H. Welsh, of Great Falls; Montana. S. A. SWIGGETT. Register. First publication Oct. 16. N O T I C E F O R P U B L I C A T I O N . HAND O m C E AT tTlCl.KJSA, I September 16,1S91. | Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his inteutien to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before A. G. Warner, U. 8. Commissioner, at Choteau, Montana, on October 31,1891, viz; HARDY F. ENGLAND, who made homestead application No. 4862 for the Ne-4 Sw-4, Se-4 Nw-4, and S-2 Ne-4 section 19 tp 26 north, range 4 west. lie names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultvatiion of, said land, viz: John M. Graves, Bober* O. Cramer, Olivor G, Cooper, all of Bynum, Jon­ athan D. Carney, of Clnateau, Mont, S. A SWIGG KTT, Register. First publication Sept. 25. On and after March first I will do an exclusive cash business. B y r o n C o r s o n . -A. FREE RAILROAD TICKET TO AND FROM THE W O R L D S FAfIR. Commencing M a y 1st, 1 8 9 3 . Ending O c to b e r 3 1 s t 1 8 9 3 . Our proposition is to give, absolutely free, a first-class ra.ilway ticket to and from Chicago, to include all meals en l’oute both ways, free bus uL'nd baggage to and from depot to I otel in' Chicago», six days first-class board, and lodgin g while there, six ad mission.e to the Fair (-rounds, and two tickets to any firs t- class theatre. We want; reliable agen ts to represent us throughout the Pacific Coast. Pleasant and p/rofitable employ - ment will be given, if desired, until f.he opening of the WorlcYs Fair, May 1 st, 1893. An agency will pay an average of from THREE TO TEN DOLLARS ADA’Y, besides, each agent 'will be given a free railroad ticket to ’and from the World’s Fair. AGENTS WANTED! X d S ; ministers, bright yoting men and1 women, parties who have ha.d experience as can­ vassers for books oi: other articles—in fact, our proposition is open to every­ body who is in a ‘position to d ft vote all or a portion of his or her vim.e to our business. Parties who are noib in a po­ sition to devote full time, to our busi­ ness, can, by devoting a few hours each day and evening to the work,secureone of the free tickets only. Each ticket will be first-Hass and guaranteed by the World’s F:* •* i Go., incorporated, capital stock $ll;9,000.00, We require no ca.pita.l to be invested by our agents. Experience is not necessary; we teach you free. Write for terms and SEND TW.O-CENT STAMP for reply and post­ age for printed pamphlet giving full par­ ticulars. Address P A C IF IC P U B L IS H IN G C O ., A in s w o r th B locK . T h ir d an*d Oak S ts., P O R T L A N D , O R E G O N . (Copyrighted lS o l.) ^ A pamphlet of I nformation and ab­ stract of the la- ,vs, showing How to/ . Obtain Puter .ts, Caveat», T rade/ .Marks, Cop yrights, sent fret ■ vAddt»8B w .UNN it. GO.y ¡¡361. Broadway, I lew York. I Gen. Sherm a n ’s M e m o irs, 2 vols., sold by subscription for $5.00 Gen. S h e ridan’s M e m o irs. 2 vols., sold by subscription for $6.00 Gen. M c C lellan’s Mem o irs, sold by subscription for - $3.75 Gen. R. E. Lee’s Mem o irs, sold by subscription for - $3.75 AH of these are bound in cloth, green and gold, in uniform style with Grant’s Memoirs. The C osmopolitan and W eenly M ontanian are sent postage pre­ paid, but the postage on the books, at the rate of ^ cent per ounce, must be remitted with the order: Gen. Grant’s Memoirs, 96 oz,—48 cents; Gen. Sheridan’s Memoirs. 92 oz.—46 cents; Gen. Sherman’s Me­ moirs, 84 oz. —42 cent«; Gen. McClellan’s Memoirs, 48 oz. 24 cents; Gen. Robt. E. Lee’s Memoirs. 56 oz—2S cents, or BOOKS CAN BE SENT BY EXPRESS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE SUBSCRIBER. Send at once $6.00 for a year’s subscription to T he M ontanian , the C osmopolitan and a set of the above mentioned Memoirs. Only $6.00 for the entire Jot! B.y sending direct to this office you will have all three delivered to your address for that amount. If you are not acquainted with the Magazine, send a postal card to the C osmopolitan , Madison Square, New York City, lor free sample copy. Send all orders to A l o n t a n i a n IVCADÇ GF Yà&SES I L A ü u &nd SUCCESSFUL I I n the Use o f CURA. I w e Alone own^ for all DÎ3-J • • • _ m e n \ W h o have weak oruff-t DEVELOPED.™ organs, who a re suffer-i ing fTOTOERRORS OF YOUTHS I ana a n y Excesses, o r o f ^ guarantee to't kffclutNbt JIVE METHODS, that and Control* orders o f 9 4 0 ^yiEAHS & ïucrooos gu if they can\ ffiU 'a X p - . afford a CURE 1 • • • R E A XM I • • • op ! flDHE Itswsriav [HWOfilt jf-nnewa F-OBtAUMtTfcöT«räEI33£E E53S35B © M B M - 3 K SWhoare//£ffPovs£md/,;r„! i potent , thescorn o f their ¡.3 »fellows and the con- 3 tem p t o f friends and w 'companions, leads na to i' mSESSSi Cupyftl- FOR patients, , ’ POSSIBLY BE.R£~ ow n Exclusive » li a n c e s w ill \Therein then, ÌAND YOURS} « a Don’t brood over y o u r condition, nor g iv e u p in despair 1 Thousands o f the W o rst Cases have yielded to our HOME I TREATMENT, ns set forth in o u r yjOXDERFJL BOOK, which v/e I send Bealed, post paid, FREE, fo r a lim ited iiime. QETiT to -DA y . I Remember, nooneelsehasthe methods, appliances and e zperi- \ ' y, and we cLaim the iw/ioppiy or uniform ical Co.. 6$ N iagara S t ., B uffalo , N. Y. 2.000 References, fâës .ÿspar when you write

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 30 Oct. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.