The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, November 06, 1891, Image 6

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\ THE MONTANIAN. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MONTANA STAGE COMPANY. Carrying U. S. Mail between Choteau and Great Falls. Leave Great Fal'e every morning except 8nnday* for Choteau, retnrning every morning except Mondays. BYRON CORSON, Agent. CROTEAU TO BELLEVIEW. Once a week ; Saturdays, returning Mondays. W, J, WATSON, Carrier. Csr® j F® <B& C>® J1U&® JltS© Local TIM E T A B L E , GOING N O R T H . Leave Great Falls at 7:30 am 44 Vaughn «a 8:10 4« l( STEELL • 4 8:45 M «• Collins »< 10:15 »ft <2 Piegan «< 12,05 pm GOING SO U T H - Leave Piegan at 6,15 pm «1 Collins 4« 7,55 M it STEELL 1» 9,30 44 »« Vaughn 41 10,05 ftft Arrive Great Falla 1« 10,45 Ift Choteau is to have a M u s ic hall this fall. Chaa. W. Cray was in town on Thurs­ day. Times are good now and everybody is happy. Cabbage, cheap, at Fenty’s meat market. * Frank Aldrich, of Pen d’ Oreille cou­ lee, was in town on Sunday. Bologna sausage 12 cents a pound at the Choteau meat market. * Judge Lippincott, of Augusta, has been in town for the past week. Died—At Sun River, Mont., on Octo­ ber 27,1891, Mr. William Healy. Great train loads of merchandise con­ tinue to arrive for our merchants. E. A, Savory was in from Dupuyer Tuesday and filed on a homestead. B. F. Elliott is now enstalled behind the counter at Silverman & Cohen’s. S. G. Read, of Steell, is delivering coal to our people this fall at $10 per ton. Born—At M i n n e a p o li s , on November 3,1891, to Mr. and m i s . Ira M y e r s , a Bon. Rev. Hall will hold service in the school house Sunday next, at the usual hours. Why not have the mail route from Choteau to Belleview extended on to Augusta? School reopened last Monday after a week’s.vacation with an increased at­ tendance. The United States circuit and district courts a t Helena convened at 10 a. m., on the 2d iust. Mrs. Julian Burd returned last week from a pleasant visit to friends aDd rel­ atives in Kansas. Sterling McDonald will make final proof on his land claim before A. C. Warner to-morrow. C. Wallace Taylor, manager of the Sands-Taylor Cattle company was a visitor on Wednesday. J. J. Davis, the rustliDg superintend­ ent of the Montana Stage company, came up on Wednesday ou a flying trip. A. J. Broadwater, of Fort Assinni- boine, a nephew of Col. “ Get There Broad” is registered at the Valley hotel. O. C. Rinker arrived from Helena on Wednesday’s coach on a visit to his son, Clark Rinker, who lives near this place. Eggs 30 cents. Butter 30 cents, at the Choteau meat market. Wheat and t oats at bottom prices. Potatoes only 60 cents per hundred pounds. * W. L. Gowgill, of Dupuyer, was in town Wednesday on land business. He made a desert and pre emption filing be­ fore Commissioner Warner. Angus Bruce, o f Bruce & . ^° * Proprie­ tors of the City stables, retu tne(* from a business trip to,Great Falls *'■ ear^ part of the week. / The indications now are that ar# going to have a mild, open winter- -that is if the present prevailing wind k. *3Pa its present quarter. J. E. Webb and his able gang of work men have completed the painting of the ' school heuse at this place, and a com­ mendable piece o f work it is, too. A committee of three was appointed by the Town Improvement company last Saturday t o solicit funds for beau­ tifying the town. Let the good work go on! Trains are now running on the Nei- hart branch. Qn Monday and Friday the train runs to Barker, and to Nei- hart on Monday, Wednesday and Fri­ day. Squire Cheezum passed through town yesterday with two hpavy loads o! baled hay for the Great Falls markets. He is getting $20 dollars a ton for it delivered there. Dave Able, who had his sbonlder bone broken and was otherwise injured a short time since by a runaway team has so far recovered as t o be able t o walk around. A restaurant has been opened one door east of the Star saloon by Smith A Fisker where all the delicacies of the season are to be had a t all hours of the day or night. Married—At Fort Benton, Montana, on October 27, 1891, Dr. F. J. Adams» of Great Falls, and Miss Alice Conrad, of Fort Benton; Reverend Father Tui- nell, officiating. From a private letter just received from Fiegan we learn that the govern­ ment school buildings, o f which Cus. Se- nieur, of Fort Benton, was tbs architsct was finished on the 2d inst. James Stone took his departure yes­ terday for the Sweet Grass Hills, where he will remain for several months pros­ pecting and developing leads of which he is part owner. The wagon bridge across the Missouri river at Great Falls was made a free bridge Tuesday last by the county com­ missioners purchasing it from the Town- site company for $45,000. Frederick S. Fish, an attorney recent­ ly from Helena,' committed suicide at tbe Park Hotel, Great Falls, by shoot­ ing himself through tbe heart while lying in bed. No cause is known for the rash act. Byron Corson is now in Helena pur­ chasing a winter supply of apples. He intends to personally inspect every bar- rell of a pples he buys this fall, so that bis customers can depend on getting a good article. Dr. Joseph F. Adams and bride, of Great Fallt, passed through Helena on October 29th, on their bridal tour. They went over the Union Pacific, and before their return expect to visit the City of Mexico. The New Northwest, one of the ablest newspapers in this state was sold by James H. Mills to L. A. Bowen on Oc­ tober 28. Mr. Bowen is a first-class newspaper man, and was formerly edi­ tor of the Helena Mining Journal. We learn that John W. Power and Joseph Kipp are erecting a large build­ ing a t Blackfoot; a station on the line of the Great Northern extension which is about seven miles distant from tbe new government school buildings. When the building is finished it will be used as a general merchandise store. but the evidence proved insufficient to convict. Gibson & Walker now have one of the neatsst and most comfortable resorts to be found anywhere in northern Mon- taaa. A club room together with other modern conveniences have recently been added for tbe comfort of their numerous gueste. These gentlemen keep in stock the choiseBt brands of liquors and cigars which they sell at prices which 'defy competition. Tom McGovern has eight or ten teams at work on a private ditch for Charles M. & lackmao, and is pushing the work rapid» V- The ditch is over four miles in length, four feet on the bottom and six feet on t op. The water is taken from Deep Gret Rod is intended to water Mr. Blackman '’ a hoc tract of land, lying just south of th 'e Teton. It is expected tbe entire work will be finished in about two weeks more. Last Saturday Geo. A. Clark, of Clark Bros. & Co., li?ft for the east on a short visit. Mr. Cla rk took 80 pounds of “ The new metal ” with him which be in­ tends to have a nalyzed with a view of determing its value, and if satisfuctory, as be has everv re; is on to believe it will be, he will take som e steps toward put­ ting tbe matter before capitalists and manufacturers witb a view of having the mines developed and works established. And still the good work goes on! Private individuals are putting in small ditches along tbe streets of Ctoteau be­ side which trees will be set out. The grade of lower Main street is being im­ proved, and a ditch is proposed for each side o f this main thoroughfare. Choteau is blessed with plenty of run­ ning water and it is the intention ol the Town Improvement company to put ditches along every street and to put out a shade and ornamental tree in front of each lot. This will make Cbo- taau one of tbe m ost beautiful towns in tbe West. Walter S. Clark, whose nose was bad­ ly damaged a short time since by a sheep that mistook it for a formidable weapon of an old time enemy, had the crushed member repaired and remodel­ led at Great Falls so that there is now no danger of such a mistake bsiig made in tbe future. Mr. Clark is now doing tfce St. Mary’s country with a party of friends. Tbe party consists of Walter 8. Clark, of Chotsau; Edward and Wil­ liam Tatham, of New York; Frank Deleprat, o! Paris and Baron Max Grottbus, of Russia. Ceo. B. Grinnell, of the Forest and Stream is also taking in that section. Altogether, the St. Mary’s Lake region is aitracting con­ siderable attention from tourists this season. KNOCKED OUT. McKinley W ins by 2 0 ,0 0 9 Ma­ jority. Republican Gains in Every Siate. THE LATEST NEWS. OHIO. C incinnati , November 4.—Returns now in show McKinley’s majority in Hamil­ ton county to be 5,922; in the state be­ tween 19,000 and 20,000. The legisla­ ture will be republican on joint Dallot by 38 majority. NEW Y ORK. N ew Y ork , November 4.—At midnight associated press returns for New-York state shoirfiftsen democrats elected to the senate and seventeen republicans. Tbe Herald’s returns from the state con­ firm these figures as to the senate but in tbe assembly 59 seat? are given to the democrats and 69 to the republi­ cans, giving the latt3r 12 majority on joint ballot. Flower’s plurality is given at 46,446. NEBRASKA. O maha , November 4.—Twenty-six counties complete, give Post 25,023; Edgerton 25,675. Lust year the same counties gave Richards 24,274; Boyd 20,379; Power 25,948. IOWA. D es MOINES, November 4.—The demo­ cratic state central committee claims the election ol Boiee by 8,000. Van Houten, republican candidate for Lieut- Governor is running ahead of hie ticket. The legislature, it is t elieved will be a tie in the senate and three republicans majority in the house. Republicans, however, claim a majority in both houses. M a s s a c h u s e t t s . B oston , November 4.—Footings of roles for governor at hand give Russell (dem) 150,928; Allen, (rep) 145,136. In the legislatuie the republicans will have a majority of four or five in tbe seuate and six iu the house. The entire state ticket except governor is elected by majorities ranging from 8,000 to 12,- O00. PENBILV a NIA. P hiladelphia , November 4.—Latest returns give Gregg (tep) ferstatj audi­ tor 57,434 plurality and Morrison (rep) tor stats treasurer, 54,488. KANSAS. T opeka , November 4.—The Alliance met a crushing defeat yesterday. Thei e is something touching in the . greeting of the old party politicians who- have fought each other for years. BURD’S CASH STORE O n hand with a new Stock of Goods bought of Manufacturers foi Cash. tides of merit for the lowest prices for cash. Tarbox, Schliek & Co.. FOOTS and SHOES Lindekes, Warner & Schurmeier OVERSHIRTS, OVERALLS and UNDERWEAR. Laupher, Finch and Skinner: HATS, CAPS, GLOVES, FUR COATS N o Penitentiary Goods, <> Auction Goods, o Old Goods. The trial of Julius Hirshberg reported last week, was by jury instead of by the justice as intimated, and resulted in the I ury finding him not guilty. Instead of »aing discharged by the judge because no one appeared against him, we under­ stand several witnesses were examined Does not mark goeds so high that they are compelled to cut their own prices in order to sell. THE MARKED PRICE IS THE PRICE YOU PAY.

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 06 Nov. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.