The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, November 20, 1891, Image 5

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I f was in'ttee'ftfU?oM’8 ^ wedding of the daughter of Con­ tractor Pollock, head of the firm of Pollock & Cummings, the John D. Grim mi ns of that day. He lived on West Eighteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth ave­ nues, next day to the old Eigh­ teenth school, long since torn down. She was a charming, rosy- checked girl, with a small but dainty figure. Directly after the marriage ceremony, while the wedding guests were still gathered in the parlor, Contractor Pollock weighed his dangter with gold pieces on an old fashioned Dutch scales, a tremendous affair,'such as they use for weighing cheese in Holland, and he piled gold pieces into the other scale until the little woman swung in the-air. She tipped the scales at 96 pounds and it took, as I recollect, something between $17,000 and $18,(.00 in gold to set her swinging. This created the biggest kind of a sensation in the town. I recall ''that the sun had a most entertain­ ing account of it. For months af­ terward crowds used to go to the old school to get a glimp-e of the recipient of l his generous dowry. The lower windows of the school looked right info the back parlors of t he Pollock mansion and gave an excellent view of th o ltlle woman a« .'•lie sal. tln re sewing or playing the piano. Sue-seemed to be amused by I he popular inter*, si that, her fuller’s whim had ex<i- terl. The old gentleman was a Jim Dimly anyhow, andjhut $18, This! i iiiii te'Tie |haF;g6iie''to^ Borifiy where he narrowly escaped injury several y ears ago. As an evidence of friendship the French government, is about • to confer decorations upon the Pus sian officers, Dimitri Denskei and Nimin Zalinia. The McCarthy’s, who are inclin ed to be ultra-fashionable, are be­ ginning to spell their name McCarty with the French prefix de before it. J'ustin McCarthy has nut yet adopted this style, it, is understood. Mr. Gladstone is almost the only member of the house of commons who sits uncovered in parliament. Thus his face is more readily scan­ ned by visitors who look at Brit­ ain’s legislators at a distance through a grating. Ella Smith, of Argonia, Kan., a leading and handsome woman suf­ fragist. proposed marriage to Wal ter Tiffin, and within three min utes Justice Gibson was sent i'oi and she had him married and her deed to him in her' pocket. This goes to prove the old adage that a man never knows when he is safe. Secretary Foster's speech on silver ranks almost as high as the eloquent < ffvcl which formed the Iasi incident in the life of ¡Secre­ tary Wuidoin, his predecessor.and is h fi answer to the democratic craze Jor free silver.- Ex. [Cleveland Leader.] The public indebtedness of the Argentine .Republic and of the va rious provinces constituting that country is equal to about 220 for every man, woman and child liv­ ing within its boundar es. At the close of the civil war the debts of the United States and of the states did not amount to more than $90 per capita. In other words, the public indebtedness of the Ameri­ can people when their burden w^s greatest did not amount' to half so much, in proportion to their num­ ber, as the load of debt under which the Argentines are stagger­ ing. It need scarcely be said that the ability of the people of this country to pay their' obligations was vastly \renter man for man, than that of the inhabitants of the' Argentine Republic, many of whom are only semi-civiiized. In the light of such figures it is easy to see that repudiation on a large s-cale is almost inevitable, despite the natural wealth and wonderful resources of the La Plata valle}’’, and it is clear t.hatpublic banrupt- cy and individual ruin, in many c ises, must for a long time to c »me blight the prosperity of a region which, but lor the folly of wholesale inflation, would have enjoyed very bright prospects and almoat universal comfort. 090 c»»ii ’d -*a li * u a - i » <* Cals. !] y vin f !•» t The I*1 m hi \s s*'*\ ->*• C a k e s W i t h o u t E g g s , I-, ■ : .1« »U •! ly a 1 >pt « • * r \ i ; |‘ * -• a 1 \ m • 1tl » • * U : , . » f « • 1 1 * ( * 1 1 ‘ * •> • f . •• 11 » Tin* fo l » vi i ;• presi'nle 1 and u ed *'.V l In* I:ii u o Setlali •, do . on N R“f. >m mending 11 4 ¡i v * -l >ck ex oi live slock mr mi e.t i ! m * »-N; mpi i fiom such ex'diaiiii sj recoinm- ml ing 'll • pis-ag ■ of ii;ilion:i! laws requiting t it - * nuiping of a liii cial hog mo Juris, demanding llm passage of a federal law prohibit j ing gambling in farm products, en dot-siug the principle of ivcipro city and work already aeemn plished by the world's fair direc i orv. The following resolutions pr**- v.ouUy reporied upon adver-» h by the cmnmiliee were rejicteo by (he congress: Demanding free coinage of silver dollars of the value of 100 cents each; demand ing government owuer.-h p of rail roads and telegraphs: deman ing that the national revenues be de­ rived from taxes upon imports which come into competition w i t h home manufacturers: demand die (ed-'ral prohibition of the sale •>! intoxicating liquors and »leinand ing I lie cession of arid lands to tin- various states in which and lands are situated. Observing housekeepers quickly learn that Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder is far superior to other brands in the fact that they never fail to make the finest pastry, and if they wish to be economical they can dispense entirely with eggs and can use a less quantity of butter for shortening purposes. The advantage is not alone in the saving effected but in avoiding the trouble and frequently the great difficulty of securing eggs that are fresh. This is often a serious / trouble. Cakes of various kinds from the informal Griddle Cakes to the stately Bride Cake can be made with Price’s Cream Baking Powder, which insures light, sweet and hand­ some cakes; or when used for Griddle Cakes to be eaten hot enables their production in the shortest space of time, always tender and delicious. Dr. Price’s is the only Baking Powder that contains the white of eggs. None so pure! None so wholesome! Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder is re­ ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia, Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact, the purity of this ideal powder has never been ques­ tioned. SUBSCRIBE NOW! Every Edition of T hk J ournal will contain the news of the world, special, local, and State articles, and many novel features. The issues of the day will be presented in an attractive way. Pally Journal, Weekly ” Montana Minin« Journal, Farming and Stock JourDal. Two o f the Weeklies, 80.00 per y r , 2,CO ” 2.00 \ 2,00 ” S.00 ” INFORM YOURSELVES FOB THE P t G ^ M e É i Ü ë i l E Ü e G i i é - f t IN 19?2. Ti.ia is the Gr*nlp«t, Epoch in the Nu tioij’-Hisli »ry. Ill* JOIIIUNAL i - «In* irtp e r o f ll^-PcopJ'.Wi' lion- t o p a * * 'y . Sample copie* sent to any add-e*»« on appli­ cation .*«?(! MRS, JOURNAL rUHUSUtN <'(>., UKIji-X .MONT. - T H E O H H O T T E - ^ T T - BLACKSMITH o W A . O - O I S T S H O P . VST HORSESHOEING & MACHINE REPAIRING A <1’ K 1 \LTY. AD LAM & H A RM m\r. Br.A* KSMTTFIS T H E M O N T A N A \ W ^ . C ^ - 0 2 N T and C A R R I A G E S H O P . Ali Linds ol wood work mat y, i safely and promptly clone. WHEEL REPUTING A SP ' flALTY• U HOTE AU, il DD. MONT

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 20 Nov. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.