The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.) 1890-1901, December 25, 1891, Image 2

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T H E M O N T A N I A N . PubKshad Every Friday Evening at Choteau, Chotoau Co., Montana. S. M. CORSON, Editor. TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION. BY MAIL— POSTAGE CKEPAID. One copy, one year (In Advance)— , ...... sax Months...... ;; ;; ............ 1^- Three Month»... , ................. 1 \x* Single Copies— “ ........... 10. Advertising Rates on Application. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25,1891. NEWSPAPER LAW. A postmaster is required to give official notice (returning apapor does not sutisfy the law) when a suOscriber does not take his paper from the office, and to state the reasons for it» being taken, and a neglect to do so makes the post­ master responsible to the publisher for the payment. , Any person who takes a paper from the post- ofiico, whether directed in his name or in that of another, or whether he has subscribed or not, is responsible for the pay. If a person orders his paper discontinued, ho must pay all arrearages, or the publisher may continue to send it. until payment is made, anu collect the whole amount wnether it be taken from the office or not. There can be no legal discontinuance until the payment is made. If the subscriber orders his paper to be stop­ ped at a certain time, and the pnblishor con­ tinues «o »end it, the subscriber is bound to pay for it if he takes it out of tho oflico. The law proceeds upon the around that a man must, pay for what lie uses. 1 he conrts have decided that refusing to take newspaper» and periodicinB from the postoflice is pninu facie evidence of intentional fraud. A merry C hristmas . How about, that flouring mill ? T hk pies «.lent has appointed {Stephen B. Elkins, of West Yir giivia, to be Secretary of War. S enator P lumb , of Kansas, died in his apartments at Washing'mi Oily last Sunday morning of apo plexy, the direct result of over- N rver before were the neces sities for a hospital at this place so painfully felt as to-day. Three men lie wounded almost to death and no placetu fake them to 1 T he three beet sugar factories of California have closed down lor the season and statements of the amount of sugar made have been sent to the internal reve nue office. The total production from the factories is 8.070,000 j>ounds. The total bounty to be paid amounts to $161,000. Score one for the McKinley bill . T he Livingston Enterprise is nothing if not enterprising. We have delore ns this chr strnas morning The Holiday Enterprise gotten up in pamphlet form and issued as a supplemental edition to convey to the reader accurate information relative to the resour­ ces and industries of Park county and the city of Livingston—just such another publication as Cho teau should send out. Ob. io i a . l dispatches fr o m Cal­ cutta state that there Inis been fighting between the British forces and tribesmen along the Pamir frontier, near the boundary line recently claimed by Russia. These people are claimed to be under Russian protection and thus the Lion has gotten among the Bear’s cubs. Ju6t what will come of it remains to be seen, though some» think it is sure to preoipitate a war on the Indus. W e l i k e to see a little consis­ tency in an argument. In fact we deem an absolute necessity that there be no conflict between any ) of the statements made on the wne side if there is to be anything gained by them. Inconsistency, however, is the one great weak­ ness of the free trader’s attempts at argument. He cannot make a single point without establishing a dangerous precedent which,soon er or later, comes in to prove the falsity of his position. Take for instance two editorials which ap peared in last Friday’s Great Fa.i., Tribune. In an article on “ The Sugar Bounty” the editor o! ¡he official free trade organ of Mon tana asserts that the consumer of the sugar pays the bounty, because it is paid with the money raised by tariff taxes paid by the people on their woolen and cotton cloth­ ing and blankets and linware and other necessaries of life He asserts that the consumer pays the duty. If the people of this country pay the duty why do the people of othei countries kick about it? Certainly they are not so solicitous of our interests as to make such a hullabaloo about our self-imposed burdens ! After the able free trad­ er has asserted and reasserted that the tariff is a lax on ourselves, he pens another and seperate editori­ al, which appears in the same issue but in another column, in which he growls and grumbles about the tariff tax imposed by Germany on our meals and breadstuff's and which we have to pay, while we admit their sugar free. Now it. would seem to us that if the Amer­ ican people have to pay the duty imposed by Germany upon oui ex­ ports to that country, that the foreigner must pay the duty on what dutiable articles he imports lo t- is country How is that, Colo­ nel ? T he following reasons for the election of Flower in New York and Boies in Iowa are given by “ Brick” Pomeroy in his Advance Thought, for December: “ It was a dirty, cowardly and contempli ble, disgraceful to all who were concerned in the lie and libel to charge Fasset with treason to New York and effecting the lo­ cation of the World’s Fair in Chicago. Were he able to thus throw it out of New York then he is bigger than the entire Em­ pire state and of far more infiu ence than are all the democrats and republicans who so feebly and foolishly contended against fate and the best interests o f the country. Not a single sane or honest man in the state believes that Platt or Fassett, even had • they been aided by the entire vote and voice of the state, could have effected the result. Flower was elected by the consolidated liquor dealers’ associations vote given to him in this state, as Boies had it in Iowa. < 3 0 « WT IN' M ON T A N A. Belie Prairie, in the lower Yel­ lowstone valley, near Glendive, has been proven particularly adapted to the growing of corn. The Glendive Independent says: When the Yellowstone valley below Glendive is considered, the possibilities are equal to the favor ed Wabash valley as resubs prove. Charles Loveriny: has raised this year 600 bushels from 20 aores and says he has raised as high as sixty. Owen Lovering has raised this seaon from ten acres j 400 bushels and H. E. Bickford I averaged fifty bushels t} the aore on twenty acres. j False Teeth iu Pharaoh's Tune. There was a good deal of inter­ est felt, among dentists some j years ago, when one of the royal mummies taken from the Egyp­ tian catacombs, was found to be filled out with an upper set of artificial teeth. The plate was of wood, carved lo fit the roof of the mouth, and the teetli were of brass, the natural shape of the tootii being quite closely imitated. It shows that some of ihePliarohs felt the loss of his incissors and grinders and had the court tooth doctor to do the best that could be done for him. Before this discovery it was commonly supposed that artificial teeth were a modern con trivance, but false teetli in ancient Egypt furnish convincing proof that there is nothing new under the sun. D a m a g ing' Influence o f Tan»- liijaiy. [Pomeroy’s Advance Thought.] The city of New York is in the hands of a gang of thugs greater and more damaging to life and decency than ever were the thugs of India or China. The one object of this gang known as Tammany is plunder, office perquisites, stealings, places for Jriends who are en route to or graduates from prison. It has no thought to better the structure of tenement houses or to educate the xioor and ignorant that are swarming upon our shores to sink the scale of America still lower. Thus Tammany is breeding vice and disorder. It is sinking decen­ cy and democracy lower and still lower—lower and yet. lower, till tne slimo o f New York’s hell holes reaches to the windows of the churches, the counters of business houses and the haunts of society. How long can the city or state of New York endure this injection of increasing rottenness? New York may be blind but the coun­ try is not. It has no voice in the location of World’s Fairs. It has no influence in locating national conventions. It has no influence with churches. It is losing all its power and influenc-Gn national affairs. Decent people all over the country are looking to New Yoik and spurning its touch and influ­ ence. Its leaders of fashion are arranged for smuggling and rob­ bing the government of its dues. The four hundred select families are raising dudes, dudelets, spendthrifts, forgers, imbeciles, idiots and law suits, and its di­ rector of traits ami appetites is now eliminating 1800 of names from the social book, so as to re­ duce the sacred element to 1200. Its banks are breaking. Its life insurance companies convicted of falsifying and swindling. Its pris­ ons and insane asylums full to overflowing. Its swell of drunk­ ards and man’s inhumanity to man is hourly increasing. Its death rate exceeds its birth rate, its board of alderman is a nest of Iilunderers. Its judges are cor­ rupt men who are elected, not by merit, but by money. Its democ­ racy is the selection o f candidates who have money enough to pay the machine for voting or count­ ing them in. Its streets are the dirtiest of any city in the civilired world. Its workhouses are full to over flowing, while men and wo­ men who, by uniting in behalf of deceucA’, could rescue the city from its despoilers, are indifferent or loo timid to speak agaiust evils that, exist and deterious influences that are hourly increasing. Thus we truthfully i>icture the city ol’ New York under the rule and debauchery ot Tamany, the dictator o f democracy and rotten- er of the Republic. TO RUN THE STATE. The estimates o£ appropria nions bjr the secretary of the treasury for the year ending June, 1893, contain the following: For surveyor general of Montana, $3,000; clerks in his office, $14,000; to­ tal, $17,000; iuerease of $4,500 over the present year being deemed necessary for the prompt transaction of current business; contingent expenses of office $3,500, increase $1,500 over last year; for pay of Indian agents at Flatbead agency $1,500; Blackfeet. $1,850; Crow and Fort Peck $2,900 each; Fort Bel­ knap and Tongue river $1,500 each; for fulfilling treaty stipulations and sup­ port of Crows $181,000; Blackfset $150,000; Fort Belknap $15,000; Fort Peck, $105,000; Northern Cheyennes and Arrapahoes $101,000; for support of Charlo’s band of Flatbeadsand other confederated tribes $22,000; support of Indians at Tongue river $25,000; in- , cidenta! expenses of Indian serviee in Montana, Fort Peck, Crow, Flathead, $1,000 each; establishment of sub­ station lor purchase of saw and flour mills, construction of buildiet«, pur- chase of animals, pay of employes, Flaw head $12,009; support of Indians at 8t. Ignatius school, Jocko reservation, $45,0i»0; Blsckfeet school of 100 Ind­ ians, $12,500. W E A T H J E K . » LJKPOUT. N ovem b e r . 1891. 1890. Mean temperature, 30.4 40.7 “ Max. “ 45.3 52.6 “ Min. :i s.y 29.3 Highest “ 70.6 71.8 Lowtsfc “ —16 43 8 a. m. “ 29 8 41.9 8 p. m. “ 29.1 39.4 Greatest range, day 26 15.4 “ 24 hours 41 39 Rain fell, days • » o 2 “ “ inches 7 5.5 A complete fresh stock of nuts and candies at Byron Corson’s. *

The Montanian (Choteau, Mont.), 25 Dec. 1891, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.